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Crane Services for the Southern Region

Halliburton crane services provide a wide range of crane sizes to meet the needs of our
client. Our crane operators and riggers specialize in flow back, wireline and slickline,
coiled tubing and snubbing operations. All of Halliburton’s crane operators are certified
by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).

Each crane undergoes a daily, weekly and monthly inspection by our crane operators
and certified mechanics. An annual OSHA inspection is done yearly by a certified third
party inspector. All wire rope and chain slings are pull-tested in accordance with OSHA
standards. As a safety and quality measure each nylon sling is replaced annually.

Our cranes are strategically placed to provide the quickest response times to operations
in the Haynesville Shale, Eagle Ford Shale, and the Permian Basin.
Each district is provided with the necessary equipment to mobilize, not only the crane
but all supporting equipment that goes along with them.

Crane Specifications
Crane Type Crane Size Manufacture Boom Length
Truck 38 Ton Altec 127 ft

Truck 60 Ton Terex 110 ft
Truck 80 Ton Terex 126 ft
Truck 90 Ton Tadano/Terex 144 ft / 164 ft
All Terrain 110 Ton Tadano 168 ft
All Terrain 130 Ton Tadano 170 ft
All Terrain 200 Ton Tadano 196 ft

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