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" T Heard It Through the Grapevine Norman Whitfield pee Pop (intro) Barrett Stron; NT il (as aed by Marvin Gaye} =~ AS bh cf +a ot fe Fe Ss i “the bat) as # eS kick n _(Ebm) Eb AbEPar AP Ebates APEbay AL Ebai Puen SE Sse Al fs (add an (Fr horn) 1. Ooh 1 bet SéF Ok eat Ebwi Ne Ebay Br = = SS Le , in) how 1 knew bout your plan ' ' AY? Ew Se Eom fee y Ss JS = = o with some oth - er guy you knew be - fore Between the two of us guys Cw BTA? t Whee - It took me by sur ~ prise 1 must. say, =o teed Don't you know that 1 heard =: Zz a - er would you be mine. Oh, NC iwi, © any ;, well (Heard_) BAW EY AEF it through the grape-vine, Oh, I'm just___a-bout to lose__my mind. Hon-ey, hon en, Inc, Minn, Fan obete Music Co. (UK) Lid. London WC2H OBA, A Rights 158 td a, e SS gE) it through Re grape - vine, not mich long = er would you be my ba ——o (ist x only) 2 by, Ooh, doot,. doo doo © (etrings) Interlude)Ab b b En Eb “Gs Eb GPE NCuis) ———-E™! ae a os a DS. al Coda == her] i thagh ie (Sai : == == oe a Hon-ey, hon-ey I know that you're let tin’ me 4 (Ebw) yeah, yeah, eS Heard be =a it through the grape-vine, Ooh, (start to fade) Second and Third Verse lyrics: 2, [know a man ain't supposed to cry, But these tears I can’t hold inside. Losin’ you would end my life, you see, ‘Cause you mean that much to me. You could have told me yourself That you loved someone else. Instead, I heard it through the grapevine (ete) Ooh noo, Theard_ (Fade) it through the grape - vine, 3. People say believe half of what you see, Son, and none of what you hear, But I can't help bein’ confused, Ifit’s true please tell me, dear. Do you plan to let me go For the other guy you loved before? Don’t you know, i heard it through the grapevine (ete.) I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Rhythm) Medium Pop t27 Chtro) A _ an A eae ~ - a — st$ie se she eee be ret Ge. pad AEE , ——— * (E>) | Wick de) bud) dL, _ D \tetes ie SSH rH crt Ebw AP Eb "Eb Ebi = SSS SSS SS SS Se ee : (sample bass line) a Sa Bbw GPEbm Moy E> BP Ae Eom Spee fe Ps Se ee Cm : Bb" A | 2 APT "| a re ee ee Ebn AP. > Ebmal pn PO See oe n ° -2 elke, gi 2 = (etc, to end) EST PF “Ba oe _ . C — 2] Se See (Ebm) (start to fade) = a Sea