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Social Studies 8: Age of Exploration Essay

Students will plan and write an academic essay, with critical analysis
and evidence, answering the following question: Which nation from
the Age of Exploration was most successful and why? The why
portion of the question is by far the most important part. To answer
this question, students will complete a 5-paragraph essay (5
sentences each) consisting of: an introduction, three body
paragraphs, and a conclusion.
The nations youre choosing from are:
Some basic information can be found in chapter 3 starting on page 103 but you need 3 to use
three sources in total.
Essay Structure
Planning- Plan out your essay on a separate sheet of paper before you begin. What will
your thesis be? What are the three best arguments to support your thesis? How will you
develop these arguments through analysis and evidence?
Introduction- Make a strong impression with a hook for your readers to keep interest,
create 3 topic sentences that summarize your body paragraphs, clearly state your thesis
at the end of your introduction.
- Your thesis statement should be one sentence in length and sums up your answer to
our question. Thesis statements are best placed at the end of your introduction
3 Body paragraphs- Analysis and evidence to support your thesis.
- You are forming 3 arguments to convince the reader of your answer, and each
paragraph should focus on a separate argument. This is where planning out your
essay before you write becomes very important.
- You need at least one cited piece of evidence for each body paragraph.
Conclusion- Summarize your points again and restate your thesis as you end your essay.
Citation- You need to use and cite at least 3 sources to complete your paper. These
sources will be your evidence to strengthen your argument. After your conclusion, add
an extra page where you list the website links (or the textbook name) to credit your
5- Exceptional 4- Proficient 3- Adequate 2- Developing 1- Needs
Thesis Focus Thesis is planned out and Thesis is clear and Thesis is could be Thesis is present Thesis statement
Is your thesis clearly stated at the end of correctly placed more clearly stated but does not answer
clearly stated the introduction. Student but student does or connected to underdeveloped research question
and do all ties all arguments back to not tie all essay students arguments. or unclear. or is incomplete.
supporting main thesis statement to arguments back to Needs to work on Student has not Student has not
arguments tie focus their essay. main thesis. Or tying essay organised essay connected thesis
back to thesis student strays from arguments back to arguments to statement to the
statement. their thesis thesis statement. support thesis rest of their work
statement while statement
Analysis Student has constructed Analysis shows an Analysis is delivered Minimal analysis No analysis that
How you insightful and well thought understanding of but could go into to support thesis helps answer our
answer the out arguments in support research materials. further depth to statement. Needs research question.
why of their thesis statement. Differences from a support thesis. further Student arguments
question. Analysis follows the 5 could include: Analysis sometimes development or are not developed
What are planning from topic Straying from the strays from thesis planning of to support their
your reasons sentences. Student has focus of your but student shows an arguments in thesis statement.
and crafted a compelling argument, not analytical approach persuasive
arguments to analysis of material that going into enough to the topic and writing.
defend your ties back to their thesis depth to fully argument.
position. statement at all points. round out
analysis does not
tie into cited
Evidence Each supporting argument Differences from a Evidence is included Evidence to No evidence cited
What is supported with cited 5 could include: but shows the need support your or used to support
evidence do evidence that is directly Not citing all for more practise argument is not argument. Or 1
you use to tied to your thesis evidence, didnt connecting evidence included or not source is included
defend your statement. fully tie evidence to their arguments. used to support but not logically
arguments to analysis or Or the intended connected to
and analysis? thesis, difficulty missing citation from argument. supporting
How has this connecting what more than one Lacking citation arguments.
evidence the source is saying source. from 2-3 sources
been used? to what youre or did not use the
saying. appropriate
number of
Mechanics No spelling mistakes, no 5 or less spelling Some spelling Over 10 spelling Over 10 spelling
and grammatical mistakes that mistakes. Some mistakes (5-10). mistakes, essay is mistakes. Essay is
Organization would reasonably lead to grammatical errors Some grammatical not in the incomplete. No
confusion for the reader. but the intended errors leading to appropriate discernable
Essay is properly message is still some confusion. format or shows a organization of
organized in the 5- clear. Proper Essay is still the lack of writing.
paragraph format and each format with appropriate format organization that
paragraph clearly gives a minimal but organization has impacted the
supporting argument for organization needs to be essay.
the thesis statement. mixups. improved.