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At the time of its establishment in 1983, 7 Eleven was first located near Timber Market on Ravi
Road Lahore. It was one of the prime locations for the location of a shoe factory as it was near to
the urban center. But the demand of its shoes outgrew its production capacity, which could not
be increased due to a limited space. Keeping in mind the growing operations of the business, it
was decided in 2005 to maintain the current site as a secondary site and relocate the main
factory. The available options for the relocation were Bund Road, Quaid-e Azam Industrial State
in Kot Lakhpat and Lahore-Sheikhupura Grand Trunk (GT) Road. Among all of these
alternatives the location on Lahore-Sheikhupura Road was selected. The major reason behind
selecting this location was the cost. As all of 7 Elevens products are low-priced it was necessary
to select a location that would help in this low-cost strategy. The other two locations were
comparatively expensive without any significant additional benefits to the company. The current
location is just few kilometers away from both Motorway and GT road. The new site provides
easy access to suppliers and its customers, usually wholesalers who are spread all over Pakistan.
As compared to the area of the older location which was around 15 marlas, the existing location
is spread across in acres. The production capacity of the new site is three times more than the
older site which has not only helped in finishing existing orders but it has also helped in gaining
more market share.


The layout of 7 Eleven is product oriented layout. The site is divided in two major parts. The first
part consists of the office area where each department performs its respective tasks. Then the
second area is the production and warehousing facility. The right side of the area consists of the
11 major halls, including 3 storage areas. Halls are divided according to the type of product
being produced there. For example, in first 3 halls components, which are soles and straps, of
PCU shoes are made and in Hall # 4 Eva Shoes are made. After the production, all of these
components are transferred to Store#1, where they are recorded and then transferred to respective
halls for assembling. Apart from these components, the office stationery is also inventoried in
store#1. All of the raw materials that are used are stored in Store#2. All of these items are placed
by type in their respective places. Once the raw material is converted into liquid chemical it is
then stored into the open air drumming area which is located at the end of these halls. On the
left side of the site, companys warehouse, R & D department, cafeteria, smoking area and scrap/
wastage area are located. Due to the presence of chemicals, the workers are not allowed to smoke
in the production halls so they are given an open smoking area which is adjacent to the cafeteria.
Once the production is done, the shoes are then packed in cartons and transferred to the
warehouse. The warehouse is divided according to the type of shoes. Each carton is placed as per
its type, size and color of the shoes it contains. Double-storey warehouse is located near the main
gate so orders can be dispatched easily to the customers.
Human Resource and Job Design

As it is a family owned business it does not have proper organizational structure. There are four
departments of 7 Eleven: sales, accounting, research and development, and production. The
target market of 7 Eleven consists of the lower middle and lower class so it does not focus on the
brand marketing. Instead of marketing, it has a sales department that is more focused towards
making sales to the wholesalers all over Pakistan. There is no HR department in 7 Eleven. The
employees that are usually hired are interviewed by the CEO himself.

The workers in the production facility are mainly semi-skilled and unskilled. As machines are
easy to operate minimal skills are required. Semi-skilled workers are permanent whereas most of
the unskilled workers, who perform simple tasks such as packing of shoes, are hired on contract
basis depending on the work load.


The company implements preventive maintenance where the machines are regularly monitored
and serviced every three months. For this purpose, 7 Eleven has its own maintenance team and
maintenance area in case if any of the machines breaks down or malfunctions.