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Executive Summary

Welcome to the future of event planning! iVent Organizer, brings to the

community of Ilocos Norte, a new breath of air in the event planning market. By

combining old fashioned values, going the extra mile, and using customer-

friendly prices, iVent Organizer will lead the market, providing the same quality

results, every time.

iVent Organizer is an equal opportunity business making its expertise and

services available to extend help to its customers by taking on the burdens, stress

and the time-consuming aspects of planning an event from their shoulders.

The iVent Organizer is an all-round event organizing business that will be

based in the City of Batac, Ilocos Norte. The event planning business will become

the go-to of every individual or group that has too much on their hands to

organize an event themselves. Through these and other affordable products and

services iVent Organizer aims to be the number one resource for any event. It will

handle all aspect of event planning such as weddings and engagement party,

birthday parties that also covers debut and its after parties, themed parties,

seasonal parties like Christmas and New Years celebration, down to

anniversaries, dinner parties, cocktail parties ranging to corporate events like

seminars, conventions and the like.


To provide professional and trusted event planning services that assist

individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations in planning all their events.

We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we adhere to this maxim,

everything else will fall into place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our

customers while ensuring a hassle-free event at reasonable prices.

Project Background

The family is the basic unit of the Philippine society. Especially Ilocanos,

they are culturally and emotionally attached to their respective families. They

grow up with the lesson family comes first ingrained in their mind. Ones

interest and loyalty is demanded by his/her family more than any other

association. Yet, due to the purpose of improving lifes quality, one may opt to

leave and seek for a good fortune. This does not limit ones responsibility in

his/her family. They find time to be reunited especially on the special days of their

lives. Thus, making every second that counts memorable.

Events planning require that you take off the burden of planning an event

from the shoulders of the clients. The hallmark of an event is when the success
benchmarks are met or even surpassed. The business aims to lessen the burden

of preparation and organization of an event by catering the needs of the

customer given their desired specifications. This is whether it is a corporate or an

informal event. It is also considered as an energizing art of choreographing

people and activities in order to create a show that creates memories of a


Event planning is all about helping corporate organizations, government,

groups and individuals plan and execute their events from start to finish. An

event planner ensures that they work with the stipulated budget of the

organization or individual and ensure that they deliver a successful event as

agreed. In some cases, it is the responsibility of the event planner to drawup a

budget for the organizer of the event once they get a brief of the nature of the

event. .

In an ever changing, fast-paced world, the need for events organizing is

undoubtedly increasing. Thus, it has boosted the desire of most people to

engage in this kind of business. This project aims to find the viability of an all-

round event organizing business in the City of Batac.


This study is entitled A Feasibility study on the Establishment of iVent

organizer in Batac which was conducted by selected fourth year BS in Accounting

Technology students of Mariano Marcos State University, College Of Business

Economics and Accountancy on the first semester of school year 2017-2018. Its

focus is the acceptability of establishing an all-round event organizing business in

Batac, to see whether it can thrive and be profitable.



Color Representation

Blue: Trust, Reliability, Coolness

Yellow: Cheer, Happiness

Pink: Softness, Nurture, Security

Red: Excitement, Passion

Violet: Royalty, Spirituality, Dignity

Orange: Playfulness, Warmth, Vibrance

Silver: Prestige, Scientific

Logo Description

I denotes the personalization of the services that we offer. The

origami style of the logo denotes the creativity of the organizing


Specific Objectives

1. To be one of the top event organizing specialists in Ilocos Norte.

2. To provide clients with treasured memories at every event while

producing high quality and affordable services, every time.

3. To continually bring in profit to justly compensate the employees, owners

and founders of iVent Organizer.


Event organizing is a process of managing projects such as meetings,

ceremonies, parties and small-big occasions. Event organizing generally includes

budgeting, scheduling, site selection, acquiring necessary permits, coordinating

transportation and parking, arranging for speakers or entertainers, arranging

decor, event security, catering, coordinating with third party vendors, and

emergency plans. Each event is different in its nature so process of planning &

execution of each event is highly specialized and varying.

Event organizing continues to grow because people are rapidly growing

awareness that planning events by themselves is more of a hassle than hiring an

event planner. There are various considerations that needs to be pondered over

and among the top reasons are cost, time and the stress levels especially on the

people belonging to the workforce. Everyone wants a perfect event from the

venue, to the food, the ambiance, comfortability and to every moment they want

to capture in a reasonable budget.

Sample Population

The researchers conducted a survey via questionnaires handed to

individuals and groups residing in the following municipalities: City of Batac,

Laoag City, San Nicolas, Dingras, Pagudpud, and Solsona. An online survey was
also used as a tool for gathering data. The sample population consisted a total of

500 respondents.

Figure 1. Percentage presentation of the number of respondents in each of the

sample populations municipalities.

Address Chart

BATAC 26.80%

DINGRAS 13.80%



SOLSONA 16.80%


The majority of the respondents hail from the City of Batac, wherein the

feasibility of establishing an event organizing business in said city is being

studied. Respondents in the neighboring municipalities were also picked as part

of the sample population to ascertain whether the objective of the iVent

Organizer to become one of the top leading brands in event planning is a

reasonable aim.
Market Segmentation

The breakdown of the market for event planning, falls in a wide, very

diverse grouping. Individuals as well as organizations demand services an event

planner provides. In order to provide the greatest depth of information, the

market segments have been broken down into several classifications with the

graph in Figure 2 as the basis.

Figure 2. Percentage presentation of the different classifications of the target

market with respect to age brackets as the basis.

Age Chart



2.20% 2.80%
2.00% 1.80% 1.60% 1.00%

16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-45 46-50 51-55 56-60 61-65 66-70
High school students.

Leadership Trainings, Boot Camps and School Organizational events

are some of the happenings at the secondary level of education. In

preparation for the eventual coming of college life, students yearns

to gain more knowledge and information as much as necessary.

However, planning such events can sometimes be taxing and

cumbersome thus making them a part of the market for event

planners. It may be simple events but high school populations can

be big, making preparations stressful. But if it is for their future,

they want it perfect.

College students.

Student organizations in college incline more on offering leadership

opportunities, learning experience, and environments to network

with professionals. Many student organizations host events on and

off-campus that support their mission and core values. And

planning for such events can be a heavy burden save for the small

scale events. This is where event planners come in to the picture by

being a resource that will support such events from the planning

process to the day of the event. Moreover, graduation parties are

often grand to celebrate their first step into the real world providing

more opportunities for event planners to showcase quality services

by taking in all the responsibilities of organizing congratulatory


Young Professionals.

Tapping into the fresh graduates who have begun their professional

careers but have not yet started their own families. They are prone

to focus more on establishing their careers thus giving them less

time when the need to organize an event occurs.

Ages 25-55.

The persons that fall into this age group are employed, middle to

upper-middle class individuals that either have their own families or

still on the wedding-planning phase. These are the truly busy

people that are most likely not getting enough sleep even moreso

have the time to plan their own events like throwing their childrens

birthday parties. Additionally, these group often belong to

corporations, companies and private organizations that throws

political parties, gala, grand openings and re-openings.

Ages 56 and above.

Persons over the age of 55 have reached the turning point of life.

Many are retiring, others are celebrating anniversaries of significant

years, and still seeing that their childrens special events are taken

care of. Most holiday parties, and other special occasions, such as

reunions often occur in this market segment.

Target Market Segment Strategy.

Nowadays, people celebrate every occasions and happenings in their life.

Families demand attention, employees are overburdened, the young people are

still inexperienced, and overwhelming detail needed to plan large events are too

large a constraint to place on people not trained in the area of event planning.

The fast pace of the world we live in leaves little time for extra things we

need to do, like plan events, parties, and social get-togethers. iVent Organizer fills

the need by being available to take on the burden of planning so that people can

spend time on more important things, like family, friends and career. The demand

for this service can only increase considering the rise of incomes, population, and

need for interpersonal relations.

Figure 3. Percentage presentation on how respondents look for event planners.

Ways to Find an Event Organizers

RADIO 14.40%





OTHERS 2.20%

Figure 3 shows that finding event organizers thru referrals from friends

and relatives comes up with highest percentage. This means that an event

organizing business must establish a good reputation to achieve a stable client

base. Meanwhile, social media act as one of the most go-to when seeking event

Figure 4. Percentage presentation of samples population basis on hiring an event

Criteria of Service






OTHERS 3.60%

Figure 4 shows that the flow of the program with 41.20% is the most seen

criteria on hiring an event organizer. This means that the business must focus to

the flow of the program wherein the event organizers should aim to become

more considerate to every particular cases of events they are going to hold. There

are variety of people with variety of standards who are attending to such events.

This variety of individuals who are witnessing the service induces different stances

into compliments or enhancements prior to the flow of an event. It is a must to

manipulate this system according to the favoured approaches of the guests by

means of setting a standard-based services. It cant be so formal nor simple but is

preferred to be desirable to the events theme as long as it ensembles the taste

of the people. Activities must be more preferable and are in lined with the events

theme without sorting out the state of its guests ages and interactions. There

must be a more interactive and entertaining flow of the program that the

organizers will provide to avoid a dormant interaction of each viewers such as

parlour games, entertainment shows, surprised showcase of talents and many

more amusing activities that lessens dead air in the midst of the emcees talk.

Then, followed by the availability (33.00%) and originality (33%) which means that

the business must also focus on the scheduling of activities to be organized and

the uniqueness and freshness of ideas should also be observed.

Service Business Analysis

Event organizing is a fast-paced and continuously growing field though

this is a young industry introduced in the country. The Philippines is one of the

most fun-loving countries in Southeast Asia. Filipinos are also fond of having a

party at home and even to indoor or outdoor events place. This event organizing

business wants to introduce the best package at affordable prices.

Currently, the iVent Organizer establishment would be the first all-round

planning business in Batac City, Ilocos Norte. It is in a unique position of

competition. Competition will be against hotels with conference facilities, other

event planners both on the large and small scale, persons within an organization

who are assigned the task of organizing an event, and the people who wish to

organize their own events without the assistance.

Figure 5. Percentage presentation of people who have been a part of planning an


Organized an Event




In the Questionnaire, the question was Have they ever organized an

event? The chart above shows that majority of the respondents have at least

participated in the organization of planning an event. The experience they had

garnered means they already have an inkling on the budget and costs when

organizing an event. This would serve as a guide when they decide to acquire the
services of an event planner in relation with deciding with alternatives in

accordance to cost.

Figure 6. Percentage presentation of the different events that have been


Events Organized








WEDDING 28.80%


OTHERS 6.80%

The above chart gives data of the different events organized that the

respondents have participated in, with Birthday Parties coming on top with a total

of 65.20%. This means that the majority of the events planned are Birthday

celebrations. Other events includes conventions, seminars and the like. This chart

can be correlated with market segmentation wherein the respondents belong to.
Figure 7. Percentage presentation of the people whove been called to help
organized the event.






OTHERS 3.60%

The main concern now is who theyve called to help organize said events.

As the chart above indicates, most respondents have called upon the help of

families and friends while people who have called upon the services of event

planners coming low at 11.40%. This would mean that little have actually tried the

use of hiring the assistance of event planners. This would pose a problem to the

event organizing business. However, Figure 8 gives a bit of contradiction.

Figure 8. Percentage of the sample populations view on using the services of an
event organizer.

Willingness to Hire Event Organizers




Figure 8 indicates the high probability of that people are likely to acquire

the services of an event organizer. This means that in the perspective of the

population, the services rendered by an event planning business is considered

highly needed, thus supporting the feasibility of the study that an event organizer

can thrive. In essence, while a lot of people have organized events themselves,

they are actually willing to have the assistance of event planners. Relating this

data to Figure 6 entails that major packages that the event planning business will

offer can be derived from Birthday parties if you connect the willingness of

respondents to hire event planners and the most frequent events organized.
Figure 9. Percentage presentation of the sample populations awareness to the
existence of established event planners.

Awareness of Existing Event Organizers or





The chart above shows the respondents awareness of existing event

planners. It also shows that event organizing business has yet to be saturated in

the business industry. The chart also indicates the competition the event

organizing will likely face when established.

Analyzation of the strengths and weaknesses of competition gives proper

insight on this business industry. Take the other event planners for example, their

strength would rely on how long theyve been into the market thus having an

established reputation and a client base already. However, their weakness lies on

them offering only limited event services. As for employees or persons planning

to do it themselves has the advantage of an internalized cost of planning the

event and being able to add tiny personalized touches that have meaning within

the group or family. However, there are various considerations that needs to be

analyzed first. A lot of work and effort goes into organizing a fabulous event, and

here are the main benefits of using a professional event planner.

The Cost

People have this notion that planning an event themselves

saves on expenses because of course the event planning

services dont come for free, but theres more to think than

the initial outlay when hiring an event planner. An event

professional will have working relationships with venues and

suppliers resulting to discounts an special pricings that just

arent available to the general public. An event planner also

has the experience of which are the areas where cutting

costs is appropriate, so is likely to save their clients some

unnecessary expenses.
Figure 10. Percentage presentation on how much the respondents are willing to
spend on event organizing

Allocated Budget

52% 35,000-50,000
50,000 and above


The above data shows how much the respondents are willing to spend on

the events shown in Figure 6. This also serves as the basis for the costing on

packages offered by the iVent Organizer that will in turn be used to project sales

forecast and projected income.

Knowledge and Experience

As well as having great knowledge of the logistics of

planning an event, a pro event planner will have the available

information in the network of suppliers that a DIY planner is

likely to struggle on. Moreover, a professional will know what

the areas that have the highest risk of going wrong are, and
also know exactly what to do to prevent them from going


Figure 11. Percentage presentation of the kinds of services respondents would

like to avail on event organizing

Kinds of Services
OTHERS 3.60%

0.00% 10.00% 20.00%30.00% 40.00% 50.00% 60.00%70.00%

Figure 11 shows the different services that will be rendered by iVent

Organizer. It can be seen that availing complete organization packages, catering

services, photo/videographer services and setup and decoration have the highest

rates, 61%, 31.80%, 23.20% and 22.20% respectively. This means that the business

should focus on providing complete organization packages and giving discounts

to customers in order to maintain its demands.


In the run up to any big event, there are so many things that

needs to be checked, and a professional event planner will

be dedicated to doing just that. If a prospective client is

planning a DIY event, it can be hard to find the time to fit

planning stages around their normal life, work and family. It

would also hinder the person planning the event himself to

actually enjoy the moment and have fun.


Service Program

Event organizing is a budding industry in the province, however most of

these event organizers are freelance organizers that may not be easily accessible

to the general public or business firms that offer event planning as an additional

service but not necessarily their field of expertise. Nowadays, individuals are

becoming more practical in all aspects, most specially on how they manage time

and spend money. iVent Organizer is an event planning firm that will offer a one

stop shop to all kinds of event of its customers.

iVent Organizer will offer a wide range of up to date and creative packages

with that will suit the customers style and budget for their events. The firm

assures to its customers that, the moment they enter the business shop iVent

Organizer will always have a fresh new idea to offer. The goal of the business is to

satisfy and meet the needs of its customers at the fullest, receive positive

feedbacks and reviews from them and most specially give the convenience that

they are paying.

The business will be a hybrid service and merchandising in nature and is

planned to become a sole proprietorship. Event planning businesses needs an

extensive managerial skills.

In direct connection, iVent Organizers is planned to establish packages for

big events to ease and provide a presentation and a smooth transaction with the

customers without depriving the customers decision to modify and personalize

their events accordingly. Aside from the event planning, the business will also

offer merchandises for party events.

The wedding package includes: Deluxe, Majestic and Royal which are

priced at Php 125,000.00, Php 150,000.00, and Php 175,000.00 respectively.

The deluxe wedding package is a well-furnished yet low-priced package,

the package is inclusive of catering for 100 pax, video coverage with , bridal car,

photo booth, cake, wine & doves for the traditions, bouquet and boutonniere,
sounds and lights, a supervising project manager, an event staff and a program


The majestic wedding package is the middle priced package that will

include catering for 100 pax, video coverage, prenup pictorial, wedding album, 30

wedding invitation, bridal car, photo booth, cake, wine & dove, bouquet and

boutonnieres, sounds and lights, a supervising project manager, 2 event staff and

a program emcee.
The Royal wedding package, the most expensive wedding package will

include catering for 100 pax, save the date video, prenup pictorial, video

coverage, wedding album, 50 wedding invitation, bridal car, photo booth, cake,

wine & dove, bouquet and boutonniere, Hair and Make up for the bride and

groom, sounds and lights, a supervising project manager, 2 event staff and a

program emcee.
The debut package includes: Faith, Hope and Love which are priced Php

60,000.00, Php 80,000, and Php 100,000.00 respectively.

The faith debut package will include catering for 70 pax, video coverage,

photo booth, cake, bouquet and flowers, sounds and lights, a project manager,

an event staff and a program emcee.

The hope debut package will include catering for 100 pax, a pre-debut

shoot, video coverage, debut album, 30 invitations, photo booth, cake, bouquet

and flowers, sounds and lights, a project manager, 2 event staffs and a program

The love debut package will be inclusive of catering for 100 pax, a save the

date video, pre-debut pictorial, video coverage, wedding album, 50 invitations,

photo booth, cake, bouquet and boutonniere, hair and make, sounds and lights, a

project manager, 2 event staffs and a program emcee.

The business will also offer packages for general events, like birthdays,

anniversaries, dinners, holiday parties, seminars, conventions, engagements and


In order to introduce the services of iVent Organizer, advertising materials

will be floated in public and recreational areas in the municipality. To extend the
introduction, the business firm will set up a social media Facebook page to

cater the online marketplace.

To build the business firms branding the outsourced suppliers will not be

mentioned to the customers. The business will be responsible in providing an

insight of the services offered by the suppliers which may include, food samplers,

cake samplers, photo albums, event videos and alike that are handed by the

suppliers to the business.

The main objective of this study is to create a one stop event planning firm

for both big and small scale events of the customers, that will satisfy the needs

and wants of the customers according to their budget.

Service Blueprint


A client undergoes five phases to receive a successful service from iVent

Organizer. The client must first find an event organizer, a client may find an event

through referrals, social media, or via advertising materials. On the other hand,

the firm provides regular promotional posts in the social media and distribute
flyers and other advertising materials. The second phase is when a client visits an

event organizer, at this point the client give the initial detail and inquires for the

rates and offerings of a business. The business will then present package and

price offerings, to the potential customer; the receptionist will also take into

consideration the date of the event, the date of the event should be available for

the client to push through the next phase. On the third phase, the client will now

receive the services of the business. An initial payment is made to the

receptionist, then the client will be endorsed to a project manager that will

spearhead and supervise the event. The project manager then solicit for the ideas

and the concept the client would want to see on their event. Afterwards the

project manager delivers the idea to the creative staff to come up with a

proposal. Once the ideas has been stitched all together the proposal is presented

to the client, upon approval of the idea the event staff/s together with the project

manager will be starting on the pre-event activities which may include the

preparation of invitations, sampling of foods and cakes, and communication of

the outsourcing suppliers. The forth phase is the receiving of the key service of

the firm the execution of the program that has been planned. At this phase the

project manager will be supervising the smooth flow of the program while

handling the program hand in hand with their event staffs. The final payment for

the event will also be given at least a week before the event to lessen the
cumbersomeness of the clients during their events. The last step is the wrap up,

evaluation and the receiving of feedbacks from the customer. The event will then

be wrapped up, pack up the tools and equipment used for the event. The event

will be evaluated using the SWOT Analysis, determining the strengths,

weaknesses, opportunities, and treats during the program will give rise to

improvement of the service for the succeeding events that will be handled by the


Service Schedule

The objective is to provide a quality service to our customers, to give them

the service they are expected.

The customer can book their events anytime of the day. The office will be

available to the customers from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday. Customer may

also make appointments by calling or through the social media Facebook page

that will be set upped by the management. As a marketing strategy, iVent

Organizer will name the office days as Gold Monday, Red Tuesday, Rose

Wednesday, Gray Thursday, Black Friday, and Silver Saturday. Each days will be

having a corresponding discount and promotional.


The site of the business is a vital component in the study. The location of

the business will greatly affect and determine the efficiency and effectivity of the

normal course of the business. A well accessible location is essential for gain

access to suppliers and customers.

The City of Batac, Ilocos Norte is located in the mid-southwestern portion

of the province. The nearby municipalities and adjacent localities to the city are

Banna, Currimao, Paoay, Pinili, Sarrat Marcos and San Nicolas. The business will

be established in the City Riverside Commercial Complex.

Office Layout

The office will have three rooms, namely, waiting area, consultation area,

and employees area. The waiting are is where customers would stay while
waiting for their turn on the consultation room, the waiting area will also consist

of display outputs from the events undertaken by the firm. The consultation room

is where the planning and exchange of ideas take place from the customers to

the program managers and vice versa. The employees room is where employees

are work on the creation of plans together with their fellow employees.


The event planning business will only be able to accommodate a

maximum of either four big scale events in a month, six small scale events, or ten

seminars and conventions. Also, the venues are not included in the packages,

although some catering services offer a function hall of their own if the customer

would opt to use the facility provided by the catering services.

Organizational Structure



Creative Staffs

Event Staffs

The organizations key factor in working efficiently and effectively is its

manpower. The organization structure will show the responsibility chain and

responsibilities of each member. Ensuring a strong a strong workforce will be vital

in order for the business to become successful.

Job Description

The Receptionist is responsible for the immediate need of customers

entering the office, whether walk-in customers or customers who has set an

appointment beforehand. The project managers are responsible for the projects

entrusted to them, they will be their team for the events. The communication
staffs is subdivided into two parts promotion and suppliers, the promotion staffs

are responsible in the building of market for the business while the supplier staff

is responsible for all communication to the outsourced suppliers for all the

events. The creative staff is in charge of bringing out fresh new ideas and

concepts to help customers achieve their desired outcome of their events. Lastly,

Event staffs are the runners on a team, they will be responsible in all the small

details of an event.