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1. While _____ residents are looking to the MoU as another instrument for city
improvement, _____ are beginning to wonder if this is just another instance of
mistaking passivity for action.
A. skeptical ....... proponents B. suspicious ....... detractors
C. pugnacious ....... truculent D. industrious ....... mettlesome
E. optimistic ....... pessimists

2. The report is thought to provide useful pointers to companies exploring click

and mortar solutions to _____the failure of dotcoms.
A. counteract B. reinforce C. popularize D. deploy E. posit

3. Nothing is permanent and forever, all phenomena are in _____ state of

dynamic _____ from moment to moment.
A. a stubborn ....... stasis B. an intransigent ....... flux
C. pretentious ....... transformation D. altering ....... equanimity
E. a serene ....... regression

4. We need to _____ our political process in order to make sure that we can
have an _____ democratic process.
A. streamline ....... uninterrupted B. marshal ....... unrestrained
C. eradicate ....... enticing D. program ....... enviable
E. interpolate ....... iconic

5. Research agencies couldn’t be _____ and expect to grow just by

piggybacking on clients or _____ market
share from each other.
A. obsequious ..... clinching B. peremptory ..... touting
C. truculent ..... gnawing D. complacent ..... clawing
E. perilous ..... trading

6. The exercise served _____ purposes; it demonstrated why one should not be
taken in by miracles; but it also
_____ the practical applications of scientific principles.
A. supreme ..... negated B. duel ..... stressed
C. various ..... overlooked D. vital ..... contested
E. dual ..... underscored

7. In the past fifteen months, the Chinese Government has tried to _____ the
approaching crisis by _____ deficit
financing to speed up investments. Page 1
Fill in the Blanks for CAT

A. divert ..... clamouring for B. aggrandize ..... truncating

C. avert ..... resorting to D. mollify ..... regularizing
E. pacify ..... risking

8. The dispute between the parties became so _____ that there was every
likelihood of a free exchange of blows.
A. complicated B. acrimonious C. bellicose D. aggressive E. typical

9. Once he had _____ the difference between regional dialects, Abby found
himself speaking the language_____ .
A. rejected ..... considerably B. grasped ..... effortlessly
C. mastered ..... implicitly D. forgotten ..... eloquently
E. recognized ..... ambiguously

10. His _____ directions mislead; we did not know which of the two roads to
A. complicated B. foolish C. ambiguous D. just E. pertinent

Set 2

1. Architects travel to Greece and Italy to _____ the marvels of classic design.
A. imitate B. treat C. recall D. study E. exculpate

2. Automation threatens mankind with an increased number of _____ hours.

A. meager B. useless C. active D. idle E. trivial

3. Surprisingly, you are frightened by a concept that _____ from your own
A. accepted B. idealized C. externalized D. originated E. detested

4. Except for a few productive land areas, the prevailing methods of cutting the
soil rapidly exhaust its _____ .
A. loam B. content C. fertility D. substance E. barrenness

5. Several Indian nuclear experts have argued that it is in the country’s

_____ to conduct at least one hydrogen bomb test before the CTBT deadline in
A. safety B. redemption C. grasp
D. disaster E. meticulousness

6. The bill in this effect is _____ the Lok Sabha, and the claims of making the Page 2
Fill in the Blanks for CAT

entire country literate sound _____ .

A. discussed in ..... logical B. clamoring ..... inadequate
C. pending with ..... hollow D. passed by ..... desultory
E. worrying ..... fulsome

7. It is pointed out that around 2.5 million children are _____ elementary
education every year since there are not sufficient schools to _____ them.
A. deprived of ..... accommodate B. taught in ..... send
C. desisted from ..... promote D. missing ..... recognize
E. boycotting ..... cater

8. By early 1999, the public reports on basic education in India _____ two
myths about primary education.
A. contradicted B. negated C. augmented D. exploded E. ruined

9. Now the major _____ in the way of development is said to be _____ of

A. hurdle ..... hindrance B. threat ..... extension
C. obstacle ..... paucity D. impediment ..... availability
E. contradiction ..... non-availability

10. First, the calculations seem to be _____ to avoid the _____ to eat †˜the
forbidden food’ .
A. deflated ..... knack B. inflated ..... temptation
C. estimated ..... inclination D. propounded ..... penchant
E. assumed ..... penalty
1-E 2-A 3-B 4-A 5-D 6-E 7-C 8-D 9-B 10-C

1-D 2-D 3-D 4-C 5-A 6-C 7-A 8-D 9-C 10-B

Set 3

1. A development strategy also has to take ________ of the changing role of

the public sector in general in the allocation of the responsibilities for ______
development of the economy.
A. atavistic, synchronized B. Cognizance, harmonious
C. account, ubiquitous D. notice, sluggard Page 3
Fill in the Blanks for CAT

2. Capitalism as a system that depends on technological innovations has

manged to survive in the ____ gale of ____ destruction over the decades.
A. static, systematic B. thundering, pathetic
C. substantial, probable D. perennial, creative

3. The _____ colonel was unaware of the snide remarks that were passed
behind his back about his _____ comments on the decisions of the defense
ministry about arms deals.
A. mutinous, sarcastic B. retired, rustic
C. garrulous, unwarranted D. authoritative, caustic

4. The _______ incident at the town hall affected the priest so much that he
______ all control over his senses.
A. macabre, lost B. synchronized, transposed
C. neurotic, gained D. hilarious, regained

5. The development of a heavy capital goods base over a period of time would
lead to the ________ of the export basket in the direction of manufactured
goods, including machinery and equipment; while the increase in employment,
leading to an ________ demand for consumer goods, would be met by pursuing
'capital-light' methods of production.
A. intensification, diversified B. regression, enhanced
C. diversification, expanded D. digression, shrinking

6. resources in underdeveloped countries being scarce, it is essential to

_______ the leading sectors and deploy the scarce resources there, rather than
thinly _______ the resources all over.
A. justify, allocating B. adjudge, distribute
C. signify, spread D. identify, diffusing

7. Self-reliance demands that most of the resources needed by a country should

be _______ domestically and _________ to external sources be resorted to the
extent dictated by a substantial proportion of external liabilities.
A. generated, recourse B. extolled, pretense
C. garnered, expose D. revivified, dependence

8. The strongest argument for protecting the environment is the _______ need
to guarantee the future generation's opportunities ____ to the ones previous
generation have enjoyed. Page 4
Fill in the Blanks for CAT

A. obvious, divergent B. ethical, similar

C. hackneyed, different D. obligatory, identical

Set 4
1. Bernard Shaw’s _____ spirit was completely antithetical to the sentimental
_____ of the Victorian era.
A. apprehensive ....... intransigence B. dichotomous ...... holism
C. doubtful ........ pessimism D. rebellious ....... non-conformity
E. skeptical ........ optimism

2. Today’s small, portable computers contrast markedly with the earliest

electronic computers which were
_____ .
A. effective B. useful C. destructive D. over-used E. enormous

3. That truth led him to proclaim that good ends can never be attained by
_____ methods.
A. malicious B. evil C. stealthy D. surreptitious E. cantankerous

4. Modern feminist writers consider women’s _____ men’s domination one of

their greatest themes and therefore achievements.
A. revolt against B. conformity to C. denial of
D. liberation of E. hostility to

5. Although Freud showed a deep interest in religion and spirituality, he never

acknowledged _____ as their source.
A. sense perception B. mystical experience C. intuitive understanding
D. cosmic phenomena E. hallucinations

6. Proverbs, said Aldus Huxley, seems like _____ ; indeed truisms are _____
and often ancient.
A. clichéd .... original B. platitude ..... trite
C. axioms .... evanescent D. short-lived .... polemic
E. embellishments .... personifications

7. Belief in the supernatural is an unfortunate psychological _____ fostered by

blind belief in religious practices.
A. delusion B. uneasiness C. construct D. conundrum E. pretension

8. ‘East goes West’ is the fervent personal expression of a/an _____ who longed
to be accepted into American society.
A. emigrant B. immigrant C. alien D. native E. serf Page 5
Fill in the Blanks for CAT

9. The violent thunderstorm and sudden lightning after the oppressive heat are
a/an _____ of one of nature’s most magical moments.
A. forbear B. epithet C. antithesis D. aftermath E. celebration

10. Philosophers are _____ and are rarely known to be practical in their
approach to human problems.
A. eclectic B. perfectionists C. idealists D. chauvinists E. humanists

1-E 2-E 3-B 4-A 5-B 6-B 7-A 8-B 9-B 10-C

Set 5

1. With 11 children to care for, Mrs. Higgins had to ________ for

many hours just to keep up with the laundry.
2. Suzanne’s boss suspected that she was ________ (ing) when she
called in sick on Monday morning.
3. Maude’s Internet business was so ________ that she was able to
retire at the age of 45.
4. Observing Malik sleeping in his hammock by the river on a
beautiful summer day, I envied his ________.
5. Boot camp for a U.S. Marine requires ________ training.
6. Since Matthew was the one who wanted the dog, the ________ was
on him to walk the dog every morning.
7. The cashier’s ________ comment, “Have a nice day,” lacked
8. Because everyone in Peter’s family was a ________, Peter felt both
proud and unique because he was the first in his family to go to
9. The woman on the corner wearing love beads, a headband, and a
jacket with a huge peace symbol on the back is a(n) ________ in
the new millennium.
10. Every autumn, Deborah’s great-grandmother spends days
performing the ________ act of canning fruits for winter, even
though she can buy them in the supermarket.


1. The Museum of Natural History has a broad array of archeological

displays from contemporary society to ________ artifacts from the
age of the caveman.
2. The doctor said that grandpa’s ________ walks in the woods were a
factor in his living to be 110 years old.
3. Doug was ________ in cleaning up the sports equipment on the Page 6
Fill in the Blanks for CAT

field so that he would be there when the cheerleaders came out to

4. The centerpiece of the Thanksgiving dinner table was a beautiful
________ overflowing with fruits and vegetables.
5. Human beings and dinosaurs did not exist during the same time
periods; therefore, they were not ________.
6. When Maria finished the marathon, she immediately began to
________ large amounts of water.
7. Miriam was quite a hostess and would ________ her dinner party
guests with sumptuous feasts.
8. Mario is a true ________: He is always shopping in the local
gourmet food store, sampling new items and stocking his pantry
with exquisite foods.
9. In the early 1900s, the Lower East Side in New York City was
famous for pickle shops and the ________ odor they gave the
10. According to the legend, the vampire needed to ________ his thirst
for blood every night with a new victim.

Set 7

Direction for question: Fill up the blank, numbered in the passage given below
with the most appropriate word from the options given for the blank.

The narrow creek was like a [A]: tortuous, fairly deep; filled with gloom under
the thin strip of pure and shining blue of the heaven. Immense trees soared up,
invisible behind the [B] draperies of creepers. The short words of the paddlers
[C] loudly between the thick and sombre walls of vegetation. Darkness [D] out
from between the trees, through the tangled maze of the creepers, from behind
the great fantastic and unstirring leaves; the darkness, mysterious and [E]; the
darkness scented and poisonous of [F] forests.
a) obstacle maze passage hurdle ditch
b) plain festooned shredded flickering obsequious
c) muted audible reverberated soared muffled
d) seeped hurried rushed filled overflowing
e) obvious lethargic blatant invinclble atrocious
f) bountiful sparse green scant impenetrable

ditch festooned reverberated seeped invincible Page 7