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IARM Interest Adjustment Register Maintenance

IBADVP Transaction Advice Printing (IBILL)

IBCTM IBR Control Table Maintenance

IBM Inward BAR Register Maintenance

IBRBRADM IBR Branch Administration

IBRCNADM IBR Central Administration

IBRCR IBR Control Report


IBRFLCHK Decrypt received IBR files

IBRGEN Create IBR files for branch

IBRPOST Automatic posting of selected IBR trans

IBRPRO IBR Processing

IBRPURGE Purge of tables

IBRRECON IBR Reconciled Entries Reports

IBRREPTS IBR Reports for Orig/Resp Trans

IBSTM Inter Branch Seed Table Maintenance

ICGR Insurance Cover Guarantee Report

ICHB Issue Chequebooks

ICHBAU Issue Chequebooks

ICRCM Inward Clearing Rej Code Maintenance

ICTM Inward Clearing Transaction Maintenance

ICZCM Inward Clearing Zone Template Maint


IDCM Inward Documentary Credits Maintenance

IEARP Income/Expenditure Analysis Register

IEMRP Income/Expenditure Monitoring Report

IIBRADM Instant IBR Administration

IIM Inventory Item Maintenance

ILCM Inventory Location Code Maintenance

IMAUM Inventory Movement Auth Maintenance

IMC Inventory Movement between Locations

IMGMNT Image Maintenance

IMGVIEW Image view in FAB

IMI Inventory Movement Inquiry

IMR Inventory Movement Report

INI Identification Number Inquiry

INQACHQ Inquire Account Number for a Cheque

INSTM Instruments Table Maintenance

INTSI Interest Slab Inquiry

INTTI Interest Table Inquiry

INTTM Interest Table Maintenance

INWBI Inward Bill Intimation

IOCLS Inquire On Clearing Transaction Sets

IOGLT Inquire on GL Transactions

IOT Inquire on Transactions

IPDCR Interest Paid on Delayed Collection

IRM Inward Remittances Maintenance

IRMUPL Inward Remittance Upload

IRRDEP Irregular Recurring Deposits Report

ISAR Inter Sol Audit Report

ISI Inventory Inquiry, Split and Merge-EM

ISIA Inventory Inquiry, Split and Merge

ISOLOP Initiate Service Outlet Operations

ISOTRF ISO account balance transfer to HO

ISR ISR Inventory Status Report-EM

ISRA ISRA Inventory Status Report

ISTR ISTR Inter SolTransaction Report

ITCI ITCI Interest Table Code Inquiry

ITI Instruments Table Inquiry

ITR Report for Income Tax

IVSM Interest Slab Maintenance