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World of Abingdon Meadow Written by Marshall Miller

Edited by Steve Segedy

The fallow meadow lies nearby the town of Abingdon, a short ways down a narrow county road. Stories tell Names
of a time when the the meadow was planted with barley but the overgrown meadow has long since gone to seed.
Humans still come to hunt for rabbits caught out in the open but at least theyve let the warren be. Very little has Hedgerow Foliage:
happened in the warren since the time of barley. The hedgerows are as they ever were and the same predators Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Holly, Ivy, Hazel, Dogwood,
worry the warren that did a generation ago. Dead Wood, Honeysuckle, Blackberry, FIeld Maple

Warren Rabbits:
Rosemary, Aster, Thistle, Sedge, Cress, Boxwood,
Questions: The Warren Questions: Stakes Heath, Snowflake, Foxglove, Primrose
What part of the meadow marks the warrens What do they do when rabbits die? Other Rabbits:
location? What will happen when, by chance, a tunnel
Buttercup, Knotgrass, Sorrel, Bracken, Dorset,
How much of the vast warren goes unused? connects with another warren?
Poppy, Sundew, Birch, Adler, Bounder
What do your senses tell you about the warren? What will happen if the rabbits are driven from
What is the one story everyone in the warren the warren?
knows and who tells it best?
Tawny Owl, Woodpecker, Rook, Jackdaw,
Why arent you in charge of the warren?
Warbler, Wren, Starling, Thrush, Honey Buzzard,
What might others covet about the warren?
Before Cottontail, how many winters had it ...What do you do? Sparrowhawk, Eddy, Balmy, Aurora, Cirrus,
Pileus, Parhelion, Nimbus, Muggy, Isobar, Squall
been since the warren last saw a newcomer?

Questions: Relationship Custom Moves Other Creatures:

Stoat, Badger, Weasel, Roe Deer, Pine Martin,
Nose Around Brown Rat, Feral Cat, Red Squirrel, Mountain
Who makes your life miserable?
When you start asking questions, roll+Shrewd. On Hare, The Hungry Tunnel
Who do you wish was your mate?
Who have you let sleep in your burrow? a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1.
Whos the oldest rabbit you know?
Who has turned out to be your rival? You get answers to your questions
Who would you like to see in charge? Youre sure no one witnessed your inquiries
You dont answer any of their questions
Questions: Situation
IIs it day or night or somewhere between? When you try to find your way in a strange
Why are you all so far away from the warren? warren, roll+Shrewd. On a 10+, you make your
How did the hunters get between you and the way to your intended destination. On a 7-9, you
warren? find your way to the surface but youll have to
What other animal shares your hiding spot? find another way down if you hope to find your
World of Abingdon Meadow
NPCs Predators Threats

Trait: Ambitious Trait: Naive Intent: to reorder the warrens hierarchy
Voice: Trustworthy Used Car Salesman-like Voice: Young, Wistful, and British Some rabbits are cagey and whisper in groups
Speak up for someone beneath his station Bark and bark and bark Cottontails followers barricade tunnels
Idly point out the problems of the warren and Give merry chase all around the meadow Cottontails followers exile Wintergreen
its leadership Scruff and shake them with great gaiety Cottontail assigns new social statuses
Meet with small groups to talk about how Sniff out a trail without breaking a constant
things could be stream of banter THE THREAT OF BLAZING SUMMER

Stage an increasingly less bloodless coup Widen an existing hole before crawling right in Intent: to become Fall
The day goes on and on and on
WINTERGREEN, Head Rabbit SAX, Fox Thick, thick vegetation chokes the low places
Trait: Practical Trait: Curious Pastoral views attract humans, their children,
Voice: Calm and Frank demeanor Voice: Unconcerned and their pets

Ask others for their opinion Water sources run dry and the earth bakes
Disappear and reappear somewhere else
Act decisively when her mind is made up Bite and hold while deciding what to do
Delegate, delegate, delegate Follow at a distance, biding his time
Intent: to upset the natural order of things
Pause to settle others disputes Entice them and make assurances
Tunnels join, to the diggers surprise
LONGTOOTH, Wintergreens Father SKREE, Hawk Guards, scouts, or emissaries are met
Trait: Absent Trait: Efficient New tunnels are dug and rabbits intermingle
Voice: Cheerful Voice: Sated
Popular support swings to new leadership

Volunteer for whatever the task Swoop from above at blinding speed THE THREAT OF LATE FALL
Wait it out till things settle down Gouge their flanks with sharp talons Intent: to become Winter
Share a bit of history Tear their ears with a hooked beak
Dress someone down Leaves change color and fall
Snatch them and carry them up and away
Hunters hunt with dogs and lamps
Buffet them with wings
NETTLE, Hedgehog Surrounding fields lie fallow and empty
Trait: Sneaky JAKE AND CLYDE, Hunters The birds depart leaving only hungry raptors

Voice: High and Sniffly Trait: Drunk

Roll into a spiney ball Voice: Incomprehensible to Rabbits

Call on the extended family Fire their rifles indiscriminately
Give dogs pause, the second time Use spotlights in the dark
Hibernate in winter Loose dogs and shout encouragement
Set clumsy snares