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Health Family Goal of Objectives of Care INTERVENTION Rationale Evaluation

Problems Nursing Care PLAN

Problems Nursing Interventions
1. Poor 1. Inability to After one After nursing
environmental recognize day of intervention, the family
sanitation presence of nursing will:
specifically improper intervention, 1. Have adequate 1. Discuss with 1. Discussing 1. The family
Improper garbage the family knowledge the family proper waste was able to
Garbage disposal due will be able regarding proper proper waste disposal should have adequate
Disposal as a to inadequate to dispose waste disposal. disposal. be done so that knowledge
Health Threat knowledge properly the family will regarding
their have adequate proper waste
2. Inability to garbage. knowledge disposal.
make regarding it.
decisions with
respect to
taking 2. Define proper 2. The family was
appropriate waste disposal in 2. Define proper 2. Defining able to define
health action their own words. waste disposal. proper waste proper waste
due to low disposal in their disposal in their
salience of own words own words.
the problem/ should be done
condition. so that it is
guaranteed that
3. Inability to they have 3. The family was
provide a understood the able to enumerate
home 3. Enumerate three meaning of it. three out of five
environment out of five 3. Enumerate importance of proper
conductive to importance of five 3. Enumerating waste disposal.
health proper waste importance of the importance
maintenance disposal. proper waste of proper waste
and personal disposal. disposal will
development encourage the
due to family to
inadequate practice proper
knowledge of waste disposal.
importance of
hygiene and
sanitation. 4. Enumerate ways 4. Enumerate 4. Enumerating 4. The family was able
on how to ways of proper the ways on to enumerate ways
properly dispose waste disposal. how to properly on how to properly
garbage. dispose garbage dispose garbage.
will help the
family be aware 5. The family was able
5. Enumerate of these. to enumerate three
5. Enumerate three five effects of out of five effects of
out of five effects proper waste 5. Enumerating proper waste
of proper waste disposal. the effects of disposal.
disposal. proper waste
disposal will
help the family
to realize that 6. The family was
using proper able to enumerate
6. Enumerate three 6. Enumerate ways of garbage three out of five
out of five effects five effects of disposal can lead effects of improper
of improper waste improper to good waste disposal.
disposal. waste disposal. outcomes.

6. Enumerating
the effects of 7. The family was
7. Be able to choose improper waste able to choose from
from the list of 7. Given a list of disposal will the list of ways of
ways of proper ways of proper help the family proper garbage
garbage disposal waste disposal, realize that disposal which they
which they would let the family improper ways would want to
want to practice in choose which of disposing practice in their
their household. of the ways garbage can household.
will they lead to bad
8. Be able to practice practice. outcomes. 8. The family was
their chosen ways able to practice their
of proper garbage 7. Given a list of chosen ways of proper
disposal. 8. Monitor how ways on how to garbage disposal.
9. Will show proper garbage properly
appreciation for disposal was dispose 9. The family was
the ways of proper observed and garbage, this able to show
garbage disposal practiced by the will help the appreciation for the
that they had family. family decide ways of proper
practiced. which of the garbage disposal that
ways will be they had practiced.
convenient for
them to

8. Monitoring
should be done to
observe if the
family practice the
proper way of
disposing garbage.