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MANRECON Manual Reconciliation

MANSAF Manual SAF Processing

MAPD Marking Accounts as PastDue

MAR Maturity Analysis Report

MARKPEND Mark Pending

MAT Midday Archive To Tape

MATB Manual ATM/Anywhere Transaction Balancing

MCLZOH Maintaining Clearing Zones

MDD Maturity Period wise Dist of Deposits

MEAC Modify Effective Asset Classification

MICZ Maintain Inward Clearing Zone

MNTFCT Maintain FOREX Control Table

MNTFWC Maintain Forward Contracts

MNTNTP Maintain Normal Transit Period

MNTPST Maintain PST Table (Modify & Inquiry)

MNTRTL Maintain Rate list

MNTRTLH Maintain Home Crncy Rate list

MNTRTM Maintain Rate Master

MNTRTSQ Maintain Rate code Sequence

MNTWF Workflow Items Maintenance

MODSETUP Module File Maintenance

MODUSERS Module Users Maintenance

MOPTI Menu Option Translation Interface

MOR Message Offset Reconciliation

MQTDESRP MQT Despatched Transactions Report

MQTI Anywhere / ATM transaction Inquiry

MQTRPT MQT Undespatched Transactions Report

MSGOIRP Outstanding Items Report

MSOIRP Minor Subsidiaries Outstanding Items Rep

MSTRP Minor Subsidiaries Transaction Report