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Nana Cheng (1995, Hong Kong) makes paintings, photos, mix media artworks and fashion design.

Her paintings are abstract, free and dripping. By taking daily life as subject matter while
transform the different type of things into her form. Her paintings are characterized by use the
dripping of paints and the free lines. Those give people the sense of freedom and uncontrollably.
She enjoys to paint on the unframed canvas.

Her designs are characterized by use of everyday objects in an atmosphere of Chinese traditional
culture in which recognition plays an important role. By applying abstraction, she seduces the
viewer into a world of ongoing equilibrium and the interval that articulates the stream of daily
events and her culture. She try to record poetic meaning in everyday life.

Her works sometime radiate a soft and romantic feeling. The inherent visual seductiveness, along
with the succinctness of the exhibitions, further complicates the reception of their manifold
layers of meaning. She wants her spectators get to be in her painting which can gives the feelings
of tranquil and free-spirited. Nana Cheng currently lives in Berkeley.