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Peer Review: Research Outline/Draft 1

Reviewer: Guadalupe Longino Mendoza

Reviewee: Araceli Rodriguez

Look at the content of your peers outline/draft. Make marginal comments and a summative
comment for the author of the paper which you are reviewing. Carefully consider the authors
implementation of the P.I.E elements in each of their slices. Also consider how and why they
need to be changed. BE CLEAR about what you are saying and why you are saying it.

Keep in mind the following (but also include things you think should be added):
Does each P.I.E element do what it is supposed to in each of the slices?
Does each slice have only one flavor? (is the slice talking about more than one thing?)
Is each slice placed logically within the paper?
Did you understand the content of the slice as it was presented? Tell the author what you
did understand and didnt.
Are the slices understandable for an outsider? Explain what the author can do to make it
more understandable.
Did you understand the content of the paper as a whole? (Is this an effective research
paper? Explain)

Write detailed and helpful comments that will help your peer consider how to better shape
their slices to make a well formed research paper.


1. Extended Response: In an academic voice, discuss the most/least important skill

(particular ability or expertise) or idea (understanding or awareness) that can be gained
from this course by an outsider student considering the readings which have been

You may discuss:

Why one reading is more important than another based on the ideas presented in those readings.
A particular unit within the course.
A critique on a major assignment within the course.
Other (See me for approval)

Format and Requirements

1300-1700 words, 12pt Times New Roman, single spaced, 1 inch margins.
Proper title and MLA header.
Correct comma use and sentence boundary awareness.
Use MLA format (8th edition) for in-text citations.
A works cited page is required.
You must use Detached Impersonal Style for the entire paper.
Quotes may be no longer than 3 lines.

Summative Comments:
You might want to consider rewording your thesis, the wording is difficult to understand

Your body paragraphs are good and it reflects your thesis

Although I can understand what you are trying to say, other readers might be
confused by your thesis

Good job on using multiple resources in order to back up your thesis

Although, you might want to consider reducing the length of your quotes and try
to paraphrase instead

Also in your body paragraphs, besides informing the reader about the readings that are
helpful to them, state HOW each is beneficial

Include the different tactics students have used in the reading responses and how those
tactics have helped them improve their ability to become a better reader and writer

Overall your outline is good and straightforward, you address your thesis very well