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Question Bank for Internal Assessment Test II (3 Units)

Subject Subject ENVIRONMENTAL Unit 4,5,

Semester VII 10CV71

CO 3: Analyze the quality of wastewater.

CO 4: Select the method of wastewater disposal.
CO 5: Design a wastewater treatment plant
The following are the knowledge levels according to Bloom’s taxonomy

K1- Engineering, K2- Understanding, K3- Applying, K4- Analyzing, K5- Evaluating, K6- Creating

Each Full Question below carries 12.5 marks

UNIT-4 (6 /4)

CO code knowled
MAR ge level

C401.3 K2
a Explain BOD & discuss the advantages and limitation of BOD. 6M
Explain the concept of Aerobic & Anaerobic activity with respect C401.3 K2
b to sewage treatment. M

The 5-day BOD at 30 o C of a sewage sample is 120 mg/l. calculate C401.3 K3

2 a 5 days BOD at 20 o C. Assume de oxygenation constant at 20 o C, K 8M
= 0.1/day .
4.5 C401.3 K2
b Explain the nitrogen cycle of decomposition of sewage. M
Derive an expression showing the nature of BOD reaction using I- 6.5 C401.3 K2
3 a
order kinetics. M
Estimate the BOD5 at 30 o C using BOD5 at 20 o C is 400 mg/l C401.3 K3
b 6M
using K20 = 0.1/day and  = 1.047.
The following observations were made in the laboratory on 2% C401.3 K3
dilution of wastewater:
i) D.O. of aerated dilution water = 7 mg/l
ii) D.O. of diluted sample after 5 days of incubation = 2 mg/l 8M
iii) D.O. of original sample of waste water = 0.5 mg/l
Calculate the 5 day BOD of the sample and the ultimate first stage
BOD, assuming the de oxygenation rate constant at 20 oC as 0.1.
The test was conducted at 20 oC.
Explain the methods of sampling and sampling procedure for waste C401.3 K2
water characterization. M

The 5 day BOD of a waste has been measured as 800mg/l. if K1 = C401.3 K3

5 a 8.5
0.23/day what is the ultimate BODu of waste. What proportion of M
the BODu would remain unoxidized after 20 days?
4.5 C401.3 K2
b Write a note on Carbon cycle. M
Explain with a neat sketch, the salient features of oxygen sag C401.3 K2
6 curve. M

What is meant by BOD and its method of determination in the C401.3 K2

b 6M

UNIT-5 (6 /5)

A partially treated town sewage 1.5 MLD having a BOD of 100 mg/lit is C401.4 K3

a to be discharged into a stream. The stream water has a BOD of the stream 6.5M
is not exceed 30 mg/lit, what should be the minimum flow of the stream?
b Explain the different zones of self-purification. 6M C401.4 K2
C401.4 K2
a Explain the preventive measures to avoid sewage sickness. 2.5M
b Write a note on the following Sewage farming & sewage sickness. 10M C401.4 K2
Explain the phenomenon of self purification of natural streams subjected C401.4 K2

9 a to pollution with the help of a neat sketch of oxygen sag curve indicating 8.5M

the salient features.

b List the conditions favorable for disposal of sewage by dilution. 4M C401.4 K2

C401.4 K2
a List the different properties affecting self purification phenomenon. 2.5M

A city discharges 100cumecs of sewage into river which is fully saturated C401.4 K3

with oxygen and flowing at the rate of 1500cumecs during its lean days
with a velocity of 0.1m/sec. The 5-day BOD of sewage at the given
b temperature is 280mg/l. Find when and where the critical DO deficit will 10M

occur in the downstream portion of river, and what is its amount?

Assume Coefficient of purification of stream (f) as w and coefficient of
deoxygenation KD as 0.1.Assume DO of sewage as NIL.
a List the different zones of degradation. 2.5M C401.4 K2

11 What do you understand by self purification properties of natural water C401.4 K2

b 10M
bodies? Explain the factors affecting this property.
A city discharges 1500 litres per sec of sewage into a stream whose C401.4 K3

minimum rate of flow is 5000 litres per sec. The temperature of sewage
as well as water is 20oC. The 5 day BOD at 20oC for sewage is 150 mg/lit
and that of river water is 1 mg/lit. The DO content of sewage is zero and
a that of stream is 90% of saturation DO (Saturation DO = 9.17 mg/lit). If 10M
the minimum DO to be maintained in the stream is 4.5 mg/lit, find out
the degree of sewage treatment required. Assume de-oxygenation co-
efficient as 0.1 and re-oxygenation co-efficient as 0.4. Saturation DO at
20oC is 9.2 mg/l.
b List the conditions favorable for on land disposal of sewage. 2.5M C401.4 K2

UNIT-6 (6 / 6)
13 a List the classification of sedimentation tanks. 2.5M C401.5 K2
Write the flow diagram employed for a conventional waste water C401.5 K2

b treatment plant. Indicate the importance of each unit indicated in the 10M

flow diagram.
Design a rectangular sedimentation tank provided with mechanical C401.5 K3

cleaning equipment for treating the sewage from a city provided with 8M
a an assured public water supply system with a maximum daily demand
14 of 12 Million litres per day. Assume suitable values of detention period
and velocity of flow in the tank. Make any assumptions wherever
4.5M C401.5 K2
b Write a short note on Screening.
Design a suitable rectangular grit chamber cum detritus tank for a 8M C401.5 K3

sewage treatment plant getting dry weather flow from a separate

a sewerage system at a rate of 600 l/sec. Assuming the flow velocity
through the tank is 0.2 m/sec and a detention time of 2 min, the depth
of the tank may be considered as 1.2 m. The maximum flow may be 3
times the DWF.
b Write a note on grit chamber. 4.5M C401.5 K2

Classify the waste water sedimentation tanks based on their use, C401.5 K2
a 6M
shapes and application onto the field.
C401.5 K3
16 Calculate the diameter, depth and weir loading of a primary
b sedimentation tank, using the following data: Sewage flow = 6MLD, 6.5M
Detention Period = 2 hours, Overflow rate = 1500 litres/m2/hour.
Design a circular sedimentation tank for a town having a population of C401.5 K3
40000 with average water supply of 250 lpcd. Check for surface
a 8M
17 loading and weir loading rates. Assume 80% is converted into sewage
and peak flow as 1.4 time’s average flow.
b Write a note on theory of sedimentation. 4.5M C401.5 K2

Define sedimentation. Design the continuous flow type of C401.5 K2

a sedimentation tank. Add a note on sedimentation aided with 10M
b Write a note on skimming tanks. 2.5M C401.5 K2