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World of Sobat River Written by Renee Knipe

Edited by Steve Segedy

Along the Sobat River, life is green. Fields of grass and papyrus spring from its banks, and stands of fig trees Names
offer a nice patch of shade to catch your breath. But if the river is life, its also death. Cats and jackals get thirsty,
boomslangs and kites watch for inattentive rabbits, and the draconian River King will lie in wait for hours and Bucks:
then take you in a flash. But worst of all is Wafaa El-Nil, when the Sobat swells and pushes the rabbits from the Anebos, Bata, Entef, Hem-Bai, Hurbaasa, Kawab,
warren, past the jackals den and into the sandy hills where Temshien waits. Okay, maybe thats not quite the Mnevis, Neb, Sabaf, Teni-menu, Turaab, Yuf
worst. The worst is how, sometimes, on a clear morning when the mist has just risen from the river and before
the heat has really clamped down, you can see the spirits of your forebunnies on the far shore, waiting for you to Does:
join them.
Ast, Bint-Anath, Bunefer, Kema, Menwi, Nefru,
Ruba, Sadeh, Ta-Opet, Tikar, Zahra

Edible plants:
Questions: The Warren Questions: Situation
Spelt, millet, barley, lentils, pomegranates, figs
Why have you trespassed where you dont
Where along the river is your warren? belong? Other plants:
How many others are part of your warren? What has brought you to the deserts edge?
Papyrus, cyprus, acacia, lotus, date palm,
What is the warren like? What secret have you just learned? Phoenician juniper
Who are the revered ancestors of the warren? What animal just approached you?
Do you really believe spirits of the dead reside
on the other side of the Sobat?
Who is hurt or trapped? Desert animals:
What predator of threat has just revealed itself? Desert hare, jerboa, vulture, antelope, lion,
How are decisions made in the warren?
What ways did the warren once practice that ichneumon, falcon, scorpion
Questions: Stakes
have now been abolished?
River animals:
You once saw a drawing of a human with a
What will happen when a rabbit dies?
rabbit head. What do you think it means? Black kite, crocodile, Egyptian cobra, boomslang,
What will they find when they venture into the caracal cats and domesticated animals such as
What does the warren need that would lure you necropolis?
out to the desert or into a tomb? cattle, sheep, and goats.
Where will they go when Wafaa El-Nil comes?
What is your relationship to the river?
How will they appease the River King?

Questions: Relationship Custom Player Move

...What do you do?
Who is the very best rabbit you know? The Banks of the Sobat River
Who are you jealous of? When you use the river for your own purposes
Who do you wish would go away and never come to get a drink, as a landmark for travel, seeking
out one of its denizens, or something else
Who has brought a curse upon the warren?
roll+shrewd. On a 10+, you do it. On a 7-9, you
When you go to the river, who do you go with? can do it, but youre not alone upon the river; the
Whos love would you defy the Black Rabbit for? GM will tell you who or what is already here. On a
miss, as 7-9, but you realize it too late.
World of Sobat River
Custom GM Move Predators Threats

Make them thirsty, overheated, or exhausted TEMSHIEN, Saw-Scaled Viper WAFAA EL-NIL, THE FLOODING THE NILE
Trait: Murderous Intent: To drown the world

Voice: Soft-spoken The river rises, the ground becomes damp
Make promises shell never keep Low entrances are filled with water as the
Sobat crests its banks
SHAI, Domesticated Caracal Be one with the desert
Bite. Wait. It wont take long The warren is submerged and many still there
Trait: Narcissistic
are drowned
Voice: As condescending as possible
Rasp scales together to announce her presence
The waters recede over weeks and life returns
Stalk silently SEBEK-KHU, THE RIVER KING, Crocodile to normal
Preen and wash himself Over twenty feet long and criss-crossed with scars,
Show off his pretty, pretty collar even other crocodiles stay out of Sebek-khus way.
Soak up flattery Trait: Mythic Intent: To Weed out the weak
Respond to the call of his human child Voice: Booming, Gravelly The river rises and the warren is afraid
Rabbits leave en masse, heading east
INHAPI, Ibis of the River Patiently wait along the riverbank for hours
They must pass through the jackals territory
Ambush suddenly from out of the water
Trait: Garrulous They come to a dry land of sand, where there is
Speak the cold hard truth little to eat or drink
Voice: Talks in circles
Drive away any other predator Temshien takes a rabbit every few days
Talk with any river animal Death roll
Pass freely between lands of the living and dead
Bring tidings of hope or warnings of danger AN UNSEALED TOMB , Stoic and silent
Intent: Establish new hunting grounds for the
Carry a rabbit a short distance Trait: Mysterious
Voice: Yawning silence
BEBI, Rogue Hippo Anpu and Eppus pups have reached
Trait: Fun-loving
Lure a rabbit into its depths adolescence
Spring an insidious trap The jackal pack encroaches upon the warren
Voice: Child-like
Spew forth a dangerous predator It is no longer safe for rabbits above ground
Splash and play in the river Block or hide the way Rabbits turn on each other in desperation
Come in a big damn hurry Reveal treasures terrifying or resplendent
Trample underfoot ANPU AND EPPU, Mated Jackal Pair Intent: To slay the River King
Doesnt know her own size Trait: Doting
A man is killed by a crocodile
Voice: Think Gomez and Morticia New men arrive, camping near the warren
Call to the other Rabbits are captured in traps
Give chase as a team Rabbits are placed on hooks alive, to be used as
Bite and shake fiercely bait while the men hunt crocodiles from their
Carry live prey back to their pups