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HACCBAL Balance details of an Account

HACCDET General Details

HACLHI Limit Details

HACLI Transactions Inquiry

HACTI Account turnover details

HASSET Asset classification

HCUACC Accounts of Customer

HCUCA Current Account of Customer

HCUCC Cash Credit of Customer

HCUDET General details of Customer

HCULA Loan Accounts of Customer

HCUMAT Forthcoming Maturities of Customer

HCUOD Overdraft Accounts of Customer

HCUPSD Portfolio details of Customer

HCUSB Savings Account of Customer

HCUSBCA Savings/Current Account of Customer

HCUSEL Customer Selection

HCUSUM Summary details of Customer

HCUSWP Sweep details of Customer

HCUTD Term Deposits of Customer

HCUTI Turnover Summary of Customer

HDCDET Delivery Channel transaction details

HICI Inward Cheques Inquiry

HIGHTRAN DSA Report on High value Transaction

HII Hot Items Inquiry

HIM Hot Items Maintenance

HLAI Loan Inquiry

HM Help Maintenance

HOCI Outward Cheques Inquiry

HOCIP HOC Inquiry cum BA(R) Print

HOS HO Schedules Print

HOSUMF HO Summary in File

HOSUMP HOC Summary Print

HTD Term deposit transaction details

HTDINT Term deposit interest details

HTDTAX Term deposit tax deduction details

HTINQ Hot Items Lookup