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Beginning and Advanced


Beginner's Origami
by Biddle, Steve
J 736.982 BID
This book has been created especially for newcomers to the art of origami by experts Steve and
Megumi Biddle. Each of the twenty illustrated projects can be made in ten steps or less

Easy Origami Animals

by Ungert, Ruth
J 736.982 UNG
Provides step-by-step instructions on how to fold paper to make such animal figures as ducks,
penguins, and elephants.

Folding for Fun

by Boursin, Didier
J 736.98 BOU
This instructional origami title invites children not only to experiment with folded paper but also to use
their creations in their everyday play. It will appeal to a wide range of children (preschoolers will need

Great Origami Book

by Ayture-Scheele, Zulal
J 736.982 AYT
The minimal text features excellent step-by-step color photographs that describe how to fold the eight
basic forms plus 40 figures. Handsome...clear...precise and comprehensible.

Quick and Easy Origami Boxes

by Fuse, Tomoko
J 736.982 FUS
Provides step-by-step illustrations for constructing origami boxes in different shapes and sizes and
includes directions for creating removable lids.


Amazing Origami
by Kasahara, Kunihiko
J 736.982 KAS
This intriguing mixture of art and geometry will excite both your creativity and your curiosity.<div

Bugs and Birds in Origami

by Montroll, John
J 736.982 MON
Easy-to-follow guide gives step-by-step instructions for creating more than 25 origami birds and bugs,
including a pair of ducks and geese, a cardinal, an anhinga, an open-mouthed pelican, a woodpecker,
a turkey, and a vulture with outstretched wings. The bugs include several beetles, a wasp, a spider,
and a butterfly.

Origami Bugs and Beasts

by Sirgo Alvarez, Manuel
J 736.982 SIR
Guide for intermediate to advanced paperfolders, the book features detailed diagrams for creating
realistic images of 30 unusual animals, including jellyfish, grasshoppers, manatees, polar bears, and

Origami Fantastic Creatures

by LaFosse, Michael
OS 736.982 LAF
"From world renowned origami artist, Michael LaFosse, comes a fantastical collection of origami
mythical creatures. Featuring 25 intermediate designs

Origami Paper Airplanes

by Boursin, Didier
J 745.592 BOU
Provides instructions for folding a variety of paper aircraft, some of which can actually fly, and similar

Origami Zoo
by Lang, Robert
J 736.982 LAN
Each of these thirty-seven new projects is true origami-folded from a single piece of paper with no
cutting or gluing-and is complete with clear step-by-step diagrams, instructions, and a photograph of
the finished model.

Under the Sea Origami

by Nguyen, Duy
J 736.982 NGU
From a slithering electric eel to a ferocious barracuda, Duy Nguyen shows you simple paper folding
techniques for crafting extraordinary sea creatures.


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Other Origami Topics

Artistry in Paper
by Jackson, Paul
J 745.54 JAC
All-inclusive look at paper and its extraordinary versatility as a creative medium, pre-eminent origami
artist and paper engineer Paul Jackson offers both practical instruction and inspiration for anyone

interested in papercraft.

Napkin Origami
by Sawyer, Brian
642.79 NAP
Takes the basic techniques of the Japanese paper-folding art and applies it to the lowly napkin, both
paper and cloth.

Origami Jewelry
by Brodek, Ayako
736.982 BRO
With precise instructions and vivid, four-color photographs, Ayako Brodek shows readers how to create
40 elegant and unusual pieces of jewelry.