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Lesson Plan

Grade: III A
Textbook: Set Sail 3, Express Publishing
Time: 50 minutes
Module 2: Special Guests
Unit 4: Grandma! Grandpa!
Lesson 2 – What is there in the room?

Lesson aims:
1. To present and activate the vocabulary related to things found in different rooms of the house;
2. To introduce the structure there is/there are;
3. To present and give practice in using regular nouns in plural(-es);
By the end of the lesson, the pupils will be able to:
1. recognize and use the vocabulary related to the topic
2. to use the structure- there is/are
3. to use nouns in plural
Language practice: furniture
 Talking about location
 Describing rooms
Skills covered: speaking, reading, writing
Assumed knowledge:
 Some pupils could have problems of understanding;
 Some pupils could work slowly.
 Textbooks
 Flashcards
 Computer
 Board
 Handouts
Activities Class
Lesson stages Teacher Pupils Time interaction Methods Resources Assessment
Warm up -introduces the
guests; 2’ T–P
-asks pupils how they
are feeling
Checking the -asks pupils to say the -say the chant Computer - Checking if
previous chant, ex. 1, page 28 -answer the teacher’s 3’ T–P pupils know
knowledge -reviews the words questions vocabulary
related to rooms asking related to
questions about rooms
activities done in
different rooms
Lead-in -asks pupils to imagine -say the words they Elicitation
that they are in different already know related T–P Board
rooms of a house and to furniture or other 5’
say what they can see different things found
-builds a word web to in a house.
activate the vocabulary
the pupils already know
-writes the words down
on the board
Presenting -pins up the flashcards -repeat the words
and (bath, table, cupboard, chorally and T–P observation board acquiring new
activating the glass, sofa, mirror, individually. 8’ information
vocabulary fridge, cooker) on the -say the missing words practice
related to board one at a time; - look at the picture at flashcards checking the task
things found -asks pupils to repeat the exercise 5, page 30 notebooks asking questions
in different the words chorally and and answer the about the words.
rooms of the individually. teacher’s questions.
house - tells pupils to close -write down the words e.g. What number is
their eyes meanwhile T. from 1 to 8 the cooker?
removes one flashcard
off the board asking
children to say the
missing word (This
procedure is repeated
for each flashcard on the
-invites pupils to look at
the picture at the
exercise 5, page 30.
-resorts to a short game
to check if pupils can
name the words newly
taught: I spy with my
little eyes something
-asks pupils to read the
sentences in the exercise
5, page 30 and write in
their notebooks the
words from 1 to 8.
Introducing -points to a book on the -pay attention to the T-P Observation Flashcards acquiring new
the structure desk, says and writes: teacher’s explanations; 10’ Practice Board information
there is /are There is a book on the -answer the teacher’s Notebooks
and plural of desk. questions;
the nouns Then points to two -copy the examples
ending in -es books and says and written on the board in
writes down: There are their notebooks;
two books on the desk.

-invites pupils to look -produce other Production

around and say what sentences using the
exists in their new structure looking
classroom. The nouns around the classroom.
said by pupils are
written in singular and
plural. -copy the examples
-shows the pupils written on the board in
different flashcards their notebooks;
standing for nouns
ending at plural in –es.
-writes the words on the
board and explains the
-focuses the pupils’
attention on the
pronunciation of –es /iz/
Practicing -asks pupils to do the -do the exercise 15’ T–P Practice Textbooks; checking the task
the structure exercise 6, page 30. P-P Notebooks; listening to pupils’
there is/are -invites pupils one at the answers.
and the time to write the
nouns in sentences on the board.
-divides the class in
groups. Each group is
given a handout. On
each handout there is
printed a picture -Work in groups; Production
standing for one room. Group work Handouts
-asks pupils to describe
the pictures using the
structure there is/are and
nouns in plural if

Assigning -gives homework; -have to write about

homework -explains how to do it; their house using the 2’
words and the
structures newly
Feedback -asks the student’s -give feedback 3’

Evaluation -prizes children’s work 2’