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Service Report XXXXXXX River Boat

Water Treatment System

Name: : XXXX
Location: : Jetty
Subject: : Media Replacement and WT System Maintenance Service
Date of Service: : From XX-XX-XXXX To XX-XX-XXXX
Amd Engineer: : XXXXX

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1. Introduction 2
2. Details of site visit . 2
2.1. Media replacement service.. 2
2.2. Chemical doing system ... 2
2.3. Tested Record For Turbidity . 2
2.4. CIP Cleaning for UF system .. 4
2.5. Control Panel and Water Treatment System Design.. 4
3. Suggestion ... 5

1. Introduction
On 1st November 2017, our service team started to provide service to the Water
Treatment (WT) system installed in Samatha River Boat. The purpose of this service was
to replace the new media for sand filter (SD-750) from sand filter function to Multimedia
filter function, carbon filter (SD-750) function to multimedia filter function and also to
determine if there were any problems with the operation of the WT system. Our service
staffs spent about 5 days for media replacement, making CIP cleaning for UF machine
and testing along the river (Yangon to Myan Aung). Our service staff also trained the
operators in the boat about how to look after the equipment. The following report gives a
detailed description about the working conditions of the WT system, as well as
recommendations about further maintenance.

2. Details of site visit

2.1. Media replacement service
On November 1st 2017, we changed sand filter (SD-750) function to multimedia
filter function. So we replaced new media by using Gravel media 2 bags, Sand
media 5 bags, Garnet media 3 bags and Anthracite media 2 bags.
On November 2rd 2017, we changed carbon filter (SD-750) function to
multimedia filter function. So we replaced new media by using Gravel media 2
bags, Sand media 3 bags and carbon media 2 bags. The purpose of changing
to multimedia filter function was to improve the outlet water quality of the filter
system before entering the UF machine.

2.2. Chemical Dosing System

- One of the main concerns during this service was to improve the water quality
especially for Turbidity of inlet water for UF unit. So, we changed the chemical
dosing location from filters outlet to sand separator inlet to get the enough
reaction time for chemical dosing. Therefore, we used Sumaclear chemical in
order to improve the water quality more effectively. To ensure that the coagulant
has enough contact time with the water before the ultrafiltration system, the river

water pump and transfer pump controls made interlock and timer delay system
so that they can run by timer control or not.

Fig.1 Without sumaclear dosing Fig.2 With sumaclear dosing

2.3. Tested Record for Turbidity

After changed the sumaclear dosing location and media replacement, we tested
the Turbidity at each points. As a result, using sumaclear chemical dosing was
significantly improved the Turbidity compared to without dosing. (See Fig
.1&2).Table 1 details the Turbidity comparison of raw water, sand filter outlet with
dosing and without dosing and UF inlet with and without carbon filter.

Table 1. Turbidity (NTU) tested on 4.11.2017 and 5.11.2017

Sand Filter Sand Filter

Raw UF Inlet without UF inlet with
(without sumaclear (with sumaclear UF outlet
(River Water) carbon filter carbon filter
dosing) dosing)

321 281 62 199 125 0

304 224 36 71 0 0

2.4. CIP Cleaning For UF System (UF- 4 HF)
Further to our inspection for UF machine, we found that product flow of UF outlet
was 50 LPM. So, we made CIP cleaning. After CIP cleaning, UF flow rate was
increased to 63 LPM (See Fig .3).

Product flow of UF unit

after CIP = 63 lpm

Fig .3 UF permeate flow after CIP

2.5. Control Panel and Water Treatment System Design

On November 4th and 5th 2017, our engineers found that control panels situation
was complicated. So, we repaired the control panel (See Fig .5 & 6) and changed
the process flow (See Fig .4) After changing the process, the water quality was
improved and water treatment system was become more effective as we
mentioned in above Turbidity table 1.

Fig.4 Process Flow Diagram

Timer Control

Fig.5 Before repairing control panel Fig.6 After repairing control panel 5
3. Suggestion

After media replacement and maintenance service, the UF machine kept working under
normal conditions, producing between 57-63 LPM.
Based on the current situation of WT system, the following action need to be taken in
order to ensure proper working conditions:
- It can be observed from Table 1 that the turbidity of water was quite different and
seemed better with sumaclear dosing compared without sumaclear dosing.
Therefore we highly recommend adding a coagulant (Sumaclear) to the raw water
as we made so that the suspended solids stick together and forming larger particles.
These larger particles will then be removed from the water by sand separator, sand
filtration and settling.
- The filters are must be backwashed and rinsed about three times per day.
- The treating water tank should be cleaned monthly and treated water tank should
be cleaned twice a year.
- Sumaclear dosing injection valve and foot valve should be cleaned every week.