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FATM Account Facility Maintenance

FBACS Remittances for Agency Commission

Transaction Advice Printing (Foreign Exchange


FBAIC Advance Interest Calculated

FBBR Foreign Bills Balancing Register

FBCCS Foreign Cheques Covering Schedule

FBCS Foreign Bills Covering Schedule

FBDISCR Foreign Bill Discrepancy Report

FBDLNK Foreign Bills to be Delinked Statement

FBECGC ECGC Charge Details

FBEF Bills of Entry Statement

FBENC Foreign Bills ENC Statement

FBER Export Register Report

FBERC Foreign Bills Export Claim Report

FBFCS Format C Statement

FBHI Foreign Bills History Inquiry

FBI Foreign Bills Inquiry

FBICS Interest Collected on Foreign Bills

FBIEC Issue of Encashment Certificate

FBIR Import Register Report

FBM Foreign Bills Maintenance

FBMCM FEX Bills Message Code Maintenance

FBMUPL Foreign Bills Upload

FBOIB Statement of Overdue Import Bills

FBP Foreign Bills Printing

FBPADB List of Pending and Dishonored Bills

FBPM Foreign Bill Parameter Maintenance

FBPMI FEX Bills Parameter Master Inquiry

FBPS Foreign Bills Purchased Subsidiary

FBRI FEX Bills Register Inquiry

FBRM Foreign Bill Register Maintenance

FBRPR Reserve Payment Register

FBSNC Foreign Bills SNC Statement


FBUBR Undrawn Balance Register

FCNPS Foreign Currency Purchase Sale Report

FCNR Foreign Currency Note Issued Report

FCNRSUB FCNR Subsidiary Report

FCTCMR FCTC Purchase and Sale Monthly Report

FCTCR Foreign Currency TC Issued Report

FCTCSCMR FCTC Stock-Cum- Movement Register Report

FCTCSR Foreign Currency TC Sale Report

FDD Flow Amt-wise Distribution of Deposits

FDLD Fixed Deposits Linked Details

FDOCD Fixed Deposits Opening Closure Details


FFDPSP FFD – Pass Sheet Print

FI Fate Inquiry

FIRCR Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate

FLTI Form Literals Translation Interface

FORCMTC IBR Forced Matched Entries Reports

FPCM Party Code Maintenance

FPTI FEX Period Table Code Inquiry

FPTM Fx Period Table Code Maintenance

FR Forced Reconciliation

FSQIRPT Missing File Sequence Inquiry Report

FTI financial Transactions Inquiry

FTR financial Transactions Inquiry & Report

FVTM Facility Version Maintenance

FWCCM Forward Cntrct Message Code Maintenance

FWCHI Forward Contract History Inquiry

FWCLIAB F/C Liability Register

FWCNOTE Forward contract note printing

FWCODLST List of overdue and matured F/Cs

FWCQRY Query on forward contracts

FWCREVAL Forward Contract Revaluation

FWCRG Forward booking register printing

FWCRMND Reminder to partys about F/C maturity

FWRM Forward Contract Register Maintenance

FXACSTMT Statement of FX Accounts

FXIPSTMT Statement of Interest Paid

FXPSRG Purchase / Sale register printing

FXTR FOREX Turnover Report