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Lylia Schoepp

Lesson 4
Extension Lesson of Lesson 2: Barcelona Peer-Teaching

OBJECTIVE The students will be able to pick the main idea out of an authentic text.
The students will be able to create a brochure about the culture of Spain
using the content learned in the lesson and from the previous lesson.

STANDARDS Interpretive Communication: Learners understand, interpret, and analyze what

is heard, read, or viewed on a variety of topics.

Relating Cultural Practices to Perspectives: Learners use the language to

investigate, explain, and reflect on the relationship between the practices and
perspectives of the cultures studied.

Acquiring Information and Diverse Perspectives: Learners access and evaluate

information and diverse perspectives that are available through the language
and its cultures

barcelona.html Website for the texts
Example brochure

HOOK Hook: (5 minutes) Review with table groups from the activity the previous day
in Spanish. Discuss what your favorite aspect was of the lesson yesterday.

TIMELINE Include pre-class (anticipatory set) to end-time.

Activity 1: (10 min) Each group will be assigned to work with article from the
website. In their groups, they will read the text and pick out the main
ideas. They will then write the main idea on the papers around the room.
Activity 2: (5 min) Go over all the main points of the articles, students will add
to their notes from the day before, so that they can keep track of all the
notes of Barcelona.
Brain Break: (5 min) Toe to Toe: How it Works: Gets students mentally and
physically warmed up. Have each student get with another student "Toe-
to-Toe." Have students share with their partner one thing they learned the
day before in class while doing an action (jumping jacks, high knees,
jumping). Students should then find another partner and go elbow-to-
elbow. Have the students then come up with some questions from the
lesson the day before and do 10 jumping jacks before going to their
Lylia Schoepp
Lesson 4
*Through this brain break students will go around and share different
aspects of Barcelona including content from the day and the day before.
Activity 3: (15 min) Students will start to work on a brochure of the culture of
Barcelona. In these brochures, they will use the content from the day
before and that day to create a brochure that would teach someone else
about the culture of Barcelona and persuade them to go visit there.
Students will get to see an example of one before they create their own.
*This is an assignment that will span out over several days

If there is a student with dyslexia, they could listen to the text on audio (I
would pre-record it for them).

CLOSURE: (5 min) We will look over the rubric for the brochure as a class.

The posters of the main ideas from the texts are the evaluation for the day.
Students will be evaluated on if they were able to pick out the main idea.