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JTHOLDER List Joint Holders of an Account

KILLSRVR Kill ATM Server Process

LACAM Charges Amortization Process

LADICFEE Loans DICGC Fee Calculation

LADISB Loans Disbursement

LADML Loan Disbursement Letter

LADSP Loans Demand Satisfaction Process

LAFACR Loans Fee Assess, Collect and Refund

LAFHM Loans Follow-up History Maintenance

LAFIRPT Loan Future Installment/PDC Report

LAFM Loans Flow Maintenance

LAGI Loans General Enquiry

LALFAR Loan Late Fee Assessment and Reversal

LALIEN Loans Lien Process

LAMCM LA Message Code Maintenance

LAMP Loan Account Master Print

LAODR Loan Demands Overdue Reminder

LAOPI Loans Overdue Position

LAPAY Loan Payment Menu

LAPOSR Loans Collection and Position Report

LAPRR1A Loans Periodical Review Returns

LAPRR4A Loans Periodical Review Returns

LAPRR4B Loans Periodical Review Returns

LAPRR4C Loans Periodical Review Returns

LAPSP Loan Account Pass Sheet Print

LARSH Loans Repayment Schedule Report

LAUPLDMD Loans Upload Demands

LAUPLOAD Loan Other Details Upload

LAWFAI Loans Waiver of Fee and Interest

LAXFRINT Loans Transfer Interest Liability

LBDR Local Bill Discounting

Local Clearing & Cash Remittance Subsidiary


Large Amount Cheques Discounted – Daily

LCDMR Large Amt Chqs Dis – Monthly Reporting

LDIMG Image Upload Utility

LLIR Limit Liability Inquiry & Report

LNDI Limit Node Details Inquiry

LNHTIR Limit Node History/Tran Inquiry/Report

LNI Limit Node Enquiry

LNM Limit Node Maintenance

LNREV Limit Node Revaluation

LSD List for Signature Display

LTL Limit Tree Lookup