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Result: 1 | ACF Fall | 2014 | Round: CalTech A + Sheffield + Arcadia A | Question: 11 |

Fine Arts | VisualID: 42689

Question: This artist included the Barberini coat of arms on the plinths underneath the four
Solomonic columns supporting one of his works. One of his marble sculptures shows Pluto's
fingers digging into Proserpina's thigh during her abduction. Another of his sculptures depicts a
reclining god holding a huge oar and another sitting on a pile of coins, both surrounding a
massive obelisk. This artist created a bronze baldacchino for St. Peter's as well as the square
outside of it. In one of his sculptures, an angel directs a spear at the title saint, highlighted by
bronze "rays" in the background. For 10 points, name this sculptor of the Fountain of the Four
Rivers and The Ecstasy of St. Theresa.

ANSWER: Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Result: 2 | BELLOCO | 2014 | Round: Finals 2 | Question: 13 | Fine Arts | VisualID: 47884

Question: One work by this artist portrays a nude woman pricking her toe on a globe while a
curtain is drawn off her body. This creator of Truth Unveiled by Time was patroned by Scipione
Borghese, for whom this sculptor crafted one depiction of a woman pushing away a bearded man
with a three headed dog at his heels. This sculptor of The Rape of Proserpina designed a fountain
depicting the four namesake waterways, and Cardinal Cornaro commissioned him to create a
work featuring an angel thrusting a golden arrow into the breast of the title Spanish mystic. For
10 points, name this Italian Baroque sculptor of The Fountain of the Four Rivers and The
Ecstasy of St. Theresa.

ANSWER: Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Result: 3 | Cane Ridge Revival | 2014 | Round: 8 | Question: 11 | Fine Arts | VisualID: 37008

Question: The Borghese Gallery owns a terracotta model of this sculptor's original design for an
equestrian statue of a certain French monarch dressed like a sandal-clad Roman general. A crack
in the forehead necessitated the replacement with a copy of a bust by him that shows the title
figure in a biretta and cardinal's robes. On top of a red marble sarcophagus, he depicted a woman
dressed in a nun's habit, lying on a cushioned couch, while clutching her breast. This sculptor of
an equestrian statue of (*) Louis XIV, a bust of Scipione Borghese, and The Blessed Ludovica
Albertoni carved a Greek god's translucent flying drapery in one work in which another figure's
legs are sheathed in bark and her fingers are turning into branches. Another of his sculptures
show an angel pointing a sphere at the title open-mouthed saint. For 10 points, name this sculptor
of Apollo and Daphne, whose Cornaro Chapel contains his The Ecstasy of St. Theresa.

ANSWER: Gian Lorenzo Bernini [or Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini]

Result: 4 | Angels in the Architecture | 2013 | Round: 4 | Question: 15 | Fine Arts | OtherID:

Question: In front of one church designed by this man, semicircular steps are enclosed by two
arm-like concave walls topped by scallop designs. Above those steps designed by this man is the
carved crest of the Pamphili family. This man designed honeycomb coffering that shrinks as it
nears the cupola to create an illusion of extra height in the elliptical church of Sant'Andrea al
Quirinale. This man lost to [*] Claude Perrault in Louis XIV's contest to design the east faade
of the Louvre. This man evoked the encircling arms of Mother Church with his use of a
branching Tuscan colonnade to delineate a keyhole-shaped piazza consisting of a trapezoid
joined to an oval; that piazza is centered on Rome's longest standing obelisk. For 10 points,
identify this Baroque architect of St. Peter's Square.

ANSWER: Gianlorenzo Bernini

Result: 5 | BHSAT | 2013 | Round: 2 | Question: 9 | Fine Arts | VisualID: 50666

Question: One of this man's artworks features a seashell shape with a Latin inscription on it and
three bees along the bottom; another shows an actively-posed man pulling back a sling. This man
had a rival who sculpted the monument for the tomb of Pope Leo XI, named Alessandro Algardi.
This creator of an action-shot David made four twisted bronze columns for a baldachin in St.
Peter's basilica, and his work on the Piazza Barberini includes two fountains. He put rays of gold
above his sculpture of an angel holding an arrow by a nun lying rapt. For 10 points, name this
Baroque sculptor of Apollo and Daphne and The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa.

ANSWER: Gianlorenzo Bernini

Result: 6 | Chicago Open | 2013 | Round: 16 | Question: 12 | Fine Arts | VisualID: 35015

Question: This artist designed a papal tomb in which sculptures of Charity and Justice flank a
bronze sarcophagus that a skeleton pops out of to write the Pope's name in a book. Two bodiless-
but-somehow-winged putti look over a dying woman with her hands to her chest in this man's
sculpture of Ludovica Albertoni in the Altieri Chapel. Louis XIV commissioned an equestrian
sculpture of himself from this artist, but it so displeased the king that he put it in his garden as a
statue of Marcus Curtius. This artist left behind many wax and terracotta (*) bozzetti that he
made as miniatures of his work, and he used an oval plan for the Sant'Andrea al Quirinale
church. This man sculpted a bearded black man sitting on a bunch of coins next to an armadillo
in a large group that also features a man with a cloth over his head; over that group, this designer
of the Cornaro Chapel placed a large, dove-topped Egyptian obelisk. For 10 points, name this
Italian Baroque sculptor of the Fountain of the Four Rivers.
ANSWER: Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Result: 7 | JAMES | 2013 | Round: 13 | Question: 12 | Fine Arts | VisualID: 58652

Question: An unconventional work by this artist depicts the slightly turned head of one of his
loves, with lips parted and her chemise somewhat undone, unlike more formal commissioned
works. In addition to Bust of Constanza Bonarelli, this artist portrayed the moment of the sling in
motion in a version of (*) David. Another sculpture shows one figure at the moment she
transforms into a laurel tree to evade a pursuing god. He also created a work in which the title
nun lies upon a cloud, as an angel raises a golden arrow above her. For 10 points, name this
Italian sculptor of Apollo and Daphne and The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa.

ANSWER: Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Result: 8 | NTSS | 2013 | Round: 5 | Question: 16 | Fine Arts | VisualID: 42517

Question: This person made a portrait of Cardinal Montoya, who is believed to have
commissioned this artist's pair of works showing a woman looking skyward and a man with his
mouth wide open, works known as Blessed Soul and Damned Soul. One of this artist's works
showing Pluto seizing a woman is known as The Rape of Proserpina. The slingshot is stretched
out and about to be used in this person's portrayal of David. Name this 17th-century Italian
sculptor who created a work in the Santa Maria della Vittoria showing an angel aiming a golden
arrow at the heart of a nun, The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa.

ANSWER: Gian Lorenzo Bernini [or Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini]

Result: 9 | Penn Bowl | 2013 | Round: 10 | Question: 6 | Fine Arts | VisualID: 39839

Question: This sculptor added an African man wrestling with an animal to the center of a della
Porta work, and he created a large shell with three bees sitting at its base. Another one of this
artist's sculptures contains the Barberini coat of arms and is supported by four open-mouthed
dolphins whose tail fins hold up a kneeling god who holds a (*) conch to his mouth. One figure
sits on a bunch of coins while another holds an oar in a work by this artist that shows another
man struggling to uncover his head from beneath a cloth. The four title characters surround an
Egyptian obelisk in a sculpture by this man who showed an angel ready to drive an arrow into a
swooning female. For 10 points, name this sculptor of Triton and Fountain of the Four Rivers as
well as Ecstasy of Saint Teresa.

ANSWER: Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Result: 10 | ACF Nationals | 2012 | Round: ColumbiaChicagos | Question: 20 | Fine Arts |
VisualID: 43468

Question: The artist of these works described one of them as "a void rising to the heavens and
transformed into a zampillo." One of these works contains a message celebrating the public
ornamentation of Urban VII written on a large shell. Another of these works, completed with the
artist's father, commemorates a flood, contains an "old boat," and is located next to the Spanish
Steps. One of these works contains a figure holding an oar and a man with African features
sitting next to a jar of coins. Another of them contains a figure who may be Glaucus supported
by dolphins and holding a large conch shell to his mouth. Besides that one, which is named
Triton, the most prominent of these works supports an Egyptian obelisk and includes a blindfold
over the eyes of one of the title figures because its source was unknown. For 10 points, name
these works by an Italian Baroque sculptor, one of which depicts the Four Rivers.

ANSWER: Fountains by Gian Lorenzo Bernini [or Fontanas of Gian Lorenzo Bernini; prompt
on partial answer]

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Result: 1 | PACE NSC |2015 | 20 | 4 | Fine Arts | Other | HSID: 17781

Question: This architectural form was transplanted to England with Inigo Jones's design for
Covent Garden. For 10 points each:

[10] Give this term for an Italian public space, usually surrounded by a colonnade.
Michelangelo's design for one called the Campidoglio was adapted for New York's Lincoln
Center, and one called Navona houses the Fountain of the Four Rivers.

ANSWER: piazza [do not accept the Spanish "plaza"]

[10] The Fountain of the Four Rivers was designed by this Baroque architect who also created
the Piazza San Pietro.

ANSWER: Gialorenzo Bernini

[10] The Piazza San Pietro, along with the pavement design at the Campidoglio, is in this
favorite shape of Baroque architects. Borromini's San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane features this
shape in its plan.
ANSWER: ellipse [or oval; do not accept or prompt on "circle"]

Result: 2 | ICCS |2014 | 3 | 24 | Fine Arts | Visual | CollegeID: 9125

Question: Scipione Borghese commissioned many works by this artist, including the marble The
Rape of Proserpina.

[10] Name this sculptor who also created St. Theresa in Ecstasy.

ANSWER: Gian Lorenzo Bernini [or Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini]

[10] One particular marble sculpture by Bernini is this one inspired by Ovid's Metamorphoses. It
shows the pursuit by a god after a nymph who is transformed into a tree.

ANSWER: Apollo and Daphne

[10] Bernini was a member of this art movement, largely of the 17th century, that emphasized
opulence. Other works in this style included that of the painters Vermeer and Rembrandt.

ANSWER: Baroque

Result: 3 | ACF Fall |2013 | Michigan A | 14 | Fine Arts | Visual | ID: 2497

Question: This work depicts the author of The Interior Castle during an encounter with an angel.
For 10 points each:

[10] Name this marble sculpture in the Cornaro Chapel whose titular nun contorts in pleasure as
an angel prepares to strike her with a spear.

ANSWER: The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa [or L'Estasi di Santa Teresa]

[10] The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa was sculpted by this 17th century Baroque artist, who also
depicted the Ganges and Danube as part of his Fountain of the Four Rivers.

ANSWER: Gian Lorenzo Bernini

[10] Another fountain in Rome is the Trevi Fountain. In a famous scene from this film, which
popularized the term "paparazzi," Marcello swims in the Trevi Fountain with an actress named

ANSWER: La Dolce Vita [or The Sweet Life]

Result: 4 | GSAC |2013 | 1 | 13 | Fine Arts | Visual | HSID: 11682

Question: Members of the family who commissioned this work can be seen on either side
observing it, while rays of light descend upon the main figures. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this sculpture depicting the title figure, who is about to be pierced by a flaming arrow
from an angel's hand.

ANSWER: The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa [accept L'Estasi di Santa Teresa]

[10] This Italian sculptor of The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa also designed the Piazza in front of St.
Peter's Basilica.

ANSWER: Giovanni Bernini

[10] Bernini also created this structure located in the Piazza Navona in Rome. It features an
obelisk with gods representing Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas surrounding it.

ANSWER: The Fountain of the Four Rivers [accept Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi]

Result: 5 | NASAT |2013 | 20 | 5 | Fine Arts | Visual | CollegeID: 12242

Question: This artist used a motif of interlocking crosses and octagons for the interior of a dome
of a building dedicated to Charles Borromeo. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this Italian architect who designed the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri, the Sant'Ivo alla
Sapienza, and the facade of the San Carlo alle Quatro Fontane.

ANSWER: Francesco Borromini

[10] Borromini was a notorious rival of this Baroque Italian sculptor of the Fountain of the Four
Rivers and Ecstasy of St. Theresa.

ANSWER: Gianlorenzo Bernini

[10] Borromini and Bernini both worked on this bronze canopy in St. Peter's, whose spiral
columns are inspired by the Temple of Solomon.

ANSWER: St. Peter's Baldacchino

Result: 6 | PACE NSC |2013 | 6 | 12 | Fine Arts | Visual | ID: 9288

Question: This church is the largest in the world, which it snarkily proves with floor markers
showing where other churches would fit if placed inside. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this basilica in Vatican City which was partly designed by Michelangelo and Carlo

ANSWER: St. Peter's Basilica [or Papal Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican; or Basilica Papale
di San Pietro in Vaticano]

[10] Much of the interior of St. Peter's, including the baldachin over its altar and the Cathedra
Petri in the apse, was designed by this sculptor.

ANSWER: Gian Lorenzo Bernini

[10] This architect, who marked the location of St. Peter's martyrdom with his small and well-
proportioned Tempietto, was selected as the main architect of St. Peter's Basilica by Julius II.

ANSWER: Donato Bramante

Result: 7 | VCU Open |2013 | 2 | 14 | Fine Arts | Visual | OpenID: 4253

Question: The female faces on this work supposedly represent the birth of a child. For 10 points

[10] Name this bronze canopy commissioned by Urban VIII. Each of the four supporting
columns sports the coat of arms of the Barberini family, which features bees.

ANSWER: St. Peter's Baldacchino

[10] The Baldacchino was sculpted by this artist, who included the title saint being pierced by an
arrow in his Ecstacy of Saint Teresa.

ANSWER: Gian Lorenzo Bernini

[10] One title figure reaches up to grab at the other in this mythologically-inspired Bernini
marble sculpture, in which a woman is turned to a tree to protect her from the title deity.

ANSWER: Apollo and Daphne

Result: 8 | ACF Fall |2012 | Yale A.doc | 3 | Fine Arts | | ID: 701

[10] Name this sculpture that depicts a Greek god pursuing a nymph. The nymph becomes more
and more tree-like as the viewer moves around the sculpture.

ANSWER: Apollo and Daphne

[10] Apollo and Daphne was an early work of this sculptor. His other famous works include The
Ecstasy of Saint Theresa and an action-packed David.

ANSWER: Gianlorenzo Bernini

[10] This bee-decorated Bernini work, found in St. Peter's, has four twisting columns that hold
up a bronze canopy.

ANSWER: the Baldacchino [or St. Peter's Baldacchin]

Result: 9 | Collegiate Novice |2012 | 1 | 1 | Fine Arts | Visual | ID: 2217

Question: One of these artworks features Neptune riding a chariot that is pulled by two sea

[10] The Trevi is an example of what kind of artwork, into which it is customary to toss coins?

ANSWER: fountains [or fontana]

[10] The Trevi Fountain is found in this European city, which contains an equestrian statue of
Marcus Aurelius on its Capitoline Hill.

ANSWER: Rome [or Roma]

[10] Rome's Fountain of the Four Rivers was created by this Baroque sculptor who depicted a
nymph transforming into a tree in his Apollo and Daphne.

ANSWER: Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Result: 10 | PACE NSC |2012 | 11 | 6 | Literature | American | ID: 5228

Question: The object at the center of this work was moved from the Circus of Maxentius. For 10
points each
[10] Identify this statue in the middle of the Piazza Navona in Rome. One of the title allegorical
figures is blindfolded because its source was unknown, while another holds an oar.

ANSWER: fountain of the four rivers

[10] The Fountain of the Four Rivers was created by this Italian Baroque sculptor. His other
work includes The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa.

ANSWER: bernini

[10] The Fountain of the Four Rivers surrounds an Egyptian obelisk. Another such obelisk can
be found in New York;s Central Park, which was designed by this landscape architect in
collaboration with Calvert Vaux.

ANSWER: olmsted