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“ The Tarot Letter ” By Woodfield

Background - This is a routine utilizing V olition Version 2 that also uses a prediction in the form of a brief 3- card reading. Ian Dunford’s Past, Present, Future idea was the inspiration as well as a desire to do something similar to Rick Lax’s “ Past ,Present, Futureroutine without defacing a tarot deck

Set-up - You need the Major Arcana of a tarot deck as well as 2 duplicates of the card you want to force at the end. This gives you a total of 3 duplicates you’ll need. The three duplicates go on top of the packet. Remove two cards from the packet you want for the cards you’ll switch in. Mark the back of one of the cards and place them in your pocket. The Letter (explained later) is folded up and placed in an envelope but no t sealed.

Effect- The performer shows a group of people the 22 Major Arcana cards from a tarot deck. He explains that he does readings and would like to show them something quite extraordinary. The performer removes an envelope and addresses one person in particular , “I think this has something to do with you.” The spectator is asked to mix the cards. Meanwhile the performer removes a folded letter that is placed aside or given to someone else to hold. Three of the cards are removed. One is placed in the envelope and the other two are mixed and then held in the hands, one in the right hand and one in the left. The letter is then opened and read. “The card in the left hand represents the Past. Visions and feelings are revealed and a card is mentioned. The c ard is turned over and matches the card predicted in the reading. The letter explains that the card in the right hand represents the Present . After a brief reading the card is turned over and it too matches the card predicted in the letter. Finally, the le tter explains that the card in the envelope represents the Future. The letter ends giving another brief reading that is both positive and upbeat and names the exact card the spectator placed in the envelope at the start . The spectator is given the letter a s a memento to keep.

Handling- Bring out the 22 cards and display them without revealing the dupes on top of the packet. Explain what they’re used for. Turn them face down and get a break under the three dupes. Mention you had some images and impressions flash through your mind and was compelled to write them down. You point to one of the spectators, “I think they relate to you.” This is the person that will help you with the routine. Bring out the envelope and briefly set it on top of the packet as you gesture towards the person. Steal the three dupes underneath the envelope and hand the packet to the spectator fro mixing. After they mix the cards, take them back and put the envelope on the packet loading the cards on top. Open the envelope and remove t he folded letter and set it on the table. Give the spectator the envelope to examine to prove it’s empty. You then spread off the top three cards (dupes) and place the rest of the packet aside. Have her mix the three cards and place one sight unseen in


the envelope, she hands you the other two cards. Suggest she put it in her pocket o r purse as you switch the two cards for the ones in your pocket. Now, by looking for the marked card you can determine if you will read the letter or that they hand you the car ds and they read the letter as per the Volition Version 2 handling.

The Letter-


As an intuitive, I sometimes get impressions or visions that include people, events, situations, and feelings that relate to the imagery found in the Tarot. I always fe el compelled to write down these thoughts knowing they would be important to someone I will meet in the future. And here we are.

The card in t he left hand represents th e Past . Here I sense difficulties with a relationship that centered on lack of communication that forced you to retreat within yourself to find the answers you needed to seek. Retreating into your “fortress of solitude”, this was a period of self - reflect ion that at the time may have not been the happiest of times, but it was an important moment for personal growth and wisdom. This reminds me of the Hermit card.

The card in the r ight hand represents the Present . An awakening! Yes, this makes sense. A new period is about to begin with a new awareness of what you want out of life, what your purpose is in this lifetime, connecting the dots from the past to the present. Wait, I’m also getting some elements of using your intuition and your own psychic gifts h ere. Two cards come to mind here. What I’m getting is an u nderstanding of the forces that have directed you and what needs to be done to navigate your course for the future. The self - reflection has paid off and you’re ready to enter the n ext chapter in you r life. I’m not sure…possibly the High Priestess card or the Judgement card.

Finally, the card in th e envelope represents the Future . Again, I feel good about this card. Wholeness, completion, and a feeling of being at peace with the world. A rejuvenat ion of the spirit! Freedom and forgiveness. This is the World card.

I truly felt it was destiny that brought us together to share this time together. While I believe destiny or fate do play a role in our lives, the Universal Source gives us the ability t o make our own decisions in life. A wise man once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself. “



Some thoughts - what I like about this is you decide which three cards you want to use in the reading. That way you get end the reading on a positive, hopeful note.

I also you the pocket Rider Waite Deck which are smaller than the standard tarot

deck size. This makes the moves easier to do.

I think I would type the letter on a computer to make it easily readable in case the

spectator has to read out the letter. The following letter is just an example. You may want to make it a little less perfect by suggesting in the past or present phase, t wo cards that come to mind, one of the two would be the correct card. Just using the Major Arcana instead of the whole tarot deck makes it easier for the spectator to handle them, and since the names are at the bottom of each card there is instant recogni tion that the card matches the prediction. You could also include a business card with the letter when you give it to them at the end and mention you also offer private readings. You could have different lett ers printed for specific demographic groups such as male, female, old, young, etc. You could include some basic cold reading lines as well.


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