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ISO 12117: (Dave Gamble) Overview: Part 3, Forestry section, will be removed from

ISO 12117 and included with TC23/SC15 work load for draft development.


4.1 SAE J31: April 2007, "Hydraulic Backhoe Lift Capacity". (A new SME needs to be
identified) Possibility of creating a new ISO work item and will request MTC SC1 to
consider this work item.

4.2 SAE J1097: December 2005, "Hydraulic Excavator Lift Capacity Calculation and Test
Procedure". (SME Lew Miller) ISO 10567 has been published Oct 07. Lew to review
and reply to SC5 at the Spring 08 meeting regarding any differences between J1097 and
ISO 10567.

4.3 SAE J1177: December 2006, "Hydraulic Excavator Operator Controls". (SME is Jeremy
Harms) Jeremy to review and identify if there is an equivalent ISO Hydraulic Excavator
Operator Controls document.

4.4 SAE J1179: 02-01-1990, "Hydraulic Excavator and Backhoe Digging Forces". (SME Lew
Miller) Reaffirmed 1 April 2003. ISO 3015: 2006-02-15 has been published. Differences
between SAE J1179 and ISO 6015 are SAE J1179 uses the tooth tip for calculations of
the tool force and ISO 6015 uses the bucket lip. By voice vote SC5 cancelled SAE J1179
to be superseded by ISO 6015. ACTION ITEM: SC5 request MTC SC1 to consider
balloting the cancellation of SAE J1179 before balloting Con-Ag for cancellation. Henry to
review with SC1.

4.5 SAE J1307: August 2002 (reaffirmed), "Hydraulic Excavator Hand Signals". (A new
SME needs to be identified) John Brandenburg will review the figures to see if they can
be updated. Action Item: John Brandenburg replacement from CAT, to follow-up with
John on any updates.

4.6 SAE J2506: November 2006, "Material Handler Nomenclature". (A new SME needs to
be identified) Action Item: Lew to review and submit comments regarding Johns work
on this document update to SC5 prior to the Spring 08 meeting.

4.7 SAE J2518: May 2003, "Lift Capacity Calculation Method - Scrap and Material
Handlers". (SME Lew Miller) No action required at this time.

4.8 SAE J2754: June 2007, "Volumetric rating of Excavator Mounted, Bucket Linkage
Operated Grapples". (SME John Stamey - A new SME needs to be identified)

4.9 SAE J2756: "Hydraulic Excavator and Backhoe Quick Couplers". (A new SME needs to
be identified) SC5 has been requested not to proceed with this document as Annex B,
ISO/DIS 20474-1 addresses quick couplers. ACTION ITEM: Lew Miller to circulate the
ISO/DIS 20474 Annex B to the SC5 membership and also determine who within ISO TAG
TC 127 comments should be sent to. Lew to report on status.

4.10 ISO 6015: 1989, "Earth-moving machinery - Hydraulic Excavators - Methods of

determining tool forces". (SME Lew Miller) Has been revised and published 2006-02-15.
See actions required under SAE J1179.
4.11 ISO 7135: 1993, "Earth-moving machinery - Hydraulic excavators - Terminology".
(SME Jeremy Harms) Jeremy Harms is the new SME replacing Henry Weber. This
document is pending publication, waiting on ISO ballot. The revised document may
include definitions of Minimal and Zero Tail Swing excavators. ACTION ITEM: SC5 to
review when the ballot is released. ISO DIS 7135 is being balloted nationaly. Balloting is
scheduled to end Jan 28, 2008. Confirm with Cindy that ISO DIS 7135 is placed on the
SC5 Forum for comments. SC5 to review the Forum and submit comments.

4.12 ISO 7451: 2/15/98, "Earth-moving machinery - Hydraulic excavators - Volumetric

rating for hoe type buckets". (SME Bryan Craft) Published May 15, 2007.

4.13 ISO 8643: 1997, "Earth-moving machinery - Hydraulic excavator and backhoe loader
boom-lowering control device". (SME Ryland Eichhorst - A new SME needs to be
identified) Action Item: Request Cindy put on SC5 Forum for comments. Comments
reaffirming or with revisions are due by Dec 17, 2008. Lew Miller is the US project leader.

4.14 ISO 9533: Dave Gramble has requested information from SC5 concerning the use of
excavator travel alarms such as the operator's ability to turn off the alarms and the
duration of the alarm. This information will be used in the proposed revision to ISO
9533. Bobcat, Kubota and Link-Belt have provided information. ACTION ITEM: Dave
Gramble to post his submitted comments on the forum. Dave to report on status.

4.15 ISO 10567: Oct 2007, "Earth-moving machinery - Hydraulic excavators - Lift capacity".
(SME Lew Miller)


5.1 ISO 2867 Access and Egress Proposal SC5 members NEED to review this proposal
and submit comments to your ISO company representative. This is a critical document
that needs every SC5 member review and comment. Cindy posted to SC5 and all MTC

5.2 SC5 Proposed Excavator Scope:

SC5 Excavators is part of the Machine Technical Committee. SC5 is

responsible for standards related to excavators as defined by ISO 6165. An
excavator is a self-propelled machine on crawlers, wheels or legs, having an
upper structure normally capable of a 360 degree swing with mounted
equipment, primarily for excavating with a bucket, without moving the
undercarriage during the work cycle. Note: An excavator work cycle normally
comprises excavating, swinging and discharging material.