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234 Allegro assai. Steps thrid Ket N¢21¢*In quali eccessi,o Numi Recitative ard Aria. in qva-lvecees-si, oN Numi, Anquaimi-sft-ti or-ri- bi- fi, re-mendi eq Inwhat a-hyss-es of er-ror, in to what dangersthyrecklesspathpur-su-ing, have (collecting herself) vol-tojl scia-fu= Ta = to! guilt and fol- ly brought thee! plode trdarlicr del ci, heaven will surely over-whelmthes, it is sw (with energy) ‘Sentir gia parmila fa fa pp The lightning Nashotre tribution im -penjiet sm1a7 Sf hyo! non = bal Thewrath of he gli plombasul capo! it will soonbe upon thee! ‘A-per-to veg-gio il ba-ra-tro mortal! E-ternal ru-in at lastwill be thy deom, Mi-se-rgEWvicra! che con-tra-sto dafefet =i, Wretched El-vi-ralWhat a tempest within thee a in sen tin Perche questi so-spiri? thy heart di videth! __hh wherefornisthisonging? gra-(s, quel? al - majn- gra-ta, in - tray me, thou hast be - tray'dme Grief un et. 238 0 a — ca — — “Di - ot mi fa, in — f- li- - eo Di- of mi fa, in - fe- on me hecast, grief__un- end. ing on me he cast, grief, ah— - =——, s | ae ~ Mal Pity Vins Pro Never u. ui et | we mii he o up - ceo Di-o! Dio! onme a, tra = yet i- ta, lin-gers, tai for- get____ the = YOan-cor___ pt can 1 —— pie ta, the past, —~ = al = main-gra-ta, in- fe - ‘e, 6 Di- 6! mi fa, in- fe- ll - cao hast be tray me Grief un - end-ing up-on me hecast,Grief un-end - inj poresc. et op Di- of mi fw, in- fe- li - ceo Di-o! on__me he cast, Grief, ah, grief un- ending ap ofp juan-do Senoil mio tor- mentail mio tor-mento, aj vendet - tail When mywrongsa- rise be. fore mea-rise be-fore me, ‘Thoughts of ven - geance = "as 1 w= = = vel-la, se guar’ do il suo ¢i- men - to, my bo-som, the love that atfirsthe bore me “pal - pi - (an - doil cor i - M- fan Binds _my heart to him at ds__my heart —~. TT cor to_him ~ dil Cor, — to_ him, i va, iT at last, binds rapa cuo a ¥ va.Mi tra~ dl_quelfal-maingrata, quel al -—m: —— himiCru-el heart,thowhastbetraydme, thou hast — be a « a in fe. Wh -’de, 6 Dio! — ta, in fee Grief un end- ing_up-on__ me hecast,Grief_un fu, ins fe~ ceo Dio, 0 Dio! mi Grinhan grief uf ending eponme he emt Cito-& Wood + 230 os a x oe ar ta, eab- ban - do - na-ta,_pro-voan- Pi - ty yet. lin. gers, Til not up- braidthes Nebr can inet P P a 1% aw Cor per lui ple- a rR i eB. a a ‘eff of a, = Thi pie - ta, + get the past, —, > pro-vqan-cor—_per— Ii pie- ta, per lui pie- ti, per ne'ercan I1__ for - get the past, ah, ne'er can 1 for_- Tut pie -th! et the past, EXO a