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BSI 5th Grade Georgia Milestones Study Guide Homework Calendar

January/February/March – Math & ELA

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

29 30 31 1 2 3
Math Topics Evaluate Algebra: Decimal Place Decimals in Decimals in Rounding
are on the Top Numerical Grouping Value Expanded Form Expanded Form Decimals
Expressions Symbol
Reading Summarizing Character Imagery Drama Genres Author’s
Comprehension Analysis
ELA Topics are Theme Simile & Poetry: Stanza, Attitude
on the bottom Inferences & Dialogue Metaphor meter, & Author’s Bias
Conclusions rhythm
Plot & Setting
Rhyme schemes
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Adding Decimals Subtracting Patterns & Dividing Dividing Equivalent Simplifying
Decimals Exponents: Decimals by Decimals by Fractions Fractions
Multiplying Whole Numbers Decimals
Narrator & Illustrations & Main Idea Cause & Effect Supporting Logical Order Headings
Speaker Graphics Sentences
Following Text Transitions & Captions
Point of View Compare & Instructions Organization Introductions & Flow
Contrast Conclusions
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Comparing Least Common Adding and Adding and Multiplying Dividing Ordered Pairs
Fractions Denominator Subtracting Subtracting Fractions Fractions (coordinate
Fractions with Fractions with (including (including grids)
Like Unlike modeling) modeling)
Denominators Denominators
Precise Lang. Prewriting Revising & Types of Making Taking Notes Conjunctions
Proofreading Research Connections
Appropriate Narrowing Down Resources Citing Sources Prepositions
Language & a Topic Proofreading & Paraphrasing
Writing Purpose Editing Reliable Sources Interjections
25 26 27 28 1- March 2 - March 3 - March
Polygons Triangles Quadrilaterals 3-Dimensional Volume of Find Volume of Customary
Figures Rectangular Composed Length
(understanding volume)
Prisms Figures
Verb Tense Adjectives & Capitalization Multiple Dictionary Use Pronoun-
Adverbs meaning Words Idioms; Adages Antecedent
Irregular Verbs Spelling Thesaurus Use & Proverbs Agreement
Comparatives & Context Clues
Troublesome Superlatives Glossary Use Synonyms & Subject-Verb
Verbs Affixes Antonyms Agreement
4 - March 5 - March 6 - March
Customary Weight Measurement
Length Word problems
Prepositions Dependent &
Types of Clause
Subjects &
Predicates Pronouns
DES 5th Grade Georgia milestones Study Guide Homework Calendar
March/April – Science & Social Studies
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Social Studies 7 - March 8 - March 9 - March 10- March
Topics are at The Civil War Reconstruction Turn of the Turn of the
the top Century Century, (con’t)
Classification of Vertebrates and Learned Cells and
Science Topics
animals and Invertebrates Behavior and Microorganism
are at the plants Inherited Traits
11- March 12 - March 13- March 14 - March 15 - March 16 - March 17 - March
World War I Economics- Geography- The Roaring The Great World War II World War II
Personal Finance Locate: The Grand Twenties Depression / (con’t)
Canyon, Salton Sea,
New Deal
Great Salt Lake, &
Mojave Desert on a
Static Electricity Series and Conductors and Electromagnets Matters, Physical and Mixtures and
and Electric Parallel Circuits Insulators Review Properties of Chemical Solutions
Forces Matter, and Changes
Tools scientists Electricity Unit Elements of States of Matter
use and Matter Measuring
microscopes temperature
and other
science related
18- March 19 - March 20- March 21- March 22- March 23- March 24 - March
The Cold War Government Geography- The Cold War Civil Rights America since Government
Structure of Locate: The (con’t) 1975 Principles of
Chisholm Trail;
Chemical Government & Landform Democracy &
Pittsburg, PA; Kitty
Properties and Levels of Hawk, NC; Pearl changes caused Erosion and Bill of Rights
Physical Government Harbor, HI: & Landforms from by wind and Deposition Sinkholes and
Montgomery, AL
Properties Conservation of water, Geologic water; Safety in Landslides
Matter (Law of Georgia’s Region (valley the lab; Inquiry Skills
Flood control Conservation landforms ridge, Coastal Plains, Scientific and Classifying and
(mountains, hills, Piedmont, Blue
and Beach mass) Method Experiments Reading graphs
plains, and sand Ridge Mountains)
Restoration dune) and diagrams
25- March 26- March 27- March 28 - March 29- March 30- March 31- March
The Civil War Reconstruction Geography- World War 1 The Great World War II The Cold War
Locate: The Grand Depression / (con’t)
Earth’s structure
Canyon, Salton Sea,
(earth’s layers) Geography- New Deal
Great Salt Lake, &
Locate: The Chisholm Mojave Desert on a
Trail; Pittsburg, PA; map
Earth’s plates
Kitty Hawk, NC; Pearl
Harbor, HI: & How mountains
Recording and Montgomery, AL form
Information Earthquakes and Seismological
Volcano studies
8 – April 9 – April 10 – April 11-20 – April

America since Repeat any Milestones

1975 topics as needed Repeat any Testing 
topics as
Civil Rights needed