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Please maintain over here -

1. MRP2 view of material master
2. CR02 work center
3. CA02 Routing
4. CO01 Production order
5. OPK4 all component(If you have missed above four place then system will pick automatically
during confirmation)
Now you want backflush in CO01/CO02 as display mode then please create screen variant(SHD0).
RP Jaiswal

You can maintain back flush indicator at 3 levels

Material Master :-MRP-2 view where there are two options

o Always Backflush
o Work center decides whether to backflush
Work Center:-Basic Data tab

This indicator is taken into account if the material master specifies that the decision whether a material
component is to be backflushed should be made at the work center where the operation is carried out.

Routing:- Component overview screen

Each material component is assigned to an operation in the production order. If a material component is
backflushed, the system automatically posts the withdrawal only upon confirmation of the operation.
If you set the indicator in the routing, it applies irrespective of what you have defined in the material master
If you do not set the indicator, it depends on how the indicator is set in the material master record.
Also you can maintain the Backflush indicator in OPK4
Also check CO86 for fields selection
Qazi Raheel wrote:
Dear SAP Gurus,
At the time of Order creation Co01 and order change co02, i want to set Backflush indicator in
COMPONENTS overview only for DISPLAY i.e. it may cannot be change. I want to maintain it
always ON. How i can do this in SPRO settings ?
Qazi Raheel
There is no SPRO setting to make it display only. You need to use transaction variant (tcode:
SHD0) to make backflush column in component overview display only.