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MK : English Business

1. What is management, explan based on your opinion?

The science and art of planning, organizing, guidance and
surveillance, againt an organization or campany in order to achieve the

2. What the steps of good management? Give the examples?

Good management measures as follows...
Process that concerns the efforts made to anticipate the trend in the
future and the determination of the right strategies and tactics for
realizing the targets and objectives of the organization.
Process that concerns how the strategies and tactics that have been
formulated in the planning was designed in an appropriate
organizational structure and tough, system and organizational
environment conducive to, and can ensure that all parties in the
organization can work effectively and efficiently to the
achievement of the goals of the organization.
Guidance and implementation
The process of implementation of the program to be executed by
all parties in the process of organization and motivate so that all the
parties can perform his duty with full awareness and high

Monitoring and control

The process is done to ensure a whole series of activities that have
been plannes,organized and implemented can be run in accordance
with the expected targets despite various changes occurring in the
bussiness world facing environment
3. Descibe of company structure, give the examples?

4. Desribe of work and motivation, based on your opinion?

The work is a dynamic and valuable activity. Cannot be released
from physical factors, psychological and social.
Motivation is a nudge will cause someone did an act to achieve a
particular goal.

5. What is market and what kinds of market, give the examples?

The market is the place to meet buyers and sellers to transact buy
Types of market
a. Based on his
Concrete market (real market)
Is a market that shows a scene of secar relationship direct
(face-to-face). Betwen buyer and seller.
Abstract market (not real)
Is the market which shows the relationship between the
seller and the buyer, either directy or inderecty, the goods
are not directly available to buyer, for example, capital
market in indonesia stock exchange
b. Time based accurrence
The daily market is a market that do activities every day,
for axample : the morning market, departement stores and food
Weekly market is a market that do activities every week.
For example : the market Monday ar Sunday market that is in
the rural areas.
Monthly market is amarket which activities each month. In
its activity can be one more days, for example : a comman
market in front of the offices places retired or retired who take
money allowances retirement every beginning of the month.
Annual market is a market that is doing any activity once a
year.the genesis of this market is usually more than one day, it
could even reach more then one month. For example: the
PEKAN RAYA JAKARTA (PRJ) night market and exhibit
Temporery market is a market that can occur at any time in
the not-necessarily (not routine) this market usually occur at
certain event.for example: a cheap market, bazar and the
market because there is the celebration of independence of

c. Based on the far-reaching

The local market is a market that bring together sellers and
buyers from different regions or certain region only
The national market is a market that bring together sellers
and buyers from different regions or regions within a
country for example: white wood market in Ambon and
Tobacco markets in the deli
Internasional market sellers and buyers from different
countries for example: the tobacco market in Bremen

6. Explain with your opinion about product and production?

The product is one that can be offered to the market for ussed.
Owned or on cosumption, so that can satisfy a desire or need.
The productionis an activity that in doing human to generate or
increase the value of the use fulness of the goods or services.