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The Chalice

A publication of First Christian Church of Edmond, OK

Vol. 2 No. 35 September 2, 2010

Attaining the Exceptional

by Rev. Dr. Jerry Black, Associate Minister
Few things in life Some, just down right terrible (again, mostly it has to begin with God. God’s love. Grace.
are exceptional. mine…) Lots of good ones. A few great ones. Mercy. Forgiveness. Acceptance. Inclusion.
Better than good. And some, that were just plain powerful. Left Divine hugs. And God’s abiding presence.
Greater than a lasting impression. But few I’d call “excep- God is this Holy Other, and yet the most
great. Beyond the tional.” unbelievable Presence. Perhaps the Psalm-
best. I mean, what So what in life would I consider “excep- ist said it best. God’s presence is simply “too
car is exceptional? tional?” Well, moments mostly. Susan’s and wonderful” (Psalm 139:6). In times of trouble,
What vacation? my wedding. Graduation from college and it is “too wonderful.” In times of uncertainty,
What concert? commissioning as a Second Lieutenant—all it is “too wonderful.” In times of unbelievable
What day? What dessert? And to get personal, on the same day. Stephanie’s adoption. joy, it is “too wonderful.” In times of stress—
what sermon???? Ouch. I’ve heard a lot of The birth of a grandchild—all four of them distress—doubt—and discovery, the very
them in my lifetime.Three a week as a kid. (though today, I might be tempted to trade presence of God is simply, “too wonderful” to
More than anyone should endure in semi- a couple…) And relationships. That which I attain.
nary. And a host of others since—too many enjoy with Susan, my family, you—and God. May each of us know the joy in attaining this
of them, mine. More than a few were pitiful. When I think of that which is exceptional, one, life altering, reassuring “exceptional.”

Just How Much Is ENOUGH?

We live in a society that tells us “you deserve it now,” whether or not we can afford it or really even
need it. Our nation is in the midst of what many have described as “The Great Recession.” Increasing
consumer debt, declines in savings, and a volatile stock market are all part of our economic insecurity.
With this in mind, we are about to begin a four week sermon series called Enough: Discovering
Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity. Sundays September 12 through October 3 we will
consider these questions: What is truly important? How much is enough? How can you simplify your
life? What gives you the greatest joy, meaning, purpose? When are you most generous? How is God
working in our midst?
A companion small group study begins Wednesday, September 8. Bob Bennett and
Jerry Black will explore these same topics for four Wednesday evenings. Join them at 6:30pm in room
116 for the hour-long classes. Books are $10. Register online at or call Iris
Jordan at 341-3544, ext. 20. We hope you will join us on this journey. It has the power to open each
of us up to new possiblities, and a more abundant life.
Our Enough series will culminate on World Communion Sunday, October 3 when
we experience our annual Gratitude Celebration. This year our celebration will take place on a Sunday morning. Make note
on your calendars now and plan to take part in this day of gratitude for the abundance we share! Our worship will include elements
from each of our services, videos of some of our members, and inspiring music. After worship we will share a simple meal together,
celebrating the ministry we have already done, and the ministry we dream for the future.
Schedule of Events:
Wednesday, September 8 Small-Group Study Begins Sunday, October 3 World Communion Sunday
Sunday, September 12 Sermon: When Dreams Become Nightmares Sermon: Defined by Generosity
Sunday, September 19 Sermon: Living With Purpose 9:30 AM Sunday School
Sunday, September 26 Sermon: Cultivating Contentment 10:45 AM Combined Worship
Wednesday, September 29 Small-Group Study Ends 12:00 PM FREE Gratitude Luncheon
On Wednesday evenings during the school year
our children, students and adults UNITE for dinner,
learning and fellowship. In a culture that is increas-
ingly individualistic and private, we are called as
Christians to connect, grow, serve and care together.
UNITE provides a place to experience lasting connec-
tions and a place to grow in our faith.

Come UNITE with us beginning Wednesday, September 8.

Options for Adults Dates We Will Meet
September 8, 15, 22, 29 Meal Payment Options
October 6, 13, 27
• 5:00-6:00 A Study of the Prophets November 3, 10, 17 • $3.50 per person/weekly
led by Rev. Chris Shorow - Room 116 December 1, 8 • $42 per semester/per person
• $12.50 weekly (family of 4+)
“Our society is sick. We’ve turned away from God and we are going down the
• $150 semester price (family of 4+)
tubes!” Sound familiar? No, not Glenn Beck, those words have been spoken
countless times by Old Testament prophets. Our Bible study this semester will
focus on prophets and their mission, ministry and words for us today. Glancing at Children’s Schedule
the major prophets, we will also look at the wisdom of the 12 minor prophets. We
will explore how they delivered their words, and compare them with how we are Children 3yrs old through 5th grade will
prophetic in today’s world. Can we be prophetic and yet have a civil dialogue? be on a “Journey With Jesus” discovering
where Jesus went, what Jesus taught,
• 6:30 - 7:30 ENOUGH: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity and how it is relevant today. So, grab
your passport!
led by Rev. Jerry Black and Bob Bennett September 8, 15, 22 and 29 5:00 Music
Come discover joy, purpose, and real life compensation through simplicity and 5:30 Cherub Choir (preschool)
generosity. We will use the ENOUGH book by Rev. Adam Hamilton. Cost: $10. 6:00 Check-In/Dinner
Please pre-register @ or call Iris Jordan @ 341-3544. 6:30 Small Groups
• 6:30 - 7:30 New Testament Study - Continues 7:30 Check-Out

led by Rev. Jerry Black October 6-December 8 he will be continuing his Introduc-
tion to the New Testament. This semester features the letters of Paul, Peter, John, Students Schedule
and others our course text is the same as last semester’s text: Dennis E. Smith’s
“Chalice Introduction to the New Testament.” Books are $29, needed only for new This year we will be challenging
enrollees and pre-orders are needed by September 22. Register @ students to “Claim It!” Claim what you or call Iris Jordan @ 341-3544. might ask? Well, come and find out!
5:30 Girls Ensemble
• 7:30–8:45 Chancel Choir 5:45 Dinner
led by Diane Ball - Sanctuary 6:30 Worship
(Nursery Available) Our Chancel Choir offers musical gifts throughout the year in 7:15 Small Group Bible Study
worship services and on special occasions. 8:00 Done!

Operation Christmas Child UNITE Security

Our next packing party for Operation Christmas Child is scheduled for Sept 14th
from 10-12 noon. Some of the items we need this time are HARD candy (individually Volunteers Needed
wrapped), combs or brushes, small items of clothing, flip flops, toothpaste, and stuffed by Mark Mades
animals. So far we have packed 122 shoeboxes in just two packing parties. These boxes
We need YOUR help on Wednesday
will find their way into the hands of children who would otherwise get nothing for
evenings! Any members who are
Christmas. More importantly, each child will recieve a booklet about Jesus and His
interested in helping with security
love for them in their own language. Questions? Contact Michele Schlough at 844-3214
for UNITE, please call Mark Mades
at 341-1852 for details
Prayers of the People Happy Birthday!
9/5 Jay Biby, Peyton Mabry, Lindy
Rahhal, John Timmons, Jim
Dorothy Bryan, Oklahoma Heart Hospital Williams
9/6 John A. Hammond, Marissa
OTHERS IN NEED OF PRAYER Chuck Hague (Suzanne Allison’s Kosir, Matthew Mitchell, Aiden
brother), Peggy Thies (Sandy Mitchell’s mom), Pauline Rahhal, Chelyne Barney (Marjorie Polk, Christopher Smith, Kimberly
Anderson’s daughter-in-law), Ann Douthitt (Duke Douthitt’s mom), Josh Harlin (Reta Woods
Clopton’s son), Laura Kysar, Les Lee, Eric Koegel, Garry Sloan (former FCC minister of music), 9/7 Scott Anthony, Randy Clark, Missy
Bart & Jennifer Rodr, Lorelle Watts, Sharon Luton (Susan Black’s cousin), Ed Berry, Taylor Renz
Wheeler, Hank Thomas (Randy Thomas’ brother) 9/8 Julie Bunton, Bob Eaton, Jason
Jones, Richard Randolph
OUR SYMPATHY AND PRAYERS To Brian & Luanne Howell in the death of Luanne’s father, 9/9 Glenn Agan, Nancy Hays, Geri
Cal McLish, on August 26. Services were held August 31 at FCC Edmond AND to Brad & Laurie
Moffatt, Steve Percival, William
Cummings in the death of Brian’s mother, Estelle, on August 28. Sevices are being held on
September 1 in Burkburnett, TX.
9/10 Carla Felix, Sydney Hammond,
Dear Church Family, Thank you so much for your unending support for our family Timothy Linville, Daniel Marks,
during Foy’s illness and death. Your kindnesses, food, cards, prayers and hugs have been Chance Meadows, Loretta Parks,
a blessing. Thank you to the elders who faithfully visited Foy while he was hospitalized Madelyn Ryland
and to Jerry, Chris, Diane and Larry, and all of you who came to see us and support us. 9/11 Neil Helms, Jerri Jones, Ally Nash,
Your visits meant so much to all of us. Caitlyn Turner, Sherrye VanOsdol,
Thank you Chancel Choir for your last act of love for Foy by singing his favorite Dorothy Wallar
anthem at the memorial service, and your emotional and financial help after his death. 9/12 Gladys Dronberger, Bob Gallop,
Thank you to those of you who have so generously donated to the Music Ministry in Joan Grant, Joy Hunt
his honor.
One of the greatest blessings that you as a congregation gave us was to lift him up
in prayer during all three services on May 23. Your prayers brought him back for one
last day when we could visit with him and let him know how much we loved him.
When he heard that he had been lifted up in prayer he was brought to tears by your
Make A Difference
love and support.
Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we continue to heal from our loss. He
in A Child’s Life!
is greatly missed. Susan, Becky, Katie Hurst and Bob and Barbara Henthorn
Be a Whiz Kids Tutor
A huge “thank you” to Jennifer Shipley, the Membership Ministry Team, and all who By Linda Quade
worked last Sunday to make the Omelet Breakfast such a wonderful success. The food FCC’s Whiz Kids Coordinator
was wonderful and the communion special. Thank you!

Help Stop Hunger! Whiz Kids is a faith-based, one-on-one

volunteer tutoring/mentoring program
The annual CROP Walk to help fight hunger is that focuses on students who live in
scheduled for Sunday, September 26. The walk will areas which have some of the highest
be held in Mitch Park, and will begin at 2:00 p.m. If drop-out rates and lowest
you would like to be a part of this event and help socioeconomic levels in Oklahoma City.
fight hunger around the world and in our own city First Christian partners with Our Lord’s
of Edmond, please pick up a pledge packet at the Community Church and Holy Temple
CROP Walk table located in the rotunda. Baptist Church in Oklahoma City,
Information about getting pledges and turning in tutoring students from Martin Luther
money can also be found at the table. And if you recieve more than $100 in pledges, King Elementary.
you get a free t-shirt! Hope you will join us for the walk! Questions? contact Greg Whiz Kids meets at 5:30 on Tuesday
Bunton at evenings at Holy Temple, where we
share a meal with the students, spend

Follies 2010 Sign-Up Underway! tutoring/mentoring time together and

then finish with a brief club time. If you
The 4th annual FCC Follies and Chili Cook-off will be Sunday, have an interest in participating in this
September 26th!! Have you been developing your act? Have wonderfully fulfilling ministry, contact
you pulled your favorite chili receipe out? Register this Sunday Linda Quade at 341-1618 or 408-8123.
in the Rotunda or online at
Our Story of Family Camp
An Exceptional Experience! by Gary & Teddi Owen
We travel a lot of miles during the year in the U.S. and abroad. Considering we've done a num-
Worship ber of cruises over the years, as first timers, we can honestly say FCCE Family Camp was one of
the most relaxing and enjoyable trips we've ever encountered. It was more fun than we could
at First Christian have imagined. And for the price, it was a SUPER value.
8:15, 9 & 11am When we first arrived at the Estes Park YMCA camp, we were surprised how nice the facilities
and grounds were. The mountain view was spectacular, the fellowship was awesome. And the
September 5, 2010 rooms were most adequate for this type of trip. For spoiled travelers like us, not having TV or air
Message: Rev. Dr. Jerry Black conditioning was unusual but surprisingly peaceful and cool, plus the food was quite good!
We have been attending First Christian for several years and see many smiling faces. Family
Scripture: Psalm 139;1-6
Camp allowed us to spend quality time getting to know many that we typically only see in pass-
ing on Sunday mornings. It was fun getting to know everyone better.
September 12, 2010 This was the first non-working trip/ vacation we've had in 20 years. It brought us peace, joy,
1st Sermon in our ENOUGH Series fellowship, and enjoyable experiences. Spiritually, we realized
Message: Rev. Chris Shorow what Family Camp can do for the body, mind and soul. You're in
Scripture: Matthew 16:21-26 God's glorious mountain country where skies are rich deep blues
and with nighttime stars that never end. The air is so clean and
fresh, the weather suprisingly perfect, and the scenery of every
The Chalice CONNECTION adventure was breathtaking. Teddi and I felt this was God's way
Shelley Regan, Editor of cleaning out our minds and forcing our bodies to relax and
rejuvenate. It allowed us time for meditation we rarely get in our hectic schedules at home. Family Camp reminded us to take time to
Read News Online see, smell, feel, touch, and embrace the beauty the lord has made.
@ We thank Susan Huffer for encouraging and prodding us to
Submit Articles to join the Family Camp adventure. Lord willing, we will make this an annual event as often as possible

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