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[For Wheel Loaders]

DoosanCARE Maintenance Inspection Checklist

Date: Model:
Service Engineer: Serial No.:
Customer: Interval:
Contract No.: Expiration Hour:

ALL Performance check should be done in POWER mode

Inspection Item Result
Operation HEX & WEX
1. Check All LCD/LED and Lamp is turned off after two seconds lightening at Key On Position.
Good / Bad
2. Check Hour Meter is working. Good / Bad
3. Check only E/G Oil Pressure and Battery Charging Lamp is lightening at Key On. Good / Bad
4. Check All Lamp is working. Good / Bad
5. Check Wiper function is working. Good / Bad
6. Check LCD Commnuication is working (Flash Symbol). Good / Bad
7. Check A/C is working. Good / Bad
8. Check Any Oil Leakage at Roller, Idler, Radiator, Piping, Engine & Hydraulic Area. Good / Bad
9. Check Any Crack at Front (Boom, Arm) and Frame. Good / Bad
10. Check rear combination lamp is working (Turn signal, ....). Good / Bad
11. Check T/M and Axle oil level ( In spec.). Good / Bad
12. Check Manual shifting is working Good / Bad
13. Check Automatic shifting is working Good / Bad
14. Check Kick down shift is working Good / Bad
15. Check parking is firmly working. Good / Bad
16. Check pilot cut off condition. Good / Bad
Power Train WEX
17. Check transmission pressure ( Low/ High/ Parking). Good / Bad
Electric System
18. Check Battery Voltage ( Key off condition). Good / Bad
19. Check Battery Voltage ( Idling condition). Good / Bad
20. Check Fuse melting. Good / Bad
21. Check E/G starting is available when T/M selector lever is not neutral. Good / Bad
22. Check T/M Error code with Testman pro Good / Bad
Engine Performance
23. Check Engine Makes Smoke. Good / Bad
24. Check E/G RPM.
25. Check Load RPM ( Pump Relief).
26. Check low engine RPM.
27. Check auto idle speed.
28. Check fan belt tention and belt condition. Good / Bad
Inspection Item Result
Hydraulic system
29. Check Front Relief Pressure
30. Check Steering pressure.
31. Check Steering LS pressure.
32. Check brake charging pressure.
33. Check parking relief pressure.
34. Check fan system pressure.
35. Check brake pressure.
36. Check Pilot pressure.
37. Check Boom Up/Down Speed
38. Check Bucket dump/crowd speed at Max Front Position.
39. Check Boom Cylinder Creep with unweighted BKT.
40. Check BKT Cylinder Creep with unweighted BKT.
41. Check Boom Cylinder Creep with weighted BKT.
42. Check BKT Cylinder Creep with weighted BKT.

Repair & Tuning

Special Issue

Customer Opinion

Service Engineer Customer

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Files to be attached:
1) Photo of sticker
2) gauge image
3) invoice