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The project aims at analyzing the biochemistry of marginal land in the midlands province of Zimbabwe.

Determination of the chemical and biological composition of the soil at varying depths will enable the
researcher to make recommendations for the sustainable utilization of the land.

I am a dedicated science teacher with sixteen years experience. I have also worked
as a research assistant analyzing the chemical composition of large samples of soil,
water and vegetation. It is during this period that my interest in pursuing further
education in rural sustainability grew. The project's objective was to determine the
management options for sustainable development in the semi-arid areas of southern
Africa. I appreciated that the vast marginal land in southern Africa has great potential
for sustainable development if the governments, non-governmental organizations and
local authorities develop policies to manage these areas. As a teacher, I believe that
investment in the form of human capital in the area of Sustainability is a necessity.
I have chosen to further my education in the area of Sustainability so that I will be able
to influence change in my country and the region. I plan to have a deeper
understanding and a unified field theory that will bring a convincing transformation of
our rural areas. This is achievable if I go back to my communities and introduce
policies and strategies rich with technical expertise. With my vast teaching experience
I hope to spread the knowledge with limited challenges.
I have participated actively in a number of projects in my community. I was
coordinating a club called environmental Africa since its introduction in secondary
schools. The club was created to raise awareness on the protection of the
environment in youth. I encouraged my students through various activities at branch to
regional level. The students were spearheading the tree planting activities within the
school and the community. They were able to visit local erosion prone areas and were
able to educate the communities about the importance of soil conservation practices. I
motivated my students through tours, drama and games which raised the attention of
the members of the community and became popular in the district.
I believe that my previous and current work and study experiences demonstrate my
ability to succeed in both postgraduate studies and a career in Sustainability. After
completing my masters program, I would like to continue my education and obtain a
Ph.D. with a research based in rural development and sustainabilty.