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SCENE ONE @e begins.) BIG BRIGHT BEAUTIFUL WORLD Gently STORYTELLER 1: Once upon atime, there was litle ogre named Shrek, ‘tho lived with his parents in a bog by a tee ‘STORYTELLER 2: twas a pretty nasty place but he washappy because iy. ‘STORYTELLER 3: On his birthday, the litle ogres patens sat him down total, justacall ogre parents ha for hundreds of years before up 6x 2 MAMA OGRE: Lissten son, you're grow-ing up so quick - ly = Grow-ing up — big-ger by the ‘is Breadway Juno Calacian® hears Seat» bromvayrcm L (MAMA OGRE) day. PAPA OGRE: Al-though we want you here, the rules sre ver-y lear— mama packed a sand - wich i STORYTELLERS (PART 2) for your trip. apa packed your boots incase of snow. You're gon-na make us proud. back-ing -up_all-owed gon-na make us proud. No. back-ing-up_all-owed. Just Keep walle — ing. and you'l nd ust keep walk ing.) and youll fin TI's eaoway Ar Caeser” AEars Soil» Broa 3