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An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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In Tribute Lead-in…
kol ha-olam ku-lo
In Tribute gesher tzar m’od,
gesher tzar m’od
v’ha-i-kar, ha-ikar
Dean Henry Rosovsky lo l’fa-ched,
lo l’fa-ched klal
Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences v’ha-ikar, ha-ikar,
Harvard University lo l’fa-ched klal
from 1973-1987

All the world

is like a narrow, frail footbridge

But the important thing,

the really important thing….

is not to be afraid…

not to be afraid… all….

- modern day Jewish folk song

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

© 2007 by David Birnbaum © 2007 by David Birnbaum
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*** Integrated TimeLine ***

with a Jewish focus

from Infinity to present day

Thunderation! Quest for Potential (ongoing: infinitely)

Thunderation! Advanced metaphysical realms concretize (some-

time between Infinity BCE and 15 billion BCE)

Thunderation! “Creation!” a/k/a The Big Bang (Cosmic Center

~15 billion BCE)

*** a half billion years transpire ***

[The first 26 Elements (of the Periodic Table) are created in-the-

Thunderation! (~14.5 billion years ago) Supernovas (collapsing hi-

mass stars)

…start creating the heavier Elements in their imploding cores

that is, the ELEMENTS (of the Periodic Table) heavier than Ele-
ment #26 - IRON

…..there are over 90 ELEMENTS heavier than IRON uncovered-


…the ELEMENTS are created in the massive fusion reactions in

the super-heated and super-compressed imploding-and-exploding
cores of the Supernovas…

Supernovas, as well -
# Seed their respective galaxies with heavy Elements,
# Heat their respective galaxies with the energy of their radiation,
# Stir up their respective galaxies with the force of their blast

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

© 2007 by David Birnbaum © 2007 by David Birnbaum
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waves, *** Half-a-billion years transpire ***
and, last-but-not-least,
# Cause new stars to form Thunderation! multi-cellular life appears (1 billion BCE)

(note: Stars with at least 3x the mass of our sun, are potential *** Half-a-billion years transpire ***
candidates for “Supernova” status)
Thunderation! Cambrian explosion (~540 million BCE)
Thunderation! Galaxies continue to emerge… and then the
Milky Way coalesces (~14 billion BCE) [Some 50 phyla (basic body plans) ‘suddenly & simultane-
ously’ appear… the first appearance of complex animal life…
*** ~10 billion years transpire ***
With the appearance of complex animal life, Predator-Prey
Thunderation! The Sun (4.6 billion BCE) dynamics manifest, as well.

Thunderation! our Solar System (4.5 billion BCE) Note: The “Cambrian Explosion” has never even near-ad-
equately been explained by mainstream science… [author’s
*** half-a-billion years transpire *** note: as mainstream science is too ‘bounded’]

Thunderation! the first living Cell (4.0 billion BCE) i.e. “Life” Darwin apparently viewed the “Cambrian Explosion” as one
of the principal objections that could be lodged against his
- Including bacteria Theory of Evolution by natural selection…

Thunderation! Photosynthesis (3.9 billion BCE) *** 80 million years transpire ***

*** Four hundred million years transpire *** Thunderation! LIFE moves ashore (~460 million BCE)

Thunderation! DNA: first strand of DNA (3.5 billion BCE) *** 70 million years transpire ***

*** ~1.5 billion years transpire *** Thunderation! AMPHIBIANS (~390 million BCE)

Thunderation! Possible massive global ice-age (2 billion *** 55 million years transpire ***
BCE) “Snowball Theory”
Thunderation! the first FORESTS (~335 million BCE)
*** Half-a-billion years transpire ***
*** 270 million years transpire ***
Thunderation! organisms with CELL NUCLEUS CON-
TAINING DNA (1.5 billion BCE) Thunderation! DINOSAURS (235 million BCE - 65 million BCE)

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

© 2007 by David Birnbaum © 2007 by David Birnbaum
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*** 85 million years transpire *** *** ~3.2 million years transpire post-Lucy to > modern HU-
MANS ***
(From the start of the Dinosaurs to the start of Birds)
Thunderation! first modern HUMANS (130,000 BCE)
Thunderation! BIRDS evolve (~150 million BCE)
[Homo sapiens (Latin for “wise/knowing man”)… first fossil
*** 36 million years transpire *** record: Africa]

Thunderation! FLOWERS evolve (~114 million years ago) It will now take 128,300 years until Lech L’chah (Abraham)
in 1700 BCE;
*** 50 million years transpire ***
So, if a generation is 30 years, it will take 4,276 generations
Thunderation! MAMMALS evolve (65 million BCE) and from this (first modern HUMANS) point (4 million BCE)
flourish until Abraham…… as counter-posed to the ~123 generations
from Abraham to our present point in 2007 ….so, the period
*** 61 million years transpire *** from Abraham to the present, represents only ~3% of the time
duration since the appearance of ‘modern HUMANS….
Thunderation! earliest HOMINIDS (precursors of human
lineage) (4 million BCE) *** ~119,000 years transpire ***

[French and Chadian paleontologists - and The Science Chan- Thunderation! Agriculture (11,000 BCE)
nel (1.1.07) - assert that the “Toumai” male fossil, discovered
2001 in western Africa, Djurab Desert, northern Chad, is the {5500 BCE Egyptians weave flax into fabric, i.e. flax threads
earliest HOMINID, standing 4’ high at age 20, with a nuclear were woven together to create fabric for the first time}
family group of about six… and peg him at 7 million BCE…
i.e. 230,000 generations back… but the Wikipedia consen- {4400 BCE HORSES domesticated… power… transporta-
sus (1.3.07) is that Toumai, whatever he is, is not the earliest tion… warfare}
HOMINID, but rather a pre-cursor of HOMINIDS]
Thunderation! Early Bronze Age (c. 3500-2000 BCE)
The famous “Lucy” fossil was discovered in 1974 in east
Africa in Ethiopia. (The American anthropologist Johanson {Invention of WRITING… organization of CITY STATES}
who discovered her was listening to the Beatles song “Lucy
in the Sky with Diamonds” as he unearthed her remains… {~3500 BCE Sumerians develop a phonetic alphabet; Most
hence, “Lucy”)… Lucy (3.2 million BCE) is considered of the surviving records are of business transactions}
by consensus to be the first clear-cut HOMINID fossil, and
HOMINIDS, as a group, are dated by consensus back to 4 {~3500 BCE Bronze made for the first time - Copper was
million BCE)

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

© 2007 by David Birnbaum © 2007 by David Birnbaum
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combined with tin, which created the new metal that could be …the Shang Dynasty spanned ~250 years…from 1300 BCE
used in many tools} to 1046 BCE… it incorporated 31 kings, from Tang to Zhou-
{~3250 BCE Paper made of Papyrus Reed - The first known
paper was produced in Egypt. The central pulp of papyrus over the span of the 250 years, he Shang Dynasty moved its
reed was split, dried and glued together} capital six times, the last time to the city of Yin (modern-day
Henan….east-central China)….traditionally considered the
{~3250 BCE Hieroglyphic Writing - The Egyptians devel- ‘cradle of Chinese civilization’
oped a system of recording/writing known as hieroglyphics,
which initially told the story with pictographs} ….succeeded by the Zhou Dynasty (under King Zhou-of-
Zhou), invoking the so-called ‘Mandate from Heaven’…a
[~3200 BCE Sumerian civilization begins… a system of celestrial invocation to be repeated by succeeding claimants
City-States developed along the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers to the Chinese thrown over-the-centuries… (I use this line
(In modern-days, this is Iraq)] effectively with my 3 kids)

{~3000 BCE First chariots and wagons - The wheels were Many of these centuries were to be ‘Zhou Dynasty centuries’,
made of wood and were very heavy and cumbersome ini- as this dynasty, China’s longest, spanned 800 years (and 37
tially, as is to be expected} emperors)…

Thunderation! Narmer [Menes] (~3050 BCE) generally In 221 BCE, Qin defeated the other six states, including the
considered the First Pharaoh, founder of the “First Dynasty” Zhou, and finally unified China
(of Egypt)
(more below at that time period… Qin Dynasty)
Thunderation! ~2800 BCE, China, semi-mythical Three
Sovereigns and Five Exemplars [author - Wherever you hear that so-and-so ‘unified’ a coun-
try, do not assume that this was a nice and sweet ”Boy Scout
…according to Chinese legend, the Three August Ones and operation”]
the Five Emperors ruled…they were sage-kings and moral-
exemplars… Thunderation! Imhotep, vizier of Egypt, designs and con-
structs the Pyramid of (Pharaoh) Djoser (2630 - 2611 BCE)
…one of them, The Yellow Emperor is positioned as the royal
ancestor of the Han Chinese [First stone pyramid (as opposed to mud-brick) : The Great
Step-Pyramid Complex of Djoser at Saqquara; Central pyra-
….note that the earliest written record of China’s past dates mid rose about 20 stories tall; Imhotep, doctor, sage, archi-
from ~13th century BCE (the time of the Jewish Exodus)… tect, astronomer and High Priest, is also credited as a founder
Shang Dynasty…these written records were inscriptions of the Egyptian and Masonic mystery traditions (author-
(spiritual/religious-related) on bones and shells…known as sounds right)]
the ‘Oracle Bones’

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

© 2007 by David Birnbaum © 2007 by David Birnbaum
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Thunderation! ~2560 BCE, Great Pyramid of Giza [Extending ~600 years… to ~the time of Torah - at Sinai]

[a/k/a “Khufu’s Pyramid”… tomb of CHEOPS (a/k/a Khufu) Thunderation! “Lech L’chah ” (Genesis: God to Abraham:
Fourth Dynasty Egyptian pharaoh… approx. 7 year construc- “Walk from your land…”) Ur Kasdim, Middle East, 1700s
tion… was also the world’s highest man-made structure (at BCE
480.9 ft = 146.6 m) until 1300 CE… although height was
certainly not its primary defining historicity… for-the-record, {”… and from the land of your forefathers, and go from your
the Great Pyramid was eventually first surpassed in height birthplace… unto Canaan… the land which God bequeaths
(only) 3,652 years later (by 13.4 m….i.e. several feet) by the unto thee”}
Lincoln Cathedral in Lincoln, England in 1092]
[Middle Bronze Age c. 2500-1600 BCE - Amorites, Hittites,
{Mathematical development 2000 BCE, Babylonians devel- Hurrians, Hyksos and Israelites in the Middle East and Near
op a mathematical system based on units of 60… they divide East]
the CIRCLE into 360 units/degrees}
{”Great Stone Palace” of Knossos, Crete, Mediterranean…
{Cotton, 1900 BCE, used for the first time… by Harappans extraordinary 1300 room edifice built over 300 year time-
(Indus Valley, ~Pakistan) who become the first to grow and span 1700-1400 BCE (some contractors take longer than
weave cotton into fabric} others)… political and ceremonial center of Minoan civiliza-
tion… indoor plumbing… complex and highly-sophisticated
Thunderation! Stonehenge (~2500 BCE) water and drainage systems… to keep it cool, mostly con-
structed of stone palace…hence the name}
[& the sophisticated civilization which spawned it over many,
many centuries….but which subsequently disappeared] Thunderation! Joseph, now Viceroy of Egypt, 1522 BCE,
reveals his identity to his brothers (who, jealous of him, and
(The Stonehenge edifice-setup itself seems to have been a not particularly enamored of his ego, had sold him into slav-
combination spiritual/religious/astronomical edifice, mark- ery ~2-3 decades back) [but it does take a pretty large ego to
ing, as well, seasonal solstices be Viceroy of Egypt… so, you do need to be careful who you
via the sun’s projection through its carefully-laid-out archi- sell into slavery…
tectural apertures…)
Thunderation! “BitYa”, daughter of Pharaoh, rescues baby
Thunderation! Hammurabi & his Code, Old Babylonia Moses from the bull rushes ~1300 BCE, banks of Nile River,
(1792 BCE - ~1750 BCE) Egypt

[First known comprehensive legal code… pre-dates the To- [BitYa’s rescue of baby Moses will significantly impact world
rah by ~500 years] history… Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Babylonian, Persian
- and later British, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Moslem,
Thunderation! Shang Dynasty, China, (commencing 1700s BCE) Byzantine, Ottoman et al. - empires - all, of course, heavily

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

© 2007 by David Birnbaum © 2007 by David Birnbaum
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impacted by the “Giving of the Torah” by Moses… unfolding Thunderation! “Mattan Torah” (Giving of the Torah at Mt.
of Judaism, then Christianity, Islam, Protestantism, et al.] Sinai), Sinai Desert, ~1250 BCE) via Moses

(BitYa is referred to in the Torah only as “Pharaoh’s daugh- Monotheism codified… 613 Precepts [mitzvot] for the Jews
ter”; she is ‘named’ later by Jewish Medrashim: BitYa a/k/a [including the more complex laws of Kashrut, Shabbat,
BatYa - “Daughter of God”…one of the most beautiful and Temple-related]…the ‘dignity of man’… focus on the God
transcendent names ever assigned in the span of Judaism). of Israel… including, of course, the 10 Commandments…
metaphysical themes embedded within the Torah…
1250 BCE -1260 BCE: Moses stats confronting Pharaoh
(possibly Hatsheput) There are 7 Precepts [mitzvot] mandated for all-mankind
from the time of Noah…
Thunderation! EXODUS (not the movie) ~1250 BCE known as “(The Seven) Noahide Laws”
[6 of the Laws are prohibitions: (on)
(pharaoh of Egypt: possibly Amenhotep II) idolatry; murder; theft; sexual promiscuity; blasphemy; cru-
elty to animals;
Israelites escape/exit Egypt with panache… organized into 1 of the 7 laws is a requirement:
12 tribes… Just Courts & Laws

… shortly thereafter also, in parallel, into three ceremonial …..the ‘Giving of the Torah’ will change the world forever-
levels: more…a sui generis epochal event…
1) Highest: Priesthood (Ko-hen), Prime Temple ceremonial;
descendants of Aaron, brother of Moses Over the centuries, the Jews will reach the heights - and then
2) ‘Levite class’: Levites (Lai-vi) Temple ceremonial the depths - as an historic consequence…
3) Nation-as-a-whole: Israelites (Yisrael)…
the Jews will protect the Torah; the Torah will anchor the
with the first two categories both from the Tribe of Levi (of Jews…
the 12 Tribes)
the Jews will have both a uniquely stellar-dynamic journey
Meaning, one of the 12 tribes is Levi and, then, an exceedingly tortuous-brutal fight-for-survival,
From that tribe, equality, dignity…..
if one was a descendant of Aaron, one was a Kohen;
If one was from the Tribe of Lavi, but not a descendant of perspective: The extreme-polar opposites are not coinciden-
Aaron, one was a Levite tal… Having reached a zenith (Receivers of the Torah at Si-
nai) , the Jews are permanently a subtle threat to claimants
After 40 years in the desert, the Israelites finally establish of cultural or spiritual primacy; The more the Jews are de-
themselves in Canaan through a series of military victories graded, it will be felt, the lower the threat
and political ententes.

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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Thunderation! Women’s Rights, Sinai Desert ~1250 BCE it is possible that the flooding River Kishon was pivotal in
Judge Devorah/General Barak’s overwhelming of the forces
[Granted by Moses via rulings concerning ‘b’not Tzlaf-chad’, of Ja’bin’s General Sisero’s forces (Shoftim [Judges] 5:1):
the five daughters - and only survivors - of their deceased fa- “The river of Kishon swept them away, that ancient river, the
ther, Tzlaf-chad. (biblical, Sinai desert…shortly after Sinai, river Ki’shon.” see immediately following >
just noted]
Thunderation! Prophetess & Judge DEVORAH leads the
Thunderation! Joshua conquers Canaan ~ 1200 BCE; ‘the Israelites, Canaan, 1100s BCE
walls of Jericho fall’
[Her Commanding General, Barak - together with (appar-
Israelite leader Joshua, successor to Moses camps outside the ently pro-active) freelancer homemaker Yael - respectively,
heavily-fortified city of Jericho, and sends spies in to recon- defeat and assassinate Canaanite general Sisero]
noiter…their main ally inside the city is the prostitute Ra-
hab…subsequent to the conquest of the city, only Rahab and Thunderation! 1100s BCE : Gideon becomes Judge ( and
her family are spared… warrior-commander ) of the Israelites…..mandate to deliver
Israel from the Midianites and Amelekites…
Thunderation! ~1250 BCE - 1200 BCE Philistines arrive on
Israel’s coastal plain chooses only small cadre of 300 highly-motivated, fearless
and classy warriors
They establish themselves along the Mediterranean coastal (Iconic King Leonidas of Greece will employ similar strata-
plane of Israel… nomadic pagan warriors originally pos- gem at Thermopylae with his immortal “300″ [i.e. the same
sibly from Crete… they establish five city-states: Ashdod, precise number of warriors] ~675 years later, and march, as
Ashqelon, Ekron, Gath, and, last but not least, Gaza. well, into immortality)

…they will be a thorn-on-the-back-of-Israel for hundreds of Gideon also important progenitor of ‘psychological warfare’
Arming his warriors with torches, trumpets and noise-mak-
perspective: how did those smart Israelites allow those Phi- ing clay pots,
listines to hold that (strategic)waterfront property? and then attacking-at-night in full fury, trumpets blaring,
It is believed by military historians, that the Philistines had torches alit, pots shattering, Gideon and his attacking & sur-
‘entered the ‘Iron Age’ before the Israelites…and that the Phi- rounding 300 seem to the Midianites like 3,000 - or 30,000
listines possessed iron chariots (see Shoftim [Judges] 1:19) - and the Midianites retreat across Israel…
and iron swords…so, battle during rain or flood-time, wher-
ever possible, would neutralize the Philistine advantage… After prevailing over Israel’s enemies, master strategist
Gideon nevertheless declines to be King, telling the Jews
….Against another iron-chariot-enabled foe, (”900 chariots that God was their ruler
of iron” - Shoftim [Judges] 4:3) King Ja’bin of Ha’zor…

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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BATTLE of TROY: (actual historical event which is the b’chayehem u’v’mosam
source for the legendary tale of Troy), Asia Minor, captured lo nifra-du….
1184 BCE in the Trojan Wars….by the Greeks united under *
Agamemnon….after lengthy siege.the torrid mythical ro- m’nisharim ka-lu,
mance of Helen of Troy (”the face that launched a thousand u’me-arayot ga-vei-ru…
ships”) with (Prince) Paris, heir to the throne of Troy, is op- *
tional…Paris got Helen, but lost everything else… Eich naf-lu gi-bo-rim…
In life or in death !
Thunderation! Samson, 1100s BCE, Gaza, Palestine

[Mercurial and Herculean figure Shimshon ha-Gibor….Ac- *

cording to the Book of Judges, Samson is betrayed by Del-
ilah, who has cut his NAZIR-ite hair, thereby eviscerating Never parted,
his strength. He is then enslaved by his mortal enemies, the *
Philistines. Samson is bound, shackled, and tormented by They were swifter than eagles,
his Philistine captors at their pagan rites at the Temple of They were stronger than lions !……
Dagon….Samson thereupon brings down the colossal temple *
roof upon the 3,000 assembled Philistines, their rulers and How the mighty have fallen…
priests - and upon himself….
Samuel B (Shmuel Beth)
…to be known, as a consequence - down-through-history - 1: 23…..25 (quotes non-continuous)
as “the Samson Defense” (meaning, of course, taking your
enemies down-with-you)] Thunderation! King David ~1000 BCE

Thunderation! First king of Israel, King Saul, (1047 BCE David’s lifespan: 1037 BCE - 967 BCE
- 1012 BCE) David’s reign over Judea alone: 1007 BCE - 1005 BCE
David’s reign over Judea and Israel: 1005 BCE - 967 BCE
Goliath: 1012 BCE: David ( future King of Israel ) slingshots
the giant Goliath (Golyat), Kingdom of Israel under King David attacks and captures Jerusalem; Jerusalem becomes City
Saul (~1012 BCE) of David (993 BCE) and capital of the Kingdom of Israel…

Mt. Gilboa: King Saul, first King of Israel, killed by the Phi- Acclaimed battle hero, warrior, musician, poet and author
listines at the Battle of Mount Gilboa ~1007 BCE, along with
his son, Jonathan Credited with penning (majority of) the PSALMS,
known as the Psalms of David (Tehillim)
From the dirge of soon-to-be king, David:
David depicted in extraordinary terms biblically - in both

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

© 2007 by David Birnbaum © 2007 by David Birnbaum
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Book of Samuel [Shmuel Aleph] and Chronicles [Sefer Di- wise and benevolent ruler - and as direct heirs to “Sinai” just
vrei ha-Yamim] - along with major character flaws. 300 years earlier - Judaism achieved an extraordinary apex
Tenacious, phoenix-like, ultimately victorious, multi-faceted
Thunderation! Israel split into two kingdoms (796 BCE)
immortal - via both pen and sword… (not good)

Fathers Solomon (the Wise)…. King of Israel Jeroboam, King of Israel in the north
Rehoboam, King of Judah, in the south
Thunderation! “First Temple” (of Israel) completed by King
Solomon, Jerusalem (~950 BCE) Thunderation! (prophet) Isaiah [Yishayahu] (~770 BCE -
700 BCE)
(Solomon’s legendary Temple will last ~ 364 years….To
be destroyed by the Babylonians 586 BCE…..Solomon’s Thunderation! ~750 BCE Romulus founds Rome (along
Temple is de facto the successor to the (portable) Tabernacle with his younger brother - and future doomed victim of frat-
[Mishkan] the Israelites used during the bulk of their 40-year ricide - Remus)
sojourn through the desert, back post-exodus from Egypt…
764 BCE: Amos begins to prophecy
Solomon’s Temple (to be destroyed by the Babylonians 586 755 BCE: Hosea begins to prophecy
BCE) will in-due-course be succeeded ~50 years later by the 753 BCE: Zecharia leads Israel as king
Second Temple built in the early 500s BCE primarily under 752 BCE: Menachem leads Israel as king
Persian Jewish satrap Zerubavel….. 740 BCE: Pekach becomes king of Israel
739 BCE: Yotam becomes king of Judah
the Second Temple will then undergo an extraordinary and 736 BCE: Micah begins to prophecy
historic renovation (if not, total re-building) under King 735 BCE: Ahaz becomes king of Judah
Herod the Great ~500 years later in the latter-half of the first 732 BCE: Hosea becomes king of Israel
century BCE….only to be destroyed, in-turn, by the Romans
~70 years later in 70 CE….. Thunderation! Assyrians overrun Northern Kingdom of Is-
rael 722 BCE… initially under Shalmaneser V and then un-
Solomon will play the “Wise & Peaceful” (and quite wealthy) der Saragon II
king - juxtaposed to his father’s “Warrior-Poet” role…Of
course, his father had done the “heavy lifting”, but the two Assyrian ruler Saragon II (father of Sennacherib) asserts in
are both at the apex of the Jewish pantheon… his Annals that he carried away 28,000 (Israelite) inhabitants
from Samaria region (middle/northern Israel) ….. i.e. “The
Clearly, with the erection of The Temple (a/k/a The First Tem- Lost Ten Tribes” …
ple…a/k/a The Temple of Solomon) under freedom, peace,
prosperity and historically grand boundaries - while under a { author’s note: My ‘current wisdom’ is that they were dispersed. }

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

© 2007 by David Birnbaum © 2007 by David Birnbaum
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then Saragon II re-populated the Samaria region with people pire, in turn, is to fall within 50 years - to Cyrus the Great’s
from Cuthah in the Assyrian Mesopotamian area… these new Persians, who are to be benign to the Jews…
inhabitants formed a new Samaritan (or Samarian) population
known as the Cuthim… with their hybrid-religion, part Jew- destruction of Temple I: 586 BCE, 9th day of Jewish lunar
ish, part Pagan… and their temple on Mt. Gerizim… with the month of Av (Tish’a B’Av) by Babylonians… pivotal (disas-
Jewish component of their religion not quite evolving apace ter) day in Jewish history.
with mainstream Judaism over-the-centuries-to-come.
The Prophet Yechezkel is exiled along with the Jewish peo-
Thunderation! (Assyrian) Sennacherib attacks Jerusalem ple to Babylon, but, all-things-considered, a relatively non-
(~700 BCE) brutal exile, if an exile can, indeed, avoid being described as
brutal… the Babylonian Empire falls to the Persians in 539
Sennacherib (son of Sargon II) attacks Jewish King Heze- BCE, essentially freeing the Babylonian Jews…
kiah’s rebellious Judea; He sacks 46 towns and villages, but
fails to take Jerusalem; According to Melachim Beth (Kings 200 years later, the Persian Empire will, (unfortunately for
II 19:35) God slayed the entire Assyrian camp of 185,000 the Jews) in turn, fall to Alexander’s Greeks over the 334-331
troops the night before the anticipated battle. The Greek his- BCE time span… successor regimes to Alexander, will, ~ 200
torian Herodotus (in his Histories 450 BCE) relates a parallel years later, include Antiochus, enemy of the Maccabees…]
divinely-appointed mega-disaster-saga befalling Sennach-
erib’s army the night before it faced the Jewish forces… Thunderation! Buddhism founded (~563 BCE) by (Prince)
{660 BCE Empire of Japan established by Jimmu Tenno}
Thunderation! The “Writing on the Wall” (Book of Daniel
{621 BCE Greek Lawgiver Draco drafts a proposed legal 5:1-31)… 539 BCE or 538 BCE
code for Athens
Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin (Aramaic)… deciphered by
-with severe punishments, generally the death penalty, for all Daniel for the Babylonian King Belshazzar, successor to Ne-
crimes, hence the word ‘draconian’ (extremely harsh)} buchadnezzar.

Thunderation! Babylonian Empire under Nebuchadnezzar [Belshazzar (profanely) uses sacred golden and silver ves-
defeats and eclipses Assyrians (606 BCE) sels, which had been removed from the (Jewish) Temple by
his predecessor Nebuchadnezzar (who had conquered Jeru-
Thunderation! Lao Tzu / Taoism / Tao Te Ching (~600 salem and sacked the Temple in 586 BCE… Belshazzar and
BCE) his Court (blaspheme God by) praising the gods of gold and
silver… immediately the disembodied fingers of a human
Thunderation! (prophet) Yechezkel (593 BCE) [Ezekiel] hand appear and write on the wall of the royal palace the
words noted above… Indecipherable to the king’s Court for
Jerusalem Temple I under siege by Babylonians… whose em- reasons unknown… Daniel, an exile from Jerusalem and for-

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merly of high office under Nebuchadnezzar is sent for… Thunderation! Edict of Cyrus the Great (Cyrus I), Emperor
of Persia, 538 BCE
Daniel to Belshazzar:
[Cyrus pro-actively facilitates the return of the Jews (~50,000)
‘Mene Mene’ = God has numbered the days of your kingdom, from Babylon to Israel…
which will now be brought to an end
… as well as the return of the sacred vessels, which had been
‘Tekel’ = You have been weighed in the balance (of the scales taken from the Temple by Nebuchadnezzar. He also provided
of merit/justice) and have been found wanting funding and total political support for the rebuilding of the
Temple…. Cyrus emerges as the pivotal and key player in
‘Upharsin’ = Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes the building of Temple II…]
and Persians
Thunderation! Darius the Great (Darius I) becomes king of
Belshazzar is, according to lore, slain that night (apparently Persia 522 BCE
by his sones);
[Cyrus’s two sons are killed in the bloodshed surrounding
Cyrus the Mede, of Persia, (later to be known as Cyrus the Darius’s ascent to power…
Great) becomes ruler of Babylon and of the general area.
Darius, who will battle on all fronts, will reign for thirty-six
Daniel rises to great prominence as the pre-eminent admin- tempestuous years… Among other exceptional legacies, he
istrative leader of Babylon…the pre-eminent of the “Three constructs the legendary capital of Persepolis…he expands
Presidents”….presumably a triumvirate the empire from the Indus River on the east to the border of
Macedonia (Greece) on the west…
Later, temporarily caught in political intrigue, he finds him-
self in a Lion’s den - protected, however, apparently by the Darius is known as well for acute financial, legal and orga-
God of Israel from all harm (It is good to have allies in high nizational skills… 111 Post Stations are set up with horses
places.) and riders, the first ‘pony express’… Darius organizes the
empire into twenty provinces, each under a separate gover-
After Daniel’s deliverance, Cyrus the Great issues a decree nor or satrap…
encouraging reverence for “the God of Daniel” (6:26)
Under Darius, Daniel back in Babylon, held the office of the
In the 3,000 year history of the Jews, there was no greater first (pre-eminent) of the “three presidents”…thus Darius has
friend of the Jews than….Cyrus the Great effectively but a Jew (a Jewish exilee and prophet, no less)
in charge of the former Babylon (which had conquered and
Thunderation! 539 BCE Persians under Cyrus the Great now exile the Jews)
dominate the Near East
Under the auspices of Darius-designated (Jewish) Persian

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satrap in-charge of Judea, Zerubavel, the work of rebuilding ‘the Great’ takes control upon Cambyses’ death
the Temple resumes… It is carried forward to completion and # 486 BCE Xerxes I << Queen Esther maybe here ( but some
consecration by the year 515 BCE under the stimulus of the say later)
prophets Haggai and Zechariah… succeeds his father Darius I …
ill-fated campaigns against the Greeks (notably
But there are items permanently missing items from the First Marathon under his father, and then Thermopylae)
Temple, the ‘Temple of Solomon’ including the core and along with scattered revolts
iconic ‘crown jewels’: in Persia, weaken the Achaemenid Empire
the Ark of the Covenant - and the Ten Commandments # 465 - 424 BCE Reign of Artaxerxes I
# 404 BCE Egyptians revolt against Persia,
Their fate, a mystery for all-time… gain independence, until the later arrival of the
Greek conqueror Alexander
500 years later in ~19 BCE Herod effects a very major and the Great in the 330s BCE
extraordinary renovation… see encyclopedia articles on # 424 - 423 BCE Xerxes II
Herod’s Temple renovation a/k/a ‘Herod’s Temple’ for im- # 423 - 404 BCE Darius II (Ochus)
portant clarification and amplification] # 404-359 BCE Reign of Artaxerxes II
# 358 - 338 BCE Reign of Artaxerxes III
########################################## # 338 - 336 BCE Reign of Artaxerxes IV
# 336 - 330 BCE Reign of Darius III
#### INSERT: Achaemenid Dynasty of Persian kings #### # 330 BCE Alexander the Great defeats Darius III
and conquers Persia
# 559 BCE Cyrus (Kurus) the Great [Cyrus I]
becomes king of ##### end of insert #####
a coalition of tribes in Persian territory called
Ansan, and defeats the King of the Medes ————————————————————
five years later in…
# 550 BCE [author’s note: The Achaemenid Dynasty had de facto incu-
establishing the Achaemenid Empire bated the Babylonia Talmud]
(named after an ancestor Achaemenes)
# 539 BCE Cyrus conquers Babylon - Thunderation! ~491 BCE Confucius - Chinese thinker and
and allows exiled leaders of the subject nations social philosopher - transitions…
to return home
# 530 BCE Cyrus succeeded by his son Approximately at age 60, the Chinese minister Lu Long (to
Cambyses be known only later as Confucius), resigns his high Ministe-
# 525 BCE Cambyses conquers Egypt rial post at Court…
# 522 BCE Darius, (a descendant of Achaemenes
and a cousin of Cambyses) [Darius I] Confucius will spend the last ~decade of his life traversing

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and wandering China, teaching morality, family values, the graduates mesmerized by royalty…]
importance of inter-personal relations, justice and sincerity…
with a sprinkling of statecraft… Thunderation! Battle of Thermopylae (480 BCE) (off the
east coast of Greece)
Both the series ‘The Five Classics’ (which he used) and the
‘Analects of Confucius’ (which actually post-dated him) were Outnumbered between 50 to 1 and 100 to 1, depending on
(actually) written by others…. how one calculates the assembled forces and their allies, King
Leonidas of Sparta (Greece, of course) and his valiant “300”
… no extant works…extraordinary legacy traversing Asia make their legendary “last stand” against the overwhelming
and beyond forces of Persian Xerxes the Great (son of Darius I)… the
valiant Spartan forces lose the battle of the Pass of Thermo-
Confucius lived ~551 - 479 BCE… pylae (on Day #3)… but, presumably inspired by Leonidas
and the “300”, the Greeks ultimately decisively prevail, first
Thunderation! Battle of Marathon… (490 BCE) at the naval battle of Salamis and then, at the land battle Plat-
aea, ending the greek nightmare - the putative Xerxes expan-
Rebellious Athenians (Greeks, that is) defeat the expan- sion-invasion into Europe.
sion-minded Persians (of Darius I) in this particular battle…
”nenike’kamen!” (see following) Thermopylae justifiably occupies a unique place in Greek
and Western lore.
[… an Athenian herald, Pheidippides, runs between 21 - 25
miles ( from Marathon to Athens) and conveys the news of Thunderation! (Jewish-born) Queen Esther, Persia, (478
the victory to the Athenians… By legend, and according to BCE)
the historian Herodotus, the Athenian runner dies from ex-
haustion upon proclaiming in triumph upon reaching Athens [Esther and her uncle Mordechai turn-the-tables (and gal-
“We were victorious !” {the one-word Greek exclamation is lows) on Haman, Viceroy ( probably) of Xerxes I (a/k/a
“nenike’kamen!”}… Achashverosh), Ruler of Persia…

Note: the current “Marathons” are a little longer, 26.2 miles The First Persian Empire (Achaemenid Dynasty) spanned
= 42.195 kilometers. from 648 BCE (Cyrus the Great, founder) until 330 BCE
Why? (Darius III),
At the 1908 Olympics, the Marathon route was laid-out be-
tween Windsor Castle (Berkshire County, outside of London) The Persian Empire falls at the famous Battle of Gaugamela
and the Royal Family box in the Olympic Stadium in Lon- - to the military phalanxes and advanced-and-daring strata-
don, with a distance of 42.195 km; This distance was codified gems of the young Greek/Macedonian conqueror from the
in 1921 (13 years and three Olympics later, after the London west, Alexander the Great… who was outnumbered more
Olympics) by Rule 240 of the IAAF - International Amateur than 5:1 by Darius III’s defending Persians…
Athletic Union - members of which were presumably Yale

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Few battles inhistory have ben analyzed more than Guagamela [Greek warfare, Olympics, democracy, math, philosophy, lit-
erature & architecture… Alexander (the Great), son of Phil-
Via his long-range advance-Scouts, Darius II knew that Alex- ip, dies in 323 BCE at age 33 after cross-continental swath of
cander was coming, extraordinary conquests, including the Iberian Peninsula, the
Mediterranean, former Babylon, Persia and India…
and, even though Darius knew that he overwhelmingly out-
numbered Alexander, Darius had a full appreciation for Alex- Alexander was a conqueror of mythical stature, who, as far
ander’s ‘talent-basket’ as these matters go, was
benevolent to the conquered territories - and, as-a-rule, be-
Via messenger, Darius offered ”a deal” to Alexander not to nevolent to even to the hitherto Royal Families of the respec-
attack. He offers Alexander land - alot of land… But, Alex- tive conquered lands…
ander declines.
Thunderation! “Ezra the Scribe” (Ezra ha-Sofer) returns
Alexander ‘wanted-it-all’ from Babylon to Jerusalem (459 BCE)

The battle shapes-up at Gugamela [Believed to have led about 5,000 additional Jewish exiles
living in Babylon, back to their home city of Jerusalem…
The massive Persian army squares-off against credited by many scholars as the author of the Book of Ezra
the much-smaller, but ‘hi-voltage’ Macedonian army of Al- and the Book of Chronicles I (Sefer Divrei ha-Yamim I)]
Thunderation! Nechemia appointed governor of Judea (445
Alexander employed several new stratagems in-tandem, at BCE)
Gugamela in 331 BCE,
( “on the 34th day of the lunar month” ), but the crucial tacti- Appointed by Artaxerxes I of Persia (who had captured Bab-
cal maneuver is universally acknowledged, as follows: ylonia)
[satrap Nechemia (Jewish) returns from Babylon and rebuilds
Alexander psyches-out Darius’s Persians into opening a sub- Jerusalem city walls… is governor for probably 33 years,
tle gap in their lines, with a 2-year interlude back in Persia at the 13-year mark]
and then Alexander cartwheels into a a lightning-charge - led
by himself and his fiercest battalions - in wedge-formation {370 BCE Romans commence their legendary road building.
right into the belly of this subtle gap - blasting the subtle gap The first road ran from Rome to Alban Hills, and was used
into an open V-shaped channel - and now charging straight at primarily for military traffic, as that was, of course, the pri-
Darius’s ‘High Command’. The Persian ’center-of-gravity’ is mary purpose of their road network…}
thrown off-balance; The ’Persian center’ implodes. Persia is
hisory. Thunderation! Age of Pericles 460 BCE - 429 BCE

Thunderation! GREECE! (776 BCE - 146 BCE) Pericles, a young Athenian aristocrat, becomes the dominant

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Greek politician… a period of expanding democracy at home, Thunderation! Ramifications of Alexander the Great’s de-
and increased conquest and imperialism abroad. Greece will feat of Darius III at Gaugamela, 332 BCE
attempt to walk this schizophrenic line and, to a great extent,
“gets away with it” in the history books. Epic historical battle…one of the pivotal battles of all time..
Alexander displays his tactical genius and routs the Persians
Thunderation! Peloponnesian Wars 431 BCE - 404 BCE…
Sparta vs. Athens Alexander conquers Palestine from the Persians in the pro-
cess, and “Hellenization” of Palestine/Judea commences.
Thunderation! The Great Assembly, Jerusalem (410 BCE -
310 BCE) The Persian potentates had been “good for the Jews”. ‘Hel-
lenization’, under-the-Greeks, however, will trigger a series
[120 member “Anshei Knesset HaGedolah”…(a/k/a The of extraordinary inter-locking events…these events will in-
Great Synagogue) counted among its renowned members the clude the Jewish Revolts against Rome, the destruction of
last of the prophets - Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi] Temple II, the ascendancy of Christianity, and the eventual
morphing of the Roman Empire to an increasingly anti-Jew-
—– ish Christianity…the morphing of Rome to Christendom will
embrace subsequent grave persecutions of the Jews scattered
399 BCE Socrates ( in Greece ) is accused of corrupting through the far-reaches of Europe, which will unhinge the
Athenian youth, and gets death sentence Jews for centuries…

Thunderation! Revolt of the Jews against Artaxerxes III in Thunderation! Alexander the Great dies in Babylon 323
Persia (350 BCE) BCE…

—– massive empire carved up by his generals… succession wars

350 BCE: Crossbow invented in China. Thunderation! 300 BCE, Euclid

338 BCE: Philip of Macedon ( father of Alexander [ to be ] A Hellenist living in Alexandria, Egypt, publishes ELE-
Great ) unites all Greece under his rule. MENTS - a 13-volume treatise on geometry…and on the an-
cient Greek version of number theory…
338 BCE: early Roman coinage
Euclidean Geometry will employ:
336 BCE: Philip of Macedon assassinated ( probably by his - Postulates (axioms) << highest level ’laws’
wife, mother of Alexander ) - Propositions (theorems) << derivations from Postulates
and then,
335 BCE: Aristotle teaches in Athens # Proofs of theorems

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Euclidian geometry is a self-contained construct of mathe- …led by the Arsacid dynasty…arch-enemy of the Roman
matical and formal logic, of elegance - and perfection. [Per- Empire to the west…reaches greatest extent ~125 BCE un-
fection is nice.] der Mithriadates…lats about 500 years ( until ~ 250 CE )

Euclid’s work, the “ELEMENTS” (originally in Greek) has, 250 BCE: The Septuagint ( meaning, The Seventy ) ….A
according to the going-wisdom, gone through over a 1,000 Greek Ruler [Greek King of Egypt Ptolemy II Philadelphus]
editions, and is considered the most successful ‘textbook’ has the Jews ( 72 scholars ) initially translate the Five Books
ever written. Of course, it was written as a Treatise, not nec- of Moses into Greek …plus, other books from the Tanach
essarily as a textbook. [the classic sequence is: Treatise > later translated over a two-century span - …a/k/a “LXX”…(
Textbook > Name of a small rock band] (”Elements” is avail- 70 in Greek numeration, rounding-of from the numeration of
able very readily in toto on the Web, in English, among other 72, i.e. LXXII )
languages, via Google or other search engines).
240 BCE Archimedes, the Greek mathematician, determines
{289 BCE Ptolemy II of Egypt builds first known large Light the value of Pi,- and along with Pi, ready-calculations as to
House… the area of a circle, of course}{230 BCE Aristarchus, Greek
mathematician and astronomer, is the first recorded person to
on an island at the mouth of the Nile. The Lighthouse was place the sun, moon and planets in correct orientation with
400 feet high, and according to lore could be seen from 40 each other…….known as heliocentric theory… his ideas
miles away; were rejected as wrong and as impious…
However, the horizon distance can be calculated by formula.
So, let’s analyze it’s view-ability by formula, not just ‘lore’. it took the world a little while to catch-up with his think-
The ‘Imperial formula is: ing: about 2,000 years, when Copernicus re-proposed the
horizon (in miles) = the square root of [1.5 x height ( in feet )]; same and the doctrine was finally accepted… known as Aris-
so, the square root of [1.5 x 400 feet] tarchus of Samos, with Samos being an island off of ancient
or Greece}
the square root of 600, which equals = ~ 24.5
so 24.5 miles as the horizon distance; {August 2, 216 BCE Carthaginian General-in-Chief Han-
nibal routs the Romans at the legendary Battle of Cannae
As opposed to the 40 mile figure quoted in ‘lore’ (southeast Italy)

But how much do you add for the light on top of the lighthouse? - relatively near Rome, after crossing the Alps in the winter
Depends on how bright the light… (but not an extra 15.5 with 30,000-40,000 men, 6,000 horses and some surviving
miles with 250 BCE lighting technology) elephants…

250 BCE: Parthian kingdom founded in the Middle East and Vastly outnumbered, invader Hannibal uses an original strat-
Near East agem to draw-in the Romans, and then pretty much annihi-

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lates their 87,000 man army… Military historians speculate that if Hannibal had pressed-
the-advantage and marched on nearby Rome itself, he would
Hannibal gets an “A+ for Creativity” at Cannae have prevailed… The weight-of-evidence is, indeed, on that
side of the argument… however, Hannibal paused, and his
Considered by many mlitary historians to be - alongside of “might have, should have” remains hypothetical…. Rome
previously-noted Gagumela - one of the greatest tactical feats would not be caught vulnerable again… for a long time…
in military history, and against-the-odds, battle victories of-
all-time, and certainly the greatest-ever miltary-encounter de- Thunderation! (the first) Great Wall of China begun in 221
feat of Rome ( although Rome itself prevailed after Cannae } BCE by Qin

In any event, facing numerically-superior forces, Hannibal, By First Emperor of China Qin Shi (reigned locally, then na-
instead of lining-up tionally, over 260 - 210 BCE time span)… the Wall would
his forces head-to-head against the massed Romans, be built along 1,200 miles of China’s northern border. It
instead assembles them in a V-formation, was between 20 - 50 feet high, and 18 - 30 feet wide, with a
with the point of the V, roadway on top… Qin Shi actually reigned under the name
like a dagger, First Emperor… he unified China… regarded by many as the
pointing straight at the Romans Founding Father of China.

When the Romans advance, Hannibal feigns weakness, The Great Wall’s more muscular successor would be built
and gradually, gradually 17 centuries later, over a 300 year time span… 1400 - 1700
‘collapses’ the front pointed-part of the V, CE… further south… 4,000 miles long under the extraordi-
steadily drawing the Romans deeper-and-deeper nary Ming Dynasty.
inexorably into the womb of an encirclement
Thunderation! Xian, China 3rd Century BCE
Then, Hannibal signals a full-scale attack - from all directions,
- a de facto lethal Terra Cotta Army, (meaning, Clay Army) Xian necropolis
‘double-envelopment” ( in military-speak) (meaning, City of the Dead), Shaanxi Province, China, buried
- and annhilates the Roman army 210 BCE… by (same above-noted First) Emperor Qin Shi.

( The estimated extraordinary count of 50,000 Romans killed [Vies with Egypt’s ~80-90 pyramids as the pre-eminent (sur-
in one day, viving) man-made “Wonder-of-the-World” from Ancient
is a unique figure in military annals. ) times… 8,000 (80% of) life-size CLAY replicas/represen-
tations of personal battalions - in formation - and in battle
Eighty Roman senators were either killed or captured at Can- dress with weaponry and chariots - of First Emperor of Chi-
nae, as the Roman senators had come-along-for-the-ride, na, Qin Shi… 38 year crafting (note, vs. 20 for the Great
anticipating basking-in-the-glory of a dramatic victory over Pyramid of Giza, in particular) by 700,000 workers leading
Hannibal up to Qin Shi’s death in 210 BCE… his (clay) ‘warriors’ (in

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full ‘battle dress’) interred with their (actual) leader upon Qin By 166 BCE, Matisyahu dies, and son Judah succeeds him as
Shi’s death] pre-eminent leader of the revolutionary forces. While Mati-
syahu was more Priest that Commander, Judah is more Com-
175 BCE: Antiochus IV Ephipanes ascends to the Seleucid mander than Priest; His actual taken-name is actually “Judah
throne the Hammer”, i.e. Judah the Maccabee.
Thunderation! 2nd century BCE, Antiochus Judah the Maccabee, Revolutionary Commander, recaptures
Jerusalem by 165 CE …. The Jew are offered an entente by
169 BCE Greek-Syrian Seleucid king Antiochus IV Epiphanes the Greek-Syrians offering them religious freedom but under
- successor to the Egyptian Ptolemies, who, in turn, are one line continued Greek rule. The Maccabees decline. They have
of the successors to Alexander the Great - outlaws Judaism, heard that line before.
and on December 25th, profanes the Temple…among othger
things, ordering a statue of Zeus erected inside… provoking The Maccabean insurgency will continue another 23 years
the Maccabees [the HASMONEANS] into rebellion…. in the endeavor to shake-off Greek-Syrian rule totally, and
achieve total political independence. One after the other, Mac-
Thunderation! Maccabean [HASMONEAN] Revolt! (~167 cabean commanders are killed in battle, Judah in 160 BCE,
BCE – 162 BCE…) and his successor Jonathan in 142 BCE. Another crushed by
a charging Greek-Syrian military elephant in battle. Finally,
…sparked and led by the Maccabean family of Jewish priest tha same year 142 under the command of Judah’s surviving
Matisyahu and his five sons… brother, Simon - Priest, Warrior and Master Statesman - the
Greek-Syrians now under Demetrius II - grant the Jews com-
Matisyahu refuses to allow anyone to sacrifice to the Greek plete politcal independence.
gods - and slays a Hellenistic Jew who attempts to do same.
The revolt is on. After 25 years of almost unrelenting battle against the re-
gional succesors of Alexander the Great, total Jewish inde-
“Mi L’Adoshem, ai-lye” pendence is restored.
- Battle cry of the Matisyahu the Maccabee
Now, under the command of Judah the Maccabee previ-
”He who is for God, follow me!” ously, the Jews had restored the Temple…complete with the
miracle of the oil lamps…. Commander and High Priest Ju-
* dah the Maccabee instituted the Holiday of Chanukah…
be-celebrated for-the-centuries-to- come : for eight, festive,
The Jews will follow him into battle - and will ultimately pre- candle-lighting days each December to this day (starts on the
vail…after two-and-a-half decades of battle. Hebrew calendar day Kislev 25)
The five valiant sons of Matisyahu lead the rebellion: Jochan- Judah the Maccabee - valiant, astute, dedicated to his Priest-
an, Simon, Ezra, Jonathan and Judah hood, faithful son and triumphant battle commander, libera-

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tor of Jerusalem, re-dedicator of the Temple, then killed-in- the Hasmonean Dynasty effectively ended when Judea be-
battle - bequeaths a bona fide immortal legacy. came a ‘Client Kingdom’ under the Herodian Dynasty (~37
BCE) de facto controlled by Rome…
Like his legendary father Matisyahu, Judah represented the
triumph of spiritual Will over temporal Power. Vicious civil war between Hyrcanus II and Aristobulus II,
grandsons of Simon the Maccabee, founder of the Hasmo-
*** nean royal dynasty, had presented political and military vul-
nerability - which was then adroitly exploited by Roman
130 BCE: The Pharisee thrust in Judaism begins to emerge; General Pompey to secure control of Judea… Pompey then
Theyy will eventually become essentially synonymous with tangles with Julius Caesar over Judea, among other issues…
Judaism post-Hillel, around the time of Jesus….
Then, when Pompey and Caesar die, (48 BCE and 44 BCE
HASMONEAN: Judah’s (Judah the Maccabee) extraordi- respectively) leading to yet another civil war back in Rome,
nary legacy….. there was a brief Hasmonean resurgence backed by the Par-
thians, only to be crushed by Roman Emperors Mark Antony
- of victorious resistance and redemption is so powerful that and Octavian…
the Romans 250 years later will attempt to hunt down and
slaughter all of his descendants in Judea - to preclude another …Jewish self-determination was only briefly re-established
Maccabean leader emerging from the clan to challenge them, by Bar Kochba in the early Second century, only to be deci-
as Judah did, the Greeks] sively ended by Rome yet again shortly thereafter.

[HASMONEAN: Two decades after Judah Maccabeus de- Remember that when Matisyahu and his five sons revolted
feats Antiochus, his brother Simon Maccabeus in 145 BCE against Antiochus, Matisyahu and Judah were not necessary
sets up a Maccabean Dynasty. angling to establish a dynasty… and the Jews do not neces-
sarily crave for any individual, let alone a family, and let
- Thus a revolutionary family shifts gears and asserts a ‘royal alone a family abusing its power, reigning over them…
claim’ to leadership, a claim far from universally welcome by
the Jews… a corruption-plagued dynasty which will prevail {144 BCE Huge AQUEDUCTS bring water to Rome……
100 plus years before becoming a client kingdom of Rome in
37 BCE, with the installation of Rome-backed (technically - as the Romans had developed hydraulic cement which does
non-Jewish) Herod-the-Great as King of Israel. not dissolve in water, allowing the Romans to build larger
Spanning ~100 years, the Hasmonean dynasty/kingdom was
the only independent Jewish state to exist in the four cen- HASMONEAN: (back-at-the-ranch) February 135 BCE, Si-
turies post-the destruction of the Kingdom of Judah by the mon Maccabeus and his two sons are assassinated
Babylonians in 586 BCE… and was essentially the last prior
to the modern State of Israel (1948 CE)… - at the instigation of his son-in-law (the Judean) Ptolemy (not

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the Roman General Ptolemy)… however Simon’s third son, - the stronghold of his adversary Aristobulus. During the
John Hyrcanus, emerges from the maelstrom and assumes siege, the forces of Hyrcanus II commit two inter-related
leadership and kingship, incorporating an aggressive lead- acts which incense the majority of the Jews and brand him
ership style, which included the historically unusual forced forever:
conversion of the Idumeans (Edom) in the north-east regions
of Greater Israel at that time… and a campaign against the 1) The besieged forces in Jerusalem (under Aristobulus)
Samarians, (in middle-northern Greater Israel) including the needed a pascal lamb for the Passover rites, and negotiated a
destruction of their temple on Mt. Gerizim… purchase of same from the besieging forces - for the appar-
ently huge sum of 1,000 drachmas. Instead of sending in a
[HASMONEAN: 76 - 67 BCE, reign of Shlom-Tzion - Sa- pascal lamb, as agreed and paid-for, the besieging Hyrcanus
lome Alexandra, the only regnant Jewish Queen ever, over II forces malevolently and insultingly send in a pig.
Judea. ( no, Golda Meir was not a queen )
2) The pious ONI, (Oni ha-Magel) along for the march with
During her reign, her son Hyrcanus II was named her succes- the forces of Hyrcanus II, refuses to advocate Hyrcanus’s
sor and installed as High Priest. In sync with the Pharisees, cause post-pig-incident and is consequently
Shlom-Tzion reorganizes the Sanhedrin according to their stoned-to- death by Hyrcanus’s forces.
wishes. This effectively morphs the Sanhedrin from a quasi-
House of Lords (of the aristocracy) which it had become, into The two actions in-concert give Hyrcanus II a niche in in-
a ‘supreme court’ - for the adjudication of religious matters famy in Jewish lore.
and justice, which was its very original mandate. Shimon ben
Shetach, the head of the Pharisees, is said to have been her The internecine fighting also has other consequences…
brother. Salome was the last ruler to die as the head of a fully
independent Jewish state in Israel until the formation of the Thunderation! 63 BCE (Roman) General Pompey
modern State of Israel in 1948, 2015 years later.
- enters Judea with his forces and, allied for the moment with
[HASMONEAN: 79 - 40 BCE Reign of Hyrcanus II as High ( Maccabean- dynasty ) Hyrcanus, captures Jerusalem for
Priest… Rome in 63 BCE (from Maccabean-dynastyAristobulus)
[Hyrcanus later executed by Roman-backed Herod thirty-
- but power apparently resided in the hands of his machia- two years later in 31 BCE]
vellian adviser Antipater the Idumaean. (You always have to
watch out for those Idumaeans) The internecine Jewish fighting between Hyrcanus and Aris-
tobulus had given General Pompey of Rome the opening to
HASMONEAN: Hyrcanus II reigns as king from 67 - 63 capture Jerusalem with minimal cost. The internecine fight-
BCE ing was an offshoot of HASMONEAN total squandering of
the political capital bequeathed to them by Mattisyahu and
[HASMONEAN: Hyrcanus II - allied with Aretas, King of his son, Judah the Maccabee.
the Nabataeans, marches on Jerusalem

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Summa Metaphysica II: God and Good
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The Jews are not the Romans or the Persians or the Baby- The commencement of the “Roman Empire’]
lonians. Victory does not entitle the general to dynasty. And
the Maccabean victory over Antiochus bequeathed no moral But Caesar’s reign is to be short-lived (see below, only five
imperative for Maccabean (HASMONEAN) rule over the years…)
Thunderation! Julius Caesar, Emperor of Rome, assassinat-
General Pompey appoints (the weak) Hyrcanus as a puppet- ed, Ides of March 44 BCE
government symbol via the High Priest-hood, and Pompey
dispatches Aristobulus, nemesis of Hyrcanus, and pretender ‘Et tu Brute’ ? ’… “You, as well, Brutus?” - Caesar - accord-
to the Jewish throne, back to Rome in chains. ing to Shakespeare - as Brutus, a former friend of Caesar,
had joined the rebels to assassinate Caesar and restore the
Meanwhile, the puppet Hyrcanus has not only his main mas- Republic from the hands of the now-dictator (Caesar).
ter, Pompey, on-his-case, but the old intriguer Antipater still
manipulating full-time backstage. Later emperor Mark Ant- [ there is actually an antecedent biblical parallel, to the fa-
ony will in 40 BCE , 23 years later, strip Hyrcanus II of all mous line Et tu Brute’ … The biblical parallel is from Samuel
titles, and then bestow the kingship on Herod. I ( Shmuel Aleph) 900 years prior -
“Ha-gam Sha-ul ba-N’veim” - Is [ King] Saul as well with
Thunderation! 63 BCE-37 BCE, Hasmonean (Maccabeean) these false prophets ?
rule continues or
to put the words in Greek-style Et tu, Saul ? ( wink) }
- but under the ‘protection’ and supervision of Rome. Hasmo-
nean rule has a dark side to it. See encyclopedia articles for but, back to Caesar…
more of the depressing saga.
The rebels were known as the ‘Liberatores‘, and included
Thunderation! 49 BCE Julius Caesar defies the Roman Sen- Cassius, brother-in-law of Brutus. After the initial knife thrust
ate and crosses the Rubicon (river)…. by Casca was deflected by Caesar, apparently approximately
60 senators participated in the knifing/assassination of the
- seizes power and reigns from 49 BCE… soon as ‘Perpetual Emperor/Dictator, including, of course, prime protagonists
Dictator’ of Rome Brutus and Cassius…

[Marks the historical transition from the The assassins in March 44 BCE hoped to restore the normal
(quasi-democratic) running of the Republic, but the denoue-
450 year-old “Roman Republic” (510 BCE to Julius Caesar ment was another Roman civil war, which led eventually to
44 BCE) the almost-permanent establishment of the (military dicta-
torship) Roman Empire - by Caesar’s adopted heir Octavius
to (Augustus)

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Summa Metaphysica II: God and Good
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so, Julius Caesar has the “last word” after all… according to Jewish law he (technically) was not. But, ‘tech-
nical’ is generally a ‘deal-breaker’ in Judaism. Jewish history
Caesar is front-and-center on the stage of world history, with remains somewhat schizophrenic on the Herod matter, and
details of his life recorded by many historians, including Plu- prefers to just refer to him as Herod the Great. Of course, to
tarch and Strabo… the Orthodox, there is no havah-amina (Talmudic/Aramaic
for: ‘no starting-point to the question’….no circumcision;
Caesar authored the work Commentaries on his military cam- not Jewish; no discussion )
Herod was, indeed, a “super-achiever”, but ‘Herod the Hom-
…was a political rival of the famous orator Cicero, and we icidal Paranoid Megalomaniac’ would probably be more pre-
know Caesar somewhat by the flowery and legendary oratory cise appellation. Presumably that is why the Roman Senate
of Cicero (not to be confused with the Canaanite general Si- in 40 CE “elected him” as King of the Jews. For Herod was
sero - with an “S” - of 1,000+ years prior) a kindred spirit to the Roman Senate. He was “one of them”:
power-crazed; homicidal; dysfunctional; ready, willing-and-
Thunderation! 40 BCE, Rome (Emperor Mark Antony) ap- able to murder his own children to advance his personal glory
points Herod as King of Judea… and power. And a pretty good builder (wink)

But Herod assumes control only in 37 BCE after prevailing Thus, in any event, matters now come full-circle, with an
in war with the invading Parthians who tried to ‘crash the Idumaean-neo-Jew now displacing a HASMONEAN as king
Roman invasion-party’ in Judea… Roman Emperor Mark of the Jews and Judea. Remember, that Thus, in a bizarre
Antony executes the leader of the Parthians, Antigonos. twist of history, while the Edomites were sidelined by the
patriarch Isaac way back in biblical times, an Edomite/Idu-
Herod arose from a wealthy and influential Idumaean family. maean ends up as ruler of the Jews.
The Idumaeans were successors to the Edomites (of Hebrew
Bible note… descendants of Esau a/k/a Esav) in south-east- Interestingly, the Romans will effectively crown Herod as
ern Judea/ west Jordan. “King of the Jews”,
and will then, 73 years later, mock Jesus with the same ap-
As noted above, when the Maccabean (HASMONEAN) John pellation, “King of the Jews”, with a placard around his neck,
Hyrcanus conquered Idumaea in 130-140 BCE, he required as Pilate and functionaries crucifies him.
all Idumeaens to obey Jewish law or leave; Most Idumaeans
apparently converted to Jewish practices at that point. But not but, back to Herod…
necessarily, formal circumcision-conversion by the males.
But ‘formal circumcision’ is not a small matter in conversion Note that importantly, as well, Herod was the second son
of males. of Antipater the Idumaean, the machiavellian manipulator
of Hyrcanus… until Antipater was poisoned in 43 BCE that
So, while King Herod identified himself as Jewish and was is… (possibly by Herod himself, his very son)
considered as such by much of contemporary Jewish society,

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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A tax collector was ‘pinned’ with the poisoning of Antipater Herod commences historic Temple mega-Renovation & Ex-
and executed by Herod, but historians are not-so-sure that pansion: ~22 BCE
Herod himself was not the culprit. Tax collectors had better
things to do than tangle with the monster Antipater. And it - the newly renovated temple to be popularly called ‘Herod’s
would later be manifest that one of the most dangerous posi- Temple’, to replace the Temple re-built initially ~500 years
tions on earth to be in, was to be part of Herod the Great’s prior under the Persian satrap (the Jew) Zerubavel.
nuclear family.
Hereod’s Temple complex will be, perhaps 10-20x larger
In any event, Antipater, who pulled-the-strings behind Hyrca- than Zerubavel’s…
nus’s rule, now from-his-grave exerts dominion over Judea via (so ’renovation’ is an understatement)
his son Herod. Even if his son had murdered him (Antipater)…
With the entire Temple Complex constructed on a perfectly
Herod’s brother-in-law and competitor, Aristobulus III, the horizontal carved-out plateau, and made of white stone, and
High Priest, will mysteriously drown at a party, as well. with the central Temple itself constructed exclusively of glis-
tening white marble, Herod’s Temple - his ‘finest hour’ - will
With Herod’s machiavellian father and maneuvering brother be one of the Wonders of the World. Glistening-in-the-Jeru-
both dead, Herod is free to concentrate on being Herod the salem-sun, at the top of the plateu, the Temple would awe
Great. anyone approaching…

Moving-right-along, Wikipedia notes: “ 29 BCE: Josephus And it represented not just fine architecture, and not just a
writes that Herod had great passion and also great jealousy nation, but an attempt at a higher level of existence.
concerning his wife Mariamne I. She learns of Herod’s plans
to murder her, and stops sleeping with him. Herod puts her on Counterpoised against Herod’s glistening white hilltop white
trial on a trumped-up charge of adultery. Writings state that marble Temple,
Mariamne I was calm and serene at her execution at the age where doves are sacrificed to God,
of 25 years, having given birth to 5 children in 7 years”. 1,426 miles to the west is the symbol of Rome - the gladia-
tor amphitheatre - where human prisoners are pitted against
Later in 29 BCE Herod has his mother-in-law Alexandra ex- each other - and against wild animals - as ‘blood sport’ to the
ecuted. howl of the crowd - and for their “daytime entertainment”. A
very refined group - and Empire - for sure. The State-spon-
28 BCE Herod executes his brother-in-law Kostobar. sored gore-and-sadism in the public ampitheatre, would only
be trumped by the licentiousness in the Palace itself.
Thus, one father, one wife, one mother-in-law, and two broth-
ers-in-law of Herod are now dead ‘prematurely’. (The main There is so much human blood spilled, that pleasantly aro-
dining room table in Herod’s palace dining room, would in- matic “Stone Pine” trees are planted surrounding amphithe-
creasingly have stately empty chairs around the table at fam- atres in foreign countries. Burning the pinecones will mask
ily gatherings…) the smell of the blood. And, actually, the word “arena” itself

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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actually means sand, a reference to the thick layer of sand 68 CE - early 70s CE ) with the Roman siege and then de-
necessary to soak up the running blood. struction-of of Jerusalem in 68 CE. All the Gospels, as if on-
cue - will smear the Jewish reputation.
Thus, the dichotomy of the two emblematic structures Thus, while the Romans - via physical battering rams - phys-
ically assaulted and then destroyed the cities of the Jews, the
Roman Amphitheatre v. Jewish Temple New Christians - via literary literary battering-rams - assault
and then destroy the reputation of the Jews.
This is the symbolic backdrop.
Thus, an ‘execution’ of sorts takes place via the Canon Gospels.
Gladiator contests v. Psalms. The 1000-year earned-high-level-reputation of the Jews is
de facto “executed” via literary-assassination in the four
Two civilizations practically from different Canon Gospels. The former high-level Jewish reputation is
‘Ages of Man’. then substituted-for by a Gospel-construct-insert: a nefarious
Before the Jews shed Roman military blood, the Roman Em-
pire is very wary of messing with the Jews. Not because it Outgunned and outnumberd, exile and to some extent,
cannot crush them, but because it is wary of moving against enslaved, The Jew found himself in a sea of Romans and
this particular entity - as the Jews have a lock on the ’spiritual Christians and then Roman-Christians. His reputation was
high ground’ - both via their books - and tradition - and via doomed. He was cast as a ‘pariah’. And, after his ‘reputation’
their symbolic Temple. The Jews are certified intellects and was doomed, his descendants would be physically doomed.
the Jew are attempting to ‘play at a higher level’. And the
Jews are certified warrors. To destroy the Jews, one would The Canon Gospels will peform this ‘execution’ four times-
need to destroy not only their fighters - spiritual descendants over. If one hypothetically, magically transported the four
of the Maccabees, and not only their symbolic Temple - a Gospels back-in-time to Abraham ~1800 years prior, the
wonder of the World - and not only their books - allegedly progenitor of the Jews himself after reading the four Canon
God-given, and not only their intellectual-spiritual leadership Gospels once-through, would himself would become an anti-
- a formidable group; One would have to destroy their reputa- Semite. Let alone, a random eight-year-old random Roman
tion. And that was very, very difficult - unless one radically Empire child exposed to this material. Every sunday.
played with the facts. That was the missing piece…. And
when the Roman siege of the Old City of Jerusalem - hous- but, first, back to the newly renovated Temple…
ing this very Temple Complex - began in 68 CE, then, all of a
sudden, as if on-cue, there was very significant and ongoing As opposed to Zerbavel’s Temple precinct, which was appar-
‘background static’ undermining - with a vengeance - this ently relatively modest (perhaps 150 meters x 50 meters or
very reputation. The campaign against the Jewish reputa- ~500 feet x 165 feet ….or ~similar to a medium-sized Amer-
tion would be launched by the gospel writers ( anonymously ican suburban synagogue complex today), Herod’s Temple
pennned, but later attributed by the Church). The first gospel Complex is magnificent, perhaps 5x-10x the square footage.
”Mark” would be penned anonymosly contemporaneous ( ~

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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Before construction commenced by Herod, the wary Jewish Roman Republic to the Roman Empire ( meaning into essen-
Temple governing authority required Herod to quarry at least tially a military dictatorship).
all the foundation and central Temple stone before commenc-
ing any construction…. Octavian’s fleet commanded by the legendary commander
Agrippa. Mark Anthony supported financially [and emotion-
They had good reason to be wary of the mega-construction… ally] (wink)] by the legendary beauty, his lover Cleopatra
the largest foundation ‘bricks were to weigh 628 tons (we VII, Queen of Ptolemaic Egypt.
know the weight, since these ‘bricks’ still exist today, in-
place) { author: ‘Fact is stranger than fiction’ in the Actium saga. }

Inasmuch as only Kohanim (Jewish ‘Priest’ class’) are per- Octavian’s victory enables him to further consolidate his
mitted to enter the central zones of the Temple, 1,000 Ko- power; He “accepts” the designation of “Princeps” (”First
hanim are trained as masons and stone-cutters …and presum- Citizen”) and accepts the title of “Augustus”. He is now
ably did the central assembly themselves… close to being a Greek god.

Start-to-finish, it is not clear how long the entire process …now, back to our boy, Herod…
took; Estimates range from 3 years to 25+ years… But Herod
was good at ‘completing projects’, and an experienced ‘tro- 25 - 13 BCE Herod also builds Caesarea Maritima - (the
phy project’ mastermind, …So, the Temple itelf is completed port city of Caesarea) in honor of his patron Caesar back in
probably within 24 months, with the entire extraordinary Rome, and complete with another temple, this one dedicated
Temple Complex essentially complete within fourteen years to the ’divine spirit’ of Augustus. Thus, Herod is an “equal-
( by 8 BCE )… opportunity temple builder”:
“He who has not seen the Temple of Herod, has never seen one for you (the Jews) - and one for you (the Romans)…
anything truly beautiful” - contemporary First Century BCE
wisdom saying Herod is the ultimate ‘juggler’ - or ‘tightrope walker’….His
’survival skills’ are second-to-none….. Unfortunate he didn’t
note: The Temple functions (including karbanot [animal leave a memoir, however nefarious, on the subject of IN-
sacrifices]) apparently continue seemlessly uninterrupted TRIGUE - to match his building and political legacy.
12 BCE Emperor Augustus intercedes and stops Herod from
Thunderation! Battle of Actium 31 BCE putting both his sons from his first marriage (to Mariamne I
who he had executed) on trial, as well… but Herod later ex-
Roman power-player Octavian defeats Roman power-player ecutes them in 7 BCE anyway… as well as another son (also
Mark Antony in decisive naval encounter (on the Ionian Sea named Antipater) in 4 BCE.
off the Roman colony of Actium in Greece)
Thus, on reflection, with regards the issue as to whether
The pivotal battle considered to mark the transition from the Herod was - or was not - to be included in the “neo-Jew-

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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ish pantheon”, best that we not include-him-in… sub-optimal (John the Baptist born same year…)
role model.
# Jewish population worldwide: ~8 million
And what of the Idumaeans (the Edomites)? # Total world population: 200 million - 300 million
# So, Jewish population as a percentage of total world popu-
As if matters were not incredible enough, on the eve of the lation: ~3.2%
siege of Jerusalem by Titus in ~69 CE, 20,000 Idumaeans ap- (the vicissitudes of subsequent history would “very signifi-
peared before Jerusalem to fight on behalf of the Zealots. cantly” lower that percentage)
# % of total world Jewish population living in Herod’s Judea:
And their denouement? The Idumaeans apparently faded out ~33% = ~2.64 million
of existence in the Second Century CE some time after the
multiple Jewish Rebellions against Rome. Presumably. this =====================
‘fade-out’ of a loyal Jewish ally-entity was ‘not discouraged’
(if not actively aided and abetted) by Rome. The most sophisticated societies westward across the Atlan-
tic, of the Americas at-this-point-in-time, were apparently
10 BCE Herod finishes adding-on an artificial harbor at Caesarea located along the Andes Mountains of Peru and in the central
valley of Mexico, north.
8 BCE: work complete on the final Outer Courrtyards of
Herod’sa new Temple The ancient city of Teotihuacan was built - probably by the
Totonac people - in central Mexico starting 200 BCE; The
a cutting-edge achievement largest pyramid, The Pyramid of the Sun, was completed by
100 CE; The city reached its zenith ~ 150 CE-450 CE, when
Thunderation! HILLEL! (prime: 30 BCE - 10 CE) it was the center of a powerful culture, possibly radiating-out
well over a 1,000 miles.
Humanistic-focus Jewish sage and scholar…one of the most
important figures in Jewish history… “Love Thy Neighbor At its peak, the city housed 150,000-250,000 people, covered
as Thyself!” …Hillel integral to the development of the Tal- over 11.5 square miles, was laid-out in very broad avenues at
mud…intellectual/ religious counter-point/foil to Shamai… right angles, and had a sophisticated underground water-con-
”School of Hillel” (Beit Hillel) generally prevails in Talmu- duit system. Most interstingly, the city had no fortifications
dic final resolutions… Hillel: “That which is hateful to you, or military structures.
do not do to your fellow..That is the whole Torah”… both
sages in Jerusalem, their tenures and Schools overlapping It contained a special district for religious worship, with the
with birth, nearby of the progenitor of Christianity…Hillel’s above-noted Pyramid of the Sun - 65 meters ( 214 feet..17
teachings, whose-time-has-come, are accepted and codi- stories) high- dominating the horizon. The religious district
fied…Within 25 years of Hillel’s teachings, similar themes centerpiece was a spectacular ’Avenue (in honor) of the Dead’
will be centerpiece-theology of a related group…… with an associated major plaza at its terminus, complete with
Thunderation! Jesus born ~4 BCE architectured pond.

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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Note that the iconic ancient Peruvian city of Machu Piccu at-the-core’. Not shutting-down the entire Temple apparatus,
(“The Lost City of the Incas”) only comes into existence over was an unconscionable blunder. Certain areas - and the Tem-
a 1,000 years later ~1450 CE. ple is one of them, have no margin whatsoever for ‘compro-
mise’. ‘Compromise’ in certain areas is ultimately fatal. And
=========================================== this situaton would prove to be the very extreme examplar.

now, back to Judea… No one will ever know the precise actions later, if any, of
Caiaphas, relating to the saga surrounding Passover eve 33
3 BCE King Herod the Great dies CE. There is no first-hand documentation, only after-the-
fact hearsay inserted ~35 - 55 years after the actual events.
… Matters will now move-apace. “Tensions rose higher when But it is indisputable that Caiaphas was an agent of Rome.
pagan Rome took over the appointment of the Jewish High Rome was his master - and his sole master. Caiaphas was a
Priest in 6 CE “(Wikipedia) including the later appointment sycophant foisted onto the Jewish community, and was not
of Caiaphas in 27 CE; its chosen or accepted representative. Defiling the Temple
day-after-day by his very presence, allowing for many years
(Jewish-Roman fighting will break out 33 years later in 66 CE). (sacrilegious) twice-daily sacrifices on behalf of the Emper-
or, and a bane to the Jewish community, the Roman-stooge
Subordination! 6 CE onward… Caiaphas was probably the single most disliked individual in
the world - by the Jews.
As noted, the Jewish ‘High Priest’ at the Temple is no longer
appointed by the Jews, but This point is pivotal, because Christian tradition will (incor-
by the ruling (pagan) Romans; The title ‘High Priest’ remains, rectly) ‘spin’ Caiaphas as the de facto leader of the Jews,
but after 6 CE in-substance the High Priest is now an agent of and will falsely spin him as a political figure of very signifi-
the Roman Procurator in Jerusalem. “Agent” is the nice word; cant temporal power. Christian tradition will then position
“Lackey” - or “Stooge” or “Puppet” is the not-nice word. Caiaphas as directly responsible for the alleged hand-over
of Jesus to the Romans. But Caiaphas had no police power
Caiaphas did not represent the Jews. - and the Romans needed no handover. Jesus had been in the
Caiaphas represented Rome. Roman’s gun sights for three days. Antonia Fortress - the
Roman observation post and garrison - and later, the place to
The Romans put him in place ( he was appointe by Procurator where Jesus was brought by the Romans after his arrest by
Valerius Gratus in 18 CE), propped-him-up for 15+ years un- the same Romans, to become a ‘Station-of-the-Cross’ - was
til the Crucifixion, and provided his costume ( “High Priest”) literally in the northwest corner of the colonnades surround-
Start-to-finish, he was a Roman creature. ing the Temple. Jesus was Public Threat #1 to the Romans.
And they knew very exactly who he was - and where he was.
The Jewish fatal blunder was in not shutting-down the entire They needed no alleged Caiaphas handover, no alleged Judas
Temple appartus when the Temple was compromised - by betrayal and no alleged Judas-kiss to locate him. With 12
Caiaphas’ appointment in 18 CE. Caiaphas was a ’cancer-

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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disciples in-tow, Jesus was as visible as the Jerusalem sun (or authority’, as the Romans were the only local entity in the
moon). Jesus had been stirring-up-trouble at-the-doorstep of “arresting business”.
Antonia Fortress at-the-Temple for two-three days. He was
the quintessential ‘marked man’. The Romans were carefully However, as Caiaphas is universally despised in Judea at-
monitoring him, waiting for the excitement to ebb, and hop- that-time - he is, indeed, an easy ”mark’ for any ‘brand-
ing for a low-profile context - to bring him in…at a quiet lo- ings’… from any quarter - especially 50 -500 years after-the-
cale, if Jesus and his group could somehow be arrested - and fact. The gospel-spin positioning Caiaphas as possibly the
optimally under-cover-of-night- and optimally outside the front-and-center arch-villain, and the ongoing dramatization
resonant city walls… of same, will achieve historical traction, to great destructive
effect on the Jews. He makes a nice demon, but, respectfully,
The absolutely lowest-profile context would be in the dark he was totally powerless.
hours after the Seder - when the Jews - all the Jews - would A powerless and roundly-despised Roman puppet, propped-
be exhausted and deep asleep from the late Seder meal, gen- up by the Romans to give the Jews a fig-leaf that they were
erally from around ~8/9pm - Midnight/1am. Sometimes, still not a subject-people.
later in the morning. And in the early-morning hours after the
Seder, is, indeed, when the Romans arrested Jesus. After the The venomous ‘brandings’ of various parties whose positions
long evening Seder - complete with mandatory four goblets or even names potentially connect them to Judaism - are nu-
of wine over its duration - even a nuclear bomb nearby would merous and unrelenting in the Gospels. As a Jew, it is numb-
not awaken a Jew in Jerusalem. ing to even go through one of the Gospels. The cumulative
brandings, indeed, achieve the desired effect: the “branding
Now, back to the Caiaphas front… of the archetypical Jew”.

Caiaphas did not truly represent anyone except himself. The To set-the-stage for demonizing the Jews, the gospel writ-
Romans thoroughly controlled Jerusalem. Indeed, Roman ers will first shade history, to re-spin the power-dynamics as
Procurator Pontius Pilate had come from Caesarea to Jeru- regards Rome. The gospels will first neuter Rome: its power,
salem for Passover to make absolutely, positively sure that control, authority and ruthless-ness. Because the gospels
there were no troublemakers shaking-things-up. Messianic have plans to prop-up the alleged power another group: the
Leader Jesus of Nazareth was as high-profile a threat to Ro- Jews.
man order as there ever was in Jerusalem. His every-move
would be watched. His location 24/7 would be tracked. So, while the all-powerful Roman organs-of-state must be
downgraded by the gospel-writers in the re-spinning of the
Caiaphas never ‘controlled’ Jesus to begin with, to be in- Jesus drama, the powerless Jewish communal organs, must
position to ‘hand-him-over’. Caiaphas was nominally pre- conversely be rehabilitated and turbo-charged - or even total-
eminent only on the Temple grounds - and by day. Jesus, ly re-invented by the gospel writers - as allegedly viable and
however, was arrested by the Roman soldiers at Gethsemane powerful entities…to allegedly be suitably powerful to cause
Garden at the edge of the Valley of Kidron, on the outskirts - or be a catalyst-for - accessory-to-the-execution-of-Jesus .
of Jerusalem - in darkness - by the Romans, the ‘controlling

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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All components of the re-writing of the historical saga, would Pilate - as well as the ’standard bearer’ of those same Jews.
be shaded to comport to one of the prime political objectives All of these inter-related gospel-spins would be “news to the
of the gospels: the demonization-of-the-Jews. All compo- Jews”.
nents would be brought in-sync. Roman power in-the-time-
of-Jesus is neutered by the writers; alleged ( nefarious) Jew- The Caiaphas vignette is but one of a series of vignettes
ish power is manufactured. This ‘positioning’ occurs both spanning the entire gospel-demonization of the Jews. Se-
during the ’first-round’ penning ( often anonymously) of the rial-demonization. Threaded-through the entire four gospels.
gospels during and right-after the First Jewish-Roman War, Demonization - in stereo. Which is the precise intent. If one
and then in the Cannonization and attribution of the Canon hears a demonization enough times - in multiple variations
Gospels ( and their possible editing) - as Christian power is and modalities - the “sale” ismore likely to be made.
solidified and institutionalized post-Constantine - as the vast
Roman Empire becomes Christian. Respectfully, these alleged sinister vignettes must be dealt
with one-by-one - inasmuch as cumulatively they cause great
Pontius Pilate, Roman Procurator, industrial-scale crucifier - destruction. This may be uncomfortable to go through, but cu-
depicted by Josephus as ruthless, cruel and decisive - is never- mulatively it will be more than illuminating. For, the ‘WHOLE’
theless positioned and depicted in the gospels as quite-the-op- here is far more diabolical than the ’sum-of-the-parts’. Note
posite: as vacillating and indecisive. The actual pre-eminent that in this TimeLine we will ‘only’ deal with the several (three
power-player - with total and absolute local power - Pilate is or four inter-related) major ‘demonic’ brandings.
now pictured in the gospels as needing the imprimatur and
police-assistance of the subject group, the Jews. This neuter- Now, respectfully, it is, shall-we-say, ‘interesting’, that we
ing of Pilate by the gospels, is necessary for the gospel-writers find ourselves in the challenging position 2000 years after-
to make-way, of course, for the gospel-fabricated construct of the-facts of having to unmask an ongoing 2000 year-old
magnified-power of Caiaphas and of other Jewish entities -ir- character assassination, but that is the reality we find our-
respective of whether fuctional or fictitional. selves in. The ‘good news’ is that the trashing is so egregious
and disconnected from objective reality, that unmasking it, is
**** frankly not exceedingly difficult.

Then, parlaying the justified negative reputation which Caia- 33 CE: Showdown at Caesarea
phas already had amongst Jews of Judea, the gospels will
now turn him into a total monster for-all-time, across the en- Non-violent/Passive Resistance #101
tire planet - newly, amazingly somehow responsible - almost
single-handedly - for the arrest, then death of the Christian Pilate instructs his centurions to carry into-Jerusalem under
deity by the Roman Procurator. cover of darkness - their official Roman ensigns, ( ~regimen-
tal ‘battle standards’) which bore medallions of the emperor’s
A powerless sycophant appointed by Rome and foisted upon image ( i.e. of now deity-cult Augustus ) - and brings them to
the Jews, Caiaphas is malevolently re-spun by the gospel Antonia Fortress, contiguous to the Temple Complex ….
writers into a powerful political entity, direct accomplice to

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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The Jews are furious - as it smacks of paganism at the Temple ciple, Rome wanted no bloodshed… that Rome would tend
Complex. to back-down every single time, as long as Roman honor was
not challenged and no provocations offered…
Angry Jews from Jerusalem and the countryside assemble
in Jerusalem and then march in protest 90+ miles to Pilates In retrospect and hindsight, clearly this was the optimal route
headquarters in Caesaria Maritima on the Mediterranean to ‘force Rome’s hand’ , but the approach required thorough,
coast….Pilate refuses to budge. The regimental ensigns are thorough discipline and very, very carefully chosen encoun-
to remain on the Temple Mount. ters…with fully-committed and fully-motivated protestors
- fully prepared to die - and not blink
The protestors then bring the city center of Caesarea to a halt
by staging a 5 day non-violent sit-down strike - first opposite So, to encapsulate conceptually, on the ‘tactical chess-
Pilates palace…Pilate still does not budge. board’:
[ Jewish moral authority + passive resistance + willingnes
Then, after 5 full days, they assemble peacefully in the main to die ]
public Square ( the agora) to attempt to present a petition to would trump
Pilate…Pilate refuses to accept the Petition… [ Roman military might].

But, Pilate does mass columns of centurions, and threatens to ( Mohandas GANDHI, [and the legendary philosophy of Sa-
’slice the Jews into pieces’ if they do not return home imme- tyagraha - resistance to tyranny through civil disobedience -
diately to Jerusalem…The protestors do not budge… attributed to him in the mid-20th century] not-quite-born-yet
for 1,833 more years… )
Pilate orders his troops to draw-their-swords…The Jews do
not budge. The astute First Century Jewish mastermind, behind the
‘Caesaria Satyagraha’, whoever he was, understood full-well
To preclude giving Pilate a pretext to massacre them, the pro- that the Romans wanted ‘total local control’…But that if one
testors fling themselves down to the ground ready to die… yielded total local control to them, they would be vulnerable
to moral protest, as, what the Romans truly feared, was an
Silence. out-of-control nationwide conflagration

The Jewish protest leaders then announce to the Romans that Historical pivot-point: 33 CE Jesus executed by Roman
all the protestors are fully prepared to die for their religious procurator Pontius Pilate
honor…Pilate pauses.
… son of God in Christian tradition…
….then backs down ! - and advises that the offending ensigns on
the Temple Mount will, indeed, be removed from Jerusalem …a Galilean Jewish teacher and preacher from the Jewish
the 33 CE the Jewish protest-leaders understood that, in prin-

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Thunderation! bucking Caligula, 39 CE Rome: The Jews are ‘locked & loaded.’

In 38 CE - five years after the Roman execution of Jesus in Jeru- Fearing a conflagration, Roman governor of Syria (with
salem, Emperor Caligula in Rome declared himself a god - and dominion over Judea), Publius Petronius, slows-down and
ordered his statue to be set up at every temple and synagogue delays the construction of the statue for nearly a year. Cal-
across the empire. Jewish riots broke out in Alexandria, Egypt. igula is made aware of the delaying action, but is strangely
simpatico to Publius’s maneuver blocking his own (Caligula)
In 40 CE riots by the Jews again break out over the same is- request, inasmuch as while Caligula is somewhat mad, he
sue in Alexandria. is not suicidal. Quite-the-contrary. The salient point is that
the Roman Governor is careful not to overplay-his-hand as
In 40 CE (Hellenistic-Jewish philosopher) Philo of Alex- regards Jewish religious honor. The local Roman rulers are
andria (a/k/a Philo Judaeus) 20 BCE - 50 CE …. heads of attuned to the sensitivities of ‘Jewish honor’, and, as a matter
a delegation of Alexandrian Jews importuning Caligula in of policy, wish to avoid going over Jewish ‘red lines’. And
Rome regarding the anti-Semitic Alexandrian conflagration. the Jews of Judea in the ‘first century’ have no shortage of
In Judaism, Philo is more regarded as a prominent histori- ‘red lines’. But the Romans, with dominion over the world’s
cal hybrid philosopher figure than necessarily as a ‘Jewish greatest empire, are sometimes wont to over-reach, some-
philosopher’ per se. He is more ‘a philosopher who was Jew- times with deliberate orders from Rome, sometimes through
ish’. Judaism remains ambivalent towards him - We sort of overly-impetuous subordinates. On some level, with the hu-
‘like him’ and are proud of him, but he is not quite one of our bris of empire, and with their own hyper-aggressive Roman
‘standard bearers’. ( Philo himself may have liked being in legions as a backdrop, they are hard-wired to ‘press to the
that ambiguous zone…) max’. The Jewish right-wing (or far-right wing) however is
not particularly interested in the nuances of the Roman ma-
[Philo is known for synthesizing Greek and Jewish Thought. cho psyche. With no referee to intervene, the two ‘forces’
As both bodies of thought are (at that particular point-in-time) - one politico-military and one politico-spiritual - continu-
monotheistic in substance, and Aristotelian in style, a clean ously grate against each other… intermittently skirmish…
synthesis with a Philo-spin is effected, without intellectual and are perhaps fated to eventual collide (not once, but three
acrobatics necessary]. major times within a ~70 year time-span ~67 CE - 137 CE.

In 40 CE Jews in Jamnia (Yavneh, Central Israel) destroy an In 41 CE - Caligula’s assassination (unrelated to the Jews) in
altar to Caligula (Emperor of Rome) January, 41 CE in Rome ends that particular (putative statue-
in-the-Temple) incendiary issue, but…
Angered by the destruction of the statue of himself in Jamnia,
Caligula, back in Rome, ups-the-ante and orders a statue of In 62-64 CE In Jerusalem, Roman procurator Gessius Flo-
himself be erected in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem; rus steals Temple taxes (by all accounts apparently), further
‘bringing-matters-to-a-boil’ - and strengthening the political
The Jews of Judea gear-up for revolt against Caligula and position of the (Jewish) Zealots… who continue to ratchet-
up for rebellion.

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Thunderation! The Sicarii ~50 CE - 70 CE In 66 CE, Hellenist provocations of mainstream Jews in Gal-
ilee provoke a Jewish attack upon a small Roman garrison.
Extremist splinter-group of Jewish Zealots who attempted to This is the first shed blood. Roman blood, that is.
expel the Romans from Judea.
It will prove a fateful turning-point - both for the Jews at that
[The Sicarii concealed sicae - small daggers - under their time, and in the span of Jewish history. Shedding-blood at
cloaks, hence the name of the group. At assemblies and pil- any time is a very serious matter. Shedding the blood
grimages to Jerusalem, they assassinated their enemies, en- of the soldiers of the Roman Empire - after Rome had given
emy sympathizers and purported enemy sympathizers - and the Jews very considerable autonomy and very considerable
often lamented vociferously after-the-killings to conceal their (by Roman standards) prerogatives as regards the Temple
own role in the killings. Sicarii means ‘dagger-men’. State - was not, shall-we-say, ‘optimal’.

They are associated historically (along with the Zealots) with The Jews have just kicked ’superman’ (i.e. the Roman Em-
the destruction of Jerusalem’s food supply when the city was pire) in the shin. And ’superman’ is not amused.
under incipient Roman siege c. 66CE, with their (difficult to
understand) logic being that their actions would preclude ne- But, then again, neither are the Jews.
gotiations with the Romans. This action has not been viewed
kindly by Jewish history. Rome then dispatches an Expeditionary Force, the Roman
One of their leaders, Eleazar ben Ya’ir, escaped the Roman 12th Legion, as a ‘show-of-force’, to quell the disturbances.
onslaught and fled with others to Masada, where he became a The Jewish nationalist-religious rebel forces, trying to throw-
pre-eminent leader in that resistance saga and eventual mass- off the ‘yoke of Rome’, elect to up-the-ante themselves…
The Roman Expeditionary force is ambushed-in-force and
Thunderation! First (major) Jewish Revolt against Roman attacked by Jewish rebel forces at Bet Horon pass ( the pre-
Empire, Caesarea, Upper Galilee. Palestine-Israel-Judea, 66 CE cise locale of an earlier Maccabean victory ~200 years pri-
or) outside of Jerusalem… the Roman 12th Legion (Legio
[Nero has been Emperor of Rome since 54 CE; XII Fulminata) is routed… 6,000 elite Roman legionnaires
are killed in pitched-battle with the Jewish Forces… To add
The price of internal civil war in Judea between Hyrcanus to the Roman humiliation, the 12th Legion’s Eagle ‘battle
and Aristobulus, was a mortal weakness which General Pom- standard’ (its aquila), inviolable, has been lost to the Jewish
pey of Rome had exploited to gain control back in 63 BCE Forces, as well…
with relatively minimal effort. The proud Judeans bristled at
Roman rule, and the Zealots viewed the Occupation through The Jewish forces additionally seize dozens, if not hundrds
their own lens. The end-result of the initial internecine Jew- of artillery pieces and other armnaments, to be used effect-
ish fighting was ultimately to be an unmitigated national di- vely later in the defense of Jerusalem
saster on a grand catastrophic scale.
This resounding engagement-triumph by the Zealot-alliance

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will resound to the far-reaches of the Roman Empire… “Rome gry empire down upon Judea. The rebels might be valiant
is vulnerable” ….but prove one of the great “pyrrhic victo- and strong. But Rome was vastly stronger.
ries” (false/illusory victories) in the annals of mankind…
A tremor has gone throughout the far reaches of the Roman
However, in the short term the rebel victory is electrifying… Empire. Having shown vulnerability, ‘invincible’ Rome will
now need to send a counter-salvo right back across the far
From the rebel perspective, the Jews had thrown-off the yoke reaches of the Empire…
of the Syrian-Greek empire 200 years prior - against-all-odds
- and Rome has left the Jews no choice but to fight again - for Basically, an Immovable Object (Judean religious honor and
their freedom, dignity and honor. freedom) has collided with the excesses of an Irresistible
Force (Roman Empire dominion). But Rome knew a little
An oberver from the moon, surveying the vast power and about will and tenacity itself. And Rome maintains not only
tenacity of Imperial Rome, would say that the Jewish rebels the will, but the resources and power in-reserve, as well.
were clinically insane.
For the rebels, at-stake is greater autonomy and protected
But the same observer might have said the same thing when religious honor. For Rome, at-stake is their control of a key
the Maccabees first took up arms…or when Jewish leader geographic nexus-point, which completes, as well, their en-
Gideon challenged Amalek…or when Prophetess Devorah circlement of the Mediterranean…But beyond the immediate
challenged Canaan and prevailed…or when Moses chal- geographic stakes, the Roman ‘aura of invincibility’ across
lenged Pharaoh…and on-and-on…with ‘many notches on the entire Empire, is now at-stake, as well
the gunbelt’ of the Jewish nation…
Rome had an appetite for slave labor, and an aversion to de-
Tenacious, tactically adept, highly motivated, with a legacy pendencies mowing-down its soldiers. Rebellions here-and-
of victory, fighting on and for their homeland, and apparently there provided ‘opportunity’ as well.
perfectly willing-to-do-die for their freedom and honor, the
Jewish rebel forces of Judea, empowered and emboldened by Therefore, for multiple reasons and considerations, some
their belief in the God of Israel, will just-as-soon bring their strategic, some tactical, some practical, Rome now had Judea
enemies down with them…. in its gunsights…

Having played at the zenith of both the spritual and temporal Subsequently, over 20% of the entire Roman expeditionary
world, on-and-off for 1,000 years, the Zealots of Judea are re- army is mobilized for battle, and marched into Judea, one
ally, truly not interested in subjugation by pagan, idolatrous, army from the north; one from the south - to crush the electri-
licentious if not depraved, Rome… fying Jewish revolt. With Rome marching back on recently-
seized Jerusalem, the Jews will be “pre-occupied”…
In isolation, the Bet Horon victory was glorious. But, in
context, it brought the full wrath of a powerful, aggressive, As for Jerusalem itself, Jerusalem was an internationally rec-
wealthy, proud, marauding and, last-but-not-least, slave-hun- ognized ‘trophy’ city, and Rome, master of symbolism, was

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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not oblivious to the magnitude its global importance. the Judean desert south of Jerusalem, near the Dead Sea. The
Zealots used Masada as a base to raid and harass the nearby
Thunderation! First Jewish-Roman War [i.e. First Jewish Romans. The Roman governor of Judea, Lucius Flavius Sil-
Rebellion] (66-73 CE) va marched against Masada with the Roman Legion X ( 10th
Legion) Fretensis, and laid siege to the fortress…
[Death estimates range from 600,000 - 1,300,00 Jews…
Josephus states that during the siege of Jerusalem 500 peo- After the besieging Romans failed in attempts to breach the
ple were crucified each day in front of its walls. (the figure defense, they elected to construct an earthen ramp, using
sounds high, although it is widely disseminated post-Dumont thousands of tons of stones and earth. After the Romans had
- D.B.) “There was no room for crosses and no crosses for 99% completed their massive siege ramp, and were poised
the bodies” (- Dumont) (sounds melodramatic - D.B.) . ¨By for their final assault, the Jewsh rebels of Masada made a
the end of the siege of Jerusalem, tens of thousands of cruci- decision:
fied Jewish bodies encircled Jerusalem -”facing it” from atop
the Roman-built encircling road. - Dumont (the figure sounds The 1,000 defenders of Masada elected to commit mass-sui-
vastly exaggerated - D.B.) … note: The encircling road was cide. That night.
built to isolate and starve Jerusalem - and was built at the
same height as the walls of Jerusalem. (quotes from Dumont Rather than fall into the Roman hands (the next day), which
- History of the Jews - as cited, along with the other data in would have led to a dire fate of one sort or another, the Ma-
Wikipedia, “The First Jewish-Roman War”)]. sada defenders will send a signal to all eternity.

Thunderation! Masada! 73 CE And that is exactly what they did.

“Last Stand of the Jews” 2,000 years down-the-road, troops of the Israeli Armored
Corps and of the Givati Brigade and other IDF (Israeli De-
….and eventually, mass-suicide, fense Forces) troops will take their Oath of Duty at high
of the 960 Jewish “Zealot” rebels against Rome’s ~20,000- noon…overlooking the Judean desert far below - from on
man Tenth Legion, top of the 100 degree sun-baked plateau of Masada…
Masada Fortress, Negev Desert ( west of the Ded Sea )
”Masada shay-nit lo ti-pol”…
subsequent to the destruction of Temple II in nearby Jerusa-
lem… during Jewish-Roman War I 70 CE…..about 2 years *
”Masada shall not fall again”
… Masada, under the leadership of Eleazar ben Ya’ir, held
out for three years… ====

Masada, a former Herodian retreat/refuge , was located in now, back on the Jewish v. New-Christian front…

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In the span from the Roman siege of the Temple ( ~ 68 CE devotees of the Jew, Jesus.
when the first of the Canon Gospels start making-an-appear-
ance) to the writing of the last of the four Canon Gospels ( However, within the multitudes of the non-Jews - and the Ro-
~113 CE ), the early founders of Christianity are attuned to man Empire has many millions of non-Jewish denizens - there
the degree of resonance, among their various constituencies, are ‘possibilities’. So, the posture of the new Christians both
of their key themes: towards the Roman Empire, itself, and towards the sensitivi-
ties of its inhabitants, now assumes a very important role.
The Virgin Conception; the Resurrection of Jesus; The Trinity.
Rome is home to millions of potential Christian recruits. And
Now, the Jews have their centerpiece mega-certified event: Rome has just crushed the Jews. But, Rome has recently ( 37
Mt. Sinai, with 600,000 ( asserted) witnesses to the events re- yers prior) crucified Jesus, progenitor-extraordinaire
lating to the Exodus from Egypt: epochal Mt. Sinai, The Red of Chriustianity.
Sea splitting, the Ten Plagues et al. The Jews had bought-into
the concept of strict monotheism; They revered Moses and As context, note that in the non-Jewish groups there is, as
they revered the Torah. Future generations post-Sinai may well, perhaps some not inconsiderable resentment towards
have had huge doses of skepticism as they had not witnessed the ’exclusivist’ Jews of the Temple State of Judea.
matters first-hand and/or were reluctant to yield any auton- And these exclusivist Jews are now, shall-we-say, ‘down-
omy to any asserted deity, or a general agnosticism, but a for-the-count’ as a consequence of their ill-fated rebellion.
huge and intellectually-talented constituency, generation-af- Having been knocked-off-their perch,
ter-generation would renew its faith and commitment. Often the Jews will have no shortage of former status-competitors
intense and with total commitment. And with large families or ego-competitors, receptive to viewing the total decimation
to carry on the Masorah ( Jewish tradition and law). The Jews of these ( at lesast formerly) ‘elitist Jews’.
will stick with the religion of their forefathers.
As a sociological rule-of-thumb,
However, to many non-Jews, the New Christian themes will
find some resonance. The themes, however counter-intuitive once an elite individual (or group)
to the Jews, are more appealing to the gentiles, than the neo- is knocked-off-his-perch,
pagan themes of some of their forefathers; There is some re- and prostrate,
ceptivity. there is no shortage of disturbed individuals
lining-up to stomp the former-elite’s head into the ground yet
The progenitors of the new Christians understand that, by- further,
and-large, the Jews are a ‘lost cause’ as potential recruits. figuratively - or literally
The Jewish numbers relative to the non-Jews are small ( the
Jews are at-that-point 3% of the world’s population), and the But, ‘down-for-the-count’ - or not - the Jews heretofore had
percentage of Jews buying-into the emerging Christian theol- historical legitimacy, plus a certain gravitas and aura. And,
ogy is miniscule. The Jews can be ‘written-off’ as potential after all, they were “The Jews”: direct heirs of Abraham-
Isaac- Jacob- Moses -David and Solomon.

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And, aside from their aura and gravitas, if any were still left In any event, recently crushed by the Romans, the Jews were
standing, they might still employ their credibility and very not-in-a-position
formidable ‘intellectual guns’ - aimed at Chritian theology. at-this-moment-in-time, to challege any ’gentle spin’ by the
new Christian evangelicals…
For, the New Christians were positioning Jesus as the Jewish
Messiah. But if the Jews themselves came after them intellec- So, the ‘bad news’ to the new Christians - was that the Jews
tually, with their credibilty as representing the actual Jewish were mainly a ‘threat’, not an ‘opportunity’.
nation - the New Christian theology and credibility could be
undermined. Because, as-matters-turned-out, the consituency The ‘good news’ to the new Christians, however - was that
of the New Christians, was not Jewish at all. It was gentile, the Jews were now very vulnerable - having been essentially
and almost 100% non-Jewish. crushed by the Romans…- and with no shortage of ill-wish-
ers on the sidelines. Increasingly under stress - physical,
So, the Jews, ‘even down-for-the-count’, remained a potent emotional financial - dispersed and exiled- and, last-but-not-
threat to the legitimacy of the New Christians. The salient least, totally distracted, the Jews were light-years below their
threat. former strength vis a’ vis the new Christians. Finally, they
were indeed, vulnerable.
The Jews, the initial target-audience for Jesus, were objec-
tively clearly now definitely not a ripe market in the mid-First So, to summarize the landscape at that-point-in-time re: the
Century post-Temple - especially as compared to the twenty Jews
times-larger non-Jewish market. And, as discussed, not only
were the Jews not a good market for proselytizing, the Jews, Target market: no
by virtue of their historical standing and legitimacy, were an Intellectual threat: yes
ideological- intellectual-status threat to the entire new Chris- Status threat: yes
tian movement. Credibility threat: yes
Gravitas and aura: yes
So, best to undermine the Jews - every-which-way ( trash Historical legitimacy: yes
them, demonize them, diabolical-ize ) - before they regained Vulnerable: YES, at-long-last - subsequent to the siege, then
their balance - before they ‘got-of-the-floor’ - and intellec- destruction, of Jerusalem
tually challenged the authenticity of Jesus and of the new
Christian theology. The major components of the multi-prong ’direction’ for the
early pilots of Christianity, starting in 68 CE, as the Roman
As alluded to, the Jews were not necessarily ‘the most popu- destruction of Judea moves apace, are clear.
lar kids on-the-block’ in the Near East and Middle East. They
were monotheistic - and they were different. And they used to (!) Play to Rome.
have that fancy Temple, ‘which they made a big deal about’.
And they were ‘exclusivist’. (2) Undermine the Jews. From every conceivable direction.

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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(3) ‘Distance’ Rome from the crucifixion of Jesus - to what- All four of the gospels were not necessarily written in Judea/
ever extent possible Palestine.
Any one gospel was not necessarily written en toto in Judea/
(4) Simultaneously achieve (2) and (3) by assigning heavy Palestine.
blame to the Jews -
for the (Roman) crucifixion of the Jewish teacher/preacherJesus The gospels as we know them today, may very well have
been carefully edited at the point that they were instituded as
The Canon Gospels 70 CE - 110 CE (later to become ‘The the CANON GOSPELS, meaning as the centerpiece dogma/
New Testament’)Mark ( author: unknown; not contempora- Bible of the Catholic Church. The Church position would be
neous; that they were not edited.
later ascribed by the Church to Mark the Evangelist)
Matthew ( author: unknown; not contemporaneous; The primary purpose of the gospels is to expound the glory
later ascribed by the Church to Matthew the Evangelist) of Jesus.
Luke ( author: unknown; not contemporaneous;
later ascribed by the Church to Luke, Thus, given all-of-the-above, the fact that all four gospels
the companion of Paul ) may intersect on a given point,
[ oldest suriving manuscript is ~200 CE ] especially on a particular vignette - or a portion of a vignette
John ( author: unknown; not contemporaneous; - libelous to the Jews,
later acribed by the Church to John; does not necessarily mean that the particular incident ever
[This is ‘John the Evangelist’, occurred.
not the earlier iconic ‘John the Baptist’] ***
The 4 particular gospels were selected out of a greater pool
All four personages above are known as Evangelists. The of gospels by the early Church Fathers ( initially apparently-
precise identities of the four writers are not necesarily uni- Irenaeus in particular) to be the canon, hence the name The
versally accepted, outside of Church dogma. Canon Gospels.

All four Gospels were originally written in Greek, a differ- Note that this book steers well-clear of core Christian dog-
ent language than Jesus and his disciples used - which was ma. This work respects all religions - to the extent that they
Hebrew and Aramaic. do not gratuitously defame others and endanger other’s lives.
Only several gospel-asserted vignettes which are particularly
The dates which most of the world ascribe to the writings destructive to the Jews - and which have significantly im-
of the gospels, diverge from the dates which the Church as- pacted Jewish history over-the-centuries - are brought into
cribes. focus.

The gospels were intended for a far different audience ( pri- ***
marily Gentiles) than the Jewish common people to whom
Jesus preached. Traditional Christian scholarship will place the Gospels ~50s

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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to 100 CE as opposed to the generally accepted convention of the major vignettes, however, will be challenged by histo-
68 CE - 110 CE. This is a pivotal issue in several respects. We rians, particularly in the last 250 years.
will briefly touch-on both the CONTEXT ISSUE and CRED-
IBILITY ISSUE. The stigmatizations of the Canon Gospels will prove ‘radio-
active’ to the Jews. The Gospels will steadily undermine the
( Jesus was crucified in 33 CE ) reputation of the Jews collectively - and individually -and will
unrelentingly undermine the entire fabric Jewish life in Eu-
CONTEXT ISSUE: rope, inexorably leading to the doom of millions. The descen-
Commencing in 68 CE, Rome commenced its siege of Je- dants of historic and legendary warriors Joshua, Gideon, David
rusalem. By 69-72 CE, the Jews were pulverized by the Ro- and Judah the Maccabee, and of intellectual standard-bearers
mans. The Jewish leadership was either dead, in-chains or Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David and Solomon, will be
on-the-run. If the Canon Gospels are written from that point re-cast as second-class humans, if indeed, human, at all.
onwards, as per the going-wisdom, one can make-the-case
that the Gospels are attacking the Jews ’when they are down’ The word ‘gospel’ means ‘good news’. The gospel racon-
- and when they cannot answer. That, the Gospels are trying teurs had ‘good news’ about Jesus’s purity and divinity; But
to deliver a “coup de grace”, a “death blow” to their former they had very bad news for the Jews. The Jews were to be
ideological adversaries. That, having proved to be mortal and systematically trashed. “Down-for-the-count” and very, very
vulnerable, the Jews had ‘whetted-the-appetite’ of their hith- pre-occupied by a “little- something” called the Roman Em-
erto jealous neighbors, the non-Jews of Judea and outwards, pire, the Jews were to be “fair game”.
for their total defamation and destruction. And the Gospels
plan to help-this-along. With a vengeance. The Jews were decimated on one front by the very-visible
iron-fist of the Roman Legions, and from-the-rear, on a sec-
CREDIBILITY ISSUE: ond major front, by the character-assassinations of the gos-
Every year is important here, because the Gospels, written in pels. One front visual; the second front almost invisible. The
the latter part of the 1st century and beyond, are not contempo- two attacking forces - one physical, one propaganda, would
raneous with the key vignettes in them relating to the pivotal feed upon one another. And, in-combination, pulverize be-
death-of-Jesus saga 33 CE and surrounding vignettes… Thus tween them, the descendants of King David and Judah the
, the further the distance from the actual saga, the greater the Maccabee.
credibility gap, particularly in the cases of defamatory and in-
consistent vignettes regarding their idological foils, the Jews). Caught between two attacking forces, both intent on ‘break-
ing them’, the fabric of the universe of the Jews of Judea
********* would become ‘undone’. They would implode as the explod-
ing core of a supernova star, casting its components off to
The extremely negative (often grotesque) portrayals and vi- the far corners of the galaxy. Presumably, never to ’stand
gnettes relating to Jews in the Gospels will harshly and le- again’…
thally impact the Jews for 20 centuries to this day. The effect
will be to demonize the Jews. The veracity of each and every To grasp what is ‘happening-in-the-picture’, one must un-

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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derstand the historical context in clearer focus, and then one 2) The Gospels are written in Greek, a language at that time
must endeavor to “connect-the-dots”. anathema
Attempting to “connect-the-dots” of the anti-Jewish vignettes, to the Jewish politico-religious elite (note: Jesus himself used
will show that chronologically and logically the ‘dots’ simply Hebrew and Aramaic)
cannot be connected. The time-sequences break down. The 3) There were numerous gospels being circulated, and
internal logic breaks down. 4) these gospels were often single manuscript
The tableaux featuring evil and conspiratorial Jews, simply 5) these manuscripts, often slight variations on the same
cannot have taken place as described, if at all. themes, were often long and tedious to plumb through

Consistency-wise, the anti-Jewish vignettes break down, as The “devil” was literally “in-the-details” here, with the de-
well. The ‘fact pattern’ of one will tend to undermine the ‘fact monization more a ‘composite’ than one single libel; That is
pattern’ of the next. the point of this focus, of course. The ‘demonic composite’.

“Connecting-the-dots” from a “demonization-of-the-Jews” This ‘demonic composite’ then achieves ’critical mass’ - and
perspective, however, will unfortunately reveal a pattern of pretty quickly - when 4 individually-demonizing gospels are
an ominous and deadly gambit (elucidated below). stiched-together as one entity - and then positioned alongside
the Tanach ( the Jewish bible ) as a parallel ’Testament’. A
The Roman Wars (against the Jewish rebellions of Jesus’s parallel bible.
Palestine) - which decimated the Jewish community - brack-
eted (66 CE - 135 CE) and consequently spanned the entire ***
period of the writing and initial promulgation of the Canon
Gospels (68 CE - 110 CE)… Thus, the Jews will be “dis- A reader of the four gospels even once, cannot help but walk
tracted”, to put it mildly, for the entire duration of the writ- away hating every Jew who ever walked-the-planet. The
ing and initial promulgation of what were to emerge as the amazing thing, once this demonization-gambit is employed
“Canon Gospels”… First appearing in the midst of the Ro- - as ‘Holy Writ’ in libraries, in schools, in Church and at-
man assaults against the Jews, the Canon-gospel vilifications home - is not that there is anti-Semitism; The amazing thing
of various Jewish icons in the Gospels could not realistically is, rather, that even after 17 centuries as the object of this
be challenged by the Jewish elite and opinion leaders of that institutionalized hatred, there is even one single Jew still left
time- as standing on the planet.
1) The Jews were under siege by the Romans in one form or
another at-that-point-in-time… ***
a) The religious elite was either fighting, dead or enslaved
b) In war-ravaged Judea, every household was fighting for The “Canon Gospels” as we know them, were only initially
economic survival, as well, and would prioritize putting ‘canonized’ by
food on-the-table, and trying to stay alive and free, (later-to-be Saint) Irenaeus [of Lyons] c. 185 CE
before necessarily engaging time and energy with the myriad This was later re-ratified by the Council of Rome 382 CE
of Christian polemics and

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other synods to follow in the triumphant-over-Rome Chris- 1) Culpability for the killing of Jesus would be subtly shifted
tian 4th century. to the Jews by the Canon Gospels - and to-be-honed Church
As noted, the 4th century marked the de facto conversion of traditions
the Roman Empire 2) Jewish icons would be demonized and trashed in the Gospels
to Christianity, with the full power of the Empire now behind - and related
Christianity. 3) A demonic image of the Jew (the Jew as devil) would be
At this point the Jews were decimated, scattered and margin- in the conscious and unconscious minds of the Christian
alized. However and Roman masses
to the newly aligned Roman-Christian hierarchy, the politi- 4) Any Jewish suffering as a consequence, would be given
cally irrelevant a patina of theology, indirectly, at-a-minimum, legitimizing
Jews had one, and final, more crucial role to play: historical abuse and persecution of Jews
Thunderation! “The Great Sanhedrin”, primarily the ~100
In the latter part of the First Century, and going-forward, year period 63 BCE - 68 CE
with Rome triumphant in Greater Judea and overwhelmingly
dominant in Europe and the Mediterranean, it would not be [Pre-eminent successor entity to The Great Assembly noted
politically optimal for the gospel-writers to direct too much above) Jerusalem, (as noted, primarily between 63 BCE and
animosity or blame for the death of Jesus on Rome; Going- 68 CE although various Sanhedrins and variations thereof
into the latter part of the Fourth Century and moving-for- existed on-and-off for hundreds of years both before and af-
ward, with Rome now in alignment with Christianity, Rome ter]. [Assembly of the 71 greatest Jewish judges and scholars
clearly had to be sanitized and exculpated, to whatever extent of the times; the humanistic-focus Hillel and his direct de-
possible, of guilt for the Roman crucifixion of Jesus, the pro- scendants hold the top position, nasi, president; at its zenith,
genitor of Rome’s new-found religion. This would require the august Legislative-Judicial-Halakhic body and one of the
finesse… and more particularly, some considerable toying most esteemed and revered Jewish institutions in Judaism’s
with the historical record. entire 3,000 year history; According to both Roman sources
and Jewish sources, by 30 CE, for sure, the Sanhedrin had
In-tandem, potential anger towards Rome for the killing of ceased prosecuting capital cases (i.e. potential death-sen-
Jesus by Rome, tence cases)
had to be deflected. One cannot convert the masses to Chris-
tianity, The central allegation in the Canon Gospels as regards the
and not entertain the possibility that anger would be coiled Jews - and, disproportionate-or-not, the most destructive al-
against the Roman Empire’s leadership for its historic deicide legation of all-time against the Jews - is that in 33 CE the
(i.e. killing of Jesus). (Jewish) Sanhedrin allegedly tried and convicted Jesus and
allegedly handed-him-over to the Romans at the Jerusalem
This would be accomplished by an inter-related series of ma- residence venue of the alleged Trial. (This seemingly contra-
neuverings: dicts other Gospel sagas having the High Priest directly com-

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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plicit, but we are dealing here strictly with the “Sanhedrin An action-packed ~5 hours. Unless Odysseus emerged from
vignette”. The Temple Priesthood is a separate and distinct Greek legend to lengthen-the-night, the ‘timing’ is ‘challeng-
entity from the Sanhedrin. The Priesthood runs the Temple; ing’ here.
The Sanhedrin adjudicates issues relating to Jewish Law)
But, interestingly, no mention is made in the Gospels of an
The “Sanhedrin allegation” is fraught with historical and lo- alleged Trial during the night of the Last Supper. In addition,
gistical contradictions, and indeed, impossibilities. Corner- the 71 judges of the Sanhedrin (who were generally in their
stone doctrine in the Gospels is roughly as-follows (as the 60s-90s) would all have had to leave their respective families
narratives diverge from each other): Leading into the Pass- post-Seder, post-midnight, post- 4 ceremonial cups of wine
over Seder evening, (33 CE) the First Night of Passover, Je- spanning the multi-hour Seder, (simply not happening) for a
sus is a free man. As the night unfolds, he has his traditional bizarre and halachicly forbidden taboo enterprise)
Seder Meal a/k/a “The Last Supper” with his disciples. Then,
Jesus and his disciples go to the Garden of Gethsemane, pre- If the (alleged) Sanhedrin trial was AFTER the night of Pass-
sumably post-Seder, post-midnight. over, the Gospel sequence again fatally breaks down. (For, if
the Romans arrested him during that Seder night, and then
Arrested by the Romans still during darkness (in the same execute him that same day, how does the Sanhedrin end up
Garden of Gethsemane), Jesus is crucified that very day by with him yet another night later-on - plus other anomalies
Pontius Pilate. and inconsistencies)

Now, if the (alleged) Sanhedrin trial was before Passover, the Thus, an alleged Sanhedrin Trial could not have taken place
Gospel sequence breaks down (as how could Jesus then be a before, during, or after the First Night of Passover. That pret-
free man - and, indeed, how could he be alive - going-into the ty much ‘covers the bases.
Seder - plus other anomalies and inconsistencies)
If the (alleged) Sanhedrin trial (as Gospel-asserted, in a Jeru- According to John, Jesus was executed by Pilate the day
salem dwelling) was during the night of Passover, the Gospel (Nissan 14) leading-into Passover that evening.
sequence again breaks down. (as how could Jesus be in two According to Luke and Matthew, he was executed during the
places at the same time - in the several remaining darkness day (Nissan 15) after the Last Supper.
hours post-Seder, plus other anomalies and inconsistencies. According to Mark (14:2) Jesus was executed after Nissan 15.
To comply with other components of Gospel doctrine, Jesus
would need have been arrested by Caiaphas post-midnight; No comment.
witnessed one of Caiaphas’s crew have his ear cut off; be
whisked to a Sanhedrin meeting inside Jerusalem; face a full- Modern scholarship dismisses the libel of a Sanhedrin Trial -
scale Sanhedrin trial including (false) witnesses, be cross-ex- as a fabrication. Any alleged Sanhedrin trial could only have
amined carefully by his his interrogators, endure beatings and taken place in “limbo time”. Meaning, respectfully, it never
other vicissitudes, all by daybreak. Breathtaking, for sure. happened. It is a fabrication. The ‘construct’ breaks down
on multiple levels. There are multiple internal contradictions

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and mutually exclusive scenarios. # The Sanhedrin did not hold surreptitious trials.
# The Sanhedrin required bona fide witnesses.
From a Jewish perspective it was forbidden. From a Roman # The Sanhedrin required careful due process.
perspective, a Sanhedrin Trial was illegal. Historically, it is # The Sanhedrin met only in the Temple court; not in private
not plausible. (The third and fourth Gospels, Luke and John, dwellings.
omit completely any alleged formal trial of Jesus by the San- # The Sanhedrin - 71 judges - could not possibly fit into a
hedrin.) room in an Old City dwelling.
# The Sanhedrin did not hold ‘snap trials’ ever, nor would it
Branding the Jewish leadership of group as being a major ac- be legally (halachicly)
cessory to the killing of the progenitor of another Religion, allowed to.
is not a light matter. Politically convenient or not to the writ- # The Sanhedrin was led by its NASSI (president), not by the
ers of the Gospels, the libel is as serious and as incendiary a High Priest,
charge as can be leveled. Plausible or not, disproportionate as incorrectly elucidated in the Gospels.
or not, corroborated or not, sequentially possible or not, the By definition, if a rump run-away entity - large or small - was
alleged Sanhedrin Trial libel (and the consequent charge of led by the High Priest,
deicide -against the Jews as a whole) will lead to the deaths then whatever it was, if it ever existed at all, it was not the
of millions of Jews as a consequence. Sanhedrin.
# It would be illegal by Jewish Law to turn anyone over to
The timing of an alleged Sanhedrin Trial does not jive; the Occupation Authorities.
sequences do not jive; the historical record does not jive; # It would be halachicly taboo to put any individual at-risk
The Romans controlled all the levers of power. The Romans for crucifixion.
executed Jesus. But ‘the crowd’ will be manipulated by the ( notwithstanding John 19:6…”When the chief priests saw
resonance of the Gospels to call for Jewish blood. Aside from him, they cried out, saying. Crucify him. Crucify him…)
the impossible internal contradictions and discrepancies of # The Sanhedrin never sentenced anyone to death over its
the Gospels-construct regarding an asserted Sanhedrin Trial, entire historic span;
one should note that no corroborative evidence has ever been Every individual Sanhedrin historically was under self-im-
produced in 20 centuries - that, indeed, any trial ever even posed restraint not to be labeled a Bet Din Katlanit - “a Killer
took place. Court”. No Sanhedrin wanted to go anywhere near that ap-
pellation. And, indeed, no Sanhedrin ever did issue a death
As a ‘backdrop’ and for additional context, note - sentence. Over multiple centuries, in different manifesta-
# The Sanhedrin no longer held significant powers in 33 CE. tions.
# The Sanhedrin did not meet at night.
# The Sanhedrin did not meet on Jewish Holidays. “Any alleged capital trial by the Sanhedrin of Jesus is thus a
# The Sanhedrin no longer tried ‘capital cases’ (death-penalty convenient historical fabrication.”
cases) - Lawrence Schiffman, Professor of Jewish History, NYU,
(as noted explicitly in the Gospel of John, by the-way). “Double Injustice”, (Journal of) Reform Judaism, April
# The Sanhedrin did not conduct midnight trials. 2004

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‘The wholly suppositious trial of Jesus before the Sanhedrin rebellions (through 135 CE) are listed along with some
is”, points out Pierre van Passen in Why Jesus Died, “pure salient events relevant to our Integrated TimeLine
fabrication, causing its utter rejection as unhistorical and un- during period of latter days of First Roman Republic:
true by a long and impressive line of savants [and scholars] ——————————————————
from Reimarus and Strauss to Loisy, Guignebert and Eysin-
ga.”’- Betty McCollister, The Humanist, July-August 1993. # Cicero and Antonius are
the two Roman Consuls
The alleged ‘pivot event’, on which 20 centuries of hatred, 63 BCE
defamation and killings is hinged, respectfully, never even [Gen. Pompey readily captures Jerusalem
occurred. It is fabrication - concocted for the historical con- 63 BCE after adroit alliance with one of the
venience of demonizing the Jews - and then, later accentu- two contending Jewish forces in the internal
ated for the purpose of advancing the political interests of the Jewish civil war]
Roman Empire, and those aligned with it.
# Various Roman 2-Consul leaderships
The Sanhedrin indeed dissolves completely 68 CE due to the 63 BCE - 60 BCE
Roman counter-onslaught, as the Jewish community around
it implodes under the Roman assaults, destructions, and sub- # The First Triumvirate
sequent exiles. 60 BCE - 53 BCE
# Pompey
##### INSERT: Jewish rebellions against Rome: 52 BCE - 49 BCE
# First Major: 66 CE The Great Revolt;
# Second Major: 115 CE - 117 CE, # Caesar
the Kitos rebellion; 49 BCE - 44 BCE
# Third Major: 132-135 CE, the Bar Kokhba revolt [Caesar crosses the Rubicon (river) 49 BCE]
a/k/a Bar Kosiba revolt a/k/a Bar Kochba revolt
# Mark Antony/Octavian (Augustus)/Lepidus
# plus an additional (4th) significant revolt: known as “The Second Triumvirate”
The “War against Gallus: 351 -352 CE 44 BCE - 33 BCE
[Herod named tetrarch of Jerusalem 42 BCE]
# Octavian(Augustus)
##### INSERT: Roman Rulers 63 BCE - 135 CE ##### 33 BCE - 27 BCE
(but Octavian not ruling as emperor yet)
The pre-eminent Roman rulers spanning the capture
of Jerusalem by Pompey (63 BCE) and the three Jewish # During subsequent period of Roman Empire:

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——————————————— Fire of Rome 80 CE;
multi-year notable public romance with
# And the Roman emperors: (Jewish ‘royal’) Berenice]

# Octavian (Augustus a/k/a Caesar Augustus # Domitian

a/k/a Augustus Caesar) 81 CE to 96 CE
27 BCE to 14 CE
[Herod dies 4 BCE; Jesus born ~5 BCE] # Nerva
96 CE to 98 CE
# Tiberius
14 CE to 37 CE # Trajan
[Jesus crucified by Pontius Pilate 33 CE] 98 CE to 117 CE
[2nd Jewish Revolt (Kitos) 115 CE-117 CE]
# Caligula
37 CE to 41 CE # Hadrian
117 CE to 138 CE
# Claudius [3rd Jewish Revolt (Bar Kochba) 132 CE-136 CE]
41 CE to 54 CE
[“Letter to Alexandrians” ( i.e. Alexandrian Jews)] ##### end of the insert #####

# Nero ############################
54 CE to 68 CE
[1st Jewish Revolt ~67 CE; The ‘historian’ JOSEPHUS (the contentious Jewish person-
General Vespasian dispatched to Judea] ality/ scholar/ rebel commander/ historian-prisoner/ Roman-
guest-in-retirement) / (traitor?) is the primary source of in-
# [”Year of the Four Emperors”: formation for this period. It is hard to categorize ‘Josephus’,
Galba; Otho; Vitelius….Vespasian but it is clear that he ‘adapts’. His works are sometimes not
68 CE] 100 percent consistent. His depiction of events, in particular,
is suspect, as he was beholden to his Roman patrons, particu-
# Vespasian larly Titus (who maintained him alive - after his first career
69 CE to 79 CE as a Jewish commander within the original northern revolt)
[son Titus ends Jewish Revolt I in 70-73 CE] However, overall his credibility among scholars is relatively
high, notwithstanding all of the above, interestingly enough.
# Titus Presumably his ’stellar ego’ kept-him-straight. ]
79 CE to 81 CE
[Arch of Titus; Thunderation! (Rebbe) AKIVA (15 CE - 135 CE)
Vesuvius erupts 79 CE ;

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Tannaic sage, rabbi, martyr at hands of Romans; political/ ba’s prime backer, Rebbe Akiva, and the other Ten Martyrs
rabbinical backer of Jewish rebel Bar Kochba - and his revolt are torture-executed by the Romans… memorialized in Yom
- 132-135 CE - Jewish-Roman War III. Both protagonists tor- Kippur liturgy to this day (Aseret Harugei Malchut)…
tured and/or killed by forces of Roman Emperor Hadrian.
Thunderation! “ANNALS” by the Roman historian Tacitus
(55 CE - 120 CE) Thunderation! Tannaic Period 70 CE - 200 CE

[well-studied excerpt: The debates on the Oral Law - and decisions of the Tannaim
are contained in the Mishnah, the Bereita and the Tosefta (as
“Christus [Christ] from whom the name is derived… was ex- well as Midrashic compilations).
ecuted at the hands of the procurator Pontius Pilate in the
reign of Tiberius.” Thunderation! the Gospel of Judas (~150 CE)

“….at the hands of Pintius Pilate”. Period. No assistant or as- [Surfaced in the 1970 CE - 1993 CE time frame; partially re-
sociated executioners. constructed by 2006; incendiary historical document; now de
facto controlled by National Geographic Society; document
Like the Arabic accounts, and, indeed, like the Arabic ac- turns Judas’s alleged nefarious role on-on-its-head 2,000
counts of Josephus, there is no mention at all of any partic- years into the saga.
ipation or collaboration of any Jews whatsoever, or by the
(Roman-appointed) Jewish ‘High Priest’ or of any trial or in- The Gospel of Judas (which may or may not be bona fide)
stitutional action by the Sanhedrin] amplifies on the theme running through the Canon Gospel of
John ( see, in particular John 13:23-33) that Jesus actively
—– facilitated his arrest, i.e. that Jesus facilitated his own mar-
( The scarce allusion to Jesus in Joephus relates to him as be-
ing the ‘brother of James”, i.e. James the Just. The authentic- Weighing all that I have studied in regards this matter, my
ity of this passage has been challenged. Meaning, there may own (intuitive) ‘take’ on-the-matter would be more nuanced
have been no mention of Judas in Josephus. ) than either of the classic analyses, more of a hybrid…..

Thunderation! Bar Kochba Revolt 132 CE something along these lines…

The Jews rise up in revolt after the Romans build a temple to ======
Jupiter on the site of the Jewish Temple. While the Romans
are originally forced-out of Jerusalem by the forces of Bar start:
Kochba, three years later Roman armies under the command Jesus, an entity of very, very high consciousness, surely knew
of Julius Severus retake Jerusalem and sack it… Bar Koch- that he would be arrested by the Romans if he stirred-up the

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Passover Holiday pilgrims at the Temple
However, Jesus intuited that if the Jerusalem crowds were
ignited by his message and deeds, he might de facto end up While Jesus and his entire family and all of his disciples were
in control of the Temple - and of Jerusalem - and of Judea and Jewish, the vilification by the Canon Gospels of various Jew-
onward… ish icons will have disastrous ramifications for the Jews.

And, if the crowds were not ignited by his message and deeds, The heavily pejorative renditions of a disciple - “Judas” in
his almost-certain crucifixion might give him a place in Di- particular - whose (assigned) name obviously so very closely
vine immortality… sounds like the name “Jew”, will, as well, have grave conse-
quences for the Jews over the centuries to come.
>> end <<
When the non-attuned ‘ear’ - for all time - hears “Judas”, it
========== registers “Jew”.

This informal more-nuanced schema noted just above would, In twentieth century Nazi Germany: the yellow “Jude” star patch
respectfully, comport with our understanding of the high-lev-
el-consciousness Jesus, and our sifting-through the anecdotal The symbolic and subliminal message from the “Judas vi-
and occasional historical bits-and-pieces of data and anec- gnette”:
dotal-tale flowing forth from that year 33 CE….. the Jews are evil incarnate.

******* The Greek “Ioudus” of the New Testament (the Canon Gos-
pels, which were written in Greek) is derived directly from
But, any rendering-of-events which includes a choreo- the name Judah. The English word “Jew”, in turn, is derived
graphed-by-Jesus crucifixion-by-Pilate as a potential out- directly from the Latin Judaeus. In Greek, Latin, Spanish,
come, renders Caiaphas, Judas and the Sanhedrin as morally English and French, the names Judas and Jew are closely
thoroughly irrelevant to the high-stakes drama, whatever interlinked.
their actual role…as it is, after all, then Jesus himself pull-
ing-the-strings… Note that the Roman name for the province which we call
Judea, was Iudaea.
Only the renderings-of-events which have Jesus innocently
walking into the jaws of death - even though he is most ob- But, note that the original Greek name Ioudus is the name
viously on a fatal collision-course with the control-oriented used in the Gospels. Magically, the name Ioudus is NOT em-
Pontius Pilate - can possibly re-orient enough-of-the-play to ployed in the Christian dramatizations (of the Greek-written
leave-an-opening for an attempt to Demonize the Jews - and Gospels);
exculpate the Romans, to whatever small degree. only the incendiary “JUDAS”

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In Mark (c. 68-73 CE) the first of the four Canon Gospels, Ju- From a purely academic perspective, through the lens of a
das is mentioned, but is not a villain. The subsequent Gospel scholar of Christianity:
of Matthew (c. 70-100 CE) which ratchets-up the demoniza-
tion and trashing of Jewish icons on other fronts, suddenly “The [alleged Judas] betrayal remains purposeless, use-
introduces the demonization of Judas. Matthew is laced with less and unintelligible, whichever way we turn” - Charles
diabolical motifs of various Jewish icons allegedly betraying Guignebert (1867-1939), JESUS p. 455, Alfred A. Knopf,
for money. Matthew’s Jewish vignettes are, respectfully, not New York, Questia, Online Library.
that dissimilar from the notorious motifs in The Protocols of
the Elders of Zion (see amplification below). Any objective (Guignebert was Professor of History of Christianity, The
analysis will confirm this. Sorbonne)

The last of the four Canon Gospels, John, (c. 90-110 CE) [in Perhaps “purposeless” theologically. But not “purposeless”
the King James Bible 6:70, 6:71 and 7:1] which crescendos psychologically or politically or symbolically. The demon-
the motifs of the allegedly diabolical Jew, outright positions ization of Judas will achieve one of the strategic goals of
Judas as emblematic of the (allegedly betraying and complic- the Canon Gospels. Among other objectives, the Jews are
itous-to-murder) Jews. Psychologically, by the advent of the trashed and de-legitimized.
Gospel of John, the target audience has already been primed
to the villainization of Jewish icons - by the first three Canon Thus, the original arch-enemy, the Jews, are rendered as
Gospels (known, by the way, as the Synoptic Gospels [c 68- ever-more villainous. Presto. Rome finds its culpability
100 CE]) . The Gospel of John (c. 90-100 CE) will now ratch- magically reduced. Those so-bad Jews must somehow be re-
et-up the demonizations further, and then directly go after the sponsible….
Jews as a people, on several fronts. Respectfully, a primitive-
but-deadly ‘hatchet-job’ cloaked in piety and Greek literary The IMAGE of the Jew which the Gospels are conjuring, is
prose. further demonized.

To be precise, Matthew and John, in particular, target, brand, (Saint) Jerome (374 - 419 CE) denounces Jews (author: The
stigmatize and demonize “the Pharisees” (rabbinic Judaism). verbiage is too incendiary to reprint here) “… of whom Judas
But the Pharisees are the pre-eminent group in Judaism then. was the model”
And, during the years that the New Testament was written,
the other Jewish sects disappeared. Basically the Pharisees (Saint) Augustine (415 CE) …”The true image of the He-
= Judaism. Demonizing the Pharisees, demonizes the Jews. brew is Judas Iscariot…”
They are one-and-the-same.
Thus, the demonization gambit of the Canon Gospel authors is
Weighing the texts and the demonizations, anti-Semitism is further concretized by latter-day Church pillars. But this would
de facto enshrined as core doctrine, no matter which way one be a logical extension for sincere religious devotees, not able
twists-and-turns. to pierce through the gambit. Diabolical/Demonic IMAGERY
is thus more formally codified as emblematic doctrine.

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Before Mark, the first of the Canon Gospels, Judas is not even Jesus was very clearly positioned by his words - and by those
mentioned. That applies to the pre-Canon Gospel writings of of his ardent followers - as a potential messianic savior. And
Paul, as well. his quasi-triumphant processional - through the legendary
Golden Gate at the nexus of Judea - at this nexus-day of the
W.B. Smith, G. Volkmar, and Hyam Maccoby, among others, year, the eve of Passover, raised-the-stakes even higher. Je-
have argued that Judas never even existed. sus posed a maximal potential threat to Roman authority, and
Jesus was consequently doomed. Jesus was not oblivious to
As regards the arrest of Jesus: From the Roman perspective, the tableau here. There was no way the Romans could - or
Jesus was doomed before Passover commenced at sunset. He would - allow this potent threat to their power to gain fur-
was over their ‘red lines’. Jesus of Nazareth represented their ther traction. Pontius Pilate, the Roman Empire’s enforcer in
worst nightmare: a self-proclaimed miracle-worker, the lead- Judea, most certainly knew quite, quite precisely where the
er of a Jewish messianic following - stirring-up the throngs - messianic Jesus was, and most certainly Pilate didn’t need
from the central court of the Temple - on the eve of Passover. any mysterious back-channel from one of Jesus’ disciples.
Jesus was the very center-of-attention. On the contrary, the whole point of the Jesus processional
into Jerusalem, was to win the hearts-and-minds of those
Jesus, according to the Gospels (see also Gospel of John: in Jerusalem, not to scurry in-the-shadows. By Gospel ac-
12:12-16) entered Jerusalem greeted by the people in a cele- counts, Jesus was, after all, dead-center in the Temple Court-
brated processional (”On the next day much people that were yard, preaching and debating - and, last but not least, creat-
come to the feast, when they heard that Jesus was coming to ing significant uproar there, at “Ground Zero” of the nexus of
Jerusalem, Took branches of palm trees, and went forth to Roman power, probably for up to three days.
met him, and cried, Hosanna: Blessed is the King of Israel
that cometh in the name of the Lord”-John 12:12-13) on a Note that the (walled) city of Jerusalem is not particular-
symbolic white donkey, (”behold thy King cometh, sitting on ly large. It is approximately the size of Manhattan’s Cen-
an ass’s colt” - John 12:15). This all fulfilled a messianic tem- tral Park (which is 3 extra-long Manhattan ‘avenue blocks’
plate to some, on the eve of Passover, with Jesus then lectur- wide, by 51 street blocks long) And all entry and exit into the
ing and/or hectoring the Priests in the central Temple Court, walled city of Jerusalem was quite easily monitored via its
and overturning the tables of money-changers and the chairs eight medium-sized stone gates ( now there are 7). And while
of the dove sellers, at the periphery of the Temple Court, with Central Park has trees and foliage, the city of Jerusalem does
the masses of Jewish pilgrims converging into Jerusalem and not. Many very low-lying structures, yes; Foliage, no. In ad-
onto the Temple Mount and at-hand at the goings-on… dition, ramparts (stone walkways along the Old City’s outer
walls) - then and now - surround the city, greatly facilitating
Jesus was throwing-down-the-gauntlet against the powers- observation and communication.
that-be, whether Jewish or Roman; The Jews may have run
the day-to-day operations of the Temple, and the Jews may Jesus’s trumpeted processional into the city leading-into the
have been given some trappings of power, but the Romans Passover holiday, as conveyed in the Gospels, had to be quite
held 99% of the reins-of-power. well-known within the walls of Jerusalem - to even the blind

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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and deaf. His whereabouts, by definition, could not be “be- The (Roman-appointed but Jewish) High Priest (see above);
trayed” per se, as it was Jesus and his disciples who had trum- The “Jewish crowd” (but only in the last Canon Gospel -
peted his precise whereabouts to all to begin with. By Gospel John)
accounts, there were multiple hi-volume goings-on related
to Jesus of Nazareth in the processional into the city and at So, on-the-one-hand, the Church will ‘package’ the Canon
Temple courtyard that day. Included would be Jesus’ hi-vol- Gospels as part of a “Bible Set”, i.e. the “New Testament”
ume attack on the money-changers and overturning the chairs juxtaposed against the “Old Testament’ - and derive credibil-
of the dove-sellers. Now, one cannot betray the whereabouts ity from the juxtapositioin and ‘packaging’. Simultaneously,
of a party, when that party is on ‘center stage’, basically tele- the Church will then totally trash the icons of the Jews, the
graphing his dynamic presence and aura to the entire city and direct heirs of the “Old Testament”.
beyond… This was ‘high drama’ and very public drama.
“USE” - and “ABUSE.”
[Money-changers - were necessary to change {repeat:
change} (pagan) Roman coins - to more politically-correct USE the Jews’ bible to gain credibility for the “New Testa-
( and halachicly correct ) Judean coinage for the Passover ment”;
Temple ‘tax’ and for the purchase of animals to sacrifice; In- Then, ABUSE the very same Jews.
terestingly, the historian Ben-Sasson notes that between the
years 28 and 32 CE in particular, “the coins struck by Pi- Note, of course, that the Jews are not ‘buying-into’ this “Old
late bear pagan symbols in the form of cultic objects ….” Testament” vs. “New Testament” terminology or juxtaposi-
So, respectfully, that coinage absolutely- positively had to be tion; To the Jews there is only the Tanach, one Bible, and
changed. By money-changers. Known in contemporary times it does not include - and cannot be juxtaposed against - the
as ”Currency Exchange”, whether Deak Perera or American Cannon Gospels & related…
Express or Credit Suisse, Currency Exchange is in any inter-
national airport worldwide. Thus, when the Christians use the term “The Bible” - and
when the Jews use the term “the Bible”, they mean different
The money-changers were necessary, as well, both to change things. The Jews never incorporate the Christiuan writings
sundry coinage from around the Mediterranean, and, as well, under the umbrella term ( “the Bible”); But, the Christians
to change large Judean coinage for smaller Judean coinage, incorporate the Tanach under the umbrella term ( “the Bi-
appropriate to the purchase-price of the sacrificial animals.] ble”), especially when going-to-print with “Holy Bibles”. (
note: Loosely used, the term “the Bible” is sometimes used
Now, the Canon Gospels (68 - 110 CE) will stigmatize the by lay Christians to mean their “New Testament” only. )
following Jewish icons:
The (Jewish) Sanhedrin; back to the Cannon Gospels…
The (Jewish) Elders ;
The alleged (Jewish) disciple Judas from Judea - and through that Now, the Jew Jesus may have preached love to his fellow
symbolism, the Jews, Judea and the iconic Judah Maccabee; Jews; But the Gospels will incite unprecedented virulent ha-
The (Jewish) Temple Priests; tred against these very same Jews. The Romans crucified Je-

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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sus; Then the Gospels crucify his people. minority by the Romans, and, shunned, at a minimum, by the
Jews, and intermittently harassed and/or persecuted accord-
Historians will ultimately challenge - and find fatal-flaws in ing to sundry sources.
- the veracity of each and every one of these Gospel vili-
fications of the Jews. But tens of millions of Jews will be And, indeed, the Christians were to endure very severe perse-
denegraded and persecuted and have their lives destroyed in- cution under Rome - and indeed, torture and death in Rome’s
the-interim. notorious Colosseum. There are several noted Christian mar-
tyrs in this era, including one woman, in particular.
The vilifications will be entered in the four gospels (later to
be anointed as the Canon Gospels) - as “gospel truth” - 35- However, several hundred years into Christianity, the Chris-
75+ years after the general saga unfolded. And who could tians were to pick up a particular patron, who would effect
challenge the Gospels? one of history’s greatest “role reversals” - Roman Emperor
The vilifications will each have a different ‘fact pattern’ in
each of the Gospels. None of these incendiary vilifications but, for the moment, back to our TimeLine…
- which will be Death Warrants to millions - will ever be pre-
cisely the same, and none will ever to this day be accompa- Roman Emperor Hadrian in 131 CE renames Jerusalem ‘Ae-
nied by any documented corroboration. As noted, the core lia Capitolina’ - and forbids the Jews to enter. “In an effort to
Demonizaton, the libel of the Sanhedrin, is a virtual impos- wipe out all memory of their bond between the Jews and the
sibility and has been widely discredited. The other vilifica- land, Hadrian changed the name of the province from Iudaea
tions either fail independently, or fall-as-dominos when the to Syria-Palestina, a name that became common in non-Jew-
main domino - the Sanhedrin vilification domino - falls. All ish literature.” - Ben-Sasson, A History of the Jewish People
the other vilifications of the Jews are dependent on the core (p. 334 of the 2002 Harvard University Press edition)
libel of the fabrication of a Sanhedrin trial. And there was no
Sanhedrin trial.] Thunderation! Irenaeus (Saint Irenaeus 120 CE – 202 CE)
b. in Asia Minor, now Turkey
Matthew and John, in particular, are additionally laced with
virulent anti-Semitic verses and themes. […Irenaeus was pivotal in codifying the four gospels not-
ed above as being the exclusive Canon Gospels…and this
[check Search Engines / keywords: is more than a hundr years before the Constantine evolve-
anti-Semitism Gospel of Matthew]
On another front, as relates to philosophy, there is the well-
anti-Semitism Gospel of John] regarded “Irenaen theodicy” (philosophical response to
Evil)… very similar to the predecessor rabbinic “nehama de-
Going-into the period of the Jewish-Roman Wars (commenc- kissufa” ( “un-earned bread”) theodicy]
ing 66 CE), the (Early) Christians were, indeed, a harassed

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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Thunderation! completion of the “Mishnah”! (170 CE– 200 CE) The cumulative result of this torrent of stigmas is the conjur-
ing of a demonic amalgam: a sinister IMAGE of a demonic
[Started about 400… 600 years earlier in Bavel and Jerusa- and diabolical entity.
lem… exposition of the Law by the Scribes (Soferim) - par-
ticularly Hillel and Shamai [and their respective followings, A grotesque caricature is crafted - and then carefully nur-
noted above], and its elaboration by the Tannaim (~high level tured - by the Church
sages) of the 1st and 2nd century, particularly Akiva [noted
above]… final compilation by Rabbi Yehudah Hanassi - Rab- One can practically visualize the diabolical Image as one
bi Judah, The Prince] reads this… tail optional.

Thunderation! The Mishnah is redacted by Yehuda ha-Nassi note paraphrase, then text: (from John 13)And when Jesus
~200 CE period had given Judas the bread to designate him (Judas) to go and
reveal Jesus’s identity to Jesus’s enemies, “Satan entered
….Rabbi Judah the Prince….b. 135 CE; dies 219 CE…in unto him (Judas)”
Eretz Israel primarily in the 179-219 CE period…Rav Ye-
huda ha-Nassi is referred to as “REBBE” and as “Rabbeinu So, “Satan entered into him (Judas).”
ha-Kodesh”… was the son of Rebbe Gamliel II… and his life The quintissential literary assassination of all-time.
was intertwined, according to lore, with that of Roman ruler
Marcus Aurelius… so, according to Saint John,
Jesus designates Judas to go to his enemies; Then, notwith-
The Amoraim Period 220 - 500 CE: standing the fact that Jesus is driving this saga, “Satan en-
tered” Judas. Hmmm…
The amoraim - the rabbis of the Talmud - redact the Mishnah
(of the tannaim) noted above. Jesus DESIGNATES; then Satan ENTERS Judas… And, of
course, Judas is positioned to represent the Jews…so, ac-
Constantine (272-337 CE) morphs into a ‘force multiplier’ cording to the Gospel-Imagery-Construct, the Devil entered
for Christianity, in general - but also for the Canon Gospels, the Jews
in particular. And the Canon Gospels carried within their cor-
pus their intense toxicity towards the array of Jewish icons Very sweet.
laced through their pages.
But actions - including demonization gambits - have conse-
As noted, the Gospels trash an array of Jewish icons. As the quences
Gospel series moves forward, they all more-or-less all paint
the same brush-strokes re: the Jews - Watch, now, the black smoke slowly curling-up skyward
from the so-tall brick chimney of the Auschwitz cremato-
diabolical/ sinister/ money-obsessed/ betraying/ murderous/ ria…millions murdered
conspiratorial / bloody-handed / Christ-killer

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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Do not pay attention to the screams… The progenitors of Monotheism, and the receivers of the Ten
Commandments at Mt. Sinai, would now be cast to the very
Do not pay attention to their pain and agony periphery and depths of European society, at best. At worst,
they faced terrible suffering and deaths. For sure, they faced
for John has said.. “The Devil entered him (Judas)” unrelenting opprobrium.

This conjured diabolical IMAGE (constructed to represent Now, once any group is stigmatized and cast or pigeon-holed
the Jews) will permeate the consciousness of Christendom, in as demonic or sub-human, ‘bad things start happening to
general, and Greater Europe, in particular, for the centuries to good people’ - steadily and inexorably. Any group less tena-
come. “Passion Plays” and “Passions of the Christ” movies cious and resilient than the Jews, would probably have be-
would re-package and re-play - re-enforce - and re-embed - come totally unhinged many times over as a consequence.
the Imagery into the consciousness of Greater Europe The discriminations, defamations, persecutions, houndings,
expulsions and killings would, indeed, prove relentless.
The incendiary and pervasive destructive power of this le-
thal conjured IMAGE - projected by the Gospels into both Demonization tends to be a self-fulfilling slander. As the dig-
the conscious and subconscious - will take on a life-of-its- nity, civil rights, means-to-livelihood, self-esteem, and inter-
own. Impressionable European youths will be primed over- related self-confidence of the target-group are increasingly
the-centuries for a lifetime of negativity towards Jews. At-a- stripped-away, the fabric of the target-group will generally
minimum, wariness or ill-will; At-a-maximum, hostility or tend to become ‘undone’. The group will tend to become
outright hatred, and mass murder. more insular. It may be forced ‘on-the-run’ with all the mul-
titude of trauma and problems which that entails. It will then
Diabolical Imagery will be passed-on father-to-son, genera- become increasingly easier and easier - and indeed, self-ful-
tion-to-generation. It will become part of the culture itself. filling - to ‘make-the-case’ that ‘they are not like us’.

The Jews - heirs to the legacy of Abraham, Moses, King Da- If, however, notwithstanding the unrelenting assaults, the
vid and King Solomon - would be demonized, trashed and target group is still unbowed, its members are attacked as
then cast as sub-human. They would be an object of manu- ‘elitist’ and ‘arrogant’. And, of course, ‘insular’.
factured hatred of the highest intensity.
Once the integrity and credibility of an individual or a group
This pervasive virulent hatred would figuratively and liter- is undermined, members of the group have to work ‘twice-
ally fling the Jews from the peaks of Mt. Sinai - to the ovens as-hard in life’ just to survive. Once their basic humanity,
of Auschwitz and the blood-soaked muck-depths of the Babi decency and legitimacy is challenged, the situation becomes
Yar ravine. ‘problematic’. Survival itself is threatened on an ongoing ba-
sis, let alone dignity and livelihood - and advance.
The Jews ( those who remained alive, that is) would (almost,
almost) forget who they once were. A low-level ‘bonfire of hate’ is lit - and maintained for centu-
ries. Any clever demagogue or tyrant can readily stoke-the-

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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fire and bring it to “full flame”. The demagogue can whip-up ‘blood theme’ is continued a few sentences later in Matthew
the very lowest stratum of society against the target group, in verse 27:25. ‘All the (presumably Jewish) people (alleg-
meaning, in this case, the Jews. Hate and fear are highly con- edly) answered, “His (Jesus’s) blood be on us and on our
tagious. Love spreads slowly; Hate, rapidly. And the dema- children” …
gogue or institutional power can ride-to-power on that wave
of hate. Once power has been accrued by the hate-monger, a So fine.
survey of his constituency will find it receptive to ongoing [Sorry, Jewish children… Life is unfair]
tribulations, if not worse, for the target group. After all, that
was a key raison d’etre of the particular movement in the But, respectfully, the two grotesque caricatures of Judas con-
very first place. That is a charter pillar of this little ‘club’. tradict…
And, of course - Hate unifies.
Is Judas the FIRST caricature - the slimy money-grubbing
The hate-mongering can be crude and ‘from the streets’ - betrayer-for-silver?
or subtle and from ‘the palace’. Either way, the result is the or
same: Power to the demonizer; Suffering to the target group. Is Judas the SECOND caricature - the diabolical-blood-
drencher - who immediately throws the silver back- and
For seventeen centuries subsequent to Constantine, the Jews somehow metaphysically drenches the Jews in some sort of
- who in 66 CE had routed the vaunted Roman 12th Legion to ‘blood culpability’ for all-time ?
protect the honor of the Temple of Solomon, and the liberty
of the descendants of Abraham - will be cast as diabolical, Slimy-money-grubber or Diabolical-blood-drencher?
evil social pariahs in Greater Europe - and will both literally
and figuratively, ‘gasp for breath’. One - or the other - please

Note that in Matthew (c. 70-100 CE) - and in variations there- From the sequence-of-events, logically they cannot be both.
of in the other Gospels and related Early Christian texts - on
the first day of Passover, Judas (in 33 BCE) is first alleged Is Judas greedy for the SILVER - or is he rabid for
to have betrayed - for ‘thirty pieces of silver’ - the where- BLOOD?
abouts of Jesus - who had preached front-and-center at the
Temple court the day(s) prior… then moving along with this Please enlighten us - so we are aware of the ‘Demonization
pejorative portrayal of events, Judas, having repented (in the du jour’
Matthew version) ends up (in the Matthew account) alleg-
edly then throwing the same tainted silver right back into the Respectfully, the Demonizers cannot ‘have-it-both-ways’ -
Temple, (and in this Gospel only, hangs himself) whereupon (one would think)
the chief (Jewish) Priests and Jewish Elders then allegedly Gospel-writ or no Gospel-writ
purchase (a field to bury strangers in) - the ‘field of blood’ (
Matthew 27: 8 ) - since the (alleged) silver is (now, also al- For, Judas cannot have simultaneously both -
legedly ) ‘the price of blood’( Matthew 27:6 ) The incendiary # kept the silver

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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and Roman garrison
# immediately thrown-back the silver headquartered at the edge of the Temple colonnades

Very confusing. Jesus is quite ‘Front-and-Center’

Very confusing to follow this symbolic character assassina- But then, magically, assorted Jewish icons are fingeredby the
tion of Judas, i.e. the Jews. gospels- as having ‘betrayed’ the location of Jesus…..

Pray tell, Meaning, as having betrayed the locale of the ‘Front-and-

Center’ Jesus, with 12 disciples in-tow
Is it “thirty pieces of silver” or thirty litres of blood ?
Assorted diabolical ‘betrayal & handover actions’ are as-
The Jewish children of Europe, Centuries #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, cribed to sundry Jewish icons
#8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, and
#20, consigned by-the-Church to lifetimes of denigration, do But there is a fatal contradiction here…
wish to know:
Either one or the other:
Are they-
slimy-money-grubbing or diabolical-blood-drenching? If Jesus (with 12 disciples in-tow) caused a 3-day-uproar
in the Temple Courtyard, his whereabouts would be clearly
From which direction, should the Jewish kids defend? widely known;
If the whereabouts of Jesus and his 12 disciples were not
Even grotesque Demonizations need at least a ‘fig-leaf’ of widely known, he could not have possibly just-previously
veracity…one-would-think… made a 3-day commotion under the very noses of the hyper-
controlling Romans in the epicenter of Jerusalem.
But, of course, these were the ‘gospel truth’ Canon Gospels
Respectfully, even the Gospels cannot have it both ways…
— forever

A parallel ‘contradictory-setup’ was also Thus, respectfully, the basic foundation upon which the unre-
in-place vis a’ vis the knowledge of the whereabouts of Jesus lenting Jew-bashing plays out, is structurally unhinged. The
in Jerusalem ‘foundation beams’ of the entire ‘betrayal’ construct simply
do not fit together.
Much attention is given in Christian lore and in the Gospels
themselves to the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem The time-venerated ‘betrayal gambit” is, respectfully, a non-
- and to the subsequent uproar Jesus caused in the Temple starter
Court, perhaps 3-days-running, under the very eyes of the

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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—- and basically representing the “Forces of Light”, the Jews
are painted, icon after icon, as diabolical and sinister, and
Moving-right-along, the blood demonization motifs, in any basically as representing, the “Forces of Darkness”.
event, will layer-onto the demonization Imagery of the first
two alleged vignettes (Sanhedrin, Judas)… Light vs. Darkness

However, aside from the somewhat amorphous demonization Good vs. Evil
motifs of ‘blood money’, ‘blood & betrayal’, etc. , there is
now a new “ticking time bomb”: the BLOOD LIBEL.The Saint vs. Sinner
‘blood & betrayal’ theme will be embellished-upon. This
‘BLOOD LIBEL’ Virgin purity v. Diabolical corruptness
‘ticking-time-bomb’ will finally explode in full fury in the
12th century, first in the William of Norwich case, where- Redemption vs. Damnation
upon all the Jews of Norwich, England were slaughtered; The
incendiary libel will then continue thereafter, exploding in- Angelic vs. Demonic
termittently through the centuries: through the 20th century
Beilis Trial in Russia and the Kielce pogrom in Poland - and Godly vs. Satanic
even into Jewish communities in Syria and beyond.
Selfless vs. Greedy
The Jews are not ‘into” blood. There are severe and tough
Biblical and Rabbinic restrictions proscribimg Jews from Pure vs. Impure
blood. But, the facts are not allowed to interfere with the li-
bels. No stone - or theme - is left unturned.

(see Search-Engine keywords: blood libel against Jews). The facts are not allowed to interfere with the Demoniza-
The amalgam of the inter-related - and almost unrelenting
- defamations and diabolical imagery will achieve critical de- Judaism most certainly allows the healing-of-the-sick on
structive mass. And will feed upon itself. Shabbat, and most certainly in-the-synagogue, but the Jews
of Mark’s synagogue (Mark 3:4) are castigated for their al-
The writers of the gospels will stitch-onto their writings vari- leged ”hardness of their hearts” (Mark 3:5) that they ( the
ous grotesque caricatures of sundry Jewish icons and figura- Jews, allegedly) might “accuse him (Jesus)” - and are then
tive representatives, and then later proclaim these trashings demonized for allegedly plotting to “destroy him” over the
as ‘Holy Writ’. Aside from the direct defamation of the Jews, healing.
these defamations will drive a moral wedge between Jesus “Destroy Jesus” over the healing?
and the Jews, his root-nation. While Jesus is portrayed as of Why should the Jews destroy Jesus over the healing ?
Immaculate Conception and all-purity-and-saintly attributes Healing is a Divine imperative for the Jews - including on

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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the Sabbath. Only ‘law’.
There is indeed a specific imperative that ‘Pikuach nefesh
docheh shabbos’ - that one is definitely permitted to even vio- Read John 1:17 - and weep.
late other Sabbath prohibitions to save a life…
And if the healing is in the synagogue itself, there is certainly A simple - but lethal - stratagem.
a clear imperative to effect the healing.
BLACKEN-the-Jews from every conceivable angle. And
Mark is in a rush to show that Jewish law is insensitive. But to UNDERMINE everything about them. From days past - to
do so, he must invert Jewish law. He must turn it inside-out. days future.

A sub-motif of the gospels is that ‘LAW’ (of Moses) is inher- The Church will “make the sale”. Over and over again.
ently trumped by ‘LOVE’. The Jews, however, believe that
the two ( LAW - and LOVE ) live side-by-side, with both “Buy-into our package; Support our team; because we’re
imperatives - Law - and Love/Sensitivity - finding an entente. the Forces of Light against those quite diabolical Forces-of-
Judaism does believe that Love carries with it, Responsibil- Darkness Jews”.
ity. Judaism would plead gulty to that charge.
First ‘setting the stage’ subtly, then ratcheting-up the tem-
Respectfully, it is only if one distorts Jewish Law, that can perature.
one trumpet ‘insensitvity’.
Church hierarchies will employ the same deadly, but politi-
Unfortunately, in the gospels, Judaism is painted and carica- cally useful, stratagem in-parallel. Church sermons. Parochi-
tured icon-by-icon in far worse imagery than in the “Syna- al school. Sunday school. School plays. Bedtime stories.
gogue-healing mini-saga’; It is painted in the brushstrokes of All hiding behind the ‘holiness’ of the Gospels.
‘the hellish and hell’. While Christianity is painted - icon-by-
icon - in the brushstrokes of ‘the heavenly and celestial’. And A tiny, almost miniscule minority in a sea of Christianity,
as victim - of the diabolical & evil ( Jews). averse to stepping-into a church or plowing through Gospel
texts, the Jews will not even fully grasp the depth, breadth or
Christian theology, dogma, and light culture will methodi- intensity of the lethal campaign being waged against them
cally aggressively paint the Jew -the torch-bearer of the Ten unrelentingly and on multiple levels. A full-scale multi-lay-
Commandment - as the total antithesis of everything and any- ered Image Demonization war is being waged against them.
thing positive and redemptive. Directed and orchestrated by the highest echelons. Playing
the same themes, but with just slightly different melodies,
“For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came country-after-country, text-after-text, polemic-after-polemic,
by Jesus Christ.” year-after-year, decade-after-decade, century-after-century.
(John 1:17) From the Gospels. From the pulpit. From school text book.
Through Story Tale and crude tales. The Jews ‘do not stand a
So, Moses, according to Saint John, alas, was not quite ’truth’. prayer’. They will be numbed and decimated by the intermi-

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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nable and unrelenting onslaughts - psychological, verbal and The very Early Christians (~30 CE up until John) are attempt-
physical. The Church will hold itself morally innocent and ing to recruit the Jews to this Jews-for-Jesus movement, and,
pure, while the mob subsequently gang-rapes the Jewish 16 Jesus himself, is, of course, Jewish. The Early Christians will
year old school girl….and while the Church metaphorically not directly demonize the Jews per se. However, a transition
gang-rapes an entire people. takes place over time, where a new religion, a new testament
is being heralded.
A demonic (Jewish) ‘straw man’ is manufactured by the
Church: A grotesque caricature, as noted. “The demonic Thus, a fine line is walked, at least initially: Trash the Jewish
Jew”. The Church can then ‘campaign against’ this manufac- icons, not the Jewish nation per se. A very wide spectrum of
tured ‘straw man’. The Church can ‘rail-against’ this manu- key Jewish icons will be unrelentingly trashed and demon-
factured diabolical ‘straw man’ from Gospel and from pulpit. ized. Trash a wide-enough spectrum of a nation’s icons, and
It can ‘campaign’ against this conjured evil mirage, which the you’ve effectively trashed the nation - while your ‘hands are
Church has itself, of course, fabricated. clean’. Almost.

The Church can focus all potential anger (of the masses) Later, with the Gospels of Matthew and John, and then still
towards this conjured mirage. It can ‘rally support’ against later, with the conversion of Roman Emperor Constantine
this conjured mirage. The strategy will prove extraordinarily to Christianity (312 CE), there will be a convergence of in-
‘effective’ over the centuries in consolidating and advancing terests between Rome and its Church to actively politically
the power of the Church. Of course, millions of those Jew- crucify the Jews as a whole. Jewish history, particularly after
ish children condemned by Matthew’s pen will be degraded, Constantine converts, will pivot
denigrated and persecuted, if not also tortured and murdered, (i.e. further implode) as a consequence of its now institution-
in the process. alized ongoing vilification by the Canon Gospels, now dis-
seminated with the full governmental and economic power
The Church’s power will be strengthened on several levels of the Christianized Roman Empire. The Jews are now in a
- as the Jews are positioned as the focus of hatred and ire. murderous vise.
Schematically, ‘Jesus will be hijacked by the Church’ to pro-
mote and foster hate against the Jews. Millions of Jews - the An invisible stratagem is being concretized in-place against
nation of Christianity’s own progenitor - will de facto be is- them. Few Jewish families in Europe will not, over the cen-
sued Death Warrants by the Church, as the Church relentless- turies to come, bury-their-dead prematurely, as a direct con-
ly pursues the consolidation and expansion of its temporal sequence.
power prerogatives.
At this 4th century (Constantine) point-in-time, a still-addi-
Initially (~33 CE - ~100 CE) Judaism per se (as opposed to tional lethal and diabolical theme is layered-on: (Christian)
its icons) will not be openly vilified, until Matthew and John “Theological Anti-Semitism”: With the Jews increasingly
(c. 90-110 CE). But these two incendiary gospels are 50% of persecuted and suffering, the updated Christian theological
the later-to-be canonized gospels. line is not that persecution of the Jews is bad, but, rather, that
Jewish persecution is ’self-inflicted Divine ‘punishment’ for

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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purported ‘deicide’ (the death of Jesus)…… ‘So, don’t blame Now, re-engineering history to ‘blame-the-Jews’ might
the Church (for hate-mongering and inciting-to-murder)… achieve some limited traction, but the Cross was, after all,
.’Clearly, the suffering of the Jews must be Divine Will.’ a Roman symbol and execution instrument. And the masses
of the Roman Empire were more attuned to Imagery than the
This approach, although packaged in theological terms, falls nuances of political history.
into the time-honored genre of ‘blame the victim’. And the Image of Jesus nailed to the Roman cross was, after
all, already widely disseminated.
Now, clearly, Rome, the new patron of Christianity, (~330
CE) was the entity which killed Jesus in-the-first-place (33 However, if ‘Demonization of the Jews’ could be layered-on
CE). This is undisputed. This is a big problem for Rome, to the historical-record-tampering, complete with diabolical
which is now encouraging the millions of denizens of the and sinister Imagery, the animus of the masses towards the
empire to adopt Christianity. How are the masses to respond Jews, could indeed potentially be ratcheted above a quantum
to (or take seriously) an Empire which killed its own Deity? level above any animus towards Rome. Thus, both Rome and
However, the ‘blame the Jews’ and ‘brand the Jews’ approach the Christian hierarchy, now newly connected-at-the-hip, had
would ‘solve’ many moral and political problems for the Ro- a confluence-of-interests to more aggressively promulgate
man hierarchy. It would actually attempt to emotionally dis- the demonization of the Jews. And then implant this toxic
tance Rome from the killing of its newly adopted GOD, by Imagery deep in the consciousness of Christendom and the
focusing rage towards the Jews, as the arch-villain of the his- Roman Empire. This objective was apparently pretty high on
torical saga. In addition, any persecution of the Jews, always the ‘To Do List’… for the next several centuries… and the
presumably an amorphous threat in any event, would thus de objectives were essentially achieved.
facto be legitimized.
The Jews of Greater Europe were now politically naked
Let’s not let any decency interfere with the plans here… and de facto under permanent siege. They were trapped in
a diabolical and lethal killing ground encompassing all of
Thus, initially in Centuries 1-3, the Jews are demonized to Europe… A proud, talented, industrious and spiritual people
create a chasm between them and Jesus vis a’ vis potential would, step-by-vicious-step, be ushered straight into Dante’s
converts; After Constantine the Jews are demonized with an Inferno.
even greater vengeance, to make absolutely, positively sure
that any anger regarding the crucifixion of Jesus, be deflected Rome, at the time of Jesus (early 1st century) several hun-
from Rome, and directed unequivocally towards the Jews. dred years prior, had controlled Judea and the entire police
For several thousand years or so…. apparatus and the entire crucifixion process. However, post-
Constantine, Rome was certainly not about to be the entity
Constantine’s ideological heirs controlled the organs of the held accountable for the death of Jesus; Deflect the blame.
empire. At the same time, the Jews, once the elite denizens Convict & sentence those First century Jews - retroactively.
of the proud and independent Temple State of Judea, were Then, funnel, and if necessary, unleash, Europe’s fury at the
now a tiny and dispersed minority in Constantine’s vast geo- contemporary Jews.
political turf.

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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In tandem, anti-Semitic persecution of any stripe would be “Hiding in plain sight.”
explained away, if not exculpated, under the protection of
the mantra - ‘Divine punishment of the killers of GOD’. The The ‘well’ had indeed been ‘poisoned’.
Jews are thus, first DEMONIZED by the Church. Then, their But not by the Jews - and not with classic poison.
consequent persecution and related, is theologically JUSTI- The “wells of Europe”of the Dark Ages had been poisoned
FIED by the Church. This double-barreled-motif is the over- by clerics - and with ’hatred’.
riding historical context for the next 17 centuries of (frighten- And all of Europe would drink of its toxic waters.
ing) Jewish history.
Demonic imagery - resonates. It resonates consciously and
It is necessary to understand the underlying context, however unconsciously. It is a toxic bonfire - only waiting to be lit by
uncomfortable for many concerned, in order to understand the next pyromaniac.
Jewish history - or Western history - subsequent. The Canon
Gospels are a taboo subject to challenge. But, respectfully, Exposed to a subtle and not-so-subtle torrent of anti-Semitic
millions of Jewish children and adults have been murdered demonizations-of-the-Jews from infancy, in Church, Sunday
as a consequence of the vilifications therein, a million Jewish School and by Story (Demonic) Tale, the Catholic child by
children in the 1940s alone. age 14 will have a demonic IMAGE of the Jew well-embed-
ded permanently in both his consciousness and subconscious.
There would be no “loaves of bread” or “flasks of wine” for He will then carry the embedded demonic Imagery with him
these children. his entire lifetime. He may forget the precise particulars, but
Another fate, far darker, would be bequeathed to them. the demonic IMAGE will be there.

Anti-Semitism, and the consequent unrelenting demonization No aspect of Jewish life, from cradle to grave, would be un-
and persecution of a miniscule minority over the subsequent touched by the toxic Imagery and the toxic context. A Jewish
seventeen hundred year stretch-of-history post-Constantine - individual would face one obstacle after another in navigat-
across Europe and Euro-Russia, is not some mysterious dark ing through life. Indeed, no Jewish life in Greater Europe
phenomenon. would thereafter be safe.

Demonized - and grotesquely caricatured - by the Church, the To encapsulate, four highly-charged vignettes, in particular,
Jews, were now an instutionally-sanctioned target across the will be employed by the Canon Gospels to effectively de-
far reaches of Greater Europe. Young or old; Rich 0r poor; monize the Jews:
Religious or secular; the malcontents of Europe would even-
tually home-in on them. (1) An alleged Sanhedrin Trial & conviction of Jesus…and
alleged handover to Rome - casting the Jews as confederates
The ‘paper trail’ of the demonization is in all public libraries in the execution of Jesus.
and churches. And quite-a-few hotel rooms.
The ‘smoking gun’ is not concealed; It is bound and out-in- (2) An alleged betrayal by (an asserted disciple of the name)
the-open. Judas for ‘30 pieces of silver’ - to reveal Jesus’s whereabouts

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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- so the Jewish Priests can allegedly hand over Jesus to the acutely aware of the lethal dynamics here. Their robes are
Romans - casting the Jews as betrayers of Jesus and painting- scarlet - and their hands are scarlet. Shall I repeat?
the-Jews as money-grubbers.
Wikipedia Dec 8, 2007:
(3) An alleged key role in all-of-the-above for Caiaphas, Ro- Scarlet (color)
man lackey - and ‘High Priest’ of the Jews. In the Roman Catholic Church, scarlet robes - symbolizing
the color of arterial blood - are worn by Cardinals as a sym-
(4) An alleged purchase by the Jewish Elders and Priests- bol of their willingness to defend their faith “unto the shed-
with the same’30 pieces of silver’ (now, allegedly immedi- ding of (their own) blood”
ately returned by the same allegedly money-grubbing Judas)
- of an alleged ‘Field of Blood’ - casting the Jews into some Respectfully, the word(s) in parenthesis should be
sort of bizarr blood-association with the crucifixion… for all- (Jewish)
meaning, the Wikipedia entry should read
[Note, as well, that the formerly allegedly money-crazed Judas “………………as a symbol of their willingness to defend
has apparently thrown the silver right back into the Temple Court their faith “unto the
(being, alas, apparently, not so money-crazed, after all.] shedding of (Jewish) blood.”

All four vignettes have been discredited. The Church will call the four key allegations noted above
- ‘history’, “Holy Writ of saints, and ”immutable”,
Cumulatively, the four alleged vignettes demonize with over- irrespective of “where the chips ( i.e. Jewish bodies) may
lapping dark themes: fall”

Sinister / Corrupt / Conspiratorial / Money-crazed / Diaboli- although:

cal / “Blood Money” / Demonic / Christ-killer i.e. Christian
GOD-Killer. # Fraught with internal inconsistencies and contradictions;

“Character assassination” of an entire people. # Penned decades after-the-fact;

These intertwined four Gospel vignettes alone, will perma- # Penned without any corroboration; and
nently put the lives, property and dignity of Jews at high-
risk….The vignette-constructs will effectively ‘set up’ the # Presented with thoroughly amorphous and contradictory
Jews as ‘fair game’ in the eyes of the masses. chronology

The Church top echelon, and specifically the ongoing Col- and time-inconsistency.
lege of Cardinals (an institution uninterrupted since 1056) -
masters of Imagery for a 1,000 years - have always been quite # Clearly “incendiary”

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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Others will call these vignettes simply coarse, vitriolic hate-lit- There would be a convergence of interests by the Roman
erature (dressed-up in fancy prose - and as alleged history). Empire and by Christendom, which were now inter-locked,
to demonize the Jews, a tiny and miniscule minority barely
The Church will figuratively douse and drench the Jews with hitting the radar. It would consequently be ‘politically cor-
virulent toxic- imagery-kerosene; And all that it will take lat- rect’, ‘socially correct’, and ‘theologically correct’ to de-
ter-day demagogues to create a conflagration, will be to light- monize the Jews. This would not be lost on any two-bit rac-
a-match of incitement. ist or big-shot-demagogue. Hate “was-in-the-air”. The Jews
were a tiny and vulnerable minority. The concept “Tyranny
Inferno after inferno will be created; Cathedral after cathe- of the Majority” would morph to a totally new lethal dimen-
dral will be inaugurated; The Church’s power will be con- sion “The majority’s demonization and persecution of a tiny
solidated. Grace. minority”. The Jews of Greater Europe were the target - and
the Jews of Greater Europe were on a vector towards death.
Millions (of Jews) will suffer terribly and will die terrible
deaths as a consequence. A climate of hatred and contempt towards the Jews, a tiny
minority, was fostered.
Combine -
The ‘pump of hatred’ is primed.
a) The wall-to-wall vilification of Jewish icons (by the Canon
Gospels 68-110 CE). On an ongoing-basis - for centuries ongoing - the Church de
facto ‘incited-to-riot’ -
b) The morphing of the Roman Empire to Christendom (313
CE and onwards) Every last misfit in Europe was given a focus for his twisted
anger, and a legitimacy to abuse and torment the Jews, for
and starters.

c) Theological anti-Semitism: the “Perpetual punishment” The list of Church-directed or inspired discriminations and
theme: the wide dissemination of the theme promulgated by persecutions of the Jews is voluminous and long.
Church Father Eusebius of Caesarea (in 325 CE) that the Jews
are perpetually guilty and consequently perpetually punished [see]
for rejecting Christianity and/or allegedly conspiring to have
Jesus killed by the Romans. The list of vicissitudes which, as a consequence, fanned-out
beyond Europe over-the-centuries, is not short, either…
d) Christianity’s interest in de-legitimizing the Jews.
The original demonizations remain intact to-this-day in the
e) Rome’s interest in deflecting anger for the Crucifixion of Canon Gospels. Meaning, the ‘kindling wood’ of hatred to-
Jesus - to the Jews wards the Jews remains intact and still burning…
- and Greater Europe is transformed into one large “killing
field” of the Jews… for the centuries to come.

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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All Jewish history, post-Gospels/Constantine/Augustine up ful sistine Chapel frescoes, and beautiful Vatican pomp and
through the Holocaust, will essentially be contending with pageantry, respectfully, do not exculpate an institution from
the demonizations by the Gospels and related Church machi- acting with decency.
nations. The Jews may not have paid much attention to the
Gospels, and if they did, may not have taken these Gospel “Crimes against humanity” can take many forms.
vignettes all that seriously, but the masses of Greater Europe
have taken the Imagery quite seriously. Deadly seriously. An undercurrent of venom towards the Jews was created and
nurtured by the Church over the centuries. This toxic under-
Like the mythological Roman god JANUS, the Catholic current would flow around the world. Any hate-pretext which
Church would have two opposite faces: achieved even limited traction, would be able to unleash its
pent-up toxins.
LOVE THY BROTHER - as an exemplar - regarding non-
Jews. Thus, the Church will - undr the cover of the Gospels - fos-
ter anti-Semitism through the venomous Imagery which it
HATE THY BROTHER - as an exemplar - regarding the promulgates on a daily basis worldwide. Then, when anti-
Jews. Semitic incidents or discriminations or mass murders unfold,
the Church will posture:
The face of LOVE - to non-Jews.
Pre-Holocaust, the Church will de facto “shrug” : “The Jews
The face of HATE - towards the Jews. as victim; What can one expect?”

Theologically ‘justified’, of course. Post-Holocaust, the Church will “wring-its-hands”. “The

The ultimate betrayal - of Jesus’s teachings - and of abso- Nazis as ‘bad guys’; What can one expect?”
lutely everything Jesus was all about, to begin with. Not to
mention the targeting of Jesus’s “mother nation”. “Demonize” in private to the Christian audience;
“Posture” in public to the world audience.
The Church would meticulously paint its celestial Sistine
Chapel frescos, while it simultaneously painted a very lethal “Demonize”, then “Posture”
Imagery-caricature of the Jews. Through Demonization, Im-
agery and suggestive, if not explicit oratory, it de facto gave This will be the Church’s m.o. (modus operandi) for seven-
the ‘green light’ to the mob to commit atrocity. Ongoing. teen centuries. Period.
Intermittently, for seventeen hundred years, right through
the mid-20th century. Plain-and-simple. The masses had the The Church figuratively provides the gunpowder to the mis-
Church’s imprimatur to wink, if not to participate. And, in- fits and thugs of Europe; Then when the thugs ‘pull the trig-
deed, the masses would do both. ger’, the Church ‘postures’.

Beautiful cathedrals, and beautiful church music and beaut- The Church first conjures-up a grotesque caricature of the

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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Jew, then actively and aggressively promulgates and dis- But now, 22 months later, late in 1944, she is quite, quite
seminates this caricature for seventeen centuries around the alone - and quite, quite terrified. After a nightmare 90-hour
world; Then when the Nazis ‘take-the-bait’, and torture and wretched Death Train freight-car-horror-ride packed with
mass-murder millions, (with the Nazi Death Camps placed, 250 other former members of Jewish society jammed into
not in Germany, but in heavily anti-Semitic Poland) the the same Nazi freight car, with basically no food or sanita-
Church self-righteously ‘wrings-its-hands’… ”How terrible tion, a noxious, catastrophic, hellish death ride. Rachel Tan-
those Nazis were… they are not Christian” nenbaum, is now on the final stages of a torture-vector to
hell. ‘Greeted’ at 3am in the 0 degrees centigrade cold, upon
And, post-Holocaust, with hard core anti-Semitism now (at the sliding-open of the freight-car doors at the Auschwitz
least temporarily) out-of-vogue post-Hitler, the Church will Death Camp fright-train disgorgement platform, by howling
not actually significantly change the demonization gambits German Shepherds and Nazi Storm Trooper hand search-
sprinkled through its culture, but will ever-so-nobly suggest a lights, Rachel Tannenbaum has now entered the epicenter
new theme… ‘Dialogue’… Dialogue with ‘our brothers’ (the of a parallel universe - the ‘Kingdom of Death’. Her sib-
remnants of) the Jews…. lings are missing; Her parents are dead from the train “ride”.
All she has, clutched-in-her-left-hand, is her dad’s small
“Demonize”, then “Dialogue” pocket-watch, which she salvaged from the horror-carnage
inside the freight train. Coated in grime, among other ter-
The Church may feel it has some unique mandate from Heav- rible humiliations, Rachel Tannenbaum is now forced into a
en to demonize a group when it is politically convenient to huge cement-block building to disrobe the remnants of her
do so, to play ‘silent partner’ in the meat-grinder it put the now human-soiled clothes…Then ‘ushered’ by guards into
Jews through for 17 centuries, but, respectfully, as a random a 500-person freezing ’shower room’; But the foul-smelling
single example of just one of the millions of victims of this heavy disinfectant coating all-around makes-it-clear that this
little gambit, focus through a time lens into the Auschwitz is, after all, the notorious Nazi Gas Chamber, no longer a
Gas Chamber in December 1944, ……….. surreal nightmare but a real and heavily noxious Nightmare.
Parents gone, Siblings gone, Dignity gone. Hope now gone.
focus on just one single person…… Spirit destroyed. Naked and alone and desperately clutch-
ing the small pocket-watch. Shivering. Humiliated. Starv-
Focus on a now quite-alone-in-the-world, humiliated Jew- ing. Alone. Alone….among hundreds of other terrified and
ish eight-year-old girl, brown-haired, blue-eyed Rachel Tan- trembling still-barely-alive females. Now, all painfully and
nenbaum - originally of an upper-middle-class cosmopolitan quite slowly and quite, quite horribly asphyxiating to death
Budapest, Hungary household complete with Friday Night on the hydrogen cyanide gas from the Zyklon B pellets be-
Sabbath white-linen-on-the-polished-wood dining table and ing dropped-into the ’shower’ chamber. Surrounded by hun-
silver candlesticks for the lit Sabbath Candles….22 months dreds of frantic, screaming, vomiting and terrified other girls
prior pulled-out of her 1st grade classes. Then, 22 months and their naked trembling mothers…the dead and the dying
ago, she had two fine parents, 1 older brother and 1 younger now piling-up on each other’s agonizing bodies in-their-
sister. death-throes….actually creating a writhing pile-up - of the
dead and the near-dead - against the bolted metal door….. as

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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brown-haired 8-year-old Rachel Tannenbaum’s left hand fi-
nally releases its desperate grip, and drops the pocket-watch, [- for (platonically) preaching the incorporation of Judaism,
her blue veins slowly start exploding - and her lungs convuls- Christianity and Zoroasterism into one religion - to be known
ing - in November 1944 in Auschwitz’s Gas Chamber Num- as “Manichaeism”]
ber 2… Eight-year-old trembling Rachel, at this moment-in-
time, gasping-now for- her very final breaths, surrounded by Still another Jewish revolt - 351 CE - this directed against
the purplish-now, screaming near-dead, may have at-this- Roman Emperor Gallus Caesar (making it the 4th most sig-
point-in-time somewhat failed to discern the Church’s im- nificant recorded Jewish revolt against Rome)
mortal moral grandeur…and failed to appreciate all the very
fancy-footwork of the fancy Greek prose in the gospel-truth now, back to our little TimeLine…
Canon Gospels….
Thunderation! [Emperor] Constantine, Rome (300s CE)
Anti-Semitism: through the centuries: [Roman Emperor Constantine converts himself (312 CE)
and de facto converts the empire - and folds paganism into a
[See The Anguish of the Jews, by Edward H. Flannery, Mac- morphed Christianity… meaning that Rome converts to the
millan, New York, 1965 (Doctrinal) Imprimatur - Cardinal religion whose de facto progenitor it originally condemned
Spellman] and executed by crucifixion 300 years earlier]

see Search Engines - keywords: Thunderation! 358 CE Hillel II creates a mathematical cal-
endar for calculating the lunar months
anti-Semitism and the Church
Thunderation! Roman Emperor Julian 361 CE - 363 CE al-
anti-Semitism in the Gospels lows the Jews to return to Jerusalem - and gives permission
(not exercised by the Jews) to rebuild the Temple
the Church and the Jews
Thunderation! Augustine 354 CE - 430 CE
the Crusades and the Jews
[Baptized 386 CE … pillar of Catholic Church…]
Torquemada and the Jews, the Spanish Inquisition
Thunderation! 392 CE, Division of the Roman Empire by
The Goan Inquisition (in India via the Portuguese) Theodosius I

The Church and the Holocaust [Theodosius, Emperor of Rome, bequeaths

# the eastern half of the Roman Empire to his son Arcadius,
Thunderation! Mani is crucified in 276 CE by the Sassanids with its capital in Constantinople, and
(in Mesopotamia) # the western half of the empire to his son Honorius, with its

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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capital in Milan, and later Ravenna] [540 CE Bubonic Plague rampages throughout Justinian’s
[410 CE Rome is sacked by Alaric, King of the Visigoths]
- (a/k/a Justinian’s Plague) and surrounding Europe… in
[455 CE Rome is sacked by Geiseric, King of the Vandals] many areas 50% succumb and die… estimates range up to
100 million dead…Jews often blamed - and often harassed
Fall of the Roman Empire (final death-throes): or persecuted or killed, as a consequence….a dire saga in
84 years later, 476 CE, is the year generally accepted as the Jewish history… ]
end of the (western) Roman Empire, which actually appar-
ently fell ultimately - after the multiple-sackings - more as a [Justinian suppresses all non-Christians, including the
political implosion over several decades. Jews… The Jews of Borium, who had politically challenged
his military policies, are forcibly converted]
527 CE Justinian from the Eastern Roman Empire attempts
to wrest control of major portions of the western empire, in- Thunderation! “Excalibur” - legendary sword - of legendary
cluding the re-conquest of Rome. King Arthur ( ~ Celtic) - in legendary Camelot - in real 5th-
6th century; also the name of a legendary jewel collection in
[Justinian commissions a uniform re-writing of Roman law, New York ..
529 CE, supervised by Tribonian 529-534 CE - and to be
known through-the-ages as “the Justinian Code” Corpus Ju- By 610 CE, the Eastern Roman Empire falls into the rule of
ris Civilis (Body of Civil Law)… the Greeks

It sounds majesterial, but unfortunately, it incorporates, as - and morphs into the (Middle Age) Byzantine Empire a/k/a
well, severe restrictions and discriminations against the Jews Romania or Basileia Romaion.
(’Servitus Judaeorum’). About two hundred years after the
Roman Empire began morphing to Christianity, anti-Judaism The Byzantines continue to call themselves Romans, how-
now gets enshrined into Roman Law itself. [ Precursor to the ever. This Byzantine-Greek-Roman Empire falls, in turn, to
Nuremberg Laws 1400 years in-the-future. ] the Ottoman Turks in 1453 CE, ~850 years later.
These now-codified discriminations, (”they shall enjoy no
honors”) would severely impact Jews throughout Europe for Consequently, start-to-finish, if one counts from the begin-
many hundreds of years….Among other abominations, us- ning of the Roman Republic in 510 BCE (centered in Rome)
ing Hebrew at all was forbidden and reciting the core-prayer to the very end (in 1453 CE) of the morphed eastern ‘Roman
the Shema (”Hear O, Israel, the Lord is our god, the Lord is Empire’ - the Byzantine-Greek-Roman Empire - (centered
One…”) was totally banned in particular…Among its more in Constantinople), we are talking about a ‘run’ of well over
machiavellian features: A Jew who converted to Christianity 2,000 years.
was entitled to inherit his or her father’s estate, to the exclu-
sion of the still-Jewish siblings. ] At its territorial peak, under Trajan in 116 CE, (~45 years
after Masada) Rome controlled approx. 2,300,000 square

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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Office of David Birnbaum: Office of David Birnbaum:
miles of land surface. As a frame-of-reference, modern-day ‘Si antem de veritas scandalum sumitur,
Italy is 116,000 square miles. utilus permittur nasci scandalum
quam veritas reliquatur’
Note that one year before his ‘division of the Roman Empire’,
the same Theodosius codified the legacy of Constantine, and *
made Christianity the official religion of the empire February
27, 380 CE. Though the Truth may be scandalous,
‘tis better to expose the scandal,
Dark Ages (a/k/a The Middle Ages) commence: 476 CE; than to abandon the Truth’
demarcated ending: 1,000 CE
This is the same Gregory who codified the pejorative version
Thunderation! Rome! 510 BCE > 476 CE of Mary Magdalene (i.e. the vilification that Mary Magda-
lene was a prostitute.
Fancy Roman-soldier uniforms, but brutality abroad; Fancy
buildings in Rome itself, but gory spectacles are the center- Jewish traditions, in the very rare cases where they encounter
piece of the ‘culture’ the issue, do not ‘buy-into’ the pejorative version. If anything,
they are intrigued by the female disciple Mary Magdalene. It
Ongoing brutality in Rome’s Colosseum/Circus (built in-part is unclear why Gregory et al. would wish to cast severe as-
by 20,000+ Jewish captives from Jerusalem, 70 CE)] persions on the (Christian-asserted) pre-eminent witness to
one of the two crucial miracle-pivots of Christendom, the
Thunderation! Shila Dynasty (57 BCE - 935 CE) Korean Gospel-asserted Resurrection (the other being the hard-to-
Peninsula] document ‘Immaculate Conception’)

[1000 year golden empire stressing peace, spirituality, and Thunderation! Mohammed! (570 CE – 632 CE)
learning, particularly during its 500 year zenith in the 400s-
900s CE, a/k/a Unified Shila Kingdom] The historic ‘Hegira’ of Mohammed from Mecca to Medina…

Thunderation! Savoraim 550 CE - 700 CE - the Jewish sages Mohammed, prophet of Islam, one of the most influential
of Persia religious and political/military leaders of all time…

- who fine-tuned the Talmud Bavli (the Babylonian Talmud) Thunderation! The Khazars establish a Jewish kingdom in
the 7th century
Thunderation! papacy of (Saint) Gregory the Great (c. 540
CE - 604 CE) [“The Khazars, a semi-nomadic Turkic people from Central
Asia…founded an independent Khaganate in the Northern
Caucasus along the Caspian Sea (southeastern part of Eu-
rope) where over time Judaism became the state religion.

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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At their height they and their tributaries controlled most of in a cycle of seven years 5 months. 5422 pages total (2711
what is today Southern Russia, western Kazakhstan, eastern SHEETS = dafim). Pages are complex and long. 130,000+
Ukraine, Azerbaijan, large portions of the Caucasus (includ- people worldwide currently (September 2006) participate in-
ing Dagestan, Georgia) and the Crimea” - Wikipedia 8/07] parallel in an ongoing synchronized endeavor. The Daf Yomi
‘calendar’ is available via Google search. The next official
Thunderation! Talmud Bavli (Babylonian Talmud) reaches culmination of the (7 year and 5 months) study cycle is Au-
present form c. 550 CE - 700 CE gust 2, 2012. Note that the cycle-commencement and struc-
ture were conceived and set by the organizers of the current
Rabbinics ‘Ravina’ and Rav Ashi play key roles in its final (international) program]
organization……The Talmud is a record of rabbinic discus-
sions and debates pertaining to Jewish law, ethics, customs Thunderation! 691 CE, Dome of the Rock completed (by
and history. The Talmud has two major components: the Mish- Caliph Abd al-Malik), Old City, Jerusalem
nah, which is the first written compendium of Judaism’s Oral
Law; and the (much more extensive) Gemara, a discussion of Thunderation! 700 CE, Chinese invent gunpowder…
the Mishnah and related Tannaic writings that often ventures
onto other subjects and expounds broadly on the Tanach ( they combined salpeter, sulphur and carbon to create the sub-
Torah-Neveim-Ketuvim i.e. the entire Jewish canon). stance… used primarily for fireworks initially…

The Gemara, in turn, is the basis for all codes of rabbinic law Thunderation! Battle of Tours, (Poitiers), France 732 CE
and is much quoted in other rabbinic literature. The whole
Talmud is traditionally also referred to as the SHAS (a He- [Frankish warlord Charles Martel (the Hammer’) turns
brew quasi-abbreviation of, the “six orders” of the Mish- back the Muslims (under the command of Abdul Raman Al
nah)… [Talmud Bavli is the same as Talmud Babli which, as Ghafiqi)]
noted prior, is the Babylonian Talmud]
[The appellation “the Hammer” echoes Judas Maccabeus…
The Talmud - as it reached its pre-commentary form in 700 Judah the Hammer, of 900 years prior]
CE - represented an approximately 1,000 year effort.
Thunderation! 793 CE, Vikings raid the British island mon-
As redaction and commentary have been added-on subse- astery of Lindisfarne
quently, as of the year 2,000, the Talmud & ongoing com-
mentary represent a 2,300 year continuous endeavor. [Marks the start of the ‘Viking Age’… particularly in the
British Isles… will tangle with the Franks, as well… under
Not unhinged by pogrom, plague, persecution, exile or com- the Viking Rollo will then take over the Normandy region
munal displacement. (northern France)… but several generations later, the Nor-
[Daf Yomi is daily regimen undertaken to study the entire man descendants of these Vikings, now speaking French
Talmud Bavli one daf (one SHEET, i.e. two actual pages), and identifying themselves as French, effect in 1066 CE the
one day at a time. On that daily basis, it can be completed watershed Norman Conquest (of England) and become the

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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ruling aristocracy of England… ruling England, whether in her will
fact, or later only by title, down through the centuries down [ but Divorce per se, after discussion and/or mediation re-
through contemporary Queen Elizabeth (and, yes, Princess mains
Di)… Thus the Vikings project across Europe and down thoroughly permissable]
through world history, albeit in morphed form. 3) A prohibition on reading the private mail of others

Thunderation! 800 CE, Charlemagne, (son of King Pepin His bans are considered binding on (Ashkenazic) Jewry to
the Short and grandson of Charles Martel)… 46-year reign this day.

… the Frankish conqueror of Italy, regarded by many as the …Mainz, Germany…a/k/a Rabbeinu Gershom M’Or Hago-
founding father of both France and Germany, and sometimes lah (Our teacher Gershom the light of the exile)….
referred to as the Father of Europe, crowned Emperor by Pope
Leo on Christmas Day… Christianizes Europe, including the his unilateral edicts are pretty unique in Jewish tradition…
Saxons, at the-point-of-the-sword… lore has it that he had 5 but by the force of his stature, his will has prevailed over-
wives, 20 children plus 5 mistresses… Charlemagne main- the-centuries…
tains a protective posture and consequent very close ties with
the Pope, significantly increasing the Church’s influence… Thunderation! Paper Money! printed in China, 1023 CE
His rule is associated with the Carolingian Renaissance, a
revival of the arts and education in the West. Thunderation! RASHI born 1040 CE, Troyes, France

Thunderation! GAONIM - Gaonic period, the earliest The pre-eminent Commentator;

Talmud commentaries (c. 750 CE - 1000 CE)
Over his 65 year lifespan, will write legendary and endur-
Thunderation! Saadia Gaon, b. Egypt, his zenith: ~928 CE ing Aramaic commentary on the Torah; on most of Neveim
(Prophets) and Ketuvim (Biblical Writings); as well as on
[Head of legendary Sura Academy in Babylonia; author of many most of the oft-studied tractates of the Talmud…
works, primarily in Arabic, including the philosophical classic
“Emunoth ve-De’oth” (roughly translated -Beliefs & Tenets… …a giant in Judaism
completes his Siddur - Jewish Prayer Book 940 CE]
Thunderation! Chinese invent Movable Type (CLAY)
Thunderation! ~1000 CE / Rabbinu Gershom Printing Press 1041 CE

Takkanot of Rabbeinu Gershom / The Legal Adjustments 1045 CE: Alfasi moves to Fes, Morocco
(into Orthodox Jewish Law) of Gershom ben Judah (c. 960
CE - ~1035 CE) Rabbi Isaac ben Jacob Alfasi….a/k/a Isaac Hakoen Alfasi…
1) A prohibition on polygamy a/k/a “The Rif”…( 1045 -1103 CE) authors Sefer ha-Hal-
2) A prohibition on summarily divorcing a woman against achot ( Book of Jewish Laws )… teacher of Rav Yehuda Ha-

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levi, author of the Kuzari [Authoritative Commentary on the Babylonian Talmud by a
school of French rabbis …generally presented in all gema-
Thunderation! 1048 CE Omar Khayyam born in Iran (Persia) ras (Talmud editions)….. complement the works of Rashi to
which they are linked on several levels].
… authors poetic work - the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam,
among other works …. distinguished mathematician… dies Thunderation! Abraham Ibn Daud, b. Toledo, Spain, Span-
1131 ish-Jewish astronomer, historian, and philosopher (1110 CE
- 1180 CE)
1054: “The Great Schism”: The major blocks of the East-
ern Orthodox Church split-off from Roman hegemony. Their [Philosophical work “Emunah Ramah” (The Sublime Faith);
center-of-gravity will be Constantinople. In 2007 there are religious tradition chronicle Sefer ha-Kabbalah (Book of
now about 250 million constituents total of 14-15 separate Tradition) plus others]
autocephalous hierarchal churches which recognize each oth-
er as “cannonical” Orhodox Christian churches. Combined Thunderation! Maimonides, 12th century
total constituents in the last half 2007: ~ 250,000,000.
Moses Maimonides….( a/k/a Maimuni ) …”the RAM-
CRUSADES commence 1095 CE……..widespread killings BAM”…. Spain, then Egypt (1138 CE - 1204 CE)
of Jews as a backdrop…
[A towering figure in Judaism; The Commentary on the
[Nine Crusades into the Middle East, with Jerusalem as the Mishnah (Perush HaMishnayot); The Book of Command-
penultimate target 1095 - 1291 CE] ments (Sefer HaMitzvot); Code of Jewish Law (Mishne To-
rah a/k/a Sefer Yad HaChazaka); The Guide to the Perplexed
Thunderation! Battle of Hastings, 1066 CE, Norman con- (Moreh Nivuchim); Letter to Yemen (Iggereth Teiman)…
quest of England Maimonides (and Aristotle) are later rigorously critiqued
in classic Or HaShem by Hasdai Crescas of Barcelona, late
[William the Conqueror (Norman) defeats King Harold II 1300s… who, in turn directly influenced Spinoza (Dutch,
(Saxon)]. 1600s)… (note: RAMBAM is acronym for Rabbi Moshe ben

Thunderation! Thomas a’ Becket, Archbishop of Canter-
1068 CE: Oxford College founded in England bury, assassinated December 1170 CE in Canterbury Cathe-
dral, England by knights allied with King Henry II
1099 CE: First Crusade captures Jerusalem … The “Latin
Kingdom of Jerusalem” begins [Formerly a very close political ally of Henry II, Becket,
upon becoming Archbishop in 1162 CE, shifts-gears and
Thunderation! TOSEFOT (1100s CE) France moved to dramatically increase Church rights, independence
and prerogatives vis a’ vis the Crown…..was canonized by

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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Pope Alexander in 1173, four years after his assassination…. Most Western history books treat the Magna Carta as an ep-
a year later (in 1174), at the “guidance” of the pope, Henry II ochal document…..
effects his famous ‘barefoot in the snow’ penance at Becket’s
tomb in Canterbury] Thunderation! Printing Press KOREA (c. 1250 CE)

Thunderation! Saladin conquers Jerusalem from Crusaders [Korean (Choe Yun-ui) invents IRON Movable Type Print-
(1187 CE); allows Jewish settlement ing Press in the East; Gutenberg of Germany ~1436 CE does
same 200 years later in the West… Gutenberg commences
Thunderation! the Samurai warriors emerge as the ruling with printing the Bible and achieves immortality (in the West,
class in Japan 1192 CE that is)… IRON movable-type defined the revolution]

[Beginning of the Shogunate; There were three Shogunates Thunderation! 1263 CE ‘The Disputation of Barcelona’
(Bakufu) in Japan: (Spain)
Kamakura 1192-1333 CE
In front of King James I of Aragon; between the monk Pablo
Muromachi 1338-1573 CE Christiani (a convert from Judaism) , and Rabbi Nachman-
ides (the Ramban). “ Wikipedia: “At the end of the disputa-
Edo (Tokugawa) 1602-1868 CE tion, the king awarded Nachmanides a monetary prize and
declared that never before had he heard ‘an unjust cause so
The Shogunate, (in parallel to many of the reigns of the Ro- nobly defended.’ Nevertheless, the Dominicans claimed vic-
man Empire) although romanticized, was a feudal military tory and Nachmanides was exiled and his report of the pro-
dictatorship] ceedings was condemned and burned…”

Thunderation! Marco Polo (1200s CE) Other historic disputations (disputationes) include:

[Travels to Emperor Kublai Khan’s Court; Chinese gov- 1240 CE Disputation of Paris (during the reign of Louis IX
ernment service & then produces “Travels of Marco Polo” of France (St. Louis)
(1271–1295 CE period); visits Jerusalem in 1275 CE] 1375 CE Disputation of 1375 in Spain
1413 CE Disputation of Tortosa, Spain staged by the Avi-
~1200 CE: Franciscan Order of Friars is founded ( by Saint gnon Pope Benedict XIII
Francis of Assisi )
These disputations - under the aegis of powerful Christian
Thunderation! Magna Carta signed 1215 CE personages - tend not to have “happy endings’ for Jewish
King John of England muscled by barons… some power
shifts from the king to the nobles back to Nachmanides….Nachmanides ( 1194- c.1270 CE)…
”The Ramban”…Moshe ben Nachman Gerondi….Catalan

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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rabbi, philosopher, physician, and biblical commentator…. original, part lore… Note that kabbalistic writings are more-
then moves to Jerusalem, where he founds the now-historic often-than not a creative continuum of thought/spirituality
Ramban Synagogue…most famous work: the masterwork, and creative hypothesis…Drawing from the past and from
Commentary on the Torah. the going-wisdom to-date, but with the contemporary au-
thor’s neo-kabbalistic signature on it…..Any philosophical
Thunderation! Thomas Aquinas completes Summa Theo- or kabbalistic work not tethered to the past, simply does not
logica ~1271 CE fly in Jewish tradition…The issue is balance……Walking-
a-fine-line…Too much anchoring and the new work lacks
[Summa Theologiae - the original Latin name… Aquinas born dynamism; Too little tethering, and the work is not taken se-
1225 CE, dies in 1274 CE at age 49 of illness while enroute riously…By contemporary times, however, de Leon himself,
to the Second Council of Lyons… canonized 1323 CE…. in-any-event, has achieved quite formidable parallel iconic
writing metaphysics/philosophy in the Aristotelian tradition standing…Note that while the Zohar is penned in Aramaic,
within a Christian framework… along with some anti-Jewish de Leon’s other known work, Sefer ha-Rimon (The Book of
sub-themes and brandings… towering figure in Church phil- the Lemon) is penned in Hebrew; Meaning, if the Zohar is
osophical-religio tradition… holds the ‘Aristotelian throne’ more de Leon than bar Yochai, he (de Leon) certainly went
in Church tradition, much the same as Maimonides (d. 1204 to very formidable lengths to conceal the fact. Meaning, by
CE) of 70 years earlier, holds the ‘Aristotelian throne’ in Jew- writing it in his second or third or fourth language, not in his
ish tradition…Maimonides’s works are most definitely dis- primary milieu, Hebrew, he is investing quite heavily if this
seminated through Europe preceding Aquinas by 70 years… is fraudulent. In other words, de Leon would need to have
the connection and striking parallels between the two corpus- deceived his fellow Jews both about his writings - and about
es of writing is of significant historical note, and worthy of his character. Pulling-off a double- deception of this mag-
future very careful inspection]Jews expelled from England, nitude is unlikely. Meaning, finally, that I am respectfully
1290 CE, by Edward I…the “legal” vehicle was the “Statute dubious of Scholem’s pejorative analysis.]
of Jewry”…Jews invited into Poland, 1343 CE, by Casimir
the Great. Thunderation! (First) Golden Age of Jewish Philosophy,
Spain (1200s… 1400s… CE)[Spain and surrounding coun-
Thunderation! Moses de Leon, c. 1250 -1305 CE , a/k/a tries… zenith of Sephardic Jewry… Abarvanel, Maimonides
Moshe ben Shem Tov, born, Leon, Spain[De Leon penned the [Rambam], Nachmanides [Ramban], Gersonides [RaLbaG],
extant version of the legendary Zohar, the pre-eminent iconic Abraham Ibn Ezra, Ibn Daud Rabad I (a/k/a Ravad I), Ibn
work of Kabbalah… de Leon ascribes the themes of his 1700 Gabirol, Karo et al. … until cataclysmic persecutions/expul-
page opus to traditions from the spiritual giant Rav Shimon sions in the 1490s…]
bar Yochai of the 2nd century (thereby anchoring the work in
highly formidable spiritual legitimacy)…Scholem, the 20th Thunderation! RaLBaG - GERSONIDES, Rav Levi ben
century kabbalistic historian, believes the work is more de Gershon, (1288 CE - 1344 CE)
Leon, and less bar Yochai, meaning, less grounded in quintes-
sential historical legitimacy… Like many kabbalistic works, Better known as Gersonides, (and who can argue with a guy
the reality may very well lie somewhere in-the-middle: part known by each of 3 separate appellations?) rabbi, philoso-

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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pher, mathematician, astronomer/astrologer, and Talmud- 20th century’s longest cruise ship, the superliner the Queen
ist. Born at Bagnols in Languedoc, France.[His philosophi- Mary. To put matters in-perspective, the entire 3-ship fleet
cal classic is: “Sefer Milhamot Ha-Shem” (The Wars of the of Columbus could have fit on the deck of just one of the 62
Lord). In the 20th century actually has a CRATER on the Treasure Ships in Zheng’s fleet, which pre-dated Columbus’s
moon named after him by astronomical society: “the Levi sojourn by half a century…Ming Dynasty spans 1369 CE
Crater” (seriously)… and the contiguous “Rabbi Levi ‘A’, - 1644 CE…following the collapse of the Mongol-led Yuan
Rabbi Levi ‘D’, Rabbi Levi ‘L’ and Rabbi Levi ‘M’ forma- Dynasty…founder of the Ming is Emperor HongwuEnor-
tions…so, next time you’re-on-the-moon…. ] mous super-scale construction projects, including renovation
of the Grand Canal, renovation-expansion of the Great wall
Thunderation! Notre Dame Cathedral - Paris completed of China, and the construction of the Forbidden City in Bei-
1345 CE… jing …The Ming is ruled by the Hans, the largest Chinese
ethnic group…and eventually succumbs to a rebellion led by
after 182 years construction (commenced 1163 CE by Bishop Li Zicheng
of Paris de Sully)[Widely considered the finest example of
French Gothic architecture; in early 1900s Victor Hugo writes Thunderation! Joan of Arc, 15th century, France
his novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame crafted around the
structure] Heroine to Roman Catholic France at age 17 (1429 CE)
after she rallies French troops to lift the British siege of
Deathration! Black Plague, 1347 CE - 1351 CE devastates Orleans;Two years later in the Hundred Years War - at age
EuropeContemporaneously, Europe turns on its Jews as al- 19 (1431 CE) in Rouen, France, she is captured and burnt-at-
leged culprits; Black Plague hits Jerusalem 1348… the-stake by her British captors….She enters immortality…
Her ‘burning-at-the-stake’ will not advance British fortunes,
Thunderation! (Chinese) Ming Dynasty naval expeditions to put it mildly; Joan of Arc later canonized 1920 CE]
under the command of Admiral Zheng, 1405 CE - 1433 CE
Thunderation! Inca Dynasty, Peru, 1438 CE - 1553 CE
[Admiral Zheng’s seven expeditions traverse a good portion
of the globe, but the exact extent is not known for sure. The Spanish Inquisition start: 1481 CE
first armada in 1405 carried 28,000 men, and was composed
of 300+ vessels, including 62 super-sized Treasure Ships. Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile, the rulers of
Admiral Zheng’s multi-decked Treasure Ships could carry Spain, declared the Spanish Inquisition. All the Jews in their
up to 500 troops each when configured for military use; Ac- territory were compelled to convert to Christianity or flee
cording to the “1421 Theory”, one of Zheng’s fleets reached the country. While some converted, many others left for Mo-
the Americas that year. Theory aggressively challenged. rocco and North Africa. Estimates are that between four and
Zheng’s multi-decked Treasure Ships had nine masts, and eight thousand secret Jews (Morranos) - or perceived secret
were roughly ten times the size of European vessels of 80 Jews - were burnt alive. [Wikipedia 1/1/07] Confessions were
years later. The largest Treasure Ships were 600 feet long - or ‘extracted’. Torquemada was the notorious chief Inquisitor
twice the length of a football field - or 6/10 the length of the of the Church. His name becomes synonymous with EVIL

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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incarnate. (Note that the crimes of the Inquisition, (and they ticed their faith while posturing as Christians
were many) affected Moors and Moslems, as well)
…1492 is the same year as the voyage of Columbus, hence
Thunderation! Da Vinci (1452 CE - 1519 CE)The master. the suspicion that not only part of his crew, but Columbus, as
well, may have been Jewish, especially since he apparently
Thunderation! The Medici, 15th century zenith. Italy used Hebrew serifs in his penmanship (How many Jews even
know Hebrew serifs?)
Standard-bearer Lorenzo the Magnificent (1449 CE - 1492
CE) leader of Florence during the Golden Age of the Renais- …in any event, the Spanish (then Portuguese) expulsions
sance (midway through the Medici family 400 year Time- changed the contours of Jewish demography, flinging the elite
Line). Iberian-peninsula Jewish community, across the far-reaches
of the Mediterranean, the Middle East and beyond…( to Po-
[The Medici family was a fabulously wealthy and formidably land, South and Central America )
powerful Florentine political family group from the 13th to Of those who settle in Arab lands, the Establishment of Israel
the 17th century. The Medici produced three popes (Leo X, 450 years later in 1948 will again radically rock the status
Clement VII, and Leo XI) and several rulers of Europe, in- quo yet once again for them…
cluding Catherine de Medici (1519-1605) Queen of France,
and Marie de Medici (1573-1642) Queen and Regent of Underground or overground as Jews many will tenaciously
France. The family heavily financed the Arts, and played an hold onto their distinctive and rich Sephardic traditions
important and historic role in the beginning of the Italian Re-
naissance. It intermittently ferociously tangled with the Vati- Thunderation! “SAFE HAVEN” for the Jews - in the Mus-
can, as well (when it wasn’t controlling it, of course)] lim and Turkish world: 1492 CE through early 1900s CE
most often the cae, but with notable exceptions

[Upon-the-heels of Expulsions from Spain, Portugal et al.
1486 CE: Italian siddur ( Prayer Book ) commencing 1492……Bayezid II of the Ottoman Empire is-
sues a formal invitation to the Jews expelled from Spain and
INFAMOUS EXPULSION: 1492 CE Jews driven from Portugal - and even sends ships to safely bring Jew to his
Spain…….the infamous Alhambras Decree country]

Ferdinand & Isabelle the perpetrators Ghetto of Venice, the first of its nefarious genre, established
1516 CE….the ghetto structures remain intact to this day,
some Jews accept the Cross, while well over 100,000 ( pos- complete with modern-day Glatt-Kosher restaurant on the
sibly up to 200,000 ) leave…… famous gondola-laced canal.

… this is 11 years into Spanish Inquisition (see above) which Thunderation! Cortez burns his ships! (1519 CE) eastern
was primarily focused on Marranos - Jews who secretly prac- Mexican shore

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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[… so his troops have no option of returning home… their entering Jerusalem (through the Golden Gate, at least) Otto-
only option is conquest… pre-cursor to his Assault/Conquest man Sultan Suleiman I sealed off the Golden Gate in 1541.
v. Aztec Kingdom]
Suleiman takes Jewish tradition very, very seriously. And is
Thunderation! Luria (The “Ari”) 1534 CE - 1572 CE, Safed, defending against a myriad of threats.
The Muslims also built a Muslim cemetery in front of the
[Safed, Upper Galilee… founder - Lurianic Kabbalah… “Se- gate, in the hope that it would be a deterrent, of sorts, to even
firot” et al.… from Luria… through… Vital… through… the precursor to the Messiah, Elijah, to pass-through, since
Tishbi…] Elijah is a Kohen (Jewish Priestly class…precluded from
traversing Jewish cemeteries). (A JEWISH cemetery would
(a/k/a “the Arizal” - meaning, the Art of Blessed Memory) have theoretically been a tougher deterrent in this drama. )

[author’s note: I deal extensively with Lurianic Kabbalah in In any event, one must credit Suleiman for attempting to
my own work: Summa Metaphysica] ‘cover-all-bases’.

Thunderation! 1537 CE, Ottoman ruler Sultan ‘Suleiman The ‘Golden Gate’ remains visible - and visit-able albeit
the Magnificent’ rebuilds… sealed to this day.]

the city walls of Jerusalem, 7 of the 8 gates, and the Tower 1554 CE: Cordovero establishes a Kabbalah academy in Safad
of David (Israel )… Moses benJacob Cordovero …( 1522 - 1570 CE )

Why not the eighth gate? Thunderation! Suleiman the Magnificent, 1553 CE, Otto-
man Empire
The ’eighth gate’ is the legendary ’Golden Gate’, the gate
that Jesus of Nazareth rode through in his legendary proces- [Protects Jewish civil rights; orders the Imperial Divan
sion into Jerusalem in the days leading-into Passover Courts to expose the lies of Blood Libels against the Jews;
Jerusalem declared an ‘open city’ for all faiths; religious
The gate is located in the middle of the eastern side of the peace…{author: kishmo ken-hoo - He is indeed magnificent,
Temple Mount. as per his appellation} …Ottoman Empire peaks in 1683]

In both Jewish and Christian traditions (but more emphasized 1567 CE: Jeshiva Jewish university founded in Poland
in Christian tradition) this is the gate through which the Mes- 1577 CE: Hebrew printing press in Safad
siah will enter Jerusalem. 1580 CE: “Council of Four Lands” (Va-ad Arba Aratzot)
meets for first time - in Poland…70 delegates from 4 lands
But, neither the Jews, nor the Muslims believe that Jesus is met as a council in Lublin, Poland….to discuss issues of im-
the Messiah. So, to preclude the Messiah (of the Jews) from portance to the Jews….for almost 200 year time span…

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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and which were these “Four Lands” ? Most prominent successor works include, among others, the
Greater Poland, Little Poland, Ruthenia and Velhynia “Aruch Ha-Shulchan” (by Rav Yechiel Michel Epstein) and
…………..hmmmm the “Mishnah Brura” (by the Chafetz Hayim, Rav Yisrael
Meir Kagan)]
Thunderation! El Greco (Spain, Italy 1541 CE - 1614 CE)
Thunderation! 16th century, “Le-cha Do-di” Friday evening
Thunderation! The Protestant Reformation, 16th century, prayer;
founding four major church traditions:
key Kabbalat Shabbat service prayer; composed by Kabbal-
The LUTHERAN tradition ist Rav Shlomo HaLevi in the 1500s CE…

The REFORMED/CALVINIST/PRESBYTERIAN tradition [Only this particular poetic greeting of the Sabbath (“Bride”)
received the imprimatur of the ARI (Luria, noted above) for
The ANABAPTIST tradition inclusion in the prayer service; acrostic of the composer’s
name embedded in the first letter of each stanza… receives
The ANGLICAN tradition renewed injection-of-vigor over the centuries, including in
the 21st century by a certain well-known synagogue on 88th
Thunderation! “Shulchan Aruch” Code of Jewish Law, mid- street on Manhattan’s Upper West Side]
1500s CE
Pope Paul IV, 1555 CE:
[Major and historical compendium of Jewish Law - known
as the ‘Set Table’ -compiled by “the Mechaber” - “the Com- Papal bull forces Jews to wear yellow hats; same papal bull
piler” - Rav Yosef Karo [a/k/a Bet Yosef] also spelled Caro; confines Jews to ghettos, and bans them from working in
(through his Sephardic orientation) - Spain-Portugal-Pales- most professions; [Same (yellow) color, concept and tactics
tine, written mid- 1500s; His work is juxtaposed by the ~con- employed 400 years later by the Nazis in their first-stage as-
temporaneous “Mapah” (“the Table-cloth”) ‘placed’ on the saults on the Jews… possibly so they could point to Church
‘Set Table’ by the RAMA, Rav Moshe Isserles (through his precedent to the masses - or be politically “bullet-proof”
Ashkenazic orientation) Cracow, Poland, also, mid-1500s; from potential Vatican attacks (no comment)]

This double-magnum opus - the Shulchan Aruch -while chal- Thunderation! The MAHARSHA (1555 CE - 1631 CE),
lenged in its day, in subsequent times and to this day thor- Cracow, Poland
oughly dominates Orthodox Jewish Law……; Both works
are generally published ensemble, with one or the other at the [Rav Shemuel Eliezer Eidels, highly sophisticated and wide-
top of the page; ly used commentary on the Talmud and its primary commen-
tators, RASHI and Tosefot - noted above]
Direct predecessor works include: the rigorous work Beth Yo-
sef (by Karo himself) and the TUR (by Rav Jacob ben Asher); Thunderation! John Dunne (England 1573 CE - 1631 CE)

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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& fellow British poets bridge, MASS, 1636 CE)…

Thunderation! 1588 CE, “The Defeat of the Spanish Armada” Spanish Portuguese Synagogue (Manhattan, 1654 CE)…
Touro Synagogue (Newport, RI, 1658 CE)
Spanish Armada of 128 ships attacked by the 116 ships of the
British Fleet in the English Channel, hoping to forestall the Thunderation! late 17th century, Pachelbel’s Canon (~con-
Spaniards from landing their troops. The outnumbered Brit- certo) in D Major by Johann Pachelbel
ish Fleet prevails. The Spanish Armada retreats.
Major published works primarily in the 1683 - 1699 CE pe-
Thunderation! 1590 CE - 1613 CE Shakespeare’s greatest riod, (Austria and Germany)
works (b. 1564 CE, d. 1616 CE)
Thunderation! Johann Sebastian Bach, Composer, German
…works include 38 plays, 154 sonnets… plus assorted poetry (1685 CE - 1750 CE)

…British… born and raised Stratford-on-Avon… later ven- {1690 John Locke, English philosopher, publishes the “Two
ues include the Globe Theatre on the Thames (River) Treatise of Civil Government” advocating the limiting of
monarchy, presenting the concept of a ‘social contract’ be-
…Macbeth, Othello, Hamlet, King Lear, Becket and on-and- tween those governing and those being governed… His works
on… into immortality… are influential in developing the theories of democracy}

(an’anderer antisemit) Thunderation! Baal Shem Tov, born 1698 CE in Galicia

(now in Ukraine);
Thunderation! Copernicus * Galileo * Newton * Maxwell *
Planck * Einstein * String Theory (1600s CE - present) Died 1760 CE Lithuania (now in Ukraine).

Thunderation! 1600s CE the Dutch painters Rembrandt and [In print, the acronym BESHT is used… A towering figure
Vermeer in Judaism… Founder of Hasidism; But Hasidism today has
radically evolved from Hasidism at that time… For a major
(False Messiah) Shabtai Zvi wrecks havoc 1626 CE - 1676 CE historical Jewish personage, the BESHT is a total anomaly;
According to lore, he was a terrible student, and probably
Chmielnicki massacres in Poland 1648 CE - 1655 CE against spent more time in the woods connecting with nature, than
Polish gentry (~65,000 murdered) and the Jews (~65,000 connecting with his Gemara books; He was never an ordained
murdered) [some non-mainstream estimates are very signifi- rabbi or scholar in the classic sense. He left no books. How-
cantly higher] ever, from my perspective, it would appear that he tapped-
into cosmic currents astutely. Considered by Judaism to be
Cromwell re-admits the Jews to England ~1655 CE. a populist, which is accurate, his doctrine of panantheism
Thunderation! Harvard (Divinity School) founded (Cam- - that the whole universe is a manifestation of the Divine

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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Being - of course, flies in the face of classic mainstream Jew- Mesillat Yesharim The Path of the Just
ish doctrine (which is neo-Aristotelian). Of course, it was Derech Hashem The Way of God
the BESHT who was correct (according to your illustrious Da’at Tevunoth The Knowledge of Understanding
author’s philosophy works) Derech Tevunoth The Ways of Reason

Some of the better-known Hassidic sects today include the 1744: Mayer Anschel Rothschild born in the ghetto of Juden-
Bobover, the Breslover, Gerer, Lubavitch (Chabad) and Sat- gasse in Frankfurt-am-Main
mar Chassidim.] ( Germany); founder of financial and political dynasty via
his five sons who he stationed in five European capitals; The
[Historical note: Opus Dei, the unique Roman Catholic or- clan will single-handedly signifcantly advance the fortunes
der founded later in 1928 in Spain, has as its core doctrine, of the Jewish people over a 200+ year span.
themes almost verbatim from the BESHT - to the effect that
daily life is a path to sanctity. Founded by (Saint) Josemaria Thunderation! Jeffersonian Democracy! (Philadelphia,
Escriva, Opus Dei is currently under the prelature of Bishop 1776 CE)
Javier Echevarria. Opus Dei is treated as a ‘personal prela-
ture’ of the Pope] Extraordinary and enlightened Founding Fathers

[Baal Shem Tov means “Holder of a Good Name (i.e. a good A lucky country to have this sophisticated group as its Founders
Thunderation! Vilna Goan 1720 CE - 1797 CE
“Bill of Rights”
… from Vilna (now in Lithuania - Ukraine), intellect and Tal-
mudic scholar extraordinaire… ….but true Emancipation of all the Slaves to come only lat-
er…subsequent to the Civil War 89 years later………13th
[Scholar, kabbalist, prominent antagonist of Hassidism; Eli- Amendment 1865…….apparently, not All Men were created
yahu ben Shlomo Zalman ‘Kremer’… in Hebrew, known as equal in 1776….
ha-Gaon m’Vilna]
…..enfranchisement of women, only much later….sparked
Thunderation! 1735 CE “Luzzatto” leaves Italy for Amsterdam, by Susan B. Anthony multi-decade crusade in the 19th cen-
where he will write his ethical/mystical masterpieces…. tury and the related movement….19th Amendment to the US
Constitution giving women the right to vote ratified (13 years
a/k/a The RaMHal (b. 1707; d.1746)…Moshe Chaim Luz- after her death) in August 1920…
zatto…rabbi, mystic, philosopher, ethicist
In Amsterdam (his day job was- Diamond Cutter) he will
write - From the get-go, the Jews breathe true freedom - enshrined

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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in the charter of their new country - probably for the first time toric Battle of Waterloo, (north-eastern) France
since the time of Judah the Maccabee ~1900 years prior
… puts a final end to Napoleon’s campaigns… also marked
While residual issues remain, the Jews will flourish in Amer- the end of the “HUNDRED DAYS” period after Napoleon
ica, particularly going-into the 21st century… returned from exile on Elba.

Thunderation! French Revolution (1789 CE – 1799 CE) and …Napoleon (previously exiled to Elba, off of Italy, 9 plus
Napoleonic Code (1804)… months before his escape) now to spend the balance of his
life imprisoned on the island of St. Helena in the South At-
- including Emancipation of the Jews in Napoleonic France lantic, ~1000 miles west of Africa…
and within its sphere-of-influence… French Jews guaranteed
full civil rights. Thunderation! Mormon Church founded by Joseph Smith,
Jr. in Fayette, NY, April 1830
Thunderation! Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart & Ludwig van
Beethoven, Austria, (late 1700s CE). Thunderation! 1836 CE, First visit of Sir Moses Montefiore
(later of “Montefiore’s Windmill” fame) to Jerusalem
1791 CE: Russia ( Catherine the Great ) creates the Pale of
Settlement…at the western border of Imperial Russia…for Thunderation! 1836 The Alamo!
Russian, and then, Polish Jews of incorporated Polish territo-
ries…at its peak contained over 5,000,000 Jews……eventu- Battle between the Republic of Mexico and rebel Texian
ally decimated by Nazi murder squads during WWII forces, during the Texian fight for independence - “The Tex-
as Revolution”. The battle took place at the Alamo Mission
Thunderation! Alfred Lord Tennyson, Poet et al., British, in San Antonio, Texas in Feb-Mar 1836.
1800s CE (1809 CE - 1892 CE)
The 13-day siege ended with the death of almost all the defend-
Thunderation! 1813 CE Simon Bolivar leads his first libera- ing force. But the holdout became legendary…”Remember
tion military campaign in Latin America the Alamo!”….and the Texian revolution went on to ultimate
victory - and secession from Mexico.
…of aristocratic family, credited with leading the fight for
independence in what are now the countries of Venezuela, The defenders - in-death - “snatched victory from the jaws of
Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama and Bolivia….widely defeat” ( as we say in-the-trade)
venerated and beloved in Latin America, and known as “El
Libertador”, The Liberator. 1848 CE: Salanter moves to Lithuania
Rav Yisroel Lipkin Salanter (1810- 1883 CE ) founder of the
Thunderation! Waterloo 1815 CE Mussar movement (Ethics to be given the very highest prior-
ity) in Orthodox Judaism
Napoleon (French) defeated by Wellington (British) at his-

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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Thunderation! 1854 CE, U.S. Commodore Perry’s “Black presidents to-date: Rabbi Bernard (Dov) Revel; Rabbi Meir
Ships” force the opening of Japan to the West (sort of) Bar-Ilan (temporary); Rabbi Dr. Samuel Belkin; Rabbi Dr.
Norman Lamm; Richard S. Joel
1861 - 1864 CE: American Civil War
like all civil wars, painfully pits “brother-against-brother” of- 1886: JTS : Jewish Theological Seminary founded in NY
ten literally from the same nuclear family one of the academic and and spiritual centers of Conserva-
catastrophic casualty toll…625,000 soldier deaths alone…….. tive and world Judaism;
ends slavery extraordinary impact on world Jewry;
see also related, reknowned and notable: American Jewish
1868: First ( British ) Prime Minister-ship of Disraeli ( Febru- Univesity, L.A.; Seminario Rabinico Latino Americano,
ary-December 1868) Buenos Aires; Shechter Institute of Jewish Studies, Jerusa-
( Benjamin Disraeli was born to Jewish parents; Religiously, lem.
it gets complicated later )
Thunderation! Johannes Brahms, Composer, mainly Vien-
1869 CE: Suez Canal opened November 17, 1869 in the Mid- na, Austria 1800s (1833 CE - 1897 CE)
dle East… financed primarily by French investors… Canal
linked the Mediterranean and the Red Sea… The 103 mile- Thunderation! Renoir and Rodin, France (both c. 1840 CE
long Suez Canal shortened the distance from the Orient to – c. 1919 CE)
Europe by 5,000 miles… Canal was 10 years in construc-
tion…Egypt’s strategic importance ascends…} Thunderation! 1896 CE, ”Cairo Genizah” exposition by
Solomon Schechter of England
1874: Second (British) Prime Minister-ship of Disraeli
A genizah is a set-aside storage area or ‘depository’ in syn-
1875: HUC: Hebrew Union College founded in Cincinatti; aogues, yeshivas where worn or damaged Jewish books or
Reform; oldest Jewish seminary in the New World: campus- papers ( potentially containing God’s name) are sequestered
es: Cincinnati, NY, L.A., Jerusalem; founded by Rabi Isaac for periods of time - until ultimate burial in a cemetery - to
Mayer Wise in Cincinnati; notable faculty have included honor God’s name on them by precluding their untimely de-
Magnes, Glueck, Butenweiser and Lauterbach. struction. A genizah thus also potentially becomes a ‘time
capsule’, of sorts.
1882 CE: Hovevei Zion Russian Zionist group, founds Rishon
L’Tzion settlement ( the first Zionist settlement) in Palestine, A major genizah - dating from medieval times - in the Ben
financially-backed by Baron Edmund James de Rothschild. Ezra Synagogue in Fustat, Egypt ( now called Old Cairo,
Egypt) was ‘discovered’ and brought to the world’s atten-
1886: Yeshiva University founded in NY tion in the mid-1860s by the Jewish traveler and researcher
( Orthodox….Modern Orthodox ); a leading multi-faceted Joseph Sapfir.
American University;
logo: Torah u-Madah ( Torah & Modern Knowledge); Combined with two other smaller Cairo troves of related ma-

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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terial, ultimately over 200,000 Jewish pieces ( manuscripts Theological Seminary ) in NY
et al. ) were ‘unearthed’. The chief scholar associated with
them subsequently is the British scholar and rabbinic Solo- 6 years earlier, his 1996 original exposition ( ~100,000-pages
mon Schechter. See his listing a little further down [1902]… of exhibits ) of the manuscript treasures of the Cairo Geniza,
revolutionized the study of Medieval Judaism.
Now archived ( 140,000 at University of Cambridge, Eng-
land; 40,000 at JTS in NY; 11,000 in John Rylands University Romanian-born English rabbi, Schechter founds United Syn-
Library, Manchester, England), they are curently being digi- agogue of America, and is architect of American Conserva-
tized. [If you have several years, you can go through them tive Jewish movement…posthumously, a network of Con-
after you finish Thunderation! . ] servative Jewish day schools is named in his honor

1890 CE: Nathan Birnbaum, Austrian, Secretary General of 1903 CE: Wright Brothers soar
Zionist organization Agudath Israel, and previously, founder
in 1883 of KADIMAH…coins word ‘ZIONISM’ in his jour- Thunderation! E=MC2……. Zurich, Switzerland, 1905 CE
nal Self Emancipation… ZIONISM was defined as “the na-
tional movement for the return of the Jewish people to their 1907: Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem
homeland - and the resumption of Jewish sovreignty over the founded ( world-renowned range of programs through Mas-
Land of Israel” …. Ready. Aim…. ters degrees) …slated to move from Mt. Scopus to ‘Russian
Compound’ in Jerusalems’s city center
Thunderation! 1897 ( August 29 ) First Zionist Congress,
Bsasel, Switzerland, presided over by Theodor Herzl…. and 1912 CE: Szold founds Hadassah
Birnbaum Henrietta Szold ( 1860-1945 CE ) founds Hadassah Jewish
Women’s Organization…rescues 22,00 Jewish children from
Thunderation! “J’ACCUSE !” article electrifies France… Nazi Europe… among other less intense ongoing fraternal
Paris, (Jan 13, 1898) and social services worldwide…powerhouse organization…
Szold was also Talmudic scholar and Zionist leader…born in
[French journalist Emile Zola accuses eight generals of the Baltimore, MD, the daughter of a rabbi
French Army General Staff of covering up the innocence of
framed Jewish artillery officer Captain Alfred DREYFUS 1913 CE : Hashomer Hatzair founded….Socialist-Zionist
(exiled to Devil’s Island [off the northeast coast of South youth movement founded in Galicia, Austria…illustrious
America] three years earlier in 1895) - in front page banner history…center-of-gravity transplasnted to Israel
headline piece of L’Aurore, Paris literary newspaper].
Thunderation! 1917 CE, British conquest of Palestine, and
Thunderation! ENERGY: fire * steam power* electricity General Allenby’s entry into Jerusalem
*atomic energy
Thunderation! “Balfour Declaration of 1917”
1902: Solomon Schechter becomes president of JTS ( Jewish

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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[Letter from the UK’s Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Thunderation! “the French bench”: Duffy (1877 CE - 1953
Lord Rothschild, who was seen as a representative of the CE); Henri Matisse (1869 CE - 1954 CE); Claude Monet
Jewish people… (1840 CE - 1926 CE; George Braque (1882 CE - 1963 CE)

“… The British government “viewed with favor the estab- 1924 CE: “Technion” - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa,
lishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish peo- Israel…founded by the German-Jewish fund, Ezra ..origi-
ple…” nally classes taught in German…switches to Hebrew post-
(not to be confused with Balfour Declaration of 1926 relating
to British Commonwealth dominions)]. There are more Nobel laureates connected with the Technion,
than there are with many continents
1917 CE: Bais Yaakov school movement founded
1929 CE: B’nei Akva founded in British Mandate of Pales-
- by seamstress Sarah Schneirer in Krakow, Poland… now tine… largest youth movement of religious Zionists in the
worldwide…full-time schools for religious (often Haredi) world
Jewish girls…close connection with Agudath Israel Jewish
religious movement passive Thunderation! Gandhi, India, prime political activ-
ity: 1930s CE, early 1940s CE…
Thunderation! 1918 CE, Dr. Chaim Weizmann lays Founda-
tion Stone for Hebrew University Gandhi pioneered Satyagraha - resistance to tyranny through
civil disobedience… founded upon “ahumsa” = total non-
….on Mt. Scopus in Jerusalem (… 7 years later, Hebrew Uni- violent Passive Resistance.
versity inaugurated in 1925)
[Born 1869… a British-educated lawyer, he fought for Indian
{1919 CE Treaty of Versailles… harsh (and humiliating) rights, first in South Africa, then in India… against oppres-
terms imposed on Germany at culmination of WW I … sive taxation and widespread discrimination… for an end to
League of Nations created} ‘untouchability’… after assuming leadership of the Indian
National Congress, leads nationwide campaign for the alle-
Thunderation! Haganah (Jewish ‘Underground’) formed in viation of poverty… and for liberation of women… for other
Palestine (1920 CE) causes, as well, including the pivotal
Swaraj = independence from foreign domination…(self-
[Forerunner to Palmach (elite Strike Force)… established government)
1941 jointly by the Haganah and British military due to a credited with compelling/ motivating the British to eventu-
temporary (~one year) convergence of interest… ultimately ally quit India after WWII… after approximately 1 1/2 de-
incorporated into backbone of IDF - Israel Defense Forces cades of passive resistance and civil disobedience… many
post-1948 War of Independence] thousands of Indians killed… British Empire exits post-WW
II, but at its own pace… in India, recognized as Father of the

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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Nation, profound effect on civil rights aspirations and tactics Kristallnacht! November 9, 1938, “Night of Broken Glass”,
worldwide… Gandhi’s humanity impacted humanity glob- Germany
ally to this day… but, assassinated in 1948 after British had
already quit India, by a Hindu radical] A Nazi government-inspired nationwide riot against the Jews
and Jewish institutions and property… Approximately 100 -
Thunderation! *COMMUNICATION: * assorted modalities 250+ Jews were murdered, and another ~30,000 sent to con-
* language * alphabet * telegraph * telephone * teletype * centration camps…
Fax * satellite * CellPhone * Internet * Web* Google (late
20th century) [IPhone in the early 21st :)] On the property-front, over 7,000 Jewish shops were van-
dalized, and approximately 1,670 synagogues (essentially
Thunderation! Rav (Abraham Isaac) Kook, Palestine (1865 practically every synagogue in Germany) were destroyed or
CE - 1935 CE)… masterwork “Lights of Penitence” damaged.

[author’s note: Kook was uniquely extraordinary and extraor- Nazi Invasion! Germany invades Poland, Sept 1, 1939
dinarily unique]
England, France and several British Commonwealth nations
1934 CE: Weizman Institute of Science founded in 1934 immediately ‘Declare War’ on Germany
only offers graduate programs and only in the sciences…Re-
hovot, Israel…world renowned 1939 CE: British ( MacDonald) White Paper…limiting to-
tal Jewih emigration to Palestine over-the-next-five years to
Thunderation! Oct 1934… beginning of the ‘Long March’ 75,000…backtracking on the Balfour Declaration to appease
of Mao Zedong this time the Arabs, the lifeline to Palestine is 95% cut… is-
sued May 17, 1939
The legendary ‘Long March’ was actually a brutal retreat
by the Chinese Communists from the Nationalist forces of Nazi Death Camps / Concentration Camps: 1938 - 1945
Chiang Kai-shek..but Mao’s leadership during the (asserted)
8,000 mile trek, consolidated his support among the members AUSCHWITZ
of the Communist party… 1,260,000 Jews murdered
140,000 non-Jews murdered
It is far-from-clear how this was achieved over the 8,000 mile Category: “Death Camp”
odyssey. Location: Poland

1937 CE: Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco opened BELZEC

540,000 Jews murdered here
Thunderation! Penicillin (major initial development pri- 60,000 non-Jews murdered here
marily 1938 CE - 1944 CE in the United Kingdom and the Technical category: “Death Camp”
USA) Location: Poland

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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288,000 Jews murdered here 12,000 Jews murdered here
32,000 non-Jews murdered 24,000 non-Jews murdered here
Technical category: “Death Camp” Technical category: “Concentration Camp”
Location: Poland Location: Germany


20,000 Jews murdered here 25,000 Jews murdered here
600,000 non-Jews murdered here 25,000 non-Jews murdered here
Technical category: “Death Camp” Technical category: ‘Concentration Camp’
Location: Croatia Location: Germany

330,00 Jews murdered here 30,000-40,000 Jews murdered here
30,000 non-Jews murdered here Unknown number of non-Jews murdered here
Technical category: “Death Camp” Technical category: ‘Concentration Camp’
Location: Poland Location: Czechoslovakia

59,000 Jews murdered here ~125,000 Jews murdered here
6,000 non-Jews murdered here ~125,000 non-Jews murdered here
Technical category: “Death Camp” Category: mass-murder via hard-labor
Location: Belarus, USSR Location: Austria

SOBIBOR Einsatzgruppen: early 1940s, in particular……Marauding

225,000 Jews murdered here Nazi S.S. Death squads in Ukraine (and Belarus) (generally
25,000 non-Jews murdered here following behind regular German Army Wehrmacht troops)
Technical category: “Death Camp” murder approximately one million (1.3 million - historian
Location: Poland Hilberg) Jews at close-range …’1-bullet-only-allowed’…
many of the innocents take days to die… open-air shoot-
TREBLINKA ings…often into mass-pits [too gruesome to relate here]
783,000 Jews murdered here
87,000 non-Jews murdered here ****
Technical category: “Death Camp”
Location: Poland 1941: Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik ( a/k/a ‘The Rav’) succeeds
his father

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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….as head of ( ‘Rosh Yeshiva’ of ) RIETS ( Rabbi Isaac El- [Four now-legendary protagonists: (Over-all) American
chanan Theological Seminary ) at Yeshiva University in NY Fleet Admiral Nimitz’s carrier strike force (with Rear Admi-
ral Fletcher in-operational-command of the American strike
…ordains over 2,000 rabbis…is a seminal figure in Mod- force itself from aboard the American Flagship Yorktown)
ern Orthodox Judaism…( b. 1933 in then-Russia; d.1993 in “breaks-the-back” of (over-all) Japanese Fleet Admiral
NY)…standard-bearer, as well for the 250 year Soloveitchik/ Yamamoto’s carrier strike force (Vice Admiral Nagumo in-
Lichtenstein/Twersky rabbinic/scholarship dynasty operational-command of the Japanese strike force itself from
the Japanese Flagship); With both major battle fleets start-
….Works include: The Lonely Man of Faith’; ‘Halakhic ing with roughly equal firepower due to Nimitz’s adroit mar-
Man’; ‘Halakhic Mind’; Kol Dodi Dofek ( My Love [God] shaling of U.S. naval resources, basically, Fletcher then out-
Beckons) foxes Nagumo and checkmates him. Coming just 6 months
after Pearl Harbor, the battle broke the temporary, but quite
Pearl Harbor! December 7, 1941…. threatening, naval superiority which the Japanese navy had
achieved with the Pearl Harbor attack. The Japanese lost 4
“a day which will live in infamy” of the 6 carriers in their strike force as against 1 lost by the
- FDR in subsequent address to the nation Americans……The battle exposed the relative hollowness of
the importance of the Japanese destruction of battleships at
— Pearl Harbor… as Aircraft Carriers now projected power and
defined dominance, not battleships… With rough naval par-
‘Wanesse Conference’: Jan ‘42 Meeting of Nazi “high com- ity now achieved - and the American economic giant awak-
mand” (translation: beer gathering of the psycho-freak-thugs ened - and with its related industrial-military-complex now
who controlled Germany) January 20, 1942….”Final Solu- ramping-up with a vengeance - the die-was cast. It would
tion” fine-tuned to focus on mass-killing Death Camps fed by be three years and three months until V-J Day September 2,
rail-links and employing gas chambers - to facilitate ‘indus- 1945, but the Rising Sun was now irrevocably doomed… to
trial-scale’ murder. set.In-the-interim, Japan would cut-a-swath of mass atrocity
spanning thousands of miles across Manchuria and Asia].
Thunderation! early 1940s….Jewish prisoners layning tefillin…
Thunderation! Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (Jewish), Spring
(putting on tefillin) in the corpse-laden death pits of Poland’s 1943 CE Warsaw, Poland Ghetto
death camps (1942 CE - 1945 CE, in particular)
Final insurgency: First Day of Passover, Spring 1943,
[tefillin, phylacteries, are ritually strapped around the head Duration: ~27 days: April 19-May 16, 1943
and the (weaker) arm by male Jewish adults for the (non-Sab-
bath or Holiday) Morning Prayer sequence (Shachrit)] [In the cataclysmic rebellion, uprising leader Mordecai An-
ielewicz, age 23, and 750 other organized Jewish fighters - as
Thunderation! “Battle of Midway”, Pacific Ocean, off Mid- well as thirteen thousand Jews of Warsaw - are either killed
way Island atoll (June 4-7 1942) in the Nazi fire bombings or murdered execution-style by

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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the SS……Warsaw was one of ~100 recorded Jewish revolts France and Belgium into Germany and then onward heading
against the Nazis. The phoenix of Anielewicz’s fighters in- towards Berlin; Five plus months after Normandy, on De-
cinerated in the ashes of Warsaw’s firestorm, will arise - 5 cember 26, 1944, ‘force-of-nature’ Gen George S. Patton’s
years almost to-the-day - incarnate in the Haganah (whose re- Third Army closes-in on the counter-sieging German lines
cruits are acutely versed in his insurgency)…. May 14, 1948 at Bastogne (Belgium), forcing-their-hand and essentially
(see below)] sealing-the-fate of the Third Reich, which will go through
its death-throes over the subsequent 4 months… caught in a
Thunderation! Oct 7, 1944 Auschwitz Death Camp rebellion mortal vise between the onslaughts of the American, British
by Jewish prisoners… and Red invasion forces]

451 of the rebels were torture-murdered…This was the third Thunderation! 1945 CE, Red Army (332nd Infantry unit)
major Concentration Camp rebellion…after Treblinka ( Au- rolls into and liberates Auschwitz (Death Camp) Oswiecim,
gust 2, 1943) and Sobibor (Oct 14, 1943)… the Nazi ‘deter- (southern) Poland, (Jan 27, 1945)
rant’ to rebellions was brutal torture-murder of any partici-
pants captured [Between 1.1 - 1.6 million individuals (~90% Jewish) mur-
dered here by the SS between May 1940 through the above-
Thunderation! Hannah Senesh, executed by axis allies in noted liberation in January 1945. A total of approximately 6
Hungary, November, 1944 million Jews are persecuted, then murdered by the Nazi state
terror-machine overall…
b. Hungary, 1921, she makes aliyah (lives in Israel) 1939-
1943; Palmach/Haganah member Senesh parachutes into Auschwitz, as the other camps, was a house-of-horrors…sa-
Nazi-occupied Europe as part of British SOE - Special Op- dism, torture, and murder on a daily basis…
erations Units - rescue commando units; Senesh also a poet;
two of her poems later turned into enduring-to-this-day He- the human mind was simply not created to grasp the enor-
brew songs - “Eyly, shelo yigamer me’olam” and “Ashrei mity of the horror-crimes, let alone to endure them…

Thunderation! Normandy Invasion! June 6, 1944 Pope Paul VI charged by many with being (relatively) “si-
lent” on the ongoing genocide for the ~6 year duration of
[Operation OVERLORD, Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, Su- mass murders… contentious issue… author: Tekel.
preme Allied Commander, lands troops on “Omaha Beach”,
Normandy, France June 6, 1944)… commences long-awaited [Primo Levi, 26 years old, formerly a young Italian Jewish
historic Allied sea and land (and air) assault on Nazi occu- chemist pre-War, barely survives a year in Auschwitz. Will
pied Europe… largest sea invasion in history employing over write: Survival in Auschwitz (‘Se questo e’ un Uomo’ - origi-
155,000 Allied troops crossing the English Channel from nal Italian title); The Reawakening (‘La Tregua’ - original
Dover, England to Normandy, France… and commences Italian title); The Periodic Table; Moments of Reprieve;
multi-front military drive north-eastwards onwards through The Drowned and the Saved; The Monkey’s Wrench; If Not

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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Now, When (‘Se non Ora, Quando’ - original Italian title); 17 year-old emaciated and starving imprisoned Elie Wiesel
The Truce…] emerges from the NIGHT of Buchenwald only barely cling-
ing to life… DOWN. But not quite OUT.]
Thunderation! Red Army thunders westward, early 1945 CE
1943: Rav Moshe Feinstein participates in Rabbis’ March on
[Marshal Zhukov’s Soviet Army artillery divisions inexorably Washington - asking Roosevelt to do more to save the Jews
blast their way through Nazi lines westward across Russia,
then through Poland and into Germany… ROLLING THUN- Lithuanian-born (1895) Orthodox rabbi…known endearingly
DER… they blast their way westward across Germany, then as Rav Moshe…chaired Agudah rabbinincal comittee…and
into Berlin itself - and plant the Red flag on the roof of the regarded by many as the supreme arbiter of Jewish Law for
infamous Reichstag, May 2, 1945… trumpeted “Thousand decades until his death in 1986
Year Reich” fails to meet ‘forecasts’… falls short by 988
years… Russia loses about twenty million dead during WWII Thunderation! “TRINITY” test July 16, 1945; Alamogordo,
to the Nazis (aside from about another 20 million Russian New Mexico
dead directly or indirectly at the hands of their own ‘leader’
Stalin 1925-1945)… Within the onslaught of Zhukov’s cam- […culmination of the ‘Manhattan Project’… 20 kiloton test…
paign towards Berlin, all German town mayors and SS troops begins the “Atomic Age” …Truman gives orders to proceed
rounded-up, are summarily executed…] with the double-bombing of Hiroshima; Nagasaki…]

Thunderation! Patton’s THIRD ARMY liberates Buch- Thunderation! ~3pm Dec 6, 1945, US Third Army rolls into
enwald concentration camp, Weimer, Germany, (April 11, Mauthausen Death Camp
Mauthausen, Austrian Alps
[April 12th, United States Military Chaplain, ‘20-something’
Rabbi Herschel Schechter rolls into Buchenwald with tanks Sgt. “Dick” Pomante of Detroit, Michigan and Sgt. Bob
of Ace Corps headquarters, 3rd Army… He announces with Persinger of Rockford, Illinois, respectively captaining the
bullhorn to the survivors “YOU ARE FREE”… Emaciated two lead tanks of U.S. THIRD Army, 3rd Cavalry Group,
and starving survivors try to kiss his boots… Generals Eisen- XX Corps roll through the main gates of Ebensee sub-camp ,
hower, Bradley, Patton arrive to view the debacle inside Buch- Mauthausen Death Camp, Austrian Alps… and declare “We
enwald… April 12-14; Photographer Margaret Burke-White, are Americans !”… half-dead inmates fling themselves onto
accompanying the Third Army, photographs the unfolding the tanks, trying to stay “glued” to them… Sgt. Pomante (by
death-camp liberation saga for the world finally to see; Patton at least two totally independent accounts to me directly) is
orders the ~1750 denizens of surrounding town of Weimer packing two long pistols and giving out small chocolate bars
marched-through to witness the ‘handiwork’ of their compa- and encouragement to the shriveled and near-death teenage
triots… Eisenhower orders the entire contiguous liberator US (male) inmates.
4th Armored Division to march through Buchenwald: “Now
you will all know clearly what this war has been about”… As the US tanks enter the main entrance, prisoners, several of

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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whom have been collecting guns, and who have been await- 1946-7 : First “Dead Sea Scrolls” discovery
ing the ‘cover of liberation’, execute the “rear guard” of their
previous tormentors throughout the outreaches of the camp… a/k/a ‘The Qumran Scrolls’….. in ‘Qumran Cave’ (just off
until the Americans have a chance, 4 hours later, to ‘secure’ the western shore of the Dead Sea in Israel) …roughly 850-
the vast Death Camp. 900 ‘documents’ discovered ( 1n 15,000 pieces unfortunate-
ly) between 1946-1956…including texts from Tanach ( the
…The next morning at ~9:00 a.m., US light tanks and mili- Hebrew Bible)…
tary vehicles - with mounted machine guns at-ready - take up
protective positions (guns facing outwards) around the main 80% on parchment; 20% on papyrus
‘formation grounds’, as the ~400 assembled Jewish survivors
are then given the all-clear sign by the Jewish U.S. officer in 11 proximate caves… the Qumran site covers 78,000
placed in-charge of the particular unique outdoor assembly, square feet…
to sing ensemble… “Hatikvah”… ”Our hope has not fal-
tered….” the Jewish (and embryonic State of Israel) anthem. Over a twenty year period ( since 1947), the ’scrolls’ finally
wind-their-way into The Shrine of the Book, a suis generis
After the Jews, the same morning in December 1945, the architectural gem custom-designed to house them- at the Is-
French inmates are assembled in the same square, the La Ma- rael Museum on the outskirts of Jerusalem.
seillaise is sung…
The assembly of the 15,000 pieces spans 40 years…you do
*** remember the “40 year” figure, do you not ?

Jefferson’s descendants have trumped Hitler’s War Ma- It might have taken 400 years, but digital technology turbo-
chine… charged the process
- and liberated America’s ancestral home, Europe
- and liberated Europe’s Jews note: the Qumran Caves, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were
found, are not-all-that-far from Masada (Fortress Masada of
—– 73 CE Zealot lore)… perhaps a 20-minute ride eastward of
Masada …..( by car, that is )
1946: Heschel joins faculty of JTS (Jewish Theological Sem-
inary) in NY author’s note: I will personally give a reward to the person
who finds the missing vowel in the name Qumran……….I
Abraham Joshua Heschual, Jewish thinker-extraordinaire and personally like ‘Quumran’ better…maybe I’ll just change it
Civil Rights advocate; myself… ( next book )
His works include: The Prophets; The Sabbath; Man is not
Alone; God in Search of Man; Torah min Hashamayim 1947 CE: “The American Jewish University” founded in Los
(Heavenly Torah); Angeles

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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…current locale is Bel-Air, Los Angeles Thunderation! June 1949, start of Operation Magic
…incorporates the ‘University of Judaism’ and the ‘Brandeis- Carpet(Yemen) - to bring 49,000 Yemenite Jews to Israel
Bardin Institute’ over 15-month-period…on 380 Israeli, British and American
flights from British Colony of Aden ( a port in Yemen) in a
spiritual founder: Dr. Mordecai Kaplan, (1881 - 1983) dy- secret operation …a/k/a Operation On Wings of Eagles ( al
namic founder and prime mover of the Reconstructionist Kanfei Nesharim )[ not to be confused with the immediately
Movement…”Judaism (primarly) as Civilization”…. post-WWII ‘45-’46 major US Navy transport operation of
the same name ( Magic Carpet) bringing the US troops back
Kaplan had significant, if not pivotal, tenures with the Ortho- to the USA from Europe and the Pacific ]
dox Young Israel synagogue movement, then with the Con-
servative JTS ( Jewish Theological Seminary) and, as well, Thunderation! late 1950s CE, de Chardin works published
with the Conservative-Reconstructionist Society for the Ad- Works of the French Jesuit priest and paleontologist Teilhard
vancement of Judaism de Chardin published posthumously over 1955-2002 CE
span; [b. 1881; d. 1955][His works banned by the Vatican
mega-Thunderation! Establishment of The Third Jewish ‘Holy Office’ during his lifetime (with the Holy See ban re-
Commonwealth, STATE of ISRAEL, Tel Aviv, (May 14, affirmed in 1981)… his works deal with, among other themes,
1948) ‘consciousness’ as well as ‘directed evolution’…Note that
his posthumous classics include:
Ben Gurion presiding… The Phenomenon of Man (in French: 1955, in English:
as head of liberator Jewish Establishment… Chaim Weiz- The Future of Man (in French: 1959, in English: 1964) and
man, Founding Father… Menachem Begin, head of Irgun… The Human Phenomenon (1999)Note that the works of the
Hatikvah… Star-of-David raised; extraordinary de Chardin are complex by any standard.1953:
Hesder Yeshivot movement established with Yeshiva Kerem
British exit; UN votes to partition Palestine; six Arab armies B’Yavneh
immediately attack; Haganah and former Irgun forces are ( Yavneh, [central] Israel )
ready - and counter-attack…the rest is history combines Yeshiva study with military service in the IDF (
Israel Defence Forces)
finally, after much blood, much sweat, much sacrifice, much In 1991 the movement was awarded the iconic Israel
yearning, much prayer, much bravery, much boldness, much Prize.1955 CE: Bar Ilan University founded…currently over
martyrdom, and many, many tears, 25,000 students…ideologically parallel somewhat to Yeshiva
a Jewish Homeland after 2,000 year Diasporah 1948 CE: University in NY 1956 CE: Tel Aviv University founded…
Brandeis University founded outside of Boston…the largest over 30,000 students…”TAU”…important player on cultural
non-sectarian university under Jewish auspices in the Unit- scene1956: ( July 26) Nasser nationalizes the Suez Canal
ed States…illustrious legacy…unique-in-the-world named 1956: ( Oct 30 )Britain, Fance and Israel invade Sinai and
after the first Jewish U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Louis D. seize the Suez Canal- “The 1956 Sinai Campaign” ( Israeli
Brandeis (of Louisville, Kentucky and Boston, Mass.) operation name: Kadesh )

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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1956: ( Dec 1956) Eisenhower forces them to back-off and [author’s note: Merton would have made a great Jewish phi-
exit Sinai; losopher…]
Israelis exit by Mar, 1957…messy for all-concerned Merton was a true philosophical artist…

Thunderation! Sputnik I (Oct 4, 1957) Confrontation! 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis… Oct 22, 1962
JFK goes on national TV and announces quarantine of ship-
Thunderation! Frank Lloyd Wright… I.M. Pei (USA ping to Cuba …as nuclear missiles supplied by the Soviets
1900s) have been discovered on the island after US analysis of pho-
tographs by U-2 spyplane overflights of Cuba… With the US
Thunderation! Argentinean writer Jorges Borges (spanning blockade in-place and authorized to use small explosives’
the 1900s CE)… ‘Labyrinth’ et al. (1899 CE - 1986 CE) to impose its blockade, at 10:25 am Oct 24, the approach-
ing Soviet ships go ‘dead in the water’ - as the Soviets have
Thunderation! Pasternak, Solzhenitsyn, 20th centuryRus- ‘blinked’
sian 20th literary icons Boris Pasternak (1890 CE - 1960
CE), Alexander Solzhenitsyn (b. 1918…currently living in Thunderation! August 28, 1963, “I Have a Dream”, Martin
Vermont)Immortal classics Doctor Zhivago, Gulag Archipel- Luther King, March-on-Washington
ago, respectively.Abduction ! 1960: Adolph Eichmann (Nazi
war criminal) abductedextra-legally by MOSSAD, ( Israel … followed ~3 months later by the assassination of President
foreign intelligence service) , at a Buenos Aires bus stop, John F. Kennedy.
8:05 pm May 11, 1960…After ten days in Israeli-captivity
at a ‘Mossad-safe house’ near his abduction, heavily-sedated 1963 CE: University of Haifa opened…over 17,000 students…
Eichman [ a/k/a ‘Ricardo Klement’ of Buenos Aires] was Haifa, Israel…affiliated with Hebrew U in Jerusalem
spirited out of Buenos Aires, Argentina on an El Al Bristol
Britannia comercial flight on May 21 Thunderation! Computer Science emerges into main-
stream… Silicon Valley, CA (1960s CE… 1970s CE)
Hanged 11:00 am, May 31, 1962, Ramleh prison, Israel…
Thunderation! 1965: “Nostre Aetate” October 8, 1965 Vati-
after 14-week Trial and conviction…..Eichman maintained can Council II under Pope Paul VI
in-a-glass-booth during the trial….televised live world-
wide….90 concentration-camp-surivor witnesses testi- “The Church decries hatred, persecutions, displays of anti-
fy……..Eichman prosecuted and convicted of, among other Semitism, directed against Jews at any time and by anyone…”
crimes, mass-murder and ’crimes against humanity’.
The fatal-flaw - and problem, however, is that all-of-the-
Thunderation! Thomas Merton (1915 CE - 1968 CE), Trap- above - hatred, displays of anti-Semitism, incitement to per-
pist Monk, writer, philosophical writer[author of over 50 secutions, demonizations - REMAIN fully incubated in - and
books, classics include The New Man (1961) disseminated through - the most sacred documents of Chris-

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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To my knowledge, there was no cosmic moral Exemption Respectfully, Nostre Aetate’s renouncing of anti-Semitism,
given to religious texts, allowing them hate-mongering and while simultaneously re-iterating the core incendiary libel,
demonization privileges. will have both Pluses and Minuses for the Jews.
On the one hand, certainly more Pluses than Minuses. On the
Note, as well, that there are front-and-center components in other hand,
Nostre Aetate itself essentially re-iterating the vilification/li- the core problem is not lanced. The American Jewish power
bel that the Sanhedrin pressed for the death of Jesus. Thus elite are reading the finer print in the NY Times. But, across
while the right hand of Nostre Aetate decries hatred and big- the land-mass of Europe and the steppes of the Soviet Union,
otry, the left hand incubates the same. All in the very same they are not necessarily reading the finer print in the NY
late-20th century document. Times page 14; They are, however, still absorbing the de-
monization vignettes in Church Sunday morning. And it is
To wit, leading-off the paragraph preceding the ecumenical these demonization vignettes which set-the-stage for perse-
statement above, cution and murder. The blue-chip (and valiant and tenacious)
American Jewish Committee may have been somewhat de-
“True, the Jewish authorities and those who followed their flected, but the veteran players of the College of Cardinals
lead, pressed for the death of Christ…” certainly are not.

Thus, the same 19 centuries-old inciting-to-riot polemic is Schematically -

‘Demonize; then Posture’
“… some modern scholars suggest that the Gospel accounts
may have downplayed the Role of the Romans in Jesus’ death (i.e. Demonize the Jews in the core Gospels… and then Pos-
during a time when Christianity was struggling to gain accep- ture, case-by-case,
tance in the Roman world” - Wikipedia 1.13.07 as anti-Semitic abominations unfold over-the-centuries)

The artistry of understatement, for sure. has been replaced by -

[check Search Engines keyword: ‘Demonize; then Decry’

Nostre Aetate (i.e. Demonize the Jews in the core Gospels, but Decry the
manifestation of anti-Semitism)
for full text
see paragraphs 12 - 15 in particular.
Demonize; then Dialogue”
(see above First Century in this TimeLine)]
or, in a variant

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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‘Demonize; then Decry & Dialogue’ air force (300 planes) of Egypt on-the-ground, and by the
end-of-the-day, virtually wipe out the air forces of Syria and
1966: S Y Agnon ( israel ) and Nelly Sachs ( Sweden ) jointly Jordan…. netting the Israelis total air dominance….the Is-
win Nobel Prize in Literature raeli lightning land offensive follows on-the-heels of its air
dominance…. Israel gains effective control of a respectable
…representing, respectively, as Sachs observed, and as the portion of the Middle East within 6 days… and major, cru-
Nobel Committee undoubtedly knew, cial bargaining-chips in future negotiations…
“Israel” and the “the tragedy of the Jewish people”
Thunderation! 3rd day of the “Six Day War”, June 7, 1967

… Return to Jerusalem: the Old City of Jerusalem, re-taken
prelude to Six Day War: May, 1967 by Jewish forces

Egyptian leader Gamal Abdul Nasser- [Israeli paratroopers, 35th Paratrooper Brigade, penetrate
the historic Old City of Jerusalem through Lion’s Gate…and
# expels the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF) - capture the hstoric center-of-gravity of Judaism
which had served as a buffer for twenty years between Israel
and Egypt - from the Sinai Peninsula The City of David is now back in Jewish hands - 1996 years,
10 months and 11 days after the Roman Legion of Emperor
# masses a 100,000-man Egyptian army with 1,000 tanks on Titus, after a multi-year siege, finally overwhelmed the starv-
the border with Israel ing Zealot-aligned Jewish fighters defending the very same
gates in 70 CE…
# calls for unified Arab action against Israel
Defense Minister Dayan maintains Dome of the Rock - Al
# blockades the choke-point to the Red Sea, the Straits-of-Ti- Asqua Mosque - in the Old City under Moslem stewardship,
ran, to all Israeli or Israeli-bound shipping…Note that block- by investing the Muslim Waqf (religious Trust) authority to
ades are conventionally categorized as ‘Acts of War” manage the Temple Mount… de facto barring Israeli visi-
tors, notwithstanding the mosque’s physical location literally
…….the Jewish world collectively ‘holds-its-breath’…. above the buried ruins of the Jewish Temple]

Thunderation! daybreak, 1st day of the “Six Day War” June Thunderation! 6th day of the Six Day War, June 10, 1967:
5, 1967, Middle East, Golan Heights captured…
Operation Moked (i.e. Operation Focus), Israeli air force at-
tacks Egyptian airfields at dawn Israeli forces under General Peled complete capture of Golan
Heights from Syria, Israel’s arch-enemy…
Israeli turns-the-tables on its blockading enemies - and catch-
es them off-guard; Israeli warplanes (188 aircraft) destroy the facilitated by crucial intelligence supplied by legendary spy

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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Eli Cohen, who had penetrated the inner-circle of the Syrian Thunderation! 20th Century, Pearl S. Buck
political-military-social hierarchy by 1965, before being ex-
posed and torture-executed in Damascus… born in West Virginia, 1892 - 1973 Raised and lives primari-
ly in China through 1934, key works are in the 1930s - 1960s
post-1967 CE: flowering of (cutting-edge) Midrasha network [Author of over 100 pieces of literature, including classic-for-
of Advanced Torah Learning schools for young women in Is- all-times, The Good Earth, (1931) as well as Nobel Prize in
rael…most in Jerusalem…mostly one-year programs abroad literature for The Exile (1936), The Fighting Angel (1936)
for Anglo-American students…many with classes for women
in Talmud Thunderation! Chilean Pablo Neruda awarded Nobel Prize
for literature 1971 CE
1969 CE: Ben Gurion University ( of the Negev) founded in
Beersheba, Israel [Poetry collections include: “Odes to the Common Things”…
“Residence on Earth” … note: While Neruda’s poetry is sub-
Thunderation! Man lands on the moon (July, 1969) lime, the political views of Neruda are his alone - and “do not
necessarily reflect the views of this broadcasting network”]
Thunderation! American novelist Leon Uris - major works
1950s CE - 1990s CE Thunderation! Munich-response, 1973 CE

[Known for his very extensive research, often on Jewish- Israeli-backed operatives assassinate Black September-
related themes, Uris impacted world perceptions: important backed operatives across Europe
works: Exodus (1958); Mila 18 (1961); QB VII (1970); Je- (and in Beirut) - 1973 - in wake of 9/5/72 Munich Olympics
rusalem (1981); The Haj (1984); Mitla Pass (1988), among Massacre
other gems].
Thunderation! 1973 Kissinger adds U.S. Secretary of State
Eco-Thunderation! 1950s - 1990s Umberto Eco ascendant to his National Security Advisor title

Italian medievalist, semiotician, philosopher and novelist Realpolitik…Detente….”China Shock” - when Kissinger
polishes his unique craft in the latter half of the 20th century advises Japan that Nixon will visit China
(and into the 21st)
Washington, DC…National Security Advisor (1969 - 1975),
[Best known for his novel and classic - “The Name of the then Scretary of State Sept 22, 1973…just days before the
Rose” (1980 in Italian, 1983 in English)… interestingly, Eco Yom Kippur War in the Middle East..until Jan 20, 1977 ….
awarded over thirty doctorates from universities worldwide,
including Hebrew University (2002)] A Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany, moving to Washing-
ton Heights, NY in 1938 , he wins Nobel Peace Prize in 1973
Thunderation! Picasso (1881 CE - 1973) Spanish painter for role in arranging fragile ( later-to-be-broken) cease fire
and sculptor, Grandmaster with North Vietnam…

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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Thunderation! Yom Kippur War, commenced Yom Kippur, The Egyptians are now in “counter-check”…
Fall 1973 CE
With the Egyptian Third Army, which also putatively pro-
a/k/a 1973 Arab-Israeli War a/k/a the Fourth Arab-Israeli War tects any potential Israeli advance on Cairo, now encircled
Oct 6 - Oct 26, 1973 by Sharon and out-of-water in the desert, the Egyptians
After crucial intelligence procured from Nasser’s own Lon-
don-based son-in-law (regarding an imminent Egyptian at- …The stage is now set for a Kissinger-brokered armistice…
tack across the Suez Canal) is dismissed and quashed by an
ego-maniacal Israeli intelligence chief, Israel is caught off- and, several years later, an eventual Israeli-Egyptian Peace
guard by an intensive and well-planned Egyptian and Syrian Treaty (Begin-Sadat)
multi-front invasion
….and a subsequent ’cold peace’ with Egypt…..through
Egyptian forces forge eastward first across the Suez Canal, publication of this work in 2008
then puncture right through the (thinly-manned Israeli) ’Bar-
Lev defensive line’, then roll onward and north- eastward Terroration! Ma’alot (northern Israel) school massacre by
through the Sinai Desert… Palestinian terrorists, May 15, 1974

Syrian tanks are rolling south from the north Twenty-one Israeli 14-16 year-old students killed (most mur-
dered by their Palestinian captors) during the Israeli assault
Central Israel is at-risk caught between the two armored forces… to free the 90-total Israeli student hostages - 3 hours 15 min-
utes before the terrorist deadline expiration.
Israel, at-this-point, allegedly unsheaths its alleged dooms-
day-”Jericho missiles”… 1974 CE: “Open University of Israel” founded…a ‘dis-
tance-education’ university…now with mega-student-count:
Now ‘up-against-the-wall’, poised-to-counter-attack Gen. 40,000+ students…based in Ra’anana, Israel
Ariel ‘Arik’ Sharon dusts-off
Contingency Plan: Suez-Westward-Wartime-Crossing plans Auto-Genocide: Khmer Rouge terror regime in Cambodia
(which he authored several years prior)… 1975 CE - 1979 CE:

Sharon rushes specialized heavy-duty military rafts westward - Murders 1.7 million people (many torture-murdered). So,
across the Sinai to pre-hardened and camouflaged concrete raft- 22% of the country’s entire population of 7.5 million was
launching-sites at the Canal’s edge; then launches his armor- murdered. The prime targets were anyone conceivably a
bearing rafts carrying his armored divisions westward across threat to the regime. This included the country’s professional
the Suez Canal ( justb south of the tail-end of the eastward- and/or educated elite, broadly-defined. For example, if one
rolling Egyptian operation); his cross-canal maneuver encir- wore glasses, one was considered and intellectual and was
cles and entraps the Egyptian Third Army in the desert… doomed. The Cambodian cities were emptied and everyone

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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Office of David Birnbaum: Office of David Birnbaum:
forced onto ‘collective farms’ or into forced-labor projects. Founder, SHOAH Foundation, filmed testimony of Holo-
caust survivors - video archives
The regime was eventually thrown-out by invading (Commu-
nist) Vietnamese forces, who entered in November 1978 to Thunderation! Microsoft Windows {version 1.0 in 1985;
rescue ethnic Vietnamese from the Khmer Rouge’s pickaxes. version 9.0 in 2005…}

Broadly-speaking, the United Nations commenced re-orga- Thunderation! Elie Wiesel, now 58, wins Nobel Peace
nizing the country in 1991. Prize…. Oct 14, 1986

Thunderation! Entebbe! (Uganda airport 1976) [41 years after emerging from Buchenwald… NIGHT turns
into DAWN/DAY… the Hasidic Masters would say that
[3,000 mile successful Israeli airborne commando raid… his “Soul is on Fire”… Wiesel: Messengers of God: “Take
Mercedes-Benz gets free publicity…] sides - Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.”…
Memoir: “All Rivers Run to the Sea”… (also “The Judges”;
Thunderation! first APPLE PC (April 1977) “Somewhere a Master”; “The Time of the Uprooted” et al.)]

Thunderation! Anwar Sadat addresses the Knesset [Israeli [Wiesel is among ~158 Jewish winners of the Nobel Prize
Parliament] (November 20, 1977) (out of ~750 total) from its inception in 1901 through 2006]

… later assassinated by Islamic radicals in 1981: Via first Thunderation! Paul Coelho (Brazilian, first book: The Pil-
war and then, peace, Sadat set-in-motion a historic chain- grimage 1987 CE)
of-events… No Arab leaders attended his funeral aside from
Nimeiry of Sudan… Three former American presidents do Thunderation! Berlin Wall falls (November 9, 1989)
Assassination! of Rabin (November 4, 1995)
Thunderation! Deng Xiaoping unleashes (1970s CE - 1990s
CE) China’s human and economic potential Yitzchak Rabin, Israeli Prime Minister… Former Chief-of-
Staff… Six-Day War Hero… by right-wing Jewish Israeli
Thunderation! Osiraq IRAQI nuclear reactor destroyed by hothead
Israeli air strike (June 7, 1981)
Thunderation! March 26, 2000, Pope John Paul II visits the
Thunderation! Steven Spielberg, USA, Director, E.T. (1982) Western Wall in Jerusalem
et al.
… and places a letter inside it apologizing for the Church’s
… director of many exceptional and extraordinary works… In actions against the Jews in the past
the Jewish realm, through 2006, works include - Schindler’s
List (1993), Munich (2005)… The letter, on Papal stationery is laid-out as follows:

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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Office of David Birnbaum: Office of David Birnbaum:
three sites (Manhattan Twin Towers, Pentagon, Pennsylva-
*papal seal* nia) due to the 19 terrorists…

God of our fathers America coils, and then invades Afghanistan to rout the Tal-
you chose Abraham and his descendants iban…..
to bring your Name to the Nations:
we are deeply saddened followed by US invasion of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq….heav-
by the behavior of those ily hinged on basis of US-asserted Iraqi nuclear weapons
who in the course of history production… later found to be erroneous…..fighting still on-
have caused these children of yours to suffer, going Winter ‘07….. ~3,870 US military deaths fighting-in-
and asking forgiveness Iraq to date (11/20/07)
we wish to commit ourselves
to genuine brotherhood Thunderation! 2001 CE, Lawrence Summers
with the people of the Covenant.
Jerusalem, 26 March 2000 former US Secretary of the Treasury, becomes first Jewish
president of Harvard… tenure until 2006…
signed Joannes Paulus II
ultimately undone in 2006 by left-wingers in the Humani-
Thunderation! nascent Stem Cell revolution (~The Millen- ties Department who never-quite-forgave-him for tangling
nium 2000 CE) frontally with anti-Semitic academics in 2002 or with Cornel
West in 2001
Terroration! August 9, 2001 SBARROS, Jerusalem
Here-we-go-again-ation! February 2003, Mel Gibson film
Sbarros Pizza shop in the heart of Jerusalem, terror-bombed The Passion of Christ…
by Palestinian terrorist suicide-bomber; fifteen killed; 100+
wounded aggressively fosters demonization-of-the-Jews themes from
Gospels… Film neither reproved nor condemned by the Vati-
Terroration! Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001, Twin can, notwithstanding urgings from the Jewish community…
Towers of World Trade Center destroyed…
Aug 19, 2003: Another suicide bus-bombing in Jerusalem
… by Radical Islamic terrorist suicide-hijackers turning U.S.
passenger planes into guided-missiles… Pentagon perimeter …this one in Mea Shearim, the ultra-Orthodox neighbor-
hit (3 of 5 Pentagon building rings penetrated …E, D, C rings hood…. 18 dead, 130 injured….many, many tears, as per
take-the-hit …. Passengers on 4th plane (”Let’s Roll!”) bring usual
their captors crashing down with them in a Pennsylvania field
- and probably save the Capitol Building in D.C. …. iconic Educated now from childhood to demonize the Jews, their
passenger revolt… over-all, ~ 3,000 persons are dead at the Hamas leadership having taken-a-page from another group,

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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many Palestinian 20-somethings will maim-and-murder ——
without flinching
…..however, from Dubai’s neighbor to the north, Iran, just
Feb 2006, Paris, France, torture-murder across the Persian Gulf, comes an eerie echo from Nazi Ger-
23-year-old Jewish man, cell phone salesman Ilan Halimi,
kidnapped, tortured and murdered in anti-Semitic attempted Death Threat: 10/27/05 from Iranian President Ahmadinejad:
extortion case in Paris… the president and the premier of “Israel should be wiped from the map”
France attend the funeral.
…follows month-long “World without Zionism” state-spon-
Thunderation! c. 2005 CE Chabad-Lubavitch-movement sored nationwide Iranian official protest month (possibly
‘outposts’ break through the 4,000 mark now annualized) leading into Iranian ‘Jerusalem Day’ (i.e.
Jerusalem without Israelis Day) ……
i.e. the number of Chabad outposts (and/or pulpits) world-
wide in 70 countries…. same Iranian leader repeatedly denies Holocaust existed and
sponsors international ‘conference’ on same….
[One of the largest branches of Hasidic Judaism;
Author’s observation: synthesizes mainstream Orthodox Ju- Iranian posture on these inter-related matters possibly a fac-
daism; classic Hasidism, Lurianic Kabbalah; Litvak scholar- tor in German government action six months later (April,
ship…with an extra-heavy-dose of Messianism]. ‘06) re: Holocaust archives…..

Thunderation! Emirate of Dubai, Persian Gulf early 2000s Thunderation! April 19, 2006, German Chancellor Angela
CE Merkel
(call her: Angel Merkel - author) opens up German Holocaust
January 4, 2006, Dubai, multi-faceted 21st century Techno- archives… 50 million documents… 16 miles of shelves… 17
Pharaoh-extraordinaire Sheikh Mohammed son of Rashid Al million victims
Maktoum, ascends to the Ruler-ship of Dubai in the Persian
Gulf….He re-defines the contours of modern Arab culture [de facto lancing the “Holocaust Denial” gambit by assorted
and the limits of ‘Imagineering” in the early 21st century…. misfits worldwide… as the former Nazi bureaucracy will have
enshrined its atrocities for-the-ages in these archives…]
….personally sets up $10 billion dollar Arab-world educa-
tion-fund…Dubai emerges as one of the most harmonious Retrenchment by Vatican: July 8, 2007
and creative locales on-the-planet….a credit to the Arab
world…and to humanity… Pope Benedict XVI removes restrictions on celebrating the
old Latin Mass, reviving a “Tridentine” rite that was all but
Jews welcome - and protected… ( the Grand Hyatt is not bad swept-away by the liberalizing reforms of the Second Vati-
( wink) ) can Council in the 1960s…

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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As regards the Jews, the Latin Mass calls for their conver-
sion, as opposed to the 1970 Missal of St. Paul, which recog- …They inexorably approach…
nizes the Jew’s “eternal covenant with God”…
It is not clear how polar-opposite defamatory language to-
wards the Jews in the original Latin Mass - removed by Pope Note: In early 2006 the total number of Jews in the world is
John Paul in 1959 - will be treated in the new incarnation, ~14.5 million, representing ~1/5 of 1% of the world’s popu-
now basically being allowed as an option… lation (of 6.5 billion)

Note that the “Latin original” is not likely to be disregarded

by the Church’s seminaries and heavily-committed right-
wing… Indeed, as the entire matter is now ‘evolving to the
Right’, as grass is now growing thick over the killing grounds *** ONWARD ! ***
of Auschwitz and memories of mass-atrocity fade, it is hard
to predict where the Right-ward swing will, indeed, end…

Alas, Pope John Paul, of exalted memory, is no longer presiding.

Hopefully Thunderation! “Annapolis Summit” (November

26, 2007)

Israeli-Palestinian (Fatah) summit meeting hosted by George

W. Bush… Annapolis, Maryland (USA)… negotiations and
mini-accords continue apace…target set for major accord by
end of December 2008

Thunderation! Thunderation! 2008


Nous sommes revenus



Thunderation! The Angels approach…

Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline Thunderation! An Integrated Jewish Timeline

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Yishayahu About the Author
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of the Summa Metaphysica series: an over-arching meta-
…Amar Ha-Shem… physics. He is a graduate of Yeshiva Dov Revel, Yeshiva
( says God to the Jews…..) University High School, CCNY and Harvard.

God and Evil ( 1988 ), the first book in the landmark 2-book
Summa Metaphysica series, has been assigned as a Required
Ki he-harim ya-mu-shu Text at universities around the world, and was a Book of the
Month feature selection of the Jewish Book Club. The work
v’hag’vaot tih-muu-te-nah, has gone through Five Printings and eighteen thousand cop-
ies to date.
v’chas-di mai-ee-taych
The author is known as a leading conceptual theorist.
lo ya-mush
The 2-volume Summa Metaphysica series was crafted over
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have been reviewed by dozens of leading academic journals
shall never waver worldwide.
* A long time ago, he taught “The Science of Strategy” at the
New School in NY.
- Yishayahu ( Isaiah ) 54:10
He lives and works in Manhattan.

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