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AAAR Anywhere/ATM Advice Reconciliation

AALI A/c Abnormal Limits/Details Inquiry

AALM A/c Abnormal Limits/Details Maintenance


ABH Initiate After Business Hours Process

ABMR Report of Accounts Below Min Balance


ACACCR Interest Accrual For Accounts

ACBOOK Interest Booking For Accounts

ACCBAL Components of Account Balance Inquiry

ACCREV Foreign Currency Account Revaluation

ACDET Account Balance Details

ACDMTR A/Cs Due For Mid Term Review

ACFCTM Account Filtration Criteria Maintenance

ACI Customer Accounts Inquiry

ACINT Interest Run For Accounts

ACLCM Account Label Code Maintenance

ACLHM Account Limit History Maintenance

ACLHMAU Account Limit History Maintenance

ACLI Account Ledger Inquiry

ACLPCA Customer Account Ledger Print

ACLPOA Office Account Ledgers Print

ACM Customer Accounts Maintenance

ACMAU Account Maintenance

ACMDB Office Account Maintenance

ACMP Account Master Print

ACPF Update Account Purge Flag

ACS Account Selection

ACSBIO Account Shadow Balance Inquiry

ACSP Account Selection Print

ACTI Account Turnover Inquiry

ACTM Foreign Agent Code Maintenance

ACTODI Account TOD Inquiry

ACTODM Account TOD Maintenance

ACTODMAU Account TOD Maintenance

ACZDB Close Office Account

ADDPST Maintain PST Table (Add)

ADDRM Name and Address


ADVC Print DR/CR Advice to Customer

AFI Audit File Inquiry

AFINQU Audit File Inquiry

AFP Audit File Print

AFPU Audit File Purge

AFSM Account Freeze Status Maintenance

AGCLS AGCL Schedules Print

AGTM Agent Master Maintenance

AHLETGEN Ad hoc Letter Generator

AICR Advanced Interest Collected Report

AINTPRG Interest Purge ForAccounts

AINTRPT Interest Report For Accounts

AITINQ Account Interest DetailsInquiry

ALM Account Lien Maintenance

ALMSP Agricultural Loans Master Sheet Print

AMHOA Amortization History Of Accts

AMHOB Amortization History Of Bills

ANWADM Anywhere Administration

ANWBI Anywhere Balance Inquiry

ANWCT Anywhere Cash Deposit/Withdrawal

ANWPRT Pending Transaction Report

ANWPTH Anywhere Pending Transaction Handler

ANWSIGI Anywhere Signature Retrieval

ANWSTATI Anywhere Statement Inquiry

ANWXFER Anywhere Funds Transfer

APHM Account Placeholder Maintenance

AR System Reconciliation

ASM Approved Security Master Maintenance

ASMCU Consolidated Updation for Securities

ASMUPL Mass Security Upload

ASPROV Parameters For Asset Provisioning

ASSCR Asset Classification Report

ASTI Amount-slab Table Inquiry

ASTM Amount-slab Table Maintenance

ATI Abnormal Transactions Inquiry

ATMADM ATM Administration

ATMCM ATM Controller Table Maintenance

ATMDESP Start ATM Despatcher

ATMM ATM Table Maintenance

ATMONL Start Online ATM Services

ATMRECON Start ATM Reconciliation


ATMSTOP Stop ATM Services

ATMTA ATM Cash Deposit Authorization

ATO Account Turnover

ATOR A/Cs Turnover Report

ATR Acted Transactions List Report

AUTOREG Auto Regularization