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Title of Lesson:

Group Lesson Plan

Grade(s): 4th grade

Subject: English Language Arts Reading

Length of Lesson: 2 class periods

Lesson This lesson will contain technology in order to complete this task. Students
Overview/Rationale: will understand the steps of creating a picture book online through Storybird.
Students are going to learn how to summarize a story.

Curriculum Common Core: State of Michigan English Language Arts (ELA)

Framework/Standard: Reading Standards for Literature K5
Grade 4: Determine a theme of a story, drama, or poem from details in the
text; summarize the text.
Page 12:

2: Communication and Collaboration

3: Research and information Fluency
5: Digital Citizenship
6: Technology operations and Concepts
Page 124

Learning Objectives: Students will

Learn how to summarize a story that has been read and discussed in
Create a summary of the text by drawings
Design the picture book through an online software

Technology Uses: o All students will use an online software to perform this task
o Teacher will demonstrate to the class how to get on the website on the
promethean board
o Students will receive one laptop per group
o Students will follow the instructions of the teacher to reach the website
o Students will begin to design their picture books through the software
o Students will save their work online
o The teacher will view each groups virtual picture book to the class
o Each group will come up and explain their drawings to the class on the
promethean board

Teacher will assist students in class to sign up for the free accounts on
Storybird. One student per group will be chosen to sign up for the account.
Students will follow the tutorial on how to create a picture book.

Materials: Computers/laptops with internet access

One paper instruction handout per group
Online Software (Storybird)
Reading book
Promethean board

Procedure: 1. Start off by creating groups of 4 according to the seating chart

2. Introduce the group project to the class
3. Pass out one instructional handout per group
4. Ask the students to write their name on the handout
5. Pass out one laptop per group
6. One student will log in to the laptop
7. Ask students to follow the teacher step by step to reach the website
8. Students are going to design their picture book
9. The picture book should contain 6 pages minimum that will be split
among the 4 members of the group(s).
10. Students will then save their virtual picture book
11. The teacher will open up each groups picture book on the promethean
12. Each group will present their picture book to the class
13. Students are going to read their summary of the picture book they created
to the class

Assessment: Each group member will receive the same overall grade for the entire group.
Students are going to be evaluated based off of how well the pictures
summarized the text. As well as, the organization text of the summary.
Storybird Grading Rubric

Beginning Developing Exemplary Points

1 2 3 Earned:

Groupwork Students did not Some students All students

put in team effort participated in the worked together to
to complete the group work - 5 complete the task
task - 1 point points efficiently - 10

Technical Online website Storybird was not Storybird was used

(Storybird) was used to correctly to correctly by group
not used to create picture book - 10 points
complete the - 5 points
project - 1 point

Organization Summary of the Summary of the Summary of the

online picture picture book was picture book as
book was complete but not well done - 10
unorganized - 1 well organized - 5 points
point points

Creativity No images of Images and text Picture book was

creative visuals were used but not completed
were presented in creatively done - 5 creatively and very
the picture book - points neatly - 10 points
1 point

Presentation Group was Group presented All group

completely the picture book members
unprepared to but did not presented the
present the online thoroughly explain picture book
picture book - 1 their project - 5 excellently - 10
point points points

Overall Score: