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Project/ Assignment No.

4: Sustainable Green Design for Manufacturing / Assembly /

Environment Methods and Technologies Study

1. In terms of assignment documentation method, please follow the Documentation

section of the 3D eBook in
eLearning Pack.
2. Title, Author
Name, Kevin M. Moriarty,
Class, IE655,
Date, Dec 5th
eLearning Pack ID number IE655-Fall 2017-36-36
Four (4) collaborating companies :
CW: Composite World,
PF: Product Finishing
3. Statement on who has done the work,
This work has been done individually by Kevin M. Moriarty, utilizing IoT,( The
Internet of Things),
research, the IE655 eLearning packet, and individual research.

4. Page Contents
1- 1)Assignment 2) Author Details 3) Author Statement 4) Contents 5) Intro &
6) Methodologies 7) Main Body Video reviews
2- Main Body Image reviews (continued)
3- Main Body Image reviews (continued), & CORA file
4- Apendix B Rankt-Taguchi excel file reference
5- 7,3,7) 5 Chapter Questions , 7,8) Social Networking
6- 8) Summary etc.

5. Introduction and Objectives of the Project

The objective of this project assignment is to utilize the resources provided to
investigate applications of Concurrent Engineering and Project Life Cycle
Management as they apply to the industry case developed by this research and
this ad hoc company and its product. This will be done through a review of the
provided videos and how these companies apply the CE/PLM concepts. 5
questions will be created and answered for each situation. The following videos
are referenced;

6. A brief description of the methodologies applied.

The methodologies utilized are to investigate the chapter, 3 of the eLearning
pack. SEE ITEM 7.3 of The main Body
Answering 10 selected questions from Chapter 3. Incorporate these answers
into the Assignment. In terms of assignment documentation method, please
follow the Appendix of the eBook in your Learning Pack.

7. The Main Body of the project:

1. Develop/ select/ identify your own companys Sustainable Green Design for
Manufacturing / Assembly / Environment Methods and Technologies methods /
model/ strategy using the list of methods offered in the 3D multimedia
eBook in your eLearning Pack,
2. Also, incorporate other green design and green manufacturing methods
and tools you can find on the web, for the product that you are developing,
in a collaborative fashion with the 4 companies you have to work with...
3. Answer any selected 10 questions in Chapter 3 of the eBook, by writing
approximately 3-4 sentences on each with some optional sketches if
necessary. Address Design For Green, Manufacturing, Quality, Assembly,
Circles, Design for Demanufacturing, disassembly, Virtual Product
Disassembly processes / methods.

If you are an engineering/ science student make sure you understand and
document the following

1 What are the analytical / mathematical/ material science aspects of the

illustrated DFM, DFA, DFQ, and DFx challenges and solutions? Upon what
scientific principles do they operate?

Some of the well-known tools are Boothroyd, Dewhurst DFM/DFA

methodology & software tools, Factory simulation production line instruments,
devices and methods are used within this environment

2 How are these processes integrated and controlled from a quality

perspective? What are the process parameters and the limitations? How can
you measure the process parameters, and then quality control them?

These processes can be integrated in modular parts which can save cost and
make it easier to implement. This allows the parts to be implemented

3 What are the major DFM, DFA, DFQ, and DFx application areas of the
machines/ processes discussed in this case?

The major areas of application DFM, A, Q & Fx are quality techniques, SPC
statistical Process Control, engineering analysis and design, production,
safety and security.
4 How do you see the future of quality designs, from a concurrent product/
process, or in other words, from a modular, reusable-component design point
of view?

It can be seen that future quality designs will be more independent, modular,
lower cost, ass it improves, which will build quality in as opposed to
attempting to inspect it out (in).

5 As a DFM, DFA, DFQ, and DFxmanager in charge, how would you

assure, that quality is designed into the product / process / service?

Quality can be ensured to be designed into the product by controlling the

process as opposed to controlling the product. Top quality; tools, operators,
educations of employees, processes as well as world class leadership (as
opposed to management) will ensure the output is of the highest quality.

If you are a DFM, DFA, DFQ, and DFxmanagement science/ marketing

student focus on how the illustrated machines / processes / services should

6 How would you offer your services as a DFM, DFA, DFQ, and DFxsales
consultant? Create a business plan and a marketing plan for this idea.

My approach would be to promote high quality training and education. Offer

a unique approach to engaging the entire organization, by removing barriers
to growth, improvement and new ideas. In addition, the plan would be to all
the right people in the right places within the organization. Focus on bottom
up and top down training/educati0on and identify champions of the process.

7 How would you apply DFM, DFA, DFQ, and DFx principles for security /
safety applications? On what basis would you sell such application
opportunities? Develop a marketing and a business plan.

Safety and Security must go beyond The Requirements. This is not good
enough for World Class. The steps to take are Kaizen events, in a continual
perpetual mode. Continual improvement is a must. Identify what Safety and
Security are necessary to ensure the organizations continued growth.

8 How would you approach designers, and insurance companies with DFM,
DFA, DFQ, and DFx options in modern automobiles, and other products and

The key aspect of both design and insurance companies must look at the
major causes of insurance costs and create products and systems which
address these very issues. Design to avoid accidents, and ensure repairs
can be completed at minimal costs and easily accomplished (rapid repair).
9 How would you introduce, manage and sell TQM methods and principles
in a company, that at present produces poor quality products, processes,
services? How would you start? Create a plan.

The first step here is to convince upper management is ready willing and able
to implement the TQM process. The next step is to develop the the tactical
steps necessary in each and every area of the organization. Develop a
transition process to gain acceptance of the concepts. Take management
and have them work on the production or operation areas to learn how it all
works. Let Operators shadow management to se what issues have to be
addressed at the management levels. Lastly create a leadership
plan/program and team to take this process forward.

10 How could you improve the dimensions of quality of a product, or

process (including service)?

Establish the quality expectations and the plan. Develop steps and
processes of control and assurance. Implement a no fault feedback loop
within the organization. Dont point blame, but identify causes and address

4. Furthermore, research OTHER sustainable green product design, green

PLM methods on the web. Explain the methods, principles, and main
application areas in your assignment.

Some Green Sustainable products are additive (3D printing)

manufacturing as opposed to cutting and machining removal engineering
(traditional machining). Reusable Recyclable packaging. RoHos
identifying when, how and where the product should be disposed of at end
of life. Green Product Life Cycle Management models typicall include
several of these systems and methods; Quality System to address
systemic failures, Assembly processes which are environmentally friendly
and safe, A KANRI strategic management system is communicated,
integrated and implemented throughout the organization. The KAISEN
continual improvement system is developed, with training and
communication. MUDA waste is eliminated. MURA ensuring that process
flow is even and contious, and the MURI process is unburden of the
typical Red Tape of buerocratic organizations. There is also POKA-
YOKE, mistake proof system throughout the organization which ensures
consistan quality products. The Design for Demanufacturing is
developed and implemented to reduce manufacturing processes,
resources and waste.

5. Also, show how your (real or made up) company can collaborate globally
in a CE / PLM environment, with the companies given you in your
eLearning Pack (there are 4 companies you have to collaborate with;
explain HOW you are planning to do this together with THEM. YOU MUST
WORK WITH THEM; sorry; the boss says so...).

The Machine tool suppliers, Heimatec, &

JYOTI, Mr. Preben Hansen has been contacted and
discussed how their equipment helps to address the green/sustainable
aspects of the manufacturing environments. They have also been
researched and determined to provide the correct and adequate capabilities
to perform the necessary
machining for the new products for Pneumatics Inc. This has been done
through a search of the technical documentation on the internet and reaching
out to them by phone to discuss the needs with a sale engineer.
follow-up discussion are expects .
The publications CW: Composite World
Mr. Tim Pennington & PF: Product Finishing Mr.
Jeff Sloan have been contacted and conversations were focused about
articles focusing on green sustainable finishing processes and products. The
investigation of articles and information on certain finishing processes and
environmentally friendly Green finishing methods continue,; i.e. powder
coating and passivation processing for the stainless steel parts as well as
anodizing hard coating for the aluminum parts.

6. Last, but not least do not forget your social networking content. (as
Assignment 4 Topics!forum/ie655-fall-2017-

Assignment 4 Topic 1!topic/ie655-fall-2017-

Assignment 4 Topic2!topic/ie655-fall-2017-

Assignment 4 Topic 3!topic/ie655-fall-2017-

8. Summary (i.e. what has been achieved)

Key steps have been identified and reviewed. The topics of DFA, DFA, DFQ, &
DFx processes have been developed and applied in this segment of the course

9. Further work needed/proposed- plan to apply these principles to the

simulated organization.
10. References and Bibliography (including the CDs, Internet as a main
source of information)
11. Appendix ( if necessary) NA in this assignment
Typical Mistakes: Why am I loosing grade points in this assignment?

The assignment's administrative section is missing, and/or incomplete...

The above outline is NOT followed
The models / solutions are copied from the samples offered; Sorry, you must innovate and
create your OWN designs, and models.
The collaborative companies are not included properly. Sorry, you MUST collaborate!
The green PLM model /strategy is incomplete. Did not address Design For Green,
Manufacturing, Quality, Assembly, KANRI, KAISEN, MUDA, MURA, MURI,
POKA-YOKE, the role of Quality Circles, Design for Demanufacturing,
disassembly, Virtual Product Disassembly processes / methods.