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Provides overall management over the following:

ransaction processing (disbursements, posting to financial records, closing the books of
accounts, preparation of financial reports)
Budgeting and financial forecasting
Filing with the relevant regulatory agency (SEC, BIR, local government unit, etc.)
Financial analysis
2. Primarily responsible in ensuring that the Company is fully compliant on the
submission and payment of tax returns and other financial compliance requirements of
the Company.
3. Manages the company's cash management function, including monitoring of cash
balances, forecasting cash requirements and coordinating with the General Manager to
ensure availability of funds.
4. Maintain all necessary reporting to the banks and maintain the Companys bank
balance and checking accounts and create banking relationships in behalf of the
5. Maintain the Companys accounting systems to ensure proper, complete and
accurate record-keeping of accounting company transactions are performed within the
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
6. Evaluates departmental performance and makes adjustments to daily operations
when needed to ensure the department meets overall goals and objectives.
7. Provides key guidance in the development and maintenance of a properly functioning
internal control, governance and risk management systems.
8. Provides training and guidance and direction to the members of the Finance and
Accounting Department to ensure work is performed in an efficient, timely and
knowledgeable manner.
9. Works directly with external auditors during the annual year-end audit
Coordinates year-end audit with external auditors and assists in the preparation of audit
schedules, data and information.
Works closely with the accounting staff to coordinate efforts to provide needed
information for the auditors.
Direct the implementation of needed corrections as determined by audit.