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Name : Jayson D.

Address : San Patricio Sta.Maria, Pangasinan
Contact: 09154758016
Email address :

Name of recruiter : Eloisa L. Castro

Name of company : Aleson Shipping Line Inc.
Address of company : Alejo Alvarez St. Corner R.T,Lim Blvd ,Zamboanga 7000

Dear Manager,

I am writing this letter to formally apply for the position of Deck Cadet in your company named Aleson
Shipping Lines Inc. I believe that I possess the necessary qualification needed for the position. I am very
much willing to work with you and share my expertise, education and experience.

I am a graduate of Three-Year Associate in Marine Transportation at Panpacific University North

Philippines Urdaneta City, Pangasinan where I was trained to be a competent seafarer. I strongly believe
that the position requires excellent communication skills, computer literacy, and a wide broad knowledge
on how to navigate various ship related concerns. I am a detailed-oriented person works well under
pressure and is able to deal with people around me. I am really confident that I can perform the job
effectively and I am very excited about the idea of working for a dynamic team in your company.

I am very much willing to be scheduled for an interview for the soonest time possible to discuss my
interest in the positon. Enclosed here is my resume for your perusal. I can be the best reached through
my cellular phone number: 09154758016 or email address: I will be available at
your own convenience and excited hearing from you soon. Thank you.