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Dat Duong MS1

Virtual Reality 17 Situation Report (SITREP) 2

Mission: Present the benefits of virtual reality and influence other individuals how
using this new idea in technology can greatly improve the world. Team members will
give each other an opportunity to lead the group in order to be understand the idea on
whats it is like to take full responsibility for an entire group
Location: Engineering Building 2 W205

Dates: 21 November 17

LOC Concept:
1. Research more information about virtual reality.
2. Execute all the tasks of the project
3. Be in control and assign team members what subtopic of virtual reality to focus on.
4. Organize the information from my team by myself as a leader.

Harel Milan, Justin Reed, Dat Duong, Ariel Acosta, Nicholas Wendt

The will to succeed, focus, and teamwork, a virtual reality set, and Microsoft Office.

[Team VR] Purpose:

Our core objectives are
1. Completing the NAE Project for engineering
2. Work together to finish the task
3. Communicate and execute orders
This is done through partnerships with Teacher Assistants and real virtual reality

Leadership Objectives (if not apart of a group, tell me your objectives):

Our leadership consists of:
Harel Milan- Collect sources, disagree or agree on each other ideas, search for real
virtual reality engineers and asks questions for more in-depth idea of virtual reality.
Justin Reed- Collect sources, disagree or agree on each other ideas, provide equipment
for the task at hand
Dat Duong- Collect sources, disagree of agree on each other ideas, organize the
paragraphs and sources.
Ariel Acosta- Collect sources, disagree or agree on each other ideas
Nicholas Wendt-Collect sources, disagree or agree on each other ideas
Dat Duong MS1

Planning Phase:
Near Term Objectives / Objectives [this depends on your LOC timeframe]
1. Present a small preview of what our virtual reality project will be about in front of the
Prof. and his TAs.
2. Complete P5 which is a small part of the NAE Projec. P5 is Ethics.
3. Stay in contact with one another and help each other out.
4. Determine if our project is ethical or not.

Execution Phase:
Mid Term Objectives
1. Follow design rubric.
2. Organize the data collected from virtual reality sources.
3. Present our project and receive an A.
4. Recheck and give honest options towards each others work to ensure a good and
final result.

Long Term Objectives:

1. Always stay in touch in case if one of us has questions
2. Take turns leading and proposing ideas.
3. Get to know one another.
4. Meet the Deadline in November.

Work Group Notes:

- Next meeting is Wednesday, Oct.11 at 11:30 in the UC ENGI Building 2.

1. Everything we do is legal

1. Learned each others name.
2. Concluded that we are able to work together.

RFI/Due Outs:
What are your obstacles that you are working?
What do you need my help with?
1. None at the moment