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Time : 2Hrs Each Question carries 1 Mark

Directions : In questions no. 1 to 20, some 11. This meteorological-disturbance in the

parts of the sentences have errors and some atmosphere of art criticism /
are correct, out which part of a sentence has
an error and blacken the oval [ ]
have crossed over to our own shores /
corresponding to the appropriate (A, B, C).
If a sentence is free from error, blacken the
bringing mist and clouds in its wake. /
oval [ ] corresponding to (D) in the Answer
Sheet. (C)
1. He said / that he wanted a room / and No Error.
(A) (B) (D)
that his luggage would follow. / No error. 12. The child / was run over / with a private
(C) (D) (A) (B)
2. Our country / does not lack / in bus. / No error.
(A) (B) (C) (D)
scientists of quality. / No error. 13. Kambli is one of the players / who has
(C) (D) (A) (B)
3. What really matters / in the struggle for been selected / for the test match. / No
(A) (B) (C) (D)
life / is to overcome one's fear. / No error. error.
(C) (D) 14. We can decide it / only after / farther
4. It is believed / that smoking is / one of (A) (B)
(A) (B) investigation /No error.
the cause of cancer. / No error. (C) (D)
(C) (D) 15. On every Sunday / I play cricket / in the
5. This watch is superior / and more
(A) (B)
(A) (B)
afternoon. /No error.
expensive / than that one. / No error.
(C) (D)
(C) (D)
16. Please arrange / for my boarding and lodging
6. It is feared that / hundreds of people /
(A) (B) (A) (B)
have lost lives. / No error. / in Tirupathi. / No error.
(C) (D) (C) (D)
7. He is / one of those students / who comes 17. Each boy and girl / in the class / bring a
(A) (B) (A) (B)
regularly. / No error. text book each day. / No error.
(C) (D) (C) (D)
8. No other newspaper / has so large a 18. Two millions people / attended the
(A) (B) (A) (B)
circulation / like this newspaper in India. meeting / held in parade grounds. / No
(C) (C) (D)
/ No error. error.
(D) 19. Had he worked hard / he would pass the
9. It was / me who telephoned / the fire (A) (B)
(A) (B) examination / in first class. / No error.
service. / No error. (C) (D)
(C) (D) 20. He not only plays / tennis regularly / but
10. Though she appears to be very tall / she
(A) (B)
(A) (B)
also cricket /No error.
is just an inch / taller than me. / No error.
(C) (D)
(C) (D)
Directions : In questions no. 21 to 25, Directions : In questions no. 32 to 34, there
sentences are given with blanks to be filled are four different words out of which one is
in with an appropriate word(s). Four wrongly spelt. Find the wrongly spelt word
alternatives are suggested for each question. and indicate it by blackening the appropriate
oval [ ] in this Answer Sheet.
Choose the correct alternative out of the four
and indicate it by blackening the appropriate 32. (A) fervant (b) favour
oval ( ) in the Answer Sheet. (C) fervour (D) fervid
21. After the treatment, he was relieved 33. (A) decision (B) position
_________ the pain. (C) insision (D) collusion
(A) for (B) of 34. (A) heterogeneous (B) virtueous
(C) from (D) with (C) ingenious (D) ingenuous
22. Several items have been left ___from the Directions : In questions no. 35 to 44, four
list. alternatives are given for the given idiom /
(A) out (B) within phrase or as underlined in the sentence.
(C) behind (D) off Choose the alternative which best expresses
23. I have not paid my school fees________ the meaning of the idiom / phrase and mark
(A) already (B) now it in the Answer Sheet.
(C) then (D) yet 35. The mother-in-law expected her
daughter-in-law to be always at her beck
24. She has_______seen this movie twice.
and call.
(A) yet (B) often
(A) ready to withdraw
(C) already (D) quite
25. My father has _________ returned home (B) ready to serve
from work. (C) ready to call
(A) now (B) yet (D) ready to play
(C) yet (D) just 36. When I opened the door, my books were
Directions : In questions no. 26 to 28, out of lying at sixes and sevens.
the four alternatives, choose the one which (A) in neat order
best expresses the meaning of the given word (B) in disorder
and mark it in the Answer Sheet. (C) under the table
26. Onslaught (D) in piles on the floor
(A) counterattack 37. His behaviour indicates that he has blue
(B) resistance blood.
(C) defence (A) feels depressed often
(D) invasion (B) suffers anaemia
27. Grotesque (C) belongs to a royal family
(A) bizarre (B) shameful (D) has diseased blood
(C) absurd (D) laughable
38. I'm trying to figure out the hidden agenda
28. Ignominy in yesterday's meeting.
(A) exposure (B) stupidity
(A) wicked motive (B) false, idea
(C) disgrace (D) trial
(C) indirect tax (D) secret reason
Directions: In questions no. 29 to 31, choose
39. He always seems to get the lion's share of
the word opposite in meaning to the given
the projects.
word and mark it in the Answer Sheet.
(A) an insignificant part
29. Fervent
(B) the minimum share
(A) partial (B) dispassionate
(C) ardent (D) decent (C) an equal share
30. Garrulous (D) a major share
(A) verbose (B) serious 40. Oliver Twist was beaten black and blue
when he asked for more food.
(C) reticent (D) gaunt
(A) remonstrated with
31. Scrupulous
(B) whipped badly
(A) careless (B) wise (C) thrashed severely
(C) caring (D) careful (D) given a scolding
41. To pull wool over someone's eyes S. but because it is higher upstream than
(A) to investigate the others.
(B) to reprimand someone 6. Huron takes its name from the name
(C) to deceive another French settlers gave it.
(D) to keep a secret (A) PRQS (B) RQPS
42. I find myself in a position where I have (C) SPRQ (D) QPSR
to choose between the devil and the deep 48. 1. Delhi's Indira Gandhi International
Airport is the only one in the country
blue sea.
to have runways equipped with a CAT
(A) near the horrid sea
IIIB Instrument Landing System.
(B) in a state of confusion P. This technology guides pilots to land
(C) out of one's proper place even when visibility is cut to 50
(D) between two equal evils metres.
43. Even a small toy can become an apple of Q. This is because
discord between two children. R. Finding an explanation for such
(A) cause of happiness failure won't be easy.
(B) cause of meeting S. However, it fails to operate often.
(C) tasty like an apple 6. the issue involves multiple stake-
(D) cause of dispute holders and a web of unclear briefs.
44. Do you think this examination is a hard (A) PSRQ (B) PQSR
nut to crack ? (C) PQRS (D) PRSQ
(A) similar to planting a nut tree 49. 1. The Australians were very proud and
(B) a difficult job felt privileged
(C) a boring job P. in their country
Q. to host the olympics-2000
(D) similar to cracking a nut
R. as it elevated their stature
Directions : In questions no, 45 to 64, the
S. in the eyes of the world
1st and the last parts of the sentence / 6. at the threshold of the new
paragraph are numbered 1 and 6. The rest of millennium.
the sentence / paragraph is split into four (A) SPQR (B) RQSP
parts and named P, Q, R and S. These four (C) QPRS (D) PRQS
parts are not given in their proper order. 50. 1. Ram has an important examination to
Read the sentence / paragraph and find out sit for in a few weeks time.
which of the four combinations is correct and P. But he could not concentrate.
mark it in the Answer Sheet. Q. What he saw was not very nice - he
45. 1. The role of modern youth was very pale.
P. as they have to not only R. He sat down to prepare for it.
Q. than that of their forefathers S. After a while he looked at himself in
R. keep the torch of freedom aloft the mirror.
S. is far more challenging 6. He said to himself, "What I need is fresh
6. but also keep it always lit. air."
51. 1. Youths are the assets and hope of a
46. 1. Modern education is bookish
P. the harsh realities of life. P. in making India a great
Q. imparted in schools and colleges Q. steeped in old cultural values
R. and divorced from R. They can play a vital role
S. the so called liberal education S. democratic, progressive and prosperous
6. does not help students earn their country
livelihood. 6. but equipped with modern scientific
(A) RPQS (B) QSPR look.
47. 1. The Great Lakes are a group of (C) RPSQ (D) QPRS
P. Superior is so called not because it is 52. 1. Porcelain became popular at the
the largest, beginning of the 19th century.
Q. on the border between the USA and P. in a kiln at more than 2372 degrees
Canada. Fahrenheit.
R. five freshwater lakes in North America Q. refer to both China and Bisque dolls.
R. Porcelain is made by firing special R. that he was reading good poetry, so
clays S. poem
S. Porcelain is used generically to 6. critics, and awaited their reaction.
6. Only a few types of clays can withstand (A) SPRQ (B) QPRS
such high temperatures. (C) PQSR (D) SRQP
(A) PSQR (B) QRSP 58. 1. New industries
(C) RPQS (D) SQRP . ' P. interests, usually
53. 1. Human behaviours are regulated by Q. supported by foreign
their R. to their employees at all
P. a person's working pattern as well as S. offer better salaries
living style. 6. levels of responsibility.
Q. between these selves has an adverse (A) PQRS (B) QPSR
effect upon (C) PSRQ (D) SRQP
R. Work done is the self-portrait 59. 1.Both plants and animals
S. real self and social self. Conflict P. changes in form, structure, growth
6. of the person who did it. habits
(A) RPQS (B) SQPR Q. in becoming adapted to different
54. 1. India is a democratic country
R. of many sorts show remarkable
P. at the hands of our representatives
S. and even mode of reproduction
Q. but frequent elections
6. environment, types of food supply or
R. who play political games
mode of living
S. make it a mockery
6. at the cost of the nation.
(C) PRSQ (D) SRPQ 60. 1. As heart disease-continues
55. 1. Plato's 'Republic' has exercised P. increasingly interested in identifying
tremendous influence the
P. He states that statesmen should Q. to be the number one killer
Q. on human thought and intelligence. R. researchers have become
R. integrity because he felt that, only such S. in the United States,
men 6. potential risk factors that trigger heart
S. be men of supreme intelligence and attack.
impeccable (A) PRSQ (B) RQSP
6. could enlighten the darker side of (C) SPRQ (D) QSRP
human nature into a positive one. 61. 1. Those clouds promise rain;
(A) RPSQ (B) SQPR P. before we get caught in a flash flood
(C) RSQP (D) QPSR Q. or else we will never be able to find
56. 1. India has a vibrant space science our way home
programme R. we should hurry
P. The Indian space science programme S. and would be stuck here
has been working 6. for a considerable period of time.
Q. formulating an industrial participation (A) QRPS (B) PRSQ
policy to (C) RPQS (D) SQPR
R. covering astronomy, astrophysics and 62. 1. Rohan steered the jeep
space science. P. the path to which muddy and bumpy,
S. with cooperative Indian industries and Q. making it a difficult drive, and
has been R. down the muddy road to the camp site
6. aid the growth of space industry in S. he discovered after a few miles
India. 6. that it was the wrong road.
57. 1. Shaw read the first few lines of the 63. 1. If he changes his mind,
P. and was at once convinced P. and he will not commit
Q. he sent a few copies of the book to well Q. Joe has learned his lesson,
known R. the same mistake again,
S. we shall know for sure that 74. One who is between 80 and 89 years old
6. but only time will tell. (A) Sexagenarian (B) Nonagenarian
(A) QRPS (B) PRSQ (C) Septuagenarian (D) Octogenarian
(C) RPQS (D) SQPR 75. One who hates mankind
64. 1. A number of linguists (A) Hedonist (B) Fatalist
P. of languages spoken by (C) Misanthrope (D) Misogynist
76. A person who makes love without serious
Q. the world's five billion people
R. contend that all of the thousands
(A) Consort (B) Philanderer
S. can be traced back to a common root (C) Romeo (D) Goon
language Directions : In questions no. 77 to 96, a
6. and have a common origin. sentence has been given in Active / Passive
(A) QRPS (B) PRSQ Voice. Out of the four alternatives suggested,
(C) RPQS (D) SQPR select the one which best expresses the same
Directions: In questions no. 65 to 76, out of sentence in Passive /Active Voice and mark
the four alternatives, choose the one which your answer in the Answer Sheet.
can be substituted for the given words / 77. The author wrote the book in one month.
sentence. (A) The book would be written by the
65. One who is indifferent to pleasure or pain author in one month.
(A)Stoic (B) Anarchist (B) The book had wrote in one month
(C) Mystic (D) Hysteric (C) The book had been written in or
66. Animals that feed on plants month.
(D) The book was written in one month.
(A) Insectivorous (B) Graminivorous
78. Somebody built this house in 2001.
(C) Carnivorous (D) Herbivorous
(A) This house was built by somebody.
67. Short remaining end of a cigarette (B) This house was build in 2001.
(A) Filament (B) Stub (C) This house had been built in 2001.
(C) Filling (D) Pinch (D) This house is built in 2001.
68. A person concerned with practical results 79. Somebody should have cleaned the
and values windows yesterday.
(A) Pragmatist (A) The windows were not cleaned
(B) Ecologist yesterday.
(C) Fundamentalist (B) The windows had to be cleaned
(D) Optimist yesterday.
69. A person who can use both hands equally (C) The windows should have been
well cleaned yesterday.
(A) Dexterous (B) Ambidextrous (D) The windows should be cleaned
(C) Adroit (D) Skilful yesterday.
80. Have you ever been bitten by a dog ?
70. The firing of a number of guns together
(A) Has a dog ever bitten you ?
as a salute or otherwise
(B) Had a dog ever bitten you ?
(A) Reception (B) Salutation (C) Did a dog ever bite you ?
(C) Salvo (D) Gun-salute (D) Has a dog ever bite you ?
71. Study of the problems of legal 81. Can we solve this problem ?
punishment and prison management (A) Can this problem solved ?
(A) Neurology (B) Astrology (B) Can this problem not be solved?
(C) Penology (D) Criminology (C) Can this problem be solved ?
72. Bring about an easy and painless death (D) Can this problem be solved by us ?
for someone suffering from an incurable 82. They had to scrap all the rules to
disease accommodate a particular person.
(A) Euthanasia (B) Strangulation (A) All the rules had to be scrapped to
(C) Suicide (D) Uxoricide accommodate a particular person.
73. One who cannot be defeated (B) All the rules had been scrapped to
accommodate a particular person
(A) Indecipherable
(C) All the rules had to be scrapped by
(B) Invidious
them to accommodate a particular person.
(C) Insolvent (D) All the rules were scrapped to
(D) Invincible accommodate a particular person.
83. The parents' love should not be taken for 89. Raksha Bandhan is Celebrated all over
granted. the country.
(A) One cannot take parents' love for (A) All over the country people are
granted. celebrating Raksha Bandhan.
(B) Can one take parents' love for granted ? (B) People were celebrating Raksha
(C) I should not take parents' love for Bandhan all over the country.
granted. (C) People celebrated Raksha Bandhan all
(D) One should not take parents' love for over the country.
granted. (D) All over the country people celebrate
84. My sister played a major role in shaping Raksha Bandhan.
my career.
90. Who built the Taj Mahal ?
(A) A major role is played by my sister in
(A) By whom the Taj Mahal built ?
shaping my career.
(B) By whom had the Taj Mahal been built ?
(B) A major role was played by my sister
(C) By whom was the Taj Mahal built ?
in shaping my career.
(C) A major role has been played- by my (D) By whom the Taj Mahal was built ?
sister, in shaping my career. 91. Five explosions rocked Pune today.
(D) A major role had been played by my (A) Pune has been rocked by five
sister in shaping my career. explosions today.
85. Did anyone invite Rachna to the party ? (B) Pune had been rocked by five
(A) Is Rachna invited to the party ? , explosions today.
(B) Had Rachna been invited to the party (C) Pune is rocked by five explosions
by anyone ? today.
(C) Was Rachna invited to the party ? (D) Pune was rocked by five explosions
(D) Was Rachna going to be invited to the today.
party ? 92. Did everybody appreciate the anti-
86. The poet read his long poem himself. corruption movement ?
(A) The long poem was read by the poet (A) Is the anti-corruption movement being
himself. appreciated by everybody ?
(B) The long poem read by the poet (B) Was the anti-corruption movement
himself. Appreciated by everybody ?
(C) The long poem had been read by the (C) Is the anti-corruption movement .
poet himself. appreciated by everybody ?
(D) The long poem is read by the poet (D) Has the anti-corruption movement
himself. been appreciated by everybody ?
87. People should send their complaints to
93. Do men gather grapes of thorns or figs of
the head office.
thistles ?
(A) The complaints ought to be sent to the
(A) Are grasses of thorns or figs of thistles
head office.
being gathered by men ?
(B) The complaints were sent to the head
(B) Are grapes of thorns or figs of thistles
office by the people.
(C) The complaints should be sent to the be gathered by men ?
head office. (C) Were grapes of thorn or figs of thistles
(D) The complaints had to be sent to the gathered by men ? .
head office. (D) Are grapes of thorns or figs of thistles
88. An electrical fault could have caused the gathered by men ?
fire. 94. I have always endorsed your decisions.
(A) The fire had been caused by an (A) Your decisions have always been
electrical fault. endorsed by me.
(B) The fire could have been caused by (B) Your decisions has always been
an electrical fault. endorsed by me.
(C) The fire was caused by an electrical (C) Your decisions are always endorsed
fault. by me.
(D) The fire could be caused by an (D) Your decisions were always endorsed
electrical fault. by me.
95. Have you ever felt the responsibility of 102. Socrates had many disciples and the most
looking after your parents ? great of them was Plato.
(A) Was the responsibility of looking afer (A) the greatest (B) greatest
your parents felt by you ? (C) the greater (D) No improvement
(B) Is the responsibility of looking after 103. Neither the judge nor I am ready to
your parents being felt by you ? announce who is the winner.
(C) Has the responsibility of looking after (A) are ready to announce who the
your parents ever been felt by you ? winner is.
(D) Has the responsibility of looking after (B) is ready to announce who is the
your parents felt by you ? winner.
96. Did all the candidates complete the paper (C) am ready to announce who the
on time ? winner is.
(A) Had the paper been completed by all (D) No improvement
candidates on time? 104. The crowd was anomalous but orderly.
(B) Was the paper completed by all the (a) indisciplined (B) uncontrollable
candidates on time ? (C) clamorous (D) No improvement
(C) Was the paper complete by all the 105. No sooner had I entered the house when
candidates on time ? the lights went out.
(D) Could the paper be completed by all (A) then (B) and
the candidates on time ? (C) than (D) No improvement
Directions: In questions no. 97 to 118; a part 106. The lawyer often instigated arguments.
of the sentence is underlined. Below are given (A) lost (B) started
alternatives to the underlined part at (A), (B) (C) solved (D) No improvement
and (C) which may improve the sentence. 107. After adequate deliberations, the council
Choose the correct alternative. In case no can see scarcely any valid reason for its
improvement is needed, your answer is (D). reviewing the request.
97. 'After several days' tour, we became (A) can see scarcely any valid reason for
convinced that the climate of this place its
was like Srinagar in winter. (B) can scarcely see any valid reason for
(A) was like that of Srinagar in winter its
(B) was like Srinagar's in winter (C) cannot see scarcely any valid reason
(C) in winter was like Srinagar for its
(D) No improvement (D) No improvement
98. Our team has not yet arrived. I wonder 108. The Vice Principal decided to resign
when it will arrive. when he was passed over for promotion
(A) it arrives to Principal.
(B) it can arrive (A) passed off (B) passed out
(C) it will be arriving (C) passed by (D) No improvement
(D) No improvement 109 I always prefer staying indoors to go out
99. I shall stand near you in weal and woe. on a summer day.
(A) stand with (A) than going out (B) to going out
(B) stand close to (C) than to go out (D) No improvement
(C) stand by 110. Were the politicians to assess themselves,
(D) No improvement they would find that they have lost their
100. In international and national affairs, it credibility long back ?
is tolerance and not love that is of (A) have been losing their
supreme importance. (B) had lost their credibility
(A) issues (B) perspective (C) have lost their credentials
(C) matters (D) No improvement (D) No improvement
101. He has seen many ups and downs in life 111. The opposition is very weak to pose any
but he has never been as much dejected serious challenge in Uttar Pradesh.
as he is today. (A) very much weak
(A) so much in dejection (B) rather too much weak
(B) so dejected (C) too weak
(C) that much dejected (D) No improvement
(D) No improvement
112. The government has no choice than to 120. He said, "Will you listen to such a man ?"
curtail the subsidies in order to contain (A) He asked them would they listen to
the increasing fiscal deficit.
such a man.
(A) but to curtail
(B) only to curtail (B) He asked them whether they would
(C) other than to curtailing listen to such a man.
(D) No Improvement (C) He asked them will they listen to such
113. There is no place in the bus, it is already a man
over-crowded. (D) He asked to them if they would listen
(A) vacancy (B) room
(C) berth (D) No improvement to such a man
114. If only I had known about your arrival, I 121. He said, "Be quiet and listen to my
might have come to the station to recieve words."
you. (A) He urged them to be quiet and listen
(A) should have (B) would have to his words.
(C) could have (D) No improvement
115. If he does not succeed this year, he would (B) He asked them to be quiet and listen
give the examination again next year. to his words.
(A) would be giving (C) He urged them to be quiet and listen
(B) will be taking to my words.
(C) would take (D) He requests them to be quiet and listen
(D) No improvement
to his words.
116. Unless the Pakistani government does
not demolish the terrorists' training camp, 122. "Do you know the way home?" asked I.
there can be no peace in the region. (A) I asked him did he know the way home.
(A) Demolishes (B) I asked to him whether he knew the
(B) will not demolish way home.
(C) do not demolish
(C) I asked him if he knew the way home.
(D) No improvement
117. A new and stronger Indian society is (D) I asked him if he knows the way home.
growing at top of the deep trenches left 123. "How should I answer this question, father ?"
by centuries of colonial repression. the boy enquired.
(A) on top of the deep trenches (A) The boy asked his father how I should
(B) at to the top of the deep trenches answer this question.
(C) at the top of the deep trench
(D) No improvement (B) The boy asked his father that how he
118. Germany has more neighbours than all should answer that question.
European States. (C) The boy asked his father how he
(A) rather than other European States . should answer that question.
(B) rather than all European States (D) The boy asked his father how should
(C) than any other European State
(D) No improvement he answer that question.
Directions : In questions no. 119 to 145, a 124. "Do you suppose you know better than
sentence has been given in Direct /Indirect your own father ?" jeered his mother
Speech. Out of the four alternatives angrily.
suggested, select the one which best (A) His angry mother jeered and asked
expresses the same sentence in Indirect /
him if he supposes he knows better
Direct Speech and mark your answer in the
Answer Sheet. than his father.
119. The Swami said to the villager, "Please (B) His angry mother jeered and asked
bring me a glass of water." him did he suppose he knew better
(A) The Swami ordered the villager to than his own Mother.
bring him a glass of water.
(C) His angry mother jeered and asked if
(B) The Swami requested to the villager
to bring him a glass of water. he supposed he knows better than his
(C) The Swami told the villager to bring own father.
me a glass of water. (D) His angry mother jeered and asked
(D) The Swami requested the villager to him if he supposed he knew better
bring him a glass of water.
than his own father.
125. Aladin said to the magician, "What have I 131. You said, "My parents never liked my
done to deserve so severe a blow ?" accepting any job but I had always
(A) Aladin asked the magician what had wanted to stand on my own feet."
I done to deserve so severe a blow. (A) You said that your parents never liked
(B) Aladin asked the magician that what your accepting any job but you had
he had done to deserve so severe a always wanted to stand on your own
(C) Aladin asked the magician what he
had done to deserve so severe a blow. (B) You said my parents never liked my
(D) Aladin asked the magician what had accepting any job but you always
he done to deserve so severe a blow. wanted to stand on your own feet.
126. Renu said to him, "Please wait here till I (C) You said that my parents never 1iked
return." my accepting any job but I always
(A) Renu ordered him to wait there till wanted to stand on my own feet.
she returned. (D) You told that your parents never liked
(B) Renu requested him to wait here till you accepting any job but you always
she returned. wanted to stand on your own feet.
(C) Renu told him to wait there till she 132. The Prime Minister said, "We should be
returned. united to fight the enemy tooth and nail."
(D) Renu requested him to wait there till
(A) The Prime Minister requested that we
she returned.
127. He said, "Suresh slipped when he was should be united to fight the enemy
trying to board a bus." tooth and nail.
(A) He told that Suresh had slipped when (B) The Prime Minister said that we
he was trying to board a bus. should be united to fight the enemy
(B) He informed that Suresh had slipped tooth and nail.
when he was trying to board a bus. (C) The Prime Minister said that they shall
(C) He said that Suresh had slipped when be united to fight the enemy tooth and
he was trying to board a bus. nail.
(D) He said that Suresh has slipped when (D) The Prime Minister informed that they
he was trying to board a bus. should be united to fight the enemy
128. She said, "Whatever Saraj does displeases tooth and nail.
her mother-in-law."
133. He said to his beloved, "We will never
(A) She said that whatever Saraj did
displeased her mother-in-law. desert each other."
(B) She said that whatever Saraj does (A) He told to his beloved that they shall
displeased her mother-in-law. desert each other.
(C) She says that whatever Saraj has been (B) He reminded his beloved that they will
doing displeases her mother-in-law. never desert each other.
(D) She told that whatever Saraj did (C) He said to his beloved that they would
displeased her mother-in-law. never desert each other.
129. The teacher said, "The earth revolves (D) He said to his beloved that never
round the sun." desert each other.
(A) The teacher said that the earth is 134. The representative of the workers said,
revolving round the sun'. "We have decided not to resume work till
(B) The teacher asked if the earth revolves our salaries are increased."
round the sun.
(A) The representatives of the workers
(C) The teacher said that the earth
revolved round the sun. said that they will not resume work
(D) The teacher said that the earth till their salaries are increased.
revolves round the sun. (B) The representative of the workers said
130. The teacher said to me, "You have not that they have decided not to resume
done your homework well." work till their salaries are increased.
(A) The teacher told to me that I had not (C) The representatives of the workers
done my homework well. told that they had decided not to
(B) The teacher told that you have not resume work till their salaries were
done your homework well. increased.
(C) The teacher told me that I had not (D) The representatives of the workers
done my homework well. said that they had decided not to
(D) The teacher told that I had not done
resume work till their salaries were
homework well.
135. The speaker said, "We have assembled to 139. He said, "Robots are not human beings as
pay homage to our departed leader." they do not have the human
(A) The speaker said they assembled to intelligence."
pay homage to their departed leader. (A) He told that Robots are not human
(B) The speaker declared they had assembled beings as they did not have the
to pay homage to their departed leader. human intelligence.
(C) The speaker said that they had to their (B) He announced that Robots are not
assembled to pay homage to their human beings as they did not have
departed leader. the human intelligence.
(D) The speaker told that they had (C) He said that Robots are not human
beings as they do not have the human
assembled to pay homage to their
departed leader.
(D) He said that Robots were not human
136. A student came to me and said, "Sir I shall
beings as they did not have the
be obliged to you if you grant me three
human intelligence.
days' leave. I have to go to my village to 140. The teacher said, "Why can't you come to
see my father." school on time, Reema ?"
(A) A student came to me and told me (A) The teacher asked Reema why she
that if he will be obliged if I grant him can't come to school on time.
three days leave to go to his village to (B) The teacher asked Reema why can't
see his father. she come to school on time.
(B) A student came to me and told to (C) The teacher asked Reema why
respectfully grant him three days' couldn't she come to school on time.
leave as he had to see his father in the (D) The teacher asked Reema why she
village. couldn't, come to school on time.
(C) A student came to me and 141. Sita said, "I have not seen my
respectfully said that he would be grandmother for a very long time."
obliged to me if I granted him three (A) Sita said that she did not see her
days leave as he had to go to his village grandmother for a very long time.
to see his father. (B) Sita said that she did not seen her
(D) A student came to me and requested grandmother for a very long time.
me to grant him three days leave as (C) Sita said that she had not seen her
he had to go to the village to see his grandmother for a very long time.
father. (D) Sita said that she has not seen her
137. She said, "Girls are usually more sincere grandmother for a very long time.
than boys." 142. "Soni, why haven't you had your bath till
now ?" said her mother angrily.
(A) She said that usually girls have been
(A) Soni's mother angrily asked her why
more sincere than boys.
she hadn't had her bath till then.
(B) She said that usually girls had been
(B) Soni's mother angrily asked her that
more sincere than boys.
why she did not had her bath till then.
(C) She said that girls were usually more (C) Soni's mother angrily asked her why
sincere than boys. she did not have her bath till then.
(D) She said that girls are usually more (D) Soni's mother angrily asked her why
sincere than boys. didn't she have her bath till then.
138. She said, "When I was a child I used to be 143. She said, "Shall I have a happy married
afraid of ghosts." life?"
(A) She said that when she was a child (A) She wondered if she would have a
she used to be afraid of ghosts. happy married life.
(B) She said that when she was a child (B) She wondered if she will have a
she used to be afraid of ghosts. married life.
(C) She said that when I was a child I was (C) She asked whether she will have a
afraid of ghosts. happy married life.
(D) She told that when she was a child (D) She asked will she have a happy
she used to be afraid of ghosts. married life
144. She said to me, "What can I do for dear?" boy with infinite 158 in his wistful eyes. Just
(A) She asked me what could she do for me. at this moment, as if God had been 159 the
(B) She requested me to tell her what she faith of the crew to the utmost, a distant sail
could do. was 160 near the horizon.
(C) She said to me what she could do for me. 151. (A) scale (B) cover
(D) She asked me affectionately what she (C) swim (D) cross
could do for me. 152. (A) across (B) below
145. He said to the lady, "Why are you weeping (C) on (D) above
so bitterly ?" 153. (A) winked (B) gazed
(A) He asked the lady why she had been (C) moved (D) jumped
weeping so bitterly. 154. (A) coming (B) approaching
(B) He asked the lady why she was (C) seen (D) visible
weeping so bitterly.
155. (A) prayer (B) offering
(C) He asked the lady why was she
(C) thanks (D) curse
weeping so bitterly.
156. (A) geared (B) cleared
(D) He said to the lady why she was
(C) left (D) prepared
weeping so bitterly
157. (A) missing (B) discarded
Directions : In questions no. 146 to 170, you
(C) absent (D) distant
have the following three brief passages with
5 questions in passage I and 10 questions in 158. (A) urge (B) attraction
passages II and III. Read the passages (C) longing (D) love
carefully and fill in the blanks with suitable 159. (A) trying (B) instilling
words out of the four alternatives given. (C) measuring (D) inspiring
PASSAGE I (Questions no. 146 - 150) 160. (A) found (B) shining
In most of the world's major religions (C) approaching (D) sighted
today only one god is worshipped. But in many PASSAGE III (Questions no. 161 - 170)
ancient religions followers worshipped a 146 Yesterday there was a serious accident
of gods. God had special 147 and on the Mall Road. A drunken driver was
responsibilities, and some could appear in a driving a motor car at forty miles an hour. As
variety of forms. The myths and 148 of ancient the car swept round a 161 corner, it ran 162 a
cultures and the range of gods worshipped tonga occupied by a woman with an infant in
often changed over thousands of years as her arms. The tonga was overturned. Happily
different gods and goddesses rose and fell in no one was killed but the woman and the child
importance. Those listed 149 a selection of the received 163 injuries. The hostile crowd was
most and long-standing gods of the world's so 164 with the driver that all his explanations
ancient culture. did not 165 him from being roughed up. It was
146. (A) group (B) posse with great difficulty that he 166. Soon a boy
(C) cartel (D) team scout 167 on the spot, and provided first aid to
147. (A) contours (B) qualities the 168 mother and child. A policeman also
(C) characteristics (D) features reached 169 and took down the number of the
148. (A) legends (B) folktales 170.
(C) stories (D) fables 161. (A) distant (B) dishevelled
149. (A) are (B) was (C) sharp (D) twisted
(C) were (D) have been
162. (A) behind (B) with
150. (A) applauded (B) honoured
(C) against (D) into
(C) revered (D) rebuked
163. (A) insignificant (B) trivial
PASSAGE II (Questions no. 151 - 160)
(C) minor (D) slight
The captain waited till sunset but no ship
164. (A) enraged (B) irritated
approached. His own ship was wrecked. He was
(C) mad (D) infuriated
wondering how to 151 the mighty ocean. As
165. (A) stop (B) escape
the shades of evening were stealing 152 the
(C) spare (D) save
sky, he once more 153 towards the horizon,
166. (A) escaped (B) ran
but no sail was 154. In despair, he addressed
a mute 155 to the skies and 156 himself for (C) left (D) fled
death. He thought of his 157 wife and infant 167. (A) approached (B) appeared
(C) reached (D) arrived
168. (A) injured (B) aggrieved 173. What could be the investigation taken up
(C) affected (D) afflicted by the writer ? .
169. (A) thereafter (B) thence (A) Why she used a flat-rule instead of a
(C) there (D) then cane
170. (A) injured (B) people (B) Why was she having her class in the
(C) car (D) driver corner
Directions : In questions no. 171 to 200, you (C) Why she was threatening the pupils
have three passages with 10 questions
(D) Why she was always playing the
following each passage. Read, the passages
school game
carefully and choose the best answer to each
174. The cane is discredited because
question out of the four alternatives and mark (A) the primitive birch can maul without
it in the Answer Sheet. marking
PASSAGE I (Questions no. 171 -180) (B) it is an achievement in torturing
I notice nowadays a little girl at home techniques
always playing the school-game in a corner of (C) it has a menacing appearance and it
the verandah, but never without a flat wooden cannot maul without marking
foot-rule in hand, which she flourishes (D) it is a non-violent pedagogic
menacingly at the pupils assembled in her equipment
phantasmagoric class-room. On investigation, 175. What is the advanced torturing technique
I found that the cane being discredited, has at the primitive stage ?
yielded place to the foot-rule, especially in (A) The flat foot-rule
Convent schools. The flat-rule has the (B) Admissions and textbooks
advantage over the primitive birch of mauling (C) Examinations
without marking (which could count as an (D) The primitive birch
achievement in torturing technique) and it 176. Select the best title :
(A) Flat Rule : the instrument of torture
also possesses the innocent appearance of a
(B) Modern Education
non-violent pedagogic equipment. A modern
(C) The Little Girl
educator naturally, has to adapt his ways to (D) The Imaginary World of Children
modern circumstances, and put away obsolete 177. Select the meaning of the word
weapons. The flat-rule is employed only at the phantasmagoric :
primary stage; at higher levels education, (A) pertaining to ghosts
torments to a young soul devised in subtler (B) fantastic
forms of progressive admissions, textbooks and (C) sham
examination are the triple weapons in the (D) imaginary
hands of an educator today. 178. Select the statement which is false in the
171. What are the subtler forms of torture at context of the passage :
higher level, used progressively ? (A) Physical torture has been completely
(A) Getting admission into colleges is done away with.
torture (B) In some Convent schools, beating is
(B) Getting into colleges, getting text still done.
books and facing exams (C) Flat-rule is a modern instrument of
(C) Putting away the obsolete weapons torture.
canes (D) Seeking admission in schools/
(D) Using examinations as a means of torture colleges is a torture.
172. What must have prompted the little girl 179. Select the statement which is true in the
to flourish the foot-rule menacingly at the context of the passage:
pupils ? (A) Caning is an essential element of
(A) Her teacher must have told her to do education.
that (B) Flat-rule has some advantages over
(B) Her teacher must have flourished the the cane.
foot-rule in her classroom (C) The little girl has never been to a
(C) The pupils assembled there must be school.
noisy (D) The objective of examinations is only
(D) The girl wants to frighten the pupils to torture children.
180. 'Pedagogic' means 183.What was the status of women in
(A) methodical contemporary society ?
(B) pertaining to punishment They
(C) pertaining to the science of teaching (A) considered themselves inferior and
(D) instrumental subordinate to men
PASSAGE H (Questions no. 181 - 190) (B) claimed equality with men
Antigone was one of the daughters of (C) were liberated
Oedipus, that tragic figure of male power who (D) could have taken their own decision
had been cursed by Gods for mistakenly killing 184. The civil war in Thebes broke out because
his father and subsequently marrying his (A) there was a fight among the sons of
mother and assuming the throne of Thebes. Oedipus for the inheritance of the
After the death of Oedipus, civil war broke out kingdom
and a battle was waged in front of the seventh (B) there was a conflict between the sons
gate of Thebes - his two sons led opposing of Oedipus and Creon
factions and at the height of the battle fought (C) of the curse of the Gods
and killed each other. Oedipus' brother, Creon, (D) the brothers of Antigone were greet
uncle of Antigone, was now undisputed master 185. A carrion bird is a bird
of the city. Creon resolved to make an example (A) which eats only grain
of the brother who had fought against him, (B) of prey
Polynices, by refusing the right of honourable (C) which eats human flesh
burial. The penalty of death was promulgated (D) which eats dead bodies
against any who should defy this order. 186. What is the main theme of the story of
Antigone was distraught. Polynices had
Antigone ?
been left unburied, unwept, a feast of flesh for
keen eyed carrion birds. Antigone asks her (A) One must be true to one's kin
sister Ismene, for it was a challenge to her royal (B) War is an evil
blood. "Now it is time to show whether or not (C) One must be truthful and honest
you are worthy of your royal blood. Is he not (D) There is a conflict between the laws
my brother and yours ? Whether you like it or of men and heavenly laws
not ? I shall never desert him - never!" But 187. Does the story approve the principle of
Ismene responds, "How could you dare - when vicarious liability? If so, how?
Creon has expressly forbidden it ? Antigone,
(A) Yes, it does, because his father was
we are women, it is not for us to fight against
killed by Oedipus.
men." With a touch of bitterness, Antigone
releases her sister from the obligation to help (B) Yes, because he married his mother
her, but argues she cannot shrug off the (C) No, it does not
burden. "If I die for it, what happiness! Live, if (D) Yes, it does, because of the acts of
you will live, and defy the holiest of laws of Oedipus his children suffered.
heaven." 188. Why did Creon deny a decent burial to
181. Why did Antigone decide to defy the Polynices?
orders of Creon ? He did so because
(A) She felt she was bound by her
(A) Polynices was disobedient to Creon
heavenly obligation
(B) To teach Creon a lesson (B) Polynices did not show bravery
(C) She loved her brother (C) he did not love Polynices
(D) She was to give an honourable burial (D) Polynices fought against Creon
to her brother 189. Why did Ismene not support Antigone ?
182. What, in your opinion, would have been (A) She did not think it fit to defy her
logical end of the story ? uncle especially after the death of her
(A) Antigone might have defied the order father
of Creon but forgiven by him (B) She did not believe that Polynices
(B) Antigone might have been executed
deserved a better treatment
for defying the order of the king
(C) Antigone might have agreed with her (C) She was weak and did not have the
sister and refrained from giving a courage to defy the orders of the
burial to Polynices powerful king
(D) Antigone might have been allowed by (D) She did not consider it right to defy
Creon to give a decent burial to her the king.
190.Why did the Gods curse Oedipus ? After his ' M.A., Nani wanted to join the
Because Oedipus Indian Civil Service (ICS). This was around
(A) married his mother 1942, when the war was on and written
(B) committed an unknown sin examinations were being held in Delhi. In, the
(C) killed his father and married his 1940s, the ICS. held a fascination for bright
mother young students for whom it was the ultimate
career. Though Nani seldom spoke about it in
(D) killed his father
his later years, he apparently treated the civil
PASSAGE III (Questions no. 191-200)
service examination as something of a
The years passed too quickly. In 1940
challenge. Nargesh, too, was very keen that he
Nani finished his B.A. with honours in English, take his ICS papers. Accustomed to standing
and in 1942 his M.A. with honours in the same first in whatever studies he undertook, and
subject. In these exams he could not complete, winning prizes, medals and scholarships
his papers because the writer's cramp that was almost as a habit, Nani no doubt felt that he
to haunt him for the rest of his life had begun could top the list of successful candidates even
to appear. For the first LL.B. examination he in the civil service examination, if only he had
was given a writer. The person sent for the a chance to appear for it. Nani made two
morning paper was so incompetent that Nani attempts, says Behram. The first time, he was
refused to continue with him and came out of disqualified in the preliminary physical test.
the examination hall exasperated. Nargesh Thereupon he regularly did a lot of exercise to
immediately contacted the Vice-Chancellor of build up his body. Next time, he was declared
the University, who directed the supervisor at physically fit, but an epidemic broke out in
Delhi and, considering the anxiety of his dear
the examination centre to allow Nargesh
ones, he did not send his application form for
herself to substitute. Another writer was sent
the written examination, for which a time limit
for the afternoon paper and those to follow. He
had been set. It did indeed seem that limit
continued to be with Nani during all the expired, the venue for the examination was
subsequent examinations second LL.B., moved from Delhi to Bombay on account of the
Advocate AS and Advocate OS. epidemic.
An interesting anecdote is recounted by The net result was that Nani could not
Jayasheela Badami, who was told about it by make it to the ICS. It did not bother Nani's
her cousin Kishore Nanavaty. Justice P.S.. father, Ardeshir, who wanted his son to be a
Badami, Jayasheela's father, was one of the lawyer. Ardeshir used to say : 'Become a lawyer,
examiner for law exams. Once, while he was my son, you are cut out for law.' The, father
correcting papers, he asked Kishore to have a saw that Nani had a sharp, analytical, incisive
look at one paper, and commented that it was mind that put him a cut above ordinary mortals.
extremely well written, well focused, accurate He could see that as a lawyer Nani would grow
and in proper order. He said he thought the in status and reputation. Nani was later to say:
student deserved to be ranked number one My father was of the view that I would not enjoy
and that he would give him full marks for the being anybody's servant - not even the
government's and he thought that I would do
paper. Since the answer book did not bear the
well in the legal profession.' The father knew
name of the examinee, Kishore, a curious
his son's mind better than the son himself. In
youngster, memorized the seat number to
the end what the Civil Service lost, the legal
check it up at a, later date. When the results profession gained.
were published, Kishore looked for the name 191. Kishore got off the seat number by heart
matching the seat number. He found the name because,
Nani Palkhivala. (A) Jayasheela Badami was told about it
On completing his B.A., Nani's desire was by Kishore Nanavaty.
to be a college lecturer. It went well with his (B) the answer book was well written, well
taste for literature, and his professors had given focused, accurate and in proper order.
him all the encouragement he needed. He even (C) Kishore was interested to know who
applied for a lecturer's post, but another lady the candidate was who deserved to be
candidate was equally well-qualified and had ranked number one.
the teaching experience too, which Nani did (D) Justice P.S. Badami commented that
not have. So he did not get selected. it was an extremely well written paper.
192. Nargesh had to write Nani's remaining 196. Find a word in the passage which means
paper because 'a sudden widespread occurrence of
(A) Nani's writer's cramp started to appear something undesirable' :
in the exams (A) mortals (B) incisive
(C) epidemic (D) anecdote
(B) the writer given to Nani was not
197.Nani could not get into the field of
efficient enough to meet his required
teaching because
(C) for the first LL.B. examination Nani was (A) he had applied for the post of lecturer
given a writer with another lady candidate.
(D) Nani refused the writer's help as per (B) he did not have any experience of
the instructions of the Vice Chancellor teaching that the lady had.
of the University (C) Nani's desire went well with his taste
193. Ardeshir wanted his son to be a lawyer for literature.
because (D) his professors had given him all the
(A) the legal profession, according to him encouragement.
was better than the civil service 198.Nani did not become a civil servant
(B) Nani was entirely comfortable with the because
opportunities in the field of law (A) a time limit was set for the writing of exams
(C) Nani had failed in the ICS examination (B) Nani appeared for the exam twice
(D) he knew his son would be able to get (C) he always found Civil Service very
eminence as a lawyer challenging
194. In the passage the phrase writer's cramp (D) None of the above
means 199. How many times did Nani give a physical
(A) sudden inability to write test ?
(B) a sudden inability to think (A) Five times (B) Many times
(C) a trophy given to somebody (C) Once (D) Twice
(D) a habit 200. The passage gives an account of Nani's
195. Find a word in the passage which means (A) establishment of a career
greatly irritated : (B) personality and character
(A) subsequent (B) fascination (C) experience of appearing for examination
(C) exasperated (D) None of the above (D) None of the above

1. (D) 41. (C) 81. (C) 121. (A) 161. (C)

2. (C) 42. (D) 82. (A) 122. (C) 162. (D)
3. (D) 43. (D) 83. (D) 123. (C) 163. (C)
4. (C) 44. (B) 84. (B) 124. (D) 164. (D)
5. (A) 45. (A) 85. (C) 125. (C) 165. (D)
6. (D) 46. (C) 86. (A) 126. (D) 166. (A)
7. (C) 47. (B) 87. (C) 127. (C) 167. (D)
8. (C) 48. (A) 88. (B) 128. (A) 168. (A)
9. (B) 49. (C) 89. (D) 129. (D) 169. (C)
10. (C) 50. (D) 90. (C) 130. (C) 170. (C)
11. (B) 51. (C) 91. (D) 131. (A) 171. (A)
12. (C) 52. (D) 92. (B) 132. (B) 172. (B)
13. (B) 53. (B) 93. (D) 133. (C) 173. (A)
14. (C) 54. (B) 94. (A) 134. (D) 174. (C)
15. (A) 55. (D) 95. (C) 135. (C) 175. (A)
16. (B) 56. (B) 96. (B) 136. (C) 176. (A)
17. (C) 57. (A) 97. (A) 137. (D) 177. (D)
18. (A) 58. (B) 98. (D) 138. (B) 178. (A)
19. (B) 59. (B) 99. (C) 139. (C) 179. (B)
20. (A) 60. (D) 100. (D) 140. (D) 180. (C)
21. (B) 61. (C) 101. (B) 141. (C) 181. (A)
22. (A) 62. (C) 102. (A) 142. (A) 182. (B)
23. (D) 63. (D) 103. (C) 143. (A) 183. (A)
24. (C) 64. (C) 104. (C) 144. (D) 184. (A)
25. (D) 65. (A) 105. (C) 145. (B) 185. (D)
26. (D) 66. (D) 106. (B) 146. (A) 186. (A)
27. (A) 67. (B) 107. (D) 147. (C) 187. (D)
28. (C) 68. (A) 108. (D) 148. (A) 188. (D)
29. (B) 69. (B) 109. (B) 149. (A) 189. (C)
30. (C) 70. (C) 110. (B) 150. (C) 190. (C)
31. (A) 71. (C) 111. (C) 151. (D) 191. (C)
32. (A) 72. (A) 112. (A) 152. (A) 192. (B)
33. (C) 73. (D) 113. (B) 153. (B) 193. (D)
34. (B) 74. (D) 114. (B) 154. (D) 194. (A)
35. (B) 75. (C) 115. (C) 155. (A) 195. (C)
36. (B) 76. (B) 116. (A) 156. (D) 196. (C)
37. (C) 77. (D) 117. (A) 157. (D) 197. (B)
38. (D) 78. (A) 118. (C) 158. (C) 198. (D)
39. (D) 79. (C) 119. (D) 159. (A) 199. (D)
40. (C) 80. (A) 120. (B) 160. (D) 200. (A)

1. (D) 12. (C) Change 'with' into 'by'

2. (C) Remove 'in' 13. (B) Change 'has' into 'have'
3. (D) 14. (C) Change 'farther' into 'further'
4. (C) Change 'Cause' into 'Causes' 15. (A) Remove 'on'
5. (A) Add 'to' after 'superior' 16. (B) Remove 'for'
6. (D) 17. (C) Change 'bring' into 'brings'
7. (C) Change 'Comes' into 'Come' 18. (A) Change 'millions' into 'million'
8. (C) Change 'like' into 'as' 19. (B) Change 'would pass' into 'would have
9. (B) Change 'me' into 'I' passed'
10. (C) Change 'me' into 'I' 20. (B) Put 'not only' after 'plays'
11. (C) Change 'have' into 'has'