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Observation Task 4: Observing a teacher during a Science

To observe Science teaching in action and begin to understand effective
strategies for Science teaching and learning in groups.

You will need a copy of the Observation Table:

Before the Observation

Arrange to observe a lesson that focuses on Science and discuss the
lesson with the teacher beforehand so you can know the Objectives and
the lesson development.
Ask the teacher what strategies she will use to help her deliver the lesson.
Get an idea of the Inquiry/experiment the students will do:
Objective: Students will be able to identify and describe the basic parts of a
She used the modelling ( she took the student to the school garden and she
showed them different type of plants to engage the students before starting the
lesson and during that she asked the students some questions about the plant
parts and she tried to explain the vocabulary to them will showing them the
plant parts)

Each group will have ( sand colored papers strew wool plates)
They created a plant using these materials

Strew represent the stem

Wool represent the root
Colored papers represent the flower and the leaf.

During the Observation

Complete the Table and make notes in the appropriate column on:
How the teacher introduces key terms and engages students
The topic and how its introduced
How much of the lesson is teacher talking time
How much group work is used and if students are active participants
What materials were used and their purpose
How much Arabic is used
Title of Science Lesson : Plant parts
Grade: 2/2
Objective(s): Students will be able to identify and describe the basic
parts of a plant.
Template For Task 3 Observing a Maths Lesson

Activity Time Interaction Teacher Student (activity Purpose /

(activity and and actual Manipulatives objective of the
actual language language used) activity

Creating 10 Group She distributes They used the Identify and

plant working. the materials for materials to create describe the basic

each group and the plant. parts of plant.

model the activity

for them.