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With Michael

1 TBLS. *Container 1/3 rd 1 tsp.

full with dry seed.

*Glass or *Completely
Stainless Steel Under Water
Adzuki Beans Alfalfa
Mung Beans 24 hrs. 12 hrs. Broccoli
Whole Lentils Clover
(Red & Green)
Rinse Seeds Rinse Seeds *Mustard
Fenugreek 3 X’s /day 3 X’s /day
(chick peas) 48 hrs. 3 days *Onion
Pumpkin *Radish
Water well
(papitia’s) 3 X’s / day *Some of these
*In-direct might be SPICY!
Hulled Sunflower Sunlight*

Millet 0 3-4 days Seed Storage: Dry & Room Temp.

Will store for many years.
Quinoa Separate sprouts for greening!
(spread out on a tray or towel) Do not store in the refrigerator.
(Hulled seeds storage: 3 months)
*All Beans, Nuts Both Groups A&B, when finished, will last one week in All seeds:
the refrigerator. Rinse well before eating! Enjoy!
or Legumes
Evert-Fresh / Green Bags: Used for storage of live
products to last longer! Double time/reusable
Always try to buy Organic Seeds!
Hulled - Without a Shell When you are growing seeds into a
Un-Hulled - With Shell Questions on anything, email ONLY: green in soil, wheatgrass, sunflower or pea, they don’t have to be organic.