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Hyperplast PC340

High performance concrete admixture based on polycarboxylic polymers

Technical Properties @ 250C:
Hyperplast PC340 is a high performance super plas cising
Colour: Light yellow liquid
admixture based on polycarboxylic polymers with long
chains specially designed to enable the water content Freezing point: ≈ -3°C
of the concrete to perform more effec vely. This effect
can be used in high strength concrete and flowable Specific gravity: 1.06 ± 0.02
concrete mixes, to achieve highest concrete durability Chloride content: Nil
and performance.
Typically less than 2%
Applications addi onal air is entrained
Air entrainment:
above control mix at normal
 To produce high quality concrete of improved durability dosages
and water ghtness.
 High strength and high performance concrete. Dosage
 Improved cohesion allow for use in mass concrete
pours and piling. The guidance dosage of Hyperplast PC340 is 0.5 - 2.5
litre/100 kg of cemen ous materials in the mix,
Advantages including GGBFS, PFA or microsilica.

 Op mises cement u liza on. Representa ve trials should be conducted to determine

 High density and impermeable concrete through very the op mum dosage of Hyperplast PC340 to meet the
high water reduc on. performance requirements by using the materials and
 Improves shrinkage and creep behaviors. condi ons in actual use.
 Minimises segrega on and bleeding problems by
improving cohesion. Effects of Over Dosage
 Higher early and ul mate compressive strengths.
 Increases durability and resistance to aggressive Over dosing of Hyperplast PC340 will cause the following:
atmospheric condi ons thorough reduced
permeability. - Significant increase in retarda on.
- Increase in workability.
Ul mate concrete strength will not be adversely affected
Hyperplast PC340 can be used with all types of Portland and will generally be increased provided that proper
cement and cement replacement materials. concrete curing is maintained.
Hyperplast PC340 should not be used in conjunc on
with other admixtures unless DCP Technical Department Cleaning
approval is obtained.
Hyperplast PC340 can be washed with fresh cold water.
Hyperplast PC340 complies with ASTM C494, Type G.
Hyperplast PC340 is available in 25 litre pails, 210 litre
Method of Use drums and 1000 litre bulks supply.

Hyperplast PC340 should be added to the concrete with

the mixing water to achieve op mum performance.

An automa c dispenser should be used to dispense the

correct quan ty of Hyperplast PC340 to the concrete mix.
Hyperplast PC340
Storage More from Don Construction Products

Hyperplast PC340 has a shelf life of 12 months from date A wide range of construc on chemical products are
of manufacture if stored at temperatures between 2°C manufactured by DCP which include:
and 50°C.
 Concrete admixtures.
If these condi ons are exceeded, DCP Technical  Surface treatments
Department should be contacted for advice.  Grouts and anchors.
 Concrete repair.
Cautions  Flooring systems.
 Protec ve coa ngs.
Health and Safety  Sealants.
 Waterproofing.
Hyperplast PC340 is not classified as hazardous material.  Adhesives.
Hyperplast PC340 should not come into contact with skin  Tile adhesives and grouts.
and eyes.  Building products.
 Structural strengthening.
In case of contact with eyes wash immediately with
plenty of water and seek medical advice promptly.

For further informa on refer to the Material Safety Data



Hyperplast PC340 is nonflammable.