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Al-Noor Test System

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Class F.Sc XI Subject Biology Syllabus Ch # 11

Date 22-02-16 T. Marks 12 Time Allowed 10 MINUTES

Q#1 Encircle the best option. 12

i. Which one is not true about compensation Point?
(a) No net Gas Exchange (b) Occurs at Dawn/Dusk
(c) Occurs at low intensity of Light (d) Give Evidence of Neil’s Hypothesis
ii. Chlorophyll a and b differ with respect to?
(a) Molecular Formula (b) Structure (c) CHO/CH3 (d) all of these
iii. T.W Engelmann worked on which organism?
(a) Archeobacteria (b)Cyanobacteria (c) Spirogyra (d) Chlymadomonas
iv. Closing of Stomata is regulated by:
(a) Moisture in Air (b) Temperature
(c) Internal Clock in guard cells (d) All of these
v. Which one is not the Part of Electron Transport chain?
(a) Plastocyanin (b) Ferredoxin (c) Plastoquinone (d) Cytochromes
vi. Production of ATP with no release of oxygen when Chloroplast is running low ATP,High NADPH
Is called:
(a) Chemiosmosis (b) cyclic Phosphorylation
(c) Photosynthesis (d) Non-cyclic phosphorylation
vii. Which of these color is least absorbed by Chlorophylls?
(a) Blue (b) Red (c) Yellow (d) Violet
viii. Photosynthetic Pigments are organized into clusters called Photosystems which play role of:
(a) Dark Reactions (b) Light Dependent Reactions
(c) Energy Conversion (d) Both b,c
ix. The products of photosynthetic light reactions are:
(a) ATP and NADH (b) ATP and FADPH (c) A TP and NADPH (d) ATP and NAD
x. Thylakoi d membranes are involved in A TP formation by:
(a) Oxidative (b) Chemiosmosis (c) Chemosynthesis (d) Osmosis
xi. Which wavelength is least absorbed by chlorophyll?
(a) Orange and indigo (b) Violet and yellow (c) Green and yellow (d) Blue and red
xii. The number of carbon atoms in one molecule of RuBP is:
(a) 4 (b) 6 (c) 3 (d) 5

SUBJECTIVE TYPE Total Marks 28 Time Allowed 60 MINUTES

Q#2 Write short answer of the following questions. 10x2=20

i. Compare Photosynthesis with Respiration?
ii. Define Accessory Pigments.
iii. Differentiate between Absorption and Action Spectrum?
iv. Define Chemiosmosis.
v. Give Importance of Chlorophyll a and b?
vi. Justify Neil’s Hypothesis by use of Isotopic Tracer of oxygen?
vii. Define Bioenergetics
viii. Define Compensation Point.
ix. How many phases Calvin cycle can be divided into?
x. RuP and RuBP stands for what?
Q#3 a) Describe Z-Scheme of Phosphorylation with the help of Diagram. 05
b) Draw glycolysis. 03