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F.Sc - XI COMPUTER Ch # 5 2nd half registers

to language

08-02-2016 12 10 MINUTES
Q#1 Encircle the best option. 1x12=12
i. Assembly language program is translated with help of?
(a) assembler (b) compiler (c) all (d) interpreter
ii. When an instruction is executed first step is:
(a) fetch (b) decode (c) execute (d) all
iii. Which of the following cannot be stored in a register?
(a) data (b) memory address (c) instruction (d) whole program
iv. Which of the following is not register?
(a) MAX (b) DI (c) EAX (d) SI
v. The size of accumulator register is up to:
(a) 4 bits (b) 4 bytes (c) none (d) nibbles
vi. The register that holds address of active memory location is:
(a) IR (b) PC (c) MAR (d) MBR
vii. The process of reading next instruction from memory is called:
(a) fetch (b) translate (c) decode (d) execute
viii. After compilation compiler produces:
(a) source code (b) object code (c) none (d) programmed code
ix. Secondary storage devices are used to:
(a) store data (b) process data (c) view data (d) none
x. The process of finding and removing errors from program is called:
(a) executing (b) checking (c) bugging (d) debugging
xi. jmpz is a ________ instruction.
(a) control transfer (b) logical (c) addition (d) none of these
xii. To provide memory management is a function of:
(a) system software (b) OS (c) register (d) processor


Q#2 Write short answer of the following questions. 10x2=20
i. Differentiate interpreter and compiler.
ii. Define an operating system.
iii. Differentiate source code and object code.
iv. What is fetch-decode execute cycle?
v. What is instruction format?
vi. What are control transfer instructions?
vii. What is instruction set of CPU?
viii. List different types of instructions executed by computer.
ix. What is instruction register?
x. What is program counter?
Q#3 What is registers? Write a note on general purpose registers. 08