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Dimension Drawing

7.93 6.77
Dust-Protection Assembly
(201.3) (172.0) Part No. 915900170 For best results
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Factory Assistance
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Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
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Lid Gasket

2009 by Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective
holders. SEL products appearing in this document may be covered by US and Foreign patents. The information in this document
is provided for informational use only and is subject to change without notice. 6 Lid
*PLS00050* Foam Block
Date Code 20091104
Product Specifications
Operating Temperature: All temperature ratings are de-rated by 10C

Enclosure Protection: IEC 60529:2001

IP50 for terminals enclosed in the dust-protection assembly

Rear- Rear-
Application Guide Panel Panel
Screw Screw
Use the dust-protection housing (915900170) with the following SEL products:
All SEL-700 series relays, except the SEL-701
SEL-734 Meter
SEL-2410, SEL-2411, and SEL-2414

Mount the relay in the panel before attaching the dust-protection assembly. The
photo shows the housing attached to a relay before the cover is applied.
Step 1. Remove the four rear-panel screws (shown in the photo) from the
back of the relay.
Step 2. Detach the dust-protection cover from the dust-protection
assembly by removing the six lid screws.
Step 3. Align the dust-protection housing and attached dust-cowling
Rear- Rear-
Panel Panel
extrusion gasket to the relay back panel.
Screw Screw
The dust-cowling extrusion gasket creates an effective dust seal
between the relay and the housing.
Step 4. Attach the housing to the relay using the four rear-panel screws
from Step 1.
Step 5. After completing the relay rear-panel connections required for the
application, exit the housing by guiding the cables and wires
through the dust-seal foam block as shown in the photo.
Step 6. Attach the dust-protection cover to the housing with the six screws
saved from Step 2.
The dust-cowling lid gasket, which is attached to the cover, creates Dust-Seal
an effective dust seal between the housing and the cover.
Foam Block

Dust-Protection Assembly Part Number 915900170