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Checklist for GL Arrangement (based on Bindu Maams email)

1. Ensure Audi ready by 2:00 PM for talk

2. 1 collar mike
3. 2 mikes for Q&A
4. Guest laptop compatibility readiness
5. Insti Laptop with pen drive to be ready
6. Slide changer
7. Standee needs to be displayed
8. Photographer (one of our batchmate)
9. Background slide
10. Souvenir/Memo


Please get yourself registered for the Smartbook at the earliest. We are required to complete
Chapter 1 &2 assignments by 4th Oct 9:00AM. After that chapter pre-reads wont be available on
Smartbook. Refer the email sent to you for instructions, in case if you have missed today's
Smartbook session. If you need any help, feel free to contact me.

Assignment word limit: 1500 words / topic excluding appendices
Two topic write-ups will be submitted separately on e-kosh

Design Thinking - 3rd October (Tentative)
Marketing Assignment - 3rd October EOD
Business Environment 1 - 6th October
Operation Management - 4th October 9:00AM
Abhyudaya mentoring plan - To be announced
Business Communication (Elevator Pitch) - 3rd October EOD

Trying to shift DT deadline as there is no much clarity on what to be done.

Hi Ronak, I am Sundaram, PGP-1. I along with Puspesh(PGP-1) and Pallavi(PGP-1) have participated
in the L&T Out think Case Challenge. We tried to upload our submission at 12:59 yesterday, but due
to connectivity issue we could not upload in time. We have mailed the submission keeping you in the
loop. Could you please tell us a way to get confirmation whether our submission will be considered
for evaluation?

Thank you very much.

Team name: SPThinkers
Team leader: Pushpesh Tripathi

For tmrs submission.
1. The word limit is not more than 2 pages
2. You are required to write the document in question answer format as per your interview
Design Thinking 5th October
Marketing Assignment - 3rd October EOD
Business Environment 1 - 6th October EOD
Operation Management - 4th October 9:00AM
Abhyudaya mentoring plan 7th October EOD
Business Communication (Elevator Pitch) - 3rd October EOD

Pls complete your smart book registration by Today. Complete the two assignment in it by tmr

Dear Maam,

We have two queries regarding the BE-1 group assignment submission which is to be submitted on

1. Regarding the word limit, previously it was discussed about 1500 words excluding
appendices. Is the word limit (1500) for both topics included or for each topic?
2. Should we submit the assignments has two separate documents on e-kosh (ie two links for
submissions will be created) or we should submit both the topics in single document.

We request you to clarify these questions. Thank you.

Hi Ronak. I think as per L&T OutThink website, we are qualified for the Second round. The website
mentions that additional details will be given for the second round. Could you pls tells us the way
forward. Though today and tmr are holidays, you being the Nationall wimmer of last year L&T Case
challenge, could you pls thow us some light how to go about it further. Thank you.

Submission link for BE-1 Group assignments are up on eKosh.
*Group Assignment- Topic 1*
Word Limit- abt 1500 words. Word/ PDF ONLY.
Naming Convention: T1_Acad Group No_Topic
*Group Assignment- Topic 2*
Word Limit- abt 1500 words. Word/ PDF ONLY.
Naming Convention: T2_Acad Group No_Topic

Pls complete your smart book assignment (*Chapter 11*) by *10-Oct-2017 9:00 AM*.
I like to treat to you guys for being such as AWESOME Acad group. It can be tomorrow or any day
this week or post Diwali on your convenience. Pls tell me the place if you have anything on mind, I
am ok with any place. Take your time for RSVP, but I wont take no for answer.

Dear div-B,

With reference to todays OM-1 session, please find the google form link to submit your group
assignment title (Company name). Refer the course outline for more details on the group
assignment. Every Acadgroup should choose a unique company (division wise). Therefore, FCFS in
case of two groups choosing the same company. The response excel sheet of the google form has
been shared, so you can check what companies have been already taken by other groups.

Please fill up the form before 6th Session (13-Oct-2017 10:00 AM). Feel free to contact me in case of
any queries.

Deadline: 13-Oct-2017 10:00 AM

Submission link:
Response list:

Thank you.

Regarding the Quiz-1
Syllabus: Sessions 1,2,3
Format: MCQ, Online (Ekosh), Expect some numerical problems
Date: 24-Oct-2017 (Tue)
Quiz will be conducted division wise. You cannot go back visiting previous question on the online test
(forward moving)
Detailed instruction email will follow from the Course faculty.

1. Regarding student mix up

2. If the assignment are not evaluative, are they linked to CP
3. What about the low score. Do they have to retake the assignment.. How will they be evaluated?

Nair, Sreenath
Baldi, Prayank;
Bhattacharya, Siddhant;
Chandak, Vidhi;
Chaturvedi, Alisha;
Pratik; Maggo, Kushagra;
Mittal, Anjali;
Nair, Sreenath;
Narkhede, Shruti;
Pandey, Alok;
Patel, Gaurav;
Sandhu, Sana;
Singh, Tanya;
Subramanian, Meenakshi;
Thakkar, Priyanka;
Vekhande, Anuja;
Yerram, Vinay Kumar

Vidhi, Puneet,

Please complete the Smartbook assignments as per the schedule given on its homepage. It is highly
likely that it will be linked to your CP scores though non-evaluative. Will get it clarified on this once
the college is open. The next assignment (chapter-18) is due 23-Oct-2017 (Mon) 9:00AM.

Some of you would have received forward email from the Prof.. Complete your pending

Happy Holidays !!!

Hey friends,

Relevant deadlines & dues

1.OVC diagrams for volunteers -23/Oct
2.Krishna Battery case 23/Oct
3.BSE sensex forecasting - 23/Oct
4. Smartbook (Ch-180)- 23/Oct 9:00 AM
1. Case questions

1. Project proposal 25/Oct
2. Pre reads

1. Kotler chapter pre reads - Midterm

1. Project proposal

Incase time bacha ho: happy diwali!

-your AcadCom buddy

Regarding the Quiz-1
Syllabus: Sessions 1,2,3
Expect some numerical problems
Go through Process fundamentals Post-read (available on the drive)

Check your attendance for all courses here. For OM-1, up to session-7 (Monday) has been updated.
S-8 (toady) and S-9 would be updated tomorrow evening. I believe lot you will have missed 3
sessions already. I dont think so I will be taking the attendance for next few sessions.

SmartBook Assignment Deadline

Chapter -15 *27-Oct Tomorrow 9:00 AM*

Relevant deadline to consider for this week

*30-Oct EOD* - MM I: Case submissions on Leonardo: Indianizing Olive Oil
*31-Oct 9 AM* DT: Phase 1 - for Shark Tank (selections) Not evaluative
*1-Nov 9 AM* - OM I: SmartBook assignment Chapter -20
*1-Nov* DT -- course Evaluations Grp Work (from 2pm to 7:00pm which includes 2 hrs of on-site
*1-Nov 9 AM* - OM I: SmartBook assignment Chapter -19
*5-Nov EOD* -- SIT: Project submission
*12-Nov EOD* MM I: Brand (Industry) group project PART A
*25-Nov EOD* MM I: Brand (Industry) group project PART B
*23-Dec EOD* - Abhyudaya Ethnography Project Submission

SmartBook Assignment Deadline
Chapter -19 *2-Nov Tomorrow 9:00 AM*

Please check your attendance for S1C2

Hi, You have missed more than 3 sessions in OM-1. Ssorry tht I could not help. You can check your
attendance here

Hi, you have already missed 3 sessions in OM-1. Sorry that I could not help you. You can check your
attendance in the following link. It has been updated till today.

SmartBook Assignment Deadline
Chapter -21 *6-Nov Mon 9:00 AM*
Chapter -22 *8-Nov Wed 9:00 AM*

The Prof asked this problem in the previous session. As instructed, interested
students could submit the solutions on an A4 sheet to me before 10 Nov 2017
(Friday) 2:00 PM
Solution can be found on the book (Pg 736).

(Part B)
Guys, we have our marketing group work part-B of Industry project to be submitted on Nov-25
(next Sunday). I am posting the questions here, with concept part of the question highlighted. We
can delegate among ourselves. If can finish the delegation part today and start working, we could
finish earlier and better.

6. Describe the product/service package. Describe various *levels of product/service and what stage
of PLC* is this brand in? Why?

7. What do you think is the pricing strategy followed by the brand? Can you apply *behavioral
pricing* to the brand?

8. How is brand delivered to the customers? Elaborate the *channel & distribution strategy*

9. Describe *6M communications strategy* for the brand? Critically analyze the communication

10. Draw the customer activity cycle to identify value gaps and critically evaluate the *marketing
plan* and give your recommendations for the brand over next 3 years.

Most of the questions can be worked on independently. Except for 10th question where we need
write based on answers to previous questions.

With respect to the telephonic conversation, I herewith attaching my resume for your reference.
Given my work experience and skills, I hope my you could find a challenging role in your Product
Engineering team for me. Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you.

If you have not completed any of the previous SmartBook assignments, complete it by 5:00 PM


The deadline for Last SmartBook Assignment has been extended till 23-11-2017 (Tmr) 9:00 AM. If
you have not completed, pls do the needful, otherwise ignore.

Dear PGP-1,

This is regarding End Term format for Operations Management-1.

Paper Format: 5 Numerical problems (All compulsory)

Duration: 2 hours
Exam format: Open Laptop / Open book


1. Numerical problems will be asked from the concept covered during the 18-sessions. Refer course
outline and the text book (Operations and Supply Chain Management - Robert Jacobs Richard Chase
, 14)
2. Answer sheet should contain the steps in the involved in solving the problem.
3. The 5th question might be part question.

Group assignment submission

Deadline: 10-December-2017 EOD

Guidelines: Refer Course outline

For any clarifications pertaining to these, contact your respective division OM-1 CoCos


Savings A/c: 602701224310
Bank Name: ICICI
Branch: Chennai Anna Nagar
IFSC Code: ICIC0006027

Pending Evaluation
Written Memo, Blog

Please collect the FS handout & a spiral bound from the Xerox centre today itself. You will need the
same for Tomorrow morning 8:30 class.
Hello Maam,

I am Sundaram, Div-B CoCo for BE-2. I am writing this with reference to your email regarding the
group assignments. I request you to clarify the following questions.

1. There are even number of Academic groups (even if we club together) and odd no. of topics.
Is it ok to allocate a same topic to two teams?
2. Will the teams have to present the PPT on Friday (15-Dec-2017)?
3. Is it ok, if they make the submission by 15-Dec-2017 8:00AM? (We have BRM End Term
Exam on 14th-Dec-2017)
4. Do the submissions have to be done on ekosh or can they be collected by CoCo and emailed
to you.

Thank you.

Guys, We have OM-1 group submission on 18-Dec. Anuja and I will not be there on 16 and 17th Dec.
The submission can be divided into three parts of four, three and two pages. The first two parts are
independent and third part has to be done based on the first two parts.

Request you all to voluntarily pick up the parts to work on. I am posting the guidelines also. In
addition I am posting the drive link for list of reference documents for BlueDart.

Even if you are ok with any topic, pls post that too.

1. Four page part Vani & Akshay
2. Three page part Anuja & NVJ
3. Two page part Sundar

If you need any change pls let me knowg

Pls read the Tata case on bonus issue of shares before coming to class tomorrow. Group work on
the same will be held next week.

1. Increasing competition.

1. 35 CFAs, serving 4500 stockists who in turn catered to a retail network of almost all the 0.7 million
chemist retail outlets in India

Dear Mr. Maira,

It gives me an immense pleasure to be in a conversation with you. I am Sundaram, a PGDM Year-1
participant and I will be representing the group of 10 students who are eagerly waiting for an
opportunity to interact with you on the subject of ethics. This is part of our course Ethics in
Business, which is led by Mr. Jagdish Rattanani.
My understanding from your previous conversations in email trail is that you have no plans so far to
visit Mumbai in December 2017. Could you please let me know if you will be available in Mumbai
either in January 2018 or the first week of February 2018 and take out some of your valuable time
for us?
If required, I can share you the brief profile of the 10 participants who want to meet you.
Thank you.

Deadline: 18-Dec-2017 EOD
File naming convention: *<Div>_<AcadGroupNo.>_<Company name>*
Eg: B_29_Bluedart
File type: *PDF or Word*