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Grade Level: Grade 11

Content: Basic Calculus

Strategy: Problem Solving and Cooperative Learning

Subject Matter:
1. Solve optimization problems: STEM_BC11D-IIIg-1
2. Compute higher order derivatives of functions: STEM_BC11D-IIIh-1

I: Objectives:

At the end of the lesson the students will be able to:

1. Determine the maximum value.

2. Enumerate the steps in solving maximum problems.
3. Solve problems involving maxima.
4. Give the importance of the application of maxima/minima to real life situation problems.
5. Find the higher order derivatives of a function.

II: Materials Needed

a) 5-pcs Manila paper (1 for each group)

b) 5-pcs marking pens

III: Procedure:

A: Activities

1. Preparatory Activities
a) Divide the class into 5 groups (count off by 5s)
b) All # 1s be group 1, # 2 be group 2 and so on
c) Allow them to meet their group members and select a leader
d) Let the leader write the names of their members in a sheet of

2. Review : Math Bingo (Activity #1 see attached)

3. Lesson proper

a) Activity #2 (see Problem 1, attached)

b) Activity #3 (see attached)

Strategy used: problem solving and cooperative learning

a) Post the problem

b) Distribute the manila paper and marking pens
c) Give them 30 minutes (this is ideal time for regular classes) to
brainstorm, discuss and solve the problem with group members
d) The teacher facilitates (may assist the discussion but never give
the concept/answer to the problem)
e) Let them post their solutions/answers
f) Identify who will present (the leader may do so)
g) The group will take their turn in the presentation.
h) The students are able to judge the status of their answers