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NEHS PDP Goals: District, Principal, Teachers, School

2017 2018

District Goals
Goal 1: All schools will exceed growth in Goal 2: ECPS overall proficiency will increase by 10%
2017 2018. in 2017 2018.

Principal PDP Goals Teacher PDP Goals

Goal 1: Standard III, Standard IV, Standard V (Choose

Goal 1: Exceed Expected Growth

Increase implementation of the instructional
excellence rubric in classroom instruction. The
North Edgecombe High School will "exceed focus of this goal should be centered on Strand 2-
expectations" for student growth in all courses as 4.
measured by EVAAS.

Use assessment data to differentiate instruction

and provide direct, targeted interventions.

Goal 2: All staff will write one goal related to their

Goal 2: Instructional Excellence
own professional development.

North Edgecombe High School will improve overall

All staff will select one standard and element
instructional practices, increase our academic rigor,
from the North Carolina Teacher Evaluation
and increase our focus on building habits of
standards to improve upon in the 2017 2018
excellence. North Edgecombe High School will
school year. The baseline measure for this goal
continue to develop the capacity of our instructional
will be the teachers summative rating for this
team to deliver high quality teaching and learning
standard/element for the 2016 2017 school
experiences to our students.

Goal 3: Culture of Care for ALL Goal 3: Standard IIe. Teachers work collaboratively
with the families and significant adults in the lives of
their students
All stakeholders are valued and feel equally a part of
our school and our emerging vision. Our school will
listen openly to stakeholders input & concerns. We All teachers and admin will initiate frequent
will effectively seek solutions to overcome obstacles communication with parents/guardians to
that stand in the way of meaningful family & address student needs & provide
information regarding classroom
community involvement to support students success. instructional focus using a variety of multi-
media. Each staff member will make a
minimum of 6 calls per week to students
home. 3 calls will be made to praise scholars
for meeting class expectations. 3 calls will be
made to highlight areas of support.

School Improvement Goals for 2017 - 2018

1. NEHS will strive to build a culture of instructional excellence: NEHS will provide all students
with an academically rich school environment through rigorous curriculum and impactful
teaching (e.g. Data Driven Instruction, fostering a culture of feedback & modeling, Opportunity
2. NEHS will create a culture of care for all: we will continue building a culture of inclusivity,
belonging, self-efficacy, and agency to increase student and staff capacity to fulfill our mission &
Reference: NEHS Success By Design Plan