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Lesson Plan: My Plate A Healthy Lifestyle.

Subject: Food and Nutrition Grades: 4-5

Essential Question: Identifying healthy eating?
Food and Nutrition. Students will be able to identify foods from five different healthy food
choices and learn how to use My Plate.

Students will learn importance of eating a variety of food from five food groups, for a
continued healthy lifestyle. Introducing My Plate Lesson.

To have students identify healthy food choices and make better nutritional choices

Use My Plate worksheets and pencil,

Teacher will introduce what My Plate is, what foods are part of the My Plate and how to make
My Plate part of a lifestyle.

Teacher will present the different food groups, ask students to identify food in the different
food groups. Present Animated Video

Students will make a list of familiar foods in their five foods list and then on the plate template
create a lunch/dinner meal.

Teacher will walk around answer any questions and provide any help as needed

Students will go home and list/ what they had for any meal and snacks. Next day, teacher will
open discussion asking who followed the My Plate meal, and ask how they felt about it, and
how they could improve their meal?

Teacher will ask what their past meal at home was. Ask how could they improve? Will keep a
My Plate visual in the classroom with pictures of foods from the lists vs the names.
By Ana Corujo
Education 215